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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Tribalist Mitch Daniels urges Graduates to Reject Tribalism

Three weeks ago David Bangert of the Lafayette Courier & Journal reported that former Indiana Governor now Purdue University President Mitch Daniels in a speech he gave to this years graduating class a call for people to resist political tribalism.

From Bangert's report:

The biggest challenge facing this graduating class, Daniels said, “will involve the repair and renewal of trust among ourselves as a people.” Daniels’ speech was set along themes similar to his commencement addresses from recent springs. (Purdue tradition holds that the president gives most commencement speeches, rather than calling on guest speakers.) He called the class of 2018 new aristocrats, privileged elites “of a knowledge economy” who might well be tempted “unintentionally to segregate from their less blessed, less well educated fellow citizens.” 

Daniels had some other things to share with this year's graduating class:

“As we trust each other less, trust in the institutions of our society has eroded in parallel.  Almost no sector – government, business, the media, even higher education – has escaped a steep drop in public confidence.  Some constant vigilance and skepticism about centers of authority is a healthy, all-American instinct.  But ultimately, to function effectively as a free and self-governing people, we must maintain some degree of faith that our institutions and those leading them have our best interests at heart, and are performing their duties with sincerity and integrity.  And today, we plainly lack such faith.

“There are plenty of culprits here, starting with too many who have misused positions of authority.  The so-called social media – I have come to think of it as ‘antisocial media’ – enables and encourages hostility from the insulated enclave of a smartphone or a laptop.  People say things to and about each other that they would never say face to face, or maybe even think, if they knew each other personally. 

“Our various modern media lead us to, and feed us from, information sources that reinforce our existing biases.  They put us in contact with other tribe members, but rarely those who see things differently.  We’re starting to resemble ominously our primitive forbearers, trusting no one outside the tribe.
Daniels has no business lecturing anybody about the dangers of tribalism. During his eight year "Reign of Error" as Governor he was the ultimate tribalist and political hack insider. His ego is so enormous that he had his face plastered throughout every state agency and government building. His bungling of FSSA, DCS, the BMV, and his creation of the IEDC the ultimate tool in which to give away taxpayer money to those who bow before this pathetic runt of a man. Daniels misuses his authority everywhere he goes. Who can forgot the still questionable conduct of the Department of Child Services years ago involving the tragic death of Tajanay Bailey? A sad story which we, Paul Ogden and Gary Welsh have all written about. Mitch Daniels may preach about unity, and individualism when it suits him. Don't be fooled! He is an evil nasty little troll who deserves nothing less then the excoriation not the following of Hoosiers.

An old friend of IR's who  has detailed knowledge of the inner workers of the Daniels Cartel had this reaction to Daniels speech:

Haha...he would know all about tyranny...his first step everywhere he goes is to consolidate agencies/divisions under lt. Governor under him, try to end more local Gov’t to help him consolidate power into fewer local offices so he can have B&T push their folks to control easier and then move all the Purdue of Purdue foundation money into a new entity so it was easier for him to control...would say the Mitch Mafia could be characterized as a tribe...or a personality cult

Unfortunately the high priest of the Cult of Mitch, Eric "High Tax" Holcomb is now our Governor. Hold onto your wallets and liberties before old Eric takes them all away. Our sources tell us there is more trouble brewing for DCS. Will let you know if we hear anything. Once again this is IR and the Gang wishing you all a good night!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Twist the Night Away with Rod Stewart

Indy Republican is taking sometime off to celebrate Todd Rokita and Steve Braun going down to well deserved defeats in their primary races earlier this month. So IR thought we would share this oldie but goodie from 1987. Here is Rod Stewart’s rendition of “Twisting the Night Away” from the comedy classic “Innerspace”.

Enjoy my brothers and sisters:

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day!

Indy Republican wishes all you Mother’s out there a Happy and Blessed Mothers Day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Paul Ogden Nails GOP’s Worthless Hoosier Senate Choices

Earlier today our good friend Paul Ogden wrote a good article discussing why none of the three losers running in the GOP Senate Primary are worthy of support by true conservatives. The only thing IR wants is for Todd Rokita to lose the Senate Primary at this point. As one man said: “If you want people to vote, give us candidates.” Good luck voting in today’s primary.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Jon Easter Returns to the Blogosphere

Jon Easter aka “Johnny Stir” Great Man

Indy Republican is happy to report that Jon Easter has headed the calling of the Bat-Signal and has returned to blogging. Jon we are so psyched about your return we had to up our medication! Jon we look forward to hearing from you again. Ladies and Gentlemen please check out the new JohnnyStir Blog at: http://johnnystir.blogspot.com/

Here’s a wonderful Seventies Classic to welcome you back Jon:

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Todd Rokita Touts Former GOP State Chairman Cardwell’s Endorsement

Further proof has emerged that Todd Rokita intends to drive his Senate campaign into the ditch. A little earlier today the Rokita campaign issued a statement saying that former Indiana Republican State Chairman Jeff Cardwell has endorsed the Rokita Train Wreck.

You might remember that Cardwell was implicated in a scandal back in 2016. The scandal involved Cardwell using his position as state party chair to help benefit his hardware store Cardwell Home Center. We reported on the scandal back in September 2016 as it was covered by Tony Cook at IndyStar. The fact that Team Rokita is boasting of Cardwell’s endorsement shows just how tone deaf they are. Especially since Rokita used his staff as Secretary of State to help him get elected to Congress. We found this interesting reply to Rokita on Twitter and thought we would share it with all of you:

Todd Rokita’s Tasteless Attack’s on WIBC Producer Brian Baker

“Lying Todd” Rokita as Rob Kendall at WIBC so accurately calls Rokita, proceeded to our complete shock to make a total ass out of himself by insulting Brian Baker a producer over at WIBC. The incident in question occurred yesterday while Hoekita was appearing yesterday morning on the Tony Katz Show. Guy Relford was filling in for Mr. Katz. Rokita said after having spoken to Producer Brian Baker that he was glad to get a question from Guy Relford as opposed to “a lowly Producer”. An obvious swipe at Brian Baker. IR doesn’t know what planet Rokita lives on. But he should now producing a radio show is not a job for the unintelligent. We will share a link to Rob Kendall’s comments about Todd  We think they are spot on. Unlike Rob though if Turd Rokita wins the primary we are writing in a candidate for Senate in the fall. We would rather eat airline food than vote for Todd Rokita!