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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Dan Crenshaw Behaving Badly?

Congressman Dan Crenshaw RINO-Texas

Good evening fellow freedom fighters! There has been a lot of digs at Trump’s enablers, or as we call them the “Judas Iscariot’s of the GOP”. And here’s another broadside against the Cult of Trump.

Veteran and Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas. Who once showed promise but has since become a total Trump enabling pussy. If some activity on his Twitter account is any indication, Crenshaw might be into some bizarre activities. The Twitter verse has discovered that the Congressman follows Olivia May, a high priced escort on Twitter:

The Congressman responded by saying that neither him or anyone on his staff “purposely followed” Olivia May’s account:

Needless to say we find the Congressmen’s response over this to be unusual. He seems to take this more personally than he should be. Personally who he chooses to follow on Twitter or do on his own time we believe is his own business. But given his being a lapdog for Donald Trump he should have expect people to question his judgement. We would be curious to see what if anything Olivia May had to say about the Congressman. If they turn out to know each other that will make for some interesting gossip out of D.C.!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

A Quick Word About the 2020 Election

We meant to write more sooner, but Thanksgiving was a hectic time for all of us here at the blog. It appears our prediction that Joe Biden would defeat Donald Trump was accurate, we were wrong in thinking Biden would take North Carolina and all of Maine’s electoral votes but otherwise our prediction for the Presidential race was spot on. Unfortunately we were correct in predicting Eric Holcomb’s re-election as Governor. Despite our predictions the Democrats lost ground in the House of Representatives but have picked up seats in the Senate and might gain control of the Senate after next month’s runoff elections in Georgia. 

In the state legislature republicans gained 4 seats to increase their numbers to 71-29, they lost one state senate seat and are down to 39-11 in the senate. So overall the Republicans did better than we thought they would although they still lost the Presidency. From what we can gather there obviously were many voters who wanted Trump tossed out (The IR Gang can be counted among them). But at the same time didn’t want to give the Democrats free reign over everything. As for the Senate races in Georgia although we would like to keep the Congress divided to keep more extreme Democrats in check. Given Senators Perdue and Loeffler’s insane pandering to Trump we won’t be too upset if they lose. There are already indications that Trump may have spread the idea that the election was rigged in Georgia so well that many Trump supporters are thinking of boycotting the Georgia Senate runoff election. Which if that does happen and the Democrats win both seats that would be quite a rebuke to the Orange Pussy Grabber-In-Chief. 

You will be hearing more from us in the near future on state, local and national politics. Until then you have been tuned into IR on your FM dial and we wish you all well and God Bless.