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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What’s Hiding in Lindsey Graham’s Closet?

Good afternoon fellow patriots. We like many of our fellow conservatives and libertarians have been frustrated with Senator Lindsey Graham’s lack of a spine and balls for the better part of a decade. But his well documented transformation from Never Trump to Trump’s Butt Kisser has sickened even our cast iron stomachs. Personally we believe that he is just trying to hitch his wagon to whatever is the latest political horse. Other’s however have a different theory as to why Graham has become submissive to President Trump.

We were cruising around cyberspace and came across the following from one of our favorite conservatives S.E. Cupp:

This brought to mind a post from back in 2015 by the late great Gary Welsh about speculation that both then Senator Mark Kirk and Lindsey Graham were both gay. The friend to all patriots everywhere and the IR Gang’s eternal hero had this to say:

Both Kirk, who is divorced, and the single Graham have been the subject of persistent rumors about their sexual orientation.

Gary was referring to a comment made by then Senator Mark Kirk that Graham is “a bro with no ho”. The comment came up in the context of if Graham were to ever be elected president. Since Graham is not married he said he would pick either he sister or one of his female friends to serve as First Lady. 

We just cannot help but to think that Gary Welsh would be having a field day with Lindsey Graham’s flip flopping if he was still alive. For the record IR doesn’t believe that Graham is gay. Just an opportunist who we all would gladly have leave public life. We do agree with Gary that Ann Coulter is actually a man.

Till next time everyone!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Conservative Writer Charlie Sykes Exposes the Fraud Behind Trump’s Wall

In what has become an all to often occurrence since the election of President Donald Trump. We the people are on a roller coaster ride from one extreme display of human stupidity to another. The partial federal government shutdown which is about to enter its third week with no signs of abating. Resolution of the shutdown has continued to be held up by the insistent demand on the part of faux conservative President Trump’s demand to build a wall along almost 2,000 miles of our southern border. The President has even foolishly and dangerously toyed with the idea of declaring a national emergency to attempt to get his mythical wall built  Just like Captain Ahab refusing to give up His misguided quest to slay Moby Dick. Donald Trump must have his wall. 

Charlie Sykes Editor-In-Chief of The Bulwark 

Fortunately there are still SOME real conservatives like the Indy Republican Posse, Paul Ogden, Bill Kristol, Charlie Sykes and Congressman Justin Amash R-MI who are standing firm against the attempts of Trumpism and it’s attacks on the Constitution, rule of law and the conservative traditions of Buckley, Reagan and Goldwater. 

Conservative Podcaster, Writer, and Television Commentator Charlie Sykes stands among the forefront of we who are the guardians and true adherents of conservative republican principles. Mr. Sykes along with many others writes for The Bulwark website. The premier site for Trump Skeptic conservatives. Sykes has just released a video on The Bulwark’s YouTube channel outlining the conservative case against Trump’s wall and against declaring a national emergency. We encourage all of our readers pro, sometimes or never Trump to watch the video and to support The Bulwark which has as its motto the well deserved “Conservatism Conserved. Please watch the video and write, call, tweet, email the President, the Vice President, the Cabinet, and every Congressman and Senator and tell them to say “Hell No” to ANY idea of declaring a National Emergency to build a bad acid trip inspired wall. 

Here is the video enjoy:

UPDATE: It appears that President Trump’s plan to declare an emergency to seize land along the border is running into some stiff resistance. Nick Berman and Katie Zezima over at The Washington Post have an
article about many Texans who are opposing a border wall. Also the editors of the late great William F. Buckley’s magazine The National Review have come out in opposition to declaring a national emergency to attempt to build a border wall. Ben Shapiro has a brilliant article analyzing why Trump should not declare an emergency.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Live Blogging President Trump’s Address on Border Issues w/Update

9:05 PM Trump says that their is a crisis on the southern border of the United States of illegal immigrants. Says that the Trump Administration has proposed to congress funding for extra immigration judges, processing of immigrants, and $5.7 Billion for a physical barrier at the border.

9:08 PM Trump states the border wall would pay for itself due to preventing the flow of illegal drugs and illegal immigrants entering the country. Trump claims that the wall will be a steel rather than a concrete wall as a concession to democrats. Trump has said nothing about how higher steel tariffs will effect the cost of building a steel wall. 

9:12 PM So far Trump has just been recycling the same old rhetoric of trying to pressure congress into building a border wall. Hasn’t worked so far. 

9:13 PM To our great surprise Trump only spoke for less than 10 minutes. But as IR expected the speech amounted to less than nothing. Democrats will not feel particularly interested in helping Trump, and wavering Republicans will not be reassured by Trumps ranting and raving.

UPDATE: As sour as it sits on IR’s tongue Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer D-NY & House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-CA both came off a little better in their response to Trump than Trump came off in his speech. Schumer clearly was attempting to rile President Trump by saying “the country cannot be run by twitter tantrums”. Wouldn’t be surprised if soon the Twitterer-In-Chief loses his cool and goes insane and lashes out again on Twitter. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

So Wrong But So Funny Thursday

In what might or might not become a new regular feature on the blog. We found something that is so wrong and yet so funny at the same time. President Donald Trump has been complaining that the new House Democratic majority launching investigations of him could amount to “Presidential Harassment”. Well we found this tweet which sums up our views of the House and Presidential Harassment:

If this is true given what is known of Trump’s private life he may stop complaining about what the House Democrats will do!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Rand Paul Betrays Liberty Republicans and Backs Trump

Senator Rand Paul RINO-Sellout KY

As much of a broken record as we are at this point. Truth compels is to once again admit that we are being put into a position that we never thought we would be in. Being that we find ourselves defending Senator-Elect Mitt Romney against our former ally Senator Rand “Traitor” Paul. We are referring to Senator Paul’s response to Senator Romney’s Washington Post Op-Ed  n which Romney said: "On balance, his (President Trump) conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office,".  We will delve into Mitt Romney’s Op-Ed in more detail in this and some other posts. For the moment we will keep discussing Senator Paul. We are goin on record here saying this is not a post that INDY REPUBLICAN writes lightly, nor are we in anyway permanently closing the door to the possibility our old friend Senator Paul can find his way back into our good graces. But we at IR are big believers in facing reality. And bottom line is since our Conservative/Libertarian principles are incompatible with supporting the Eastern Liberal Elitist President Donald Trump as the head of what to us should be the party of the individual, the party that promotes equality of opportunity, and the return to a coequal balance of power between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government. By extension Rand Paul’s equating of Donald Trump’s governance with Reagan/Goldwater Republicanism. Shows that the good Doctor Paul has way wandered off the reservation. Our readers may recall a previous post in which we praised Senator Paul for his criticism of President Trump for wanting to continue the war in Afghanistan. We are proud of that post and stand by each and every word. That being said as long as Rand Paul continues to defend Trump we are forced to hold his feet to the fire.

Now let’s get to the heart of what has all of us at IR steaming at Rand Paul. According to TheHill in an article written today by John Bowden:

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) took aim at his incoming Senate colleague Mitt Romney on Wednesday after the Utah senator-elect targeted President Trump in an op-ed criticizing the president's character.

In a tweet, the Kentucky senator accused Romney of attempting to display "how virtuous he is in comparison to the President," while calling him a "big government Republican" opposed to former President Reagan's ideals of limited federal power.

Below are Senator Paul and President Trump’s Twitter responses to Senator-Elect Romney’s article:

Senator Mitt Romney (R?-UT)

As much as we have criticized Romney in the past and wished he would just fade into the sunset. As he was right to oppose Roy Moore when Moore ran for the US Senate in Alabama. Romney is absolutely correct in calling out Trump as being ill-suited to being president. He is also correct in pointing out that Trump is right to push for lower taxes, and to oppose burdensome regulations. That the President’s alienating of long standing American allies, his pandering to communists dictators such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un, and his advocacy of higher and higher tariffs have only served to make America respected less, not admired more. We still have a healthy amount of skepticism towards Romney and are not saying we would grant him sainthood. We will say that he would make a far superior president than Trump. A low bar to clear yes, but much better than any socialist democrat that’s for sure. It will be interesting to see what other reactions there will be to Romney’s Op-Ed. We are especially curious to see how his niece the shrewish RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney-McDaniel will react to it. Something tells us we are glad we aren’t going to be going to the Romney house for the holidays!

Update: Guy Benson has his take over at Townhall on Mitt Romney’s opening salvo against Trump and also points out just how unpopular Trump is in Utah.