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Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Silent and Invisible Turnout at Trump’s Tulsa Rally

Tonight President Trump is supposed to be appearing at a rally at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. According to the President interest and attendance for the rally is going to be immense. Here’s what the President had to say earlier this week about interest in his rally:

If that’s true there are going to be a lot of disappointed people, since the BOK Center’s maximum capacity is only a little upwards of 19,000 people. Given the fact of the continuing issue of COVID-19 and that six people on Trump’s staff have tested positive for the virus. We are skeptical that the rally is going to be filled to capacity. Here is a picture of the venue just 40 minutes before the rally:

We may not be rocket scientists here at the blog. But that doesn’t look like a particularly good turnout to us. Of course there might actually be more people than it appears at the rally according to an observer on Twitter:

Well we suppose it’s possible that to troll us in Never Trump land, a lot of the attendees decided to disguise themselves as empty seats. And if true that would be funny. But unless something drastically changes tonight. We are confident in say this will be a YUGE disappointment for Team Trump. 

Update: We normally wouldn’t update a post this fast, but there is just too much funny stuff to add not to. Here’s some more evidence of the lifeless, pitiful attendance at our Commander-In-Chief’s rally. Along with some good old humor at Donald and his campaign’s expense:

We swear if this is true, we are actually upset that we didn’t register for the rally and not go! Hell if there is still a way to register for this, we actually are going to do so!

The “Brad” they are referring to is Brad Parscale who is the grifter tasked with trying to save Trump’s re-election bid. No doubt he is going to get an earful from Donald!

We could keep going, but at this point we feel safe in saying the Tulsa rally is a complete dud. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Scientologist Actor Danny Masterson Charged with 3 Rapes

Danny Masterson, Actor/Scientologist AKA Accused Rapist

In a long overdue move the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has charged Scientologist actor Danny Masterson,  with three counts of rape. To those of us who have long been watching the Cult of $cientology, we are thrilled to see Masterson finally charged in this case. Mike Rinder the former International Spokesman for the Church of Scientology, now one of the fiercest critics of the cult had this to say on his blog:

I can tell you, the victims (of Danny Masterson) are extremely happy. As are Leah (Remini) and I. They will finally have an opportunity to have their day in court. 

The details of the rape accusations against Masterson are too long and detailed to go into here. Instead we will link to Tony Ortega’s blog “Underground Bunker” for a more in depth look at all the strange twists and turns in this case. Also here is a link to Masterson’s booking documents. It’s said that the authorities have documented evidence that some in the Cult of Scientology knew about the alleged rapes. This is going to get very interesting indeed. 

Here’s some reactions to Danny Masterson’s arrest from the web:

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Wrong But Funny Tuesday

Rather than write about today’s primaries. We thought we would share a funny photograph we found online. As Paul Ogden reported on President Trump’s publicity stunt at pretending to be a Christian. Trump proceeded to use tear gas, and flash bangs on protesters as he made his way to D.C.’s Saint John’s Episcopal Church also known as the “Church of the President’s”. He then went on to awkwardly try to hold a Bible in his hand.

He has been widely ridiculed for doing so by various clergy. We found this photo that shows what thoughts are actually going through Trump’s brain. Spoiler Alert: It’s anything but spirituality that he is thinking about.

Here’s an inside look into Donald Trump’s head:

Yes ladies and gentlemen the class and grace that is our Pussy Grabber in Chief!