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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Hoosier Supermom Jennifer Glynn’s Facebook Page helps Hoosiers resolve their Unemployment Issues

Jasmine Minor’s report on Hoosier Heroine Jennifer Glynn 

As you all probably know by now, the Hoosier state is dropping the ball Bigly when it comes to paying Hoosiers their unemployment benefits. On Tuesday we wrote about the complete silence of the Department of Workforce Development in addressing these issues. However there is some hope in all of the darkness that is surrounding the cesspool that is our state’s unemployment system. In addition to WISH-TV’s Richard Essex and WTHR’s Bob Segall, Jasmine Minor is joining the fight for government transparency and accountability!

Here’s Jasmine Minor reporting:

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Jennifer Glynn, a mom of two, started an unemployment help group on Facebook to assist people in securing unemployment benefits.

Her only experience was going through the unemployment filing process before, but her free advice has been priceless for nearly 7,000 Hoosiers struggling to get the benefits they deserve. 

“These people shouldn’t be losing their homes, they shouldn’t be losing everything that they own,” Glynn said. “I’ve had people tell me that they were on the brink of depression until I helped them, that they were on the verge of giving up until I gave them hope.”

Glynn says while the group feels like a full-time job, often answering calls and messages at 3 a.m., she believes it’s necessary work because people are growing desperate. 

“Who else is going to help them?” Glynn asked. “I’m trying to help everybody that I can. And there have been times that I have not been able to help somebody. And that’s disappointing.”

She says the most common issue she sees is when people receive a letter for making an error on their filing or their appeal form. That error that can be costly. 

“I specifically know one woman, she had to wait over a year just for one error,” Glynn said. “That’s the longest that I’ve seen.”

However, she says it’s been nearly impossible to get someone from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development to answer a phone call or email, making it difficult to figure out what the exact error was. 

Glynn says if a claim has an issue, it can’t be fixed until a claims representative or an investigator. 

“The Indiana Department of Workforce Development currently has 16 issues listed on their COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions worksheet,” Glynn said. “The list that I have, I currently have a list of 47 that could cause issues and keep somebody from getting paid. Big difference, right?”

Glynn says, after doing extensive research, she was able to create templates others can fill out to make sure the right information is getting to claim representatives so that errors are not made. She then helps to make sure those forms are sent to the right place.

We here at Indy Republican salute Jennifer Glynn! It is men and women like her that will help us all to achieve more of our goals of good government! Gary Welsh is smiling down from heaven on this awesome lady!

If anyone needs help with their unemployment claim please click here to go to Jennifer Glynn’s Facebook Group. She needs all the help she can get! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Deafening Silence of the Department of Workforce Development w/Update

As we, the late great Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden have written about previously. The Hoosier state’s unemployment insurance program as managed by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) continues to hurt everyday Hoosiers, be a dumping ground for every two bit political hack where they use taxpayer money and funnel it to them and their cronies. Click herehere and here for more information on the corrupt possibly illegal conduct performed by members of the DWD leadership. And they refuse to be open and transparent notwithstanding that this agency is supposed to safeguard the state’s unemployment insurance funds. 

Back in 2012 Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden both reported on Whistleblower’s at DWD who revealed that mismanagement at the agency was to blame for the bankrupting of Indiana’s Unemployment Insurance Fund. From the end of 2008 to 2015 the state was forced to borrow money from the federal government to cover the shortfall caused by the incompetence and corruption by the agency heads at DWD. WISH-TV’s Deanna Dewberry did a wonderful report on DWD back in 2012 which can be read by clicking here. Unfortunately the agency has not noticeably improved at all over the years. The agency has especially been dropping the ball when it comes to preventing and go after unemployment insurance fraud.

On December 30th, 2020 Indystar posted Nick Penzenstadler’s USA Today article “How scammers siphoned $36B in fraudulent unemployment payments from US”. The article reveals how since are least May of 2020, online scammers have been responsible for at least $36 Billion of fraudulent unemployment claims. Pezenstadler interviewed one of the people who has engaged in this massive cyber fraud and explains how it had been done. We wrote about unemployed Hoosiers having to fight the very state agency that is supposed to help them deal with unemployment fraud back in March

Now a sensible administration after all of this negative publicity, we would think would want to at least attempt to appear to clean up there act. If only to try and stem the continuing bad public relations. But as WISH-TV’s Richard Essex reported last Wednesday July 7th, 2021 DWD is just doubling down on avoiding public scrutiny. In a wonderful story entitled “How the Department of Workforce Development stonewalls Hoosiers”, Essex had this to say about his attempts to speak with DWD:

For months, News 8 has asked the Indiana Department of Workforce Development for a sit-down interview with its leader, Commissioner Fred Payne; News 8’s request have been repeatedly denied. 

So on Wednesday, News 8 went to the state government’s office building to make a request in person.

The Department of Workforce Development main office appears to be right next to the public entrance of the Government Center South building.

“Hi, I’m Richard Essex of WISH-TV. We are trying to make an appointment to see the commissioner, Fred Payne,” News 8’s Richard Essex said. “Is this the office?”

Upon News 8’s arrival at the office, a security guard hired by the state said she wasn’t sure where Payne’s office was located.

“Well, you can go down there to the other office and get a hold of him,” she said. 

The security guard escorted News 8 to another office that she called the intake office. Once inside that office, News 8 made the same request; a woman lady behind the desk at the intake office said she was new to the job and wasn’t sure who we needed to speak with. 

After waiting an hour, News 8 was told someone was coming to talk.

Next thing that happened, the office door was closed and locked.

News 8 waited in a hallway after being promised someone would come to talk. No one ever appeared, so News 8 went back the first office.

As it turns out, News 8 were not the only ones in the building trying to get answers.

Kathi Dean told News 8 the Department of Workforce Development claims she was overpaid. Dean had grown tired of waiting for callbacks and unanswered emails, so she came to downtown Indianapolis for answers.

“What about people that worked for years and put time into this and have to work and wait and wait on this money?” Dean asked. “So if you want to stop our PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance), just go right ahead on and give us our money from unemployment back pay all at one time so we can go ahead on and live.”

A security guard told Dean to make an appointment.

News 8 continued to wait