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Friday, August 7, 2020

Feeling Down? Rejoice for God Saves All!

Earlier this year we shared on this blog the core of our Christian faith. Foremost being our absolute assurance that Jesus Christ finished the work he set out to of being the Savior of the world. We will at some point in the near future return to more frequently blogging about the state of politics here in Indiana and the rest of these United States. However given the difficult times in which we are living. We felt that we needed to do something to light a candle, and not merely to expose the darkness. As if guided by the Holy Spirit we have come across this wonderful video that illustrates the truth of the Gospel of Christ. With big, bold text and the “Throne Room March” from Star Wars: A New Hope the truth of the Gospel is most excellently displayed! Watch this video, and as you do pray and ask God to see the truth and to work for the salvation of all mankind. Enjoy the video and God Bless You All!

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