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Monday, December 24, 2018

INDY REPUBLICAN Wishes Everyone A Merry Christmas

We at IR have thoroughly enjoyed blogging these past two and a half years. We want all of you to enjoy yourselves and Have a very Merry Christmas. Here is Burl Ives to help us celebrate Christmas:

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Brett Baier Sings Rapper’s Delight w/The Sugarhill Gang

We are all looking forward to Christmas Eve tomorrow and we wanted to remind you that Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. So in that vein we wanted to share with you Bret Baier the host of Fox News Special Report’s rendition of that indelible ditty “Rapper’s Delight”. He not only sings it well and with a Christmas themed jacket. He also sings it on stage with The Sugarhill Gang themselves!

Here it is Brett Baier singing “Rapper’s Delight”:

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Green Acres Theme As Sung By Donald Trump

With all the serious news out today: Mattis’s resignation as Defense Secretary, and the New Hampshire And South Carolina GOP Bosses scheming to cancel the 2020 Presidential Primaries in their states, and a possible pullout of troops from Syria and Afghanistan. Before we comment on those topics after the holidays. We all felt that you all deserved to see something entertaining. Yes it’s true that INDY REPUBLICAN has been rough on President Trump. But he does have a great, great singing voice, it’s tremendous!!

One of our readers sent us this video of President Trump singing the theme to that great television classic “Green Acres”.

Now for your listening and viewing pleasure, the stable musical genius of President Donald J Trump!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Martha McSally Appointed To Fill John McCain’s Senate Seat

Senator Martha McSally R-Arizona 

We are pleased to report that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has picked outgoing Congresswoman Martha McSally to fill the Senate seat of the late John McCain. Last month McSally narrowly lost her bid for the US Senate to the Uber-Liberal Kyrsten Sinema. We  have written about McSally before when she prevailed over the alt-right fringe in the Arizona Senate Primary.

The Hill reports that McSally’s will be up for re-election in 2020.

IR gives our congratulations to Arizona’s newest Senator. And kudos to Governor Ducey on a fine selection.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Welfare Queen's Scott Walker and Wisconsin GOP Ensuring Badger State Has A Blue Christmas

We know we promised some posts for last month on certain topics. But all of our schedules have been insane and it's taking longer than we thought. Thank you for your patience. Outgoing Wisconsin Governor RINO Scott Walker instead of exiting his office gracefully. Has decided that he and the rest of the "Trumpservatives" that makeup the Wisconsin GOP. Will instead decide to do everything they can to help the Democrats rebuild their "Blue Wall" in Wisconsin. They are doing so by attempting to undercut Governor-Elect Tony Evers before he takes office by having a lame-duck state legislative session pass laws to strip some power away from Evers.

The Atlantic's Russell Berman has the story:

The Wisconsin legislature could vote as soon as Tuesday (December 4th, 2018) to limit the ability of Tony Evers, the incoming Democratic governor, to run state agencies and intervene in litigation without approval from the Republican-controlled legislature. Evers defeated two-term incumbent Governor Scott Walker in a closely fought election last month, ending years of one-party rule in Wisconsin. The proposals under consideration would also strip power from the incoming Democratic attorney general, Josh Kaul.

Evers vowed to fight the proposals, and Democrats were already raising the possibility of lawsuits challenging the legislation if it became law. “It clearly invalidates what the people of Wisconsin expected,” Evers, the state superintendent of schools, told reporters on Friday. “It is an embarrassment.”

Among the GOP proposals in Wisconsin is an attempt to slice early voting to just two weeks from as many as six. And Republicans would change the date of Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential primary in what Democrats said was an obvious attempt to lower turnout for a separate state-supreme-court election scheduled for the same day.

Robin Vos, the Republican speaker of the Assembly, defended the moves on a local radio show as ensuring “that each of the branches [of government has] an opportunity to negotiate at the table equally.” But he did not explain why GOP legislators did not feel a need to beef up their authority while Walker was in office, and he made clear that lawmakers wanted to prevent Evers from undermining state laws implementing voter-ID rules and work requirements for Medicaid. Vos acknowledged that the legislature should have acted earlier to move the presidential primary, but he said the change was not aimed at securing a conservative seat on the Supreme Court but rather at separating nonpartisan local elections from the all-consuming White House contest.

IR has heard only that if any of the lame duck bills become law that there will undoubtedly be legal challenges. There are several points that we would like to address regarding the issues in Wisconsin. We would like to start off by saying that there can and undoubtedly are good and sound reasons to limit some of the authority of the Governor's office in Wisconsin. IR, Paul Ogden and the late Gary Welsh have often argued that one of the biggest issues in Indiana is the fact that the Governor's Office here has far too much authority and it's power should be severely reduced. That being said if it is the correct course of action to limit Governor Elect Tony Evers authority in some areas. Than their is no reason that Scott Walker should have been given those powers that the Republican Legislators now seek to take away from the man who defeated him for re-election. As to why State Assembly Speaker Vos did not say why they allowed Walker to have this much power for so long. The answer is simply put Speaker Vos and his colleagues really do not give a damn about how much power the Governor of Wisconsin has unless it is someone they dislike.

We have discussed Walker's lack of loyalty to conservatism and limited government before.

This is just more partisan hackery that has become all too frequent in the age of Donald Trump. All we can say is that we hope being endless shills for Trumpism and Scott Walker pays well. Because these people's credibility along with their employment opportunities will be long gone in a few years!
Fortunately the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal reports there are some Wisconsin Republican's who do not share Scott Walker's stupidity.

Sheldon Lubar 

Meg Jones reporting on republican dissent in Wisconsin had this to say:

Sheldon Lubar has been a powerful and influential Republican in Wisconsin for decades, and a strong supporter of Gov. Scott Walker.
Until now.
In a sharply worded email sent to Walker over the lunch hour Tuesday, Lubar pointedly criticized the governor and asked him to consider what the governor's recently deceased father and Jesus Christ would say about his actions regarding legislative efforts to limit the powers of Gov.-elect Tony Evers and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul.
With a subject line that said simply "Proposed Legislation Change," Lubar asked Walker to do the right thing and refuse to follow and support Republican legislative leaders.
"I am not proud to read in the Milwaukee newspapers and learn the conniving that Wisconsin Republicans, led by you and certain others, are planning," Lubar wrote.
Lubar, a prominent Milwaukee businessman and philanthropist, reminded Walker that he voted for him when Walker ran for Milwaukee County executive and three times for governor, including the recall attempt. But Lubar said he didn't vote for Walker in November.
"If you are asking why I changed, I must say I didn't, you did. You let your presidential political ambitions supersede your duties and obligations to the people of Wisconsin. This was too much for me."
Lubar pleaded with Walker not to destroy his reputation by siding with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.
'What they are planning for the Republican Party of Wisconsin will malign its integrity and lead to its downfall. Worse, it will damage Wisconsin as it ignores the will of the majority of Wisconsin voters."
Lubar joined the Young Republicans his second year at the University of Wisconsin Law School and held appointed positions under Republican governors Warren Knowles, Lee Dreyfus, Tommy Thompson and Scott McCallum.
The founder and chairman of Lubar & Co., a private investment company in Milwaukee, Lubar was president of the University of Wisconsin System's Board of Regents, president of the Milwaukee Art Museum, trustee and acting chairman of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board and in 1991 served as co-chairman of the Governor's Conference on Small Business.
He also served as an appointee in Washington, D.C., under three presidents. Under President Richard Nixon, Lubar served as assistant secretary, housing production and mortgage credit in the Department of Housing and Urban Development; commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration; and director of the Federal National Mortgage Association, completing his service under President Gerald Ford.
President Jimmy Carter appointed him commissioner of the White House Conference on Small Business.
We are glad to hear that some Wisconsin republicans like Mister Lubar see reason and are willing to call out people like Scott Walker. Fortunately Mr. Lubar is not alone in calling out Walker.
Here are some other republicans takes on Scott Walker's nonsense:

Here is an interview of Wisconsin former conservative talk radio host, political pundit, and author of "How The Right Lost It's Mind" giving his views on the situation. Sykes is well worth listening to please try to ignore the slimeball Chris Matthews.

UPDATE: Indy Republican just found out some more information on the Wisconsin GOP's "power grab". Yesterday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on what bills passed and in what form:

The updated bill (passed by the legislature) would until September give the Legislature control of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. board and allow the board to choose the leader of the agency, instead of the governor as is the case now. Republicans would initially have a majority of the board but after September control would be split evenly between Republicans and Democrats.

Evers has said he wants to dismantle the agency and Republicans said they hoped he would come to see its value over the next nine months, when Republicans have control of the board.

The original bill would have permanently eliminated Evers' ability to pick the CEO of the jobs agency.

Lawmakers also removed a measure that would have allowed the Legislature to replace incoming Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul with private attorneys picked by lawmakers at taxpayer expense. Other provisions remained that would allow lawmakers to intervene in lawsuits when state statutes are challenged and hire private attorneys when they are sued.

Sheldon Lubar, a Milwaukee businessman and philanthropist who has long backed Walker, released an email Tuesday he sent to Walker telling him he’d voted against him in the November election and believed the lame-duck legislation “will damage Wisconsin as it ignores the will of the majority of Wisconsin voters."

What is of interest to us is that the article also reports that the lame-duck session also may have cost the GOP passage of some of their most sought after legislation:

Casualties of the extraordinary session included a proposal to move the 2020 presidential primary election to benefit the election bid of a conservative Supreme Court justice.

The reason lawmakers were returning to Madison before January in the first place also didn't make it to the floor: a tax incentive package for Fox Valley paper maker Kimberly-Clark.

So after all this idiocy the GOP actually wound up losing more than if they had just simply waited for Evers to take office next month. Lets just hope for the sake of the nation and for all real republicans that this permanently ends Scott Walker's chances to become President.