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Friday, March 31, 2017

Indy Republican will be back after a short break

IR is truly grateful and appreciative of all the support we are getting. We all are going to take some much needed R & R. After a short break to rest and gather some more topics for blog posts. We will be back on and eager to engage with you all. In the meantime fill free to use the contact form or email us at: 6vwts@notsharingmy.info and we will be glad to hear what you have to say. See you in again soon.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Mike Pence Weasel, Liar and Slave to Washington!

Good Evening. Hope everyone is taking it easy and trying not to get to sucked into the craziness out there. As you all know by now. The IR team are not supporters of former Indiana Governor now Vice President Mike Pence. You may recall our recent blog post about his email scandal.  We all have been chided by many of our fellow republicans for saying that Mike Pence is nothing more than an opportunistic clod. Given Mr. Pence's conduct over the past week or so in regards to his unsuccessful attempt to "persuade" many of his former congressional colleagues to sell out there principles and support the American Health Care Act, aka AHCA, aka RyanCare, aka TrumpCare/ObamaCare Lite. We feel more than vindicated in our assessment of Mike Pence as a man and as a politician. Over at Redstate.com Jim Jamits has written an article critical of Vice President Pence titled "Never Trust Anyone Who Asks You to ‘Take One for the Team’"

Jamitis writes:

As someone who used to have high hopes for what Vice President Mike Pence might do for the conservative movement and who never got on board the Trump train, I wasn’t thrilled that Pence enthusiastically became Trump’s running mate. I had mixed feelings.
Part of me said that it’s good someone like Pence would have Trump’s ear, but another part wondered whether I had been wrong about Pence from the beginning. How could a solid ideological conservative submit to a guy like Trump?
Some of the anecdotes reported in the wake of the AHCA failure make me think Pence is just another Washington insider driven by politics instead of principle. Politico Magazine describes how the Freedom Caucus and their policy concerns were treated by the White House.

Quoting from Politico Jamitis says:

They hoped for a meeting with Trump and an opportunity to negotiate some major policy changes directly with him. Instead, they found themselves hauled into the less-than-inspiring Executive Office Building for a pep rally with Vice President Mike Pence, chief of staff Reince Priebus, Bannon, and other members of Trump’s inner circle—but not the president himself. (As an aside, it’s impossible to ignore the failure of Pence, Price and Mulvaney, three former conservative darlings while in the Congress, to sell more of their ideological brethren on this bill.)

Jamitis responds to Politico by stating:

It’s impossible to ignore the failure because for the Freedom Caucus it was probably impossible to ignore the the defection of these men to the cult of Trump. They had abandoned their principled roots for a seat at the table of power.

The incident paints a picture of Pence as just another cynical Washington horse trader trying to score the political win even if it meant arbitrarily discarding the notion of actually repealing Obamacare.

Quoting again from Politico:

Members of the Freedom Caucus realized right away that there would be no negotiating. Pence tried to pump up the conservatives, telling them the fight was theirs to win and that they needed to help Trump and Ryan score a victory for the new administration. The plea landed on deaf ears. “Take one for the team” was a phrase repeatedly deployed; [Emphasis added]

Jamitis offers these parting thoughts about Pence's attempt at negotiating with strong arming his fellow republicans into doing the will of his D.C. masters:

In the GOP, being asked—or told—to “take one for the team” means two things. One, you are not really considered part of the “team,” and therefore your only value is as cannon fodder or as a scapegoat. Two, your values, principles, and campaign promises are worth spit to whomever is asking you. Only your vote matters and you should expect no reward from the team for selling it to them cheaply.

In theory, making a sacrifice for the good of something bigger than yourself can be a noble act, but when asked to compromise your principles for a dubious good, follow your instincts and not the crowd.

