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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Morning Musings: What Has Happened to the GOP?

The Republican Accountability Project just put up a YouTube video today asking the question, “What the heck happened to the Republican Party?” This ad really hits home for us and highlights how the GOP has gone from Reagan’s macho men to the weak, impotency of “girlie men” like Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and Ted Cruz. We have always fought for the constitution, rule of law, and limited government. We have and will continue to only support politicians who support the values we hold dear. 

In the course of our agitating for a more sane constructive political system, we have been attacked by both the Trumpian alt-right and the woke insane left. Both extremes have considered us to be traitors or to be insincere in our actions, all for having committed the sin of refusing to agree with either side on everything. Or because we backed politicians who turned on us. To these points we respond by saying, we are human and make mistakes. And yes some politicians have betrayed the hopes and faith we put in them, our relationship with the traitor Rand Paul of Kentucky is perhaps the most extreme. The betrayal of us by some whom we sought to help was their choice, we also have opposed those who let us down. We are all human and will make mistakes, it is how we respond to them that is the true measure of us as human beings.

Also we are responsible for our own actions, we cannot control what others do, and we despise anyone who tries to control others. We can control what we do and how we behave. Also by demanding absolute conformity as the alt-right and woke left do, they go against the American tradition of freedom and individual freedom, also they refuse to allow others to grow and repent of their sins. In their world their is no forgiveness, no second chances, and no redemption.

We wanted to close with this statement: Every action we take, every word we have written down, has all been to the best of our ability to further protect, defend and uphold the Constitution and to defend the republic for which it stands. We are willing to stand alone if need be, as for striving to defend America we have angered many and are considered misguided by some at best, or at worst an unbalanced crank. We speak with conviction and after much prayer and reflection. We will say as for the part we play and continue to play in defending these United States, and in our task of agitating for reform we did no wrong.

Please keep in mind as difficult and uncertain as these times are, we have it infinitely better than those who came before us. Our ancestors had to fear death, mostly we have had to fear people saying nasty things about us online. While that is unpleasant it certainly is far better than fighting on D-Day or in Vietnam. If God wills in his wisdom that we must forfeit our lives for the furtherance of the pursuit of justice, then let it be done. 

May the Lord bless you and keep you all, AMEN!

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Happy 91st Birthday Captain Kirk

William Shatner, 91 years old and still our Captain

In a dose of some much needed good news, William Shatner best know for his role as the inimitable Captain James T. Kirk, turned 91 years old today! Comicbook.com has the story:

Shatner has enjoyed a 70-year career in entertainment, including his iconic role in Star Trekoriginating the character of Captain James T Kirk of the USS Enterprise. He's also had an eventful year, becoming the oldest person ever in space by joining a Blur Origin flight, seeing movement on TekWar reboot, and welcoming new Kirk actor Paul Wesley. Shatner has a dedicated fanbase and friends in the industry who are celebrating his birthday on social media today.

We here at IR join in wishing Mister Shatner a happy 91st birthday, and to Mister Shatner may you still have the same youthful enthusiasm and zest for life, if you ever do reach old age!