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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Why John Gregg Lost

As promised earlier this month. INDY REPUBLICAN is giving it's own postmortem view as to why we all got the Governors race here in Indiana wrong. As we have stated here previously we had outlined Eric Holcomb's many weaknesses as a candidate. We stand by every word in those posts. But  as with all elections the Governors race did not occur in a vacuum. Outside events played a role in shaping the outcome of the race. Overall we feel that John Gregg ran a good campaign and Eric Holcomb didn't run the best campaign. However that being said there are several areas where the Indiana Democratic Party messed up with other races and that along with other factors is what allowed Gregg to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Gregg ran a good attack ad against Holcomb arguing about how Holcomb was selected by the State Republican apparatchiks and not by the voters. Which is a criticism of Holcomb we have made as well. But the fact that as we pointed out this summer is how democrats did the same thing when they dumped Baron Hill and replaced him with Evan Bayh to run for the Senate. So attacking the backroom deal way in which Holcomb was selected probably was diluted by the fact Democrats had done the same with the race for the Senate. Hence the attacks on Holcomb didn't land the punches they otherwise would have. Gregg did phenomenally well at fundraising. He raised almost as much as Mitch Daniels did in his 2004 race. We can understand Gregg's campaign being proud of this. However bragging about having raised this near record haul was not a good idea. Gregg's whole campaign was being pitched to the voters that he was a different kind of candidate, one who would bring together both parties, a candidate who was not a typical politician. That seemed to be working. When his campaign decided to boast of his fundraising this sent a message that he was just another politician interested only in raising money and also made him appear somewhat less than squeaky clean. Gregg did make mention briefly of Eric Holcomb's very nasty 2000 race for state representative. But did not elaborate or go in depth as to the details of that race. If he had pointed out how Holcomb had accused his opponent of promoting perversion. That would have seriously undermined old Eric. Since the voters were not given that information simply saying that Holcomb had engaged in one of the nastiest campaigns in state history did not give undecided voters any reason to either vote against Holcomb or to board the John Gregg express. Gregg was good at rebutting attacks on himself which is something most candidates are terrible at. He was not however as skilled at attacking Holcomb. Not that his attacks were bad it's just they should have been better. A experienced candidate like Gregg should have been aware of this. The first mention in campaign ads that Holcomb was the new candidate for Governor actually came from the Gregg campaign. Bad move. They should have let Holcomb be the one to make his first move. With Gregg in the unique position for a Indiana Democrat of having both more money and higher name recognition than his republican opponent. Gregg should have spent his time building himself up, campaigning non stop throughout the state, and until Holcomb was able to actually get his name out there, keep the race about why Gregg should be Governor. So that by the time that Holcomb would have been able to scrape enough money together to run ads. Gregg would have solidified his position even further and Holcomb would have had an even bigger problem. By mentioning Holcomb in an attack ad Gregg simply gave Holcomb free advertising and made Holcomb's name recognition go up. Yes it was bad publicity for Holcomb. But it got Holcomb's name out there and gave him a boost he desperately needed. Gregg should have not mentioned Holcomb period unless or until Holcomb had gotten his name out. Free piece of advice to all you aspiring candidates out there: Do not help your opponent in anyway! Don't attack them unless they give you reason to.

As to why we all felt so strongly that Gregg would win. Simply put given Gregg's skill at fundraising, his having campaigned for Governor for over a year versus Holcomb's three and a half months, combined with the fact that all polling up to that point had shown that Gregg was ahead. With the exception of a last minute Howey Politics poll that showed Gregg and Holcomb tied (more on that in a minute). The trend seemed to be breaking Gregg's way. Even Larry Sabato the great political scientist and publisher of The Crystal Ball thought Gregg would win. What all of us and Dr. Sabato missed is the last minute poll that showed Holcomb and Gregg tied 42-42 and the number of undecided voters having grown. This should have told us that Holcomb was improving his position, that Gregg was not, and with more undecideds that clearly signaled the race was tightening. Hillary Clinton certainly was a drag on Democrats and Trump's margin certainly helped some down ballot Republicans but at the end of the day. Gregg lost because he did not use his resources as well as he should have. If we were Indiana Democrats we would get rid of the dead weight at the top of the state party and work on winning races at the local and state legislative level. Also they need to start calling out the Republican Establishment and their many shortcomings rather than doing things like voting en mass with them to gut the State Board of Accounts! Yes they don't have enough votes now to do much but they can start to earn them by taking principled stands for good government! If they don't even complain about the RINO Establishment of Daniels-Holcomb and their shortcomings than they will not give voters any reason to vote for them. Hopefully we all have learned something valuable here. Mainly how not to fuck up a campaign!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Reasons to be thankful