After a lifetime of working and being active in the republican party. We are in agreement with Mr. Jamitis's view of what "taking one for the team" really mean in the world of politics. What Jim Jamitis and many others many not quite realize is that Mike Pence doesn't have any principles! Of course the Indianapolis media's refusal to actually point out the truth about Pence probably explains a lot as to why so many people have such an unrealistic view of Pence. Dan Carden of the Northwest Indiana Times pointed out last year on twitter that Mike Pence had stated on his 2011 tax return that he and his wife Karen lived in Arlington, Virginia back when he was getting ready to run for Governor:

Dan Carden
Oh hey, look who said he lived in Arlington, Va. in 2012 while running for Ind. governor
by: Dan Carden @nwi_DanCarden

This is interesting because Article V, Section VII of the Indiana Constitution states:

Section 7. No person shall be eligible to the office of Governor or Lieutenant Governor, who shall not have been five years a citizen of the United States, and also a resident of the State of Indiana during the five years next preceding his election; nor shall any person be eligible to either of the said offices, who shall not have attained the age of thirty years.

So how could Mike Pence meet the eligibility requirements to be Governor if as he stated on his 2011 Income Tax Return that he and his wife lived in Virginia? As all taxpayers are aware the address you put down on your Income Tax Return is supposed to be the address at which you are currently residing when you file taxes. Former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White was crucified by the Indiana political, media and legal establishment because they allege that he voted in the wrong voter precinct one time! So using the standard applied to Charlie White former Governor Pence should have some awkward questions to answer! It is amazing to all of us that the Hillary Clinton campaign didn't do more opposition research on Pence during last years presidential race. No doubt Indiana and National Democrats have this and other information to use against Pence should he ever decide to run for President. We are all grateful that some of our fellow conservatives and republicans are waking up and seeing that Mike Pence is not our friend. Pence is nothing but a scheming little weasel that the republican party should toss out on his ass! We here at IR in the meantime are more than happy to see "Pampered Pence" be used as a piñata for frustrated republicans! Hope you enjoy being a global joke Mike!

Here is Mike Pence's real self!:

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Indiana Democrats stupidly reelect John Zody State Chairman

Yesterday Hoosier Democrats met and voted to keep John Zody as their state chairman. We have to ask. Do Hoosier Democrats ever want to win anything? Why do you guys vote to keep this guy after you got massacred last year? Yes we know you picked up one state house seat. But John Gregg lost his bid for Governor against fake Republican Eric Holcomb, Glenda Ritz lost her bid for reelection, and to top it off you guys picked Evan Bayh to run for his old senate seat! So what else would possess democrats to give John Zody another chance to be state party chair? Do you guys want to become more irrelevant? For our state and country to survive and thrive we need two viable political parties. Of course Hoosier Democrats would rather continue their domination of Marion and Lake Counties than actually win and have any real influence. Both parties in Indiana would rather play not to lose rather than play to win. We have news for you guys. Real Republicans throughout Indiana want to actually win. We aren't satisfied with keeping every mediocrity that runs on our team in office. So to our Democratic friends do yourselves and all Hoosiers a favor and actually go after the corruption in both parties. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Oops! Mike Pence Did It As Well! The Day Mike Pence Became Hillary Clinton!

Image result for mike pence is hillary clinton meme

Greetings Brother and Sister rabble rousers! As we have previously pointed out on this blog. The late great Gary Welsh compared Mike Pence with Rod Blagojevich. A belief we all share here at IR. But we never thought that we would ever be lumping Mike Pence in with Hillary Clinton but we believe that is a fair and accurate assessment of Pence given his ongoing email scandal and the fact that he used a private AOL email account to conduct state business on. We can all recall how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton email scandal during her time running the State Department. Mike Pence's email scandal is a long and sordid tale, but it is one that must be told.  Miss Hussein is one of the only great reporters  remaining at the Langley controlled "Pravda Indianapolis"  Indianapolis Star. As some of you are aware Mike Pence has been fighting since last year to keep many of his emails he sent while he was governor a secret from we the people. Starting with Fatima Hussein's February 27th, 2016 article Ms. Hussein writes:

Vice President Mike Pence continued to fight to keep secret a political white paper emailed to him while he was Indiana governor, petitioning the Indiana Supreme Court not to review a public records denial for the controversial papers.
If opened, the communications could reveal a slew of Republican political strategies that Pence and dozens of other U.S. governors devised to fight former President Barack Obama and an executive order of his concerning immigration.
If the justices take the case, the court also could redefine the bounds of open, public communication for Indiana's executive office.

The case stems from a public records request made in December 2014 by Indianapolis attorney William Groth, a Democrat, who was gathering information about the former Republican governor's use of outside counsel for the immigration litigation and its cost to Indiana taxpayers.
Pence produced the requested emails “but those documents included substantial redaction,” including a white paper the governor failed to produce, according to court records.

The white paper in question contains legal theories used by many governors in their decision to join State of Texas et al v. United States of America, which challenged the Obama administration's executive order regarding immigration.
After Groth filed suit in Marion County Superior Court, a judge ruled in favor of Pence, saying the redactions the administration made to the public record were "proper."

This January, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that Groth does not have the right to view the political white paper, but disagreed with the governor's contention that it would violate the separation of powers doctrine for the judiciary to second guess the redactions.

That was an important finding to advocates of government transparency, who feared a Pence victory in the suit could set a broader precedent that would embolden future governors to refuse to disclose or heavily redact public documents with no court oversight.
Earlier this month, Groth petitioned the Indiana Supreme Court to take up the case.
Indianapolis attorney Greg Bowes filed the 19-page petition on behalf of Groth claiming the appeals court erred in determining that the white paper did not have to be released because it was "deliberative material" for the purpose of preparing for litigation.
Groth is arguing the Court of Appeals improperly applied the attorney-client relationship doctrine because the white paper was emailed to a wide range of people outside of the attorney-client relationship. He is also asking the court whether the court of appeals improperly created a "deliberative materials exception" to state public records.

Calling Groth's lawsuit "unfounded" in court documents, Joseph Chapelle, Pence's attorney from Indianapolis law firm Barnes & Thornburg, last week filed the 30-page response.

Chapelle told IndyStar that the appellate court majority’s decision should stand and that if the Supreme Court takes on the case, "it will be an opportunity for the court to clarify the separation of powers doctrine."
In the latest court documents, Chapelle maintains that Pence will use executive privilege as a defense in the future. "There are policy reasons for executive privilege," Chapelle said.
Groth told IndyStar Sunday that he wants to see transparency in government.
"Hoosiers are entitled to and should continue to demand more, rather than less, openness from all governmental officials, but especially from their governor," he said

The fact that Pence has an attorney from Barnes and Thornburg handling this situation is enough to make us think Pence is terrified of these emails being publicly released. Longtime readers of Advance Indiana and Ogden on Politics will recognize the name Barnes and Thornburg. They are the law firm that has represented the state in the FSSA Privatization debacle, also they fought like hell trying to save former US Senator Dick Lugar's butt! Word is that they went so far as to get WXIN the Fox affiliate in Indianapolis to spike a story about Lugar's residency issue that the station had planned to air in 2011 click here to read Paul Ogden's recounting of that incident. Other nefarious individuals associated with B&T over the years have included: Former Marion County Prosecutor Scott Newman and Democratic State Rep. Ed "Why Did I meet with some mysterious person in a Parking Lot" Delaney.  We are especially curious as to what Mr. Chapelle's reasoning is behind his claim that "There are policy reasons for executive privilege." That Pence is claiming as to why these emails shouldn't be released. For what policy is Chapelle referring to? And what policy could possible trump our right to know what Mike Pence was doing with the taxpayers money? This sounds a little to much like Nixon's bullshit claim of executive privilege during the Watergate Scandal!

Ms. Hussein wrote in her November 21, 2016 "Pence's legal team argues to keep emails secret":

"The statute (Indiana Access to Public Records Act) itself cannot get into the governor's personal papers," said Joseph Chappelle, Pence's attorney, from the Indiana law firm Barnes & Thornburg, referring to the legal bounds of the Indiana Access to Public Records Act.
Legally, the burden is on the governor to prove the documents are protected from public purview.

What we are curious about is if these were Mike Pence's "personal papers" as his lawyer says they are then why did he email them to 30 or so different people in several different states? Since it is Pence's job to show why these documents in question should be shielded from public purview it is reasonable to assume that he would not have sent such sensitive information to over two dozens parties! So either he believed they were sensitive at the time and chose to brazenly send them out to 30 people. Or more likely in as we believe he only adopted the stance that these emails should be kept secret when Mr. Groth asked for them. It is true that Pence's office had large amounts of his AOL emails that he sent out turned over to now Governor Eric Holcomb's office recently after he was called out on the carpet. But Pence's continued pursuit of keeping some of his official emails secret inspires no confidence in him. Pence might as well put on a blonde wig and a blue woman's business suit. Based off of his lack of transparency with his official emails the verdict is in. Mike Pence is now Hillary Clinton.

Update: WISH-TV has a story about Mike Pence defending his use of a private email account for state business. As usual his Propaganda Minister Spokesman Marc Lotter talks about how great his boss Mike Pence is. Click here and here for our past posts about Lying Marc Lotter.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Indiana Will Be Restored!

Good evening friends. As all of you out there have been witness to  the sin and vice that makes up much of the world around us. It is only natural to feel discouraged and beaten down at times. What must be kept in mind is that any trouble no matter what is only temporary. IR's staff is besieged with inquiries as to how to fight back and reclaim our state and our nation. The answer is multilayered but part of the answer is it is not just enough to expose the darkness in our world. We must also practice and promote positive active goodness in our own lives. Gary Welsh was and still is a great man. He was wonderful at fighting and exposing the corruption of today. But one area our dear departed comrade sometimes fell short in was in not focusing on what is right in our lives and the goodness we can and will accomplish. We can say with the utmost confidence that Indiana and the rest of these United States shall achieve great heights and continue to be the "shining city on the hill" that will be respected by all good people everywhere. We can say this due to what we see and hear everyday. There are people who are striving to achieve goodness and who choose not to give into the darkness. Even if they are not readily visible they exist and you can be one of them. At IR we don't write to get readers. We have readers so that we may write. We have received much great feedback since we started almost a year ago. We all were inspired to our lives calling by the writing of Gary Welsh, Paul Ogden, Jon Easter, Charlie White and many others like them. Perhaps we are planting the seeds for more such men and women to emerge and say to the powers that be: "Enough"! We are not naive this process will take sometime. Decades or more possibly. But the more we get out the truth, the more shackles are broken the sooner we will achieve our values. Let us dedicate ourselves to the "great task remaining" Each day we shall continue to work for the emancipation of the spirit of mankind. We are the disciples of reason and the soldiers of freedom! Let us stand together and show the world the spirit of Gary Welsh is not only not dead but is just barely started it's fight for goodness!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tabloid Indianapolis Star Peddling more Pro-Establishment Propaganda

In yesterday's edition of Pravda Indiana. The Stars digital producer Dwight Adams wrote here about how according to US News and World Report, Indiana's State Government is ranked the best state government in the United States. The Hoosier State was given this distinction it is said because of "Indiana's excellent credit rating, low pension fund liability, and budget transparency." Indiana Governor Eric "Bagman" Holcomb in response to the Star's Press Release report about how Indiana has the greatest state government in the known universe said: "Strong leadership over the last 12 years has made our government efficient." "It's my (Eric Holcomb) goal to continue this success and elevate our position on all fronts."

IR is curious as to just what "success" Governor Holcomb wishes to continue. Is he referring to the disastrous reign at FSSA of Mitch Roob? The incompetent reign of the IDOI and IURC by Jim Atterholt who unjustly fired Paul Ogden? Does he wish to continue the legacy of "Godfather Governor" Mitch Daniels of firing and destroying state whistleblowers like the venerable Paul Ogden? Does Holcomb intend to continue turning a blind eye towards misconduct committed by the likes of former Indiana Schools Superintendent Tony Bennett? If so then the hell with Holcomb and his definition of success!

Drivel like this out of the "Downtown Mafia's" paper of record proves conclusively that the Indianapolis Star is no longer home to people like Dick Cady and Ruth Holliday. But now serves only to spew out whatever Matt Tully and his circle jerk club are told to write by their paymasters. We encourage people to checkout Dick Cady's book "Deadline Indianapolis" for a glimpse as to what the Star used to be. No doubt Advance Indiana's Gary Welsh is laughing from his grave at Indiana being given the "Best Government" designation! We all here long ago canceled our subscriptions to the Star. We advise all of you to do the same. Let's drink to the day when the Star is gone!