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Monday, October 3, 2016

Matt Tully thinks Carmel Mayor "RINO" Jim Brainaird is Underpaid!

Good evening everyone. This is the INDY REPUBLICAN staff saying we hope you all had a decent start to your week today. As you all have figured out by now those of at this blog are not fans of Pravda Indiana Indianapolis Star Useless Fool writer Matt Tully. Like the late Gary Welsh we are certainly not fans of Tully and his Circle Jerk Club! Just when you think Tully is incapable of writing any more insipid trash he pulls through and writes more drivel for his establishment paymasters! In todays Star Tully has an article arguing in favor of Carmel RINO Mayor Jim "Taxman" Brainard and other Indiana mayors getting pay raises!  Tully asks us to "hear him out before declaring him the president of the out-of-his-mind club!" Well we all hear can think of next to nothing we would rather do than listen to Matt Tully's girly ravings! But in the spirit of being kind we will indulge him now. So Okay Matt! Let's tell our readers in your own words why you think Mayor's should receive a pay raise!

Tully's bullsh*t's writes:

Indiana residents from Lake Michigan to the Ohio River, in cities big and small, would be wise to be more open to raising the pay of their mayors. Yes, there's the opinion I warned you about, the crazy one. A call for higher pay for elected officials.
Well, not all elected officials.
This is specifically about mayors. And about the uniquely challenging and critical job of leading a city. Few things do more to drive a state forward, or to hold it back, than the quality and strength of its many communities. And few things impact the direction of a city more than the quality of its mayor.
No, money is not the most important factor. I get that. And, yes, being a mayor is about public service. I get that, too. Still, it's worth remembering the old you-get-what-you-pay-for adage.
In the words of Matt Greller, CEO of the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, "Mayors are at the forefront of the talent attraction and quality of place revolution occurring throughout the country."
If you want a state filled with energy, ideas, ambition and visionary thinking — and who doesn't? — you'd be smart to start by making sure you have the best people leading our cities. Cities are where new ideas bubble up, where innovation is most often found, where entrepreneurs emerge, and where states are most clearly defined. You often hear that states are the laboratory of ideas for the federal government. Well, the same can be said for cities and state government.
Few state leaders have done more to drive Indiana forward, or to draw more people here, than the mayors who have reinvigorated Indianapolis in recent decades.

Okay folks we are going to stop here for just a moment and get our barf bags! What the Hell Planet do you Live on Mr. Tully? What Indianapolis mayors have "reinvigorated" the city? Steve Goldsmith? Bart Peterson? Greg "Full of Crap" Ballard? Or perhaps current Indianapolis Mayor "Lazy" Joe Hogsett? If anybody out there needs anymore proof that Matt Tully is just a hack who sold his soul to the bipartisan political establishment that runs much of this state. His argument that mayors should receive raises should put any doubts about that issue to rest! Come on Tully! Are you seriously saying that we should give Jim Brainard a man who as mayor has been accused of hiring private investigators to spy on Fishers residents as Gary Welsh chronicled back in 2011? Read Welsh's article here if you want to know what kind of a man that Mr. Tully looks for when picking a city mayor!

In marked contrast to Tully's endless butt kissing. Here comes like manna from heaven, an article written by The Man Who Should Have Matt Tully's Job! Paul Ogden of Ogden on Politics fame has written a post today entitled: "Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard's Budget Requests Nearly 40% Increase in Pay".

Paul Ogden had this to say today:

At a time when families are struggling and local politicians are continually asking for higher taxes on those families, it is appalling to see politicians raising their own pay.  The Current in Carmel reports:
Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard has submitted his budget for 2017, along with a salary ordinance that includes a $50,000 pay raise for himself, which is a 40 percent increase. 
The mayor’s salary is proposed to increase from $127,946 a year to $179,344 a year. It
Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard
will be introduced at the City Council meeting on Oct. 3 but will likely not be passed on first reading to allow the public time to comment.
Prior to the ordinance being released, Brainard told Current in Carmel that his salary was going up, “around $35,000 or $40,000 or something.” 
“City manager salaries can be way above that,” he said. “In some cities they make $200,000 or $300,000.” 
Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett makes $99,000 a year. When asked about the discrepancy, Brainard said, “They don’t have money to get their roads paved.” 
“It’s a ridiculously low salary for someone representing a city of that size,” he said. “It’s a billion-dollar business.” 
If passed, the salary increase would make Brainard the highest paid mayor in the state. 
Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson is currently the state’s highest paid mayor at $142,096. 
“We don’t really look at Indiana when we do salary comparisons,” Brainard said.The mayor said the salary increase is necessary. 
“It’s important to attract qualified people to run for office,” he said. “Many of the mayors we look at (for comparison) can make seven or eight times that in the private sector.”
Then leave office Mayor Brainard.  Contrary to your claim, there would be quality people lining up the door to take your place when you leave.  I get so sick of that ridiculous argument.  I hear it all the time from judges wanting to be paid more.  Like there is a shortage of excellent attorneys out there who who wouldn't jump at the chance to be a judge.

That is how a real citizen journalist reports the news Mr. Tully! At the end of his press release for Mayor Brainard Tully gives his contact information as follows: You can reach me at matthew.tully@indystar.com or at Twitter.com/matthewltully.

So if anyone feels like sharing their thoughts with Mr. Tully contact him via email or on Twitter. Piece of free advice for you all. Don't be surprised if Tully blocks you on Twitter, Facebook, or email if you dare to question his infinite wisdom! As many of our correspondents have discovered Tully is an incredibly thin skinned man! Like his TV counterpart Jim "Shill" Shella! he cannot handle the truth! Anything that is not flattering to him or his circle jerk club will be dismissed out of hand! As a favor to a longtime fan of the INDY REPUBLICAN blog. We have agreed to share this message from the reader to Tully himself (Warning! Contains profanity viewer discretion is advised):

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  1. When will my fellow Carmel residents wake up to this smarmy, self-interested political parasite who has for years feasted on our tax base? Brainard the Crook should be kicked to the curb but with so many voters hoodwinked Brainard might as well be coronated. Jim Brainard has become an emperor mayor running a territory under the pretense of "the law" and "for the people". This oily attorney made himself incredibly wealthy with behind the scenes land deals and other personal "investments" using insider knowledge. Just as the Feds totally overlooked super-crook Republican Greg Ballard, now reduced to a third rate teaching job at a third rate community college, it appears the Feds will let this dastardly politician remain free from shackles and a jail term.


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