We know it is hard for many of you to be hopeful at times like this. For we have to look forward to Eric "Bagman" Holcomb as Governor as well as Mike Pence as the next Vice-President of the United States. But there is a lot we all as Hoosiers and Americans have to be thankful for! For one thing we are Americans! We are citizens of the greatest country in human history! We have freedoms that are unparalleled throughout history! Ironically we the people have had these freedoms so long we have started to take them for granted and we are in danger of losing them. But we have them anyway. Yes it is true that Gary Welsh the great Titan of the Indiana Blogsphere passed way to soon. But we all need to be thankful for his contributions to this state and this nation. Thanks to him and Paul Ogden Dick Lugar and Evan Bayh are no longer rotting away in the Senate! Yes Misters Donnelly and Young are no prizes but at least it has been shown in politics that no one is invincible. Paul Ogden is still blogging all of us here have joined the cause as well! Inspired by Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden to be modern day troubadours to sing the songs of good government and freedom! Others here and there along the highways and byways will join us and ultimately we will succeed in making a more perfect state and a more perfect union! We must remember that although exposing corruption is one of our primary goals. In addition we must practice positive active goodness. Our enemies the Daniels, Bayh's, Holcomb's, Delaneys, the Matt Tully's, and the Jim Shella's wish only to continue their nihilistic crusade to destroy the good for being good. Unlike them we wish to be free and enjoy life not just avoid pain. The parasites mentioned above believe that others are merely tools to be used to further their own ends. All of us deal with others by choice and voluntary association. We strive to avoid using anyone in any manner. That is why the powers that be are scared. They know themselves to be full of it! And nothing scares them as much as men and women who can think! Slowly but surely people around this state and around the country are beginning to question the elites! Christine Scales has been the target of both political parties in Indianapolis because of her stateswoman like refusal to be bullied by either former Mayor Ballard and his RINO cronies or by Mayor Hogsett and his minions. Paul Ogden is the object of both praise and hatred for his refusal to stop calling out the garbage that has to long disgraced our state! Together and individually we shall smash the media monopoly in this state! We must remind each other and ourselves that the best things in life happen outside of government. We must remind our elected officials they work for us and we own their fate they don't own us. This struggle has and will be long and complicated. It may take decades and may require both parties to fade into oblivion before we have reclaimed our state. But ultimately we will win because we will not submit. We will honor the heroes gone before us. We will continue the work that Gary Welsh began. We will succeed and cause him and all the other angels in heaven to shout with joy at what we will ultimately accomplish. We will continue to offer advice as time, experience and the Holy Spirit guide us. As David struck down Goliath and the walls of Jericho came a tumbling down. So shall the cracks continue to open and widen in the bipartisan cabal that controls so much of our state! Remember the words of Christ who said: "Let not your heart be troubled", "let none be yee called masters", and lastly our brothers and sisters as the savior also said "Do not worry about tomorrow. For each day has enough worry unto itself. By worrying can you add a minute to your life or an inch to your height." Oh we all here forget to mention word on the street is that Holcomb is already ruffling feathers and might be in for a rocky start as governor. There are many who fear him. But just as many who will undermine him everyday he is in office. He would be wise not to trust anyone.

With that we bid you all Godspeed! May the blessings of God be with you all! AMEN!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's coming up on Turkey Day fellow freedom fighters! So all of us here at Indy REPUBLICAN wish you a Happy Thanksgiving this Thursday! We will be back after the holiday guys and gals! So just kick back, relax and remember to enjoy yourselves! We leave you this great song celebrating freedom from the great Billy Joel:

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Election recovery

We here at Indy Republican have been deeply moved by all the attention and support we all here have received from our readers. It's true we were wrong in most of our election predictions. But it happens.  We are still as determined as ever to hold those in power accountable. We will be posting some new items soon. We just need to still recover from this bat sh!t insane election year. See you soon!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Live Blogging the Historic 2016 Election Results

Good evening all! We here at Indy REPUBLICAN will be providing updates throughout the night. Not much in so far. Judging by email and social media traffic we have seen today. John Gregg's campaign seems to still be running strong today. Eric Holcomb's people still seem to be uncoordinated. "Tennessee Trey" Hollingsworth has been campaigning all day in his district and seems to be in trouble in his race. We will bring you more news as we are able.

Stay tuned.......

As of 7:40 PM Trump has carried Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. In Indiana looking rough for Evan Bayh. Trey Hollingsworth and Shelli Yoder are dead even. Ritz and Gregg are behind their REPUBLICAN opponents. Most of the state has not reported. The races for Governor & SPI maybe shaping up to be nail bitters! We will keep you all up to date!

Closing in on 9 in the PM. And the we at the IR newsdesk are wanting to pull our hair out! At this rate it's looking bad for Gregg and Ritz if they lose by these margins we see a lot of mass firings at the Indiana Democratic Party! At least Bayh looks like is done for! We certainly hope so!

More later....

Holcomb, Hollingsworth have won there races. Glenda Ritz has also lost her race. Holcomb's win is the biggest surprise of the night. Will do a full post mortem of tonight's state and national elections. Our only thoughts tonight as to Holcomb's win is that Trump's momentum in Indiana and Hoosier voters dislike of Hillary Clinton was to much for Gregg to overcome. Inspite of some disappoints tonight we are all thrilled beyond measure that Evan Bayh will not be returned to the Senate. That is a huge win for all Hoosiers!

Monday, November 7, 2016

INDY REPUBLICAN's Final predictions for Election 2016

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! You all may recall recently we gave you our prediction that John Gregg will win the Governors race. We still stand by that prediction. We are ready to give our predictions in the Presidential, U.S Senate, and US House races here in old Eerie, IN. We predict that Saint Evan will be defeated by Congressman Todd Young in his bid to regain his Senate seat. Donald Trump will carry the state and Hillary Clinton will become our next president. The Democrats will pickup the 9th district seat when Shelli Yoder defeats "Tennessee Trey" Hollingsworth. Otherwise Indiana's congressional delegation remains unchanged. In the state legislative races Republicans will easily keep control of both houses but will lose super majority status in the State House. Nationally the Republicans will easily keep control of the US House of Representatives with a diminished majority. And we give the Democratcs a 50-50 chance at taking the Senate. If Hillary wins the Democratic Governor and former DNC Chairman Terry McCauliffe will appoint Vice President elect Tim Kaine's replacement and the GOP has a shot of winning that seat in 2018. Okay Indiana don't fail us now! We all have high quality dinners riding on the accuracy of our predictions! So if we mess up to bad in our predictions we are out some serious coinage and unlike "Pampered Pence" and "Bagman Holcomb" we have to pay our own way!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Trouble in Paradise? Angie's List to layoff undisclosed number of employees!

Wednesday  night Fox 59 reported that the taxpayer funded racket Angie's List is going to be making some cutbacks in it's workforce.

Fox 59 said yesterday: 

Angie’s List isn’t being specific tonight on layoffs reported in Indianapolis on Wednesday.
Employees at its East Washington Street campus confirmed to FOX59 that layoffs did in fact take place, but there have been no details released from the company.
Angie's List has been subtly indicating that it would be looking for cost cuttings measures. Marketwatch reports stocks went up 3.5 percent Tuesday after the company publicized that it was putting itself up for sale and exploring strategic alternatives.
Third quarter net losses released Tuesday showed Angie’s List took a $16.8 million hit.
A company spokesperson issued this statement to FOX59 Wednesday afternoon:
As we covered on the earnings call yesterday, we're always looking to drive efficiencies and have identified another $15-$20m in savings. These are primarily workforce related and targeting non-revenue generating headcount.
 Those of you who follow INDY REPUBLICAN, Advance Indiana, and Ogden on Politics are familiar with Angie's List and it's underhanded way of doing business. Former Angie's List CEO & Co-Founder  Bill Oesterle has been a particularly frequent target for criticism by our staff, the now deceased Gary Welsh, Paul Ogden and Charlie White. Although we don't envy the 150 plus layoffs our sources tell us are coming at Angie's List. In a way it's only poetic justice that this Frankenstein monster that Oesterle and his cohorts have created is like the walls of Jericho is "a tumbling down"! Thank God for small favors! No wonder Bill went flying out of Angie's List like a bat out of hell last year! He is forever grateful to "Asskisser" Matt Tully and his minions in the media for not reporting on Billy's lack of business acumen.