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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Remember to keep “Staying Inside”

Like all of you out there we are hunkered down, in our secure undisclosed location. We found a little something to perk our spirits up while we ride out the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Please enjoy the music song stylings of the great Bret McCullough and remember to keep “Staying Inside”!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Neil Diamond offers Comfort in these trying Times w/Update

Good evening everyone. It goes without saying that right now these are trying times. True to form, that great singer-songwriter Neil Diamond has done a slight change to his indelible ditty “Sweet Caroline”. The song is still the same except for a slight change to the lyrics to encourage washing of hands. Two days ago Neil posted this video to Twitter to help lift up our spirits. The video is classic Neil Diamond and is well worth watching. Enjoy!

UPDATE: An alert reader sent us this link to the full version of Neil’s new rendition of “Sweet Caroline”, Enjoy!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Senator Rand Paul Test Positive for Coronavirus

Senator Rand Paul (RINO-KY)

Words has just broken that Senator Rand Paul has tested positive for Coronavirus. According to The Hill:

“Senator Rand Paul has tested positive for COVID-19. He is feeling fine and is in quarantine. He is asymptomatic and was tested out of an abundance of caution due to his extensive travel and events,” Sergio Gor, Paul’s spokesman said. 

Gor added that Paul “was not aware of any direct contact with any infected person.”

While it is no secret that INDY REPUBLICAN’s previously staunch support for Senator Paul has long since disappeared, and is now replaced with loathing and disgust at his betrayal of conservatives and libertarians. We do not wish the Coronavirus on anyone and we all sincerely hope and pray that Senator Paul recovers. Good Luck Rand, may you regain your health and grow some balls.

Checkout Great YouTubers Pastor George, Reckless Ben, Chris Shelton and Ron Miscavige as they take on Scientology

Hope you are all having a blessed sabbath today. We wanted to tell you all about a couple of great YouTubers you probably have not heard of and are worth checking out. These are people who are helping to fight the evil, destructive cult of Scientology. Which has a lot of eerie parallels to the political cults and cliques that have way too much influence here in Indiana. By understanding the cult mindset we can all better understand and fight back against the insanity that exists around us. We would first like to introduce you to “Pastor George”,  George has some interesting content from a Christian view, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and is an absolute gem to listen to. You can click here to go to his YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter @PastorGeorgeyt. 

We came across Pastor George’s video about “Reckless Ben” Schneider’s “Infiltrating Scientology” series. Reckless Ben and his friend Michael Forten went undercover into the Church of Scientology and helped show just how creepy and evil that organization is. Ben and Mike are only in their early twenties and are already doing a YUGE amount of good works. Checkout Reckless Ben’s Channel here. We will be embedding some of Pastor George’s, Reckless Ben, and others YouTube videos later in this post. Other great content creators we want to give a shout out to are former Scientologist Chris Shelton’s YouTube channel and Patreon page. Chris’s channel has some amazing content, he pulls down the curtain around Scientology and other destructive cults. His “Sensibly Speaking Podcast” is one of the greatest podcast ever made and deserves your backing. His work is highly recommended. We disagree on somethings with Chris. But he is a great guy, and a great american so consider watching and supporting his work. Last but not least is the great Ron Miscavige. Ron hosts the YouTube series “Life After Scientology”, he is the father of the current leader of the Church of Scientology David Miscavige. Ron is also an outstanding musician as well as show host. You can help Ron by supporting him on Patreon. We ask that if any of you do wind up going to any of these channels and liking there content, please leave them a comment with a link to this blog. As promised we will put some of these fine men’s videos here for you to enjoy:

Pastor George on “Reckless Ben” and Scientology:

Reckless Ben and Mike Infiltrating Scientology:

Chris Shelton’s Interview with Reckless Ben & Mike:

Ron Miscavige Interview’s Reckless Ben & Mike:

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Country Singer Kenny Rogers Has Passed On w/Update

Kenny Rogers Country-Western Legend

We have all just heard about the passing of one of our gangs greatest singers. After a life of singing and songwriting the great Kenny Rogers has passed away at age 81. The IR Crew are not necessarily big country music fans. But we have always loved Kenny Rogers. His indelible ditty “The Gambler” is always one of our all time favorites. That little number even helped save our collective asses once. What happened was is we were in a tough situation, and buy remembering the lyrics to “The Gambler” we were able to escape. Just ask yourself is it time to hold em, is it time to fold em, should you walk away or should you run. That being said we also love Mister Rogers rendition of “Islands in the Stream” also holds a special place in our hearts. One of us in fact successfully used Kenny’s “Island’s in the Stream” to woo a lovely, classy woman. Who shall remain nameless to protect us all from lawsuits. Rest In Peace Kenny! We leave you with two of Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits. Enjoy and God Bless!

The Gambler:

Island’s In The Stream:

UPDATE: Another alert reader has sent us this great duet of Kenny Rogers & Lionel Richie singing “The Gambler”
Lionel Richie & Kenny Rogers Duet of “The Gambler”

Monday, March 9, 2020

Do Not Use Cocaine or Drink Bleach to Fight the Coronavirus!

As much as we all wanted to steer clear of the Coronavirus, we found something out there about it that we felt vital to share with you all. According to CBS News reporter Christina Capatides there are some dangerous quack remedies being peddled to combat the Coronavirus. Miss Capatides had this to say:

A quick glance at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok will provide a slew of these fake cures(for the Coronavirus): garlic, masturbation, bleach, even cocaine.

Prominent QAnon YouTuber Jordan Sather, for example, tweeted to his more than 121,000 followers that a "miracle mineral solution," which effectively involves drinking bleach, can wipe out COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

"Not only is chlorine dioxide (aka 'MMS') an effective cancer cell killer, it can wipe out coronavirus too," he wrote. "Big Pharma wants you ignorant."

Sadly, drinking bleach isn't the only dangerous "cure" that bad actors are peddling online to a population increasingly anxious about the current outbreak. The most recent rumor spreading at a rapid pace is that cocaine will counteract COVID-19.

On Sunday, in an effort to combat such viral disinformation, the French Ministry of Health tweeted a firm rebuttal: "No, cocaine does not protect against COVID-19. Cocaine is an addictive stimulant drug. Using it can seriously harm people's health and create undesirable effects."

If this misinformation was not so sad, it would actually be funny. We strongly encourage our readers to read Capatides entire story and to share it online. We are all very grateful for Christina Capatides report. If we hadn’t come across this we seriously were getting ready to chug down some Clorox and start riding the white pony! Thankfully due to this new story we are not going to engage in stupid and potentially fatal conduct. Please don’t drink bleach and don’t do cocaine it will only hurt you. Have a good and drug free evening everyone. 

Towering Cinema Giant Max Von Sydow Dies at Age 90

One of the INDY REPUBLICAN crews all time favorite actors Max Von Sydow just passed away at age 90. Von Sydow has been a favorite of all of ours since we all first saw him portray Jesus Christ in “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. He also turned in amazing performances in “The Exorcist” and David Lynch’s “Dune”. Here is a link to more information about Mister Von Sydow’s passing.

We all thought it would only be fitting to show an example of Von Sydow’s work. Here’s his rendition of Jesus giving the Sermon on the Mount: