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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Trump Is Gone From The White House

Good Morning Babies! We hope to get back to our regularly scheduled programming and go after some Hoosier malcontents very soon. Before we do though we would like to celebrate the fact that Donald Trump is gone from the White House. Now we must dedicate ourselves to the great tasks remaining. We must rebuild the true conservative movement of Reagan, Buckley, Goldwater and our late friend Gary Welsh. At the same time we must hold the Democrats and President Biden accountable. For now let’s get down and celebrate the Donald’s ouster!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Trump Is Almost Gone from the White House

It’s finally arrived. After what seems like a millennium, Donald Trump will be leaving office in about 12 hours. Although in a farewell message he did wish the new administration well. A lot of his supporters still cannot believe that he is actually leaving office and his paranoid fantasies about him actually winning have not helped. But Bill Maher has decided to take one last crack at convincing Trump that he is finished. 

Here’s Bill Maher succinctly explaining to Trump he is finished:

Friday, January 15, 2021

Happy 2021! Listen to these great tunes to perk you up!

Good Morning Fellow Freedom Fighters! Sorry we have been on hiatus for a month, but it has been insane these past four weeks, what with the Sedition Caucus in the House and Senate attempting to steal the presidential election for Donald Trump, the crazy Qanon Shaman marching through the Congressional Chambers, the Democrats winning control of the US Senate, and the month is only half over! 

Before we start taking a deep dive into state, local and national issues again. We thought a little musics would be in order! We have picked some songs for you all to relax too and to help lift us all up! Enjoy my children!

For The Longest Time Quarantine Edition:

For The Longest Time by Billy Joel (Original Version):

If You Wanna be Happy for the Rest of Your Life:

Come on Vaccine (Parody of Come on Eileen):

Come on Eileen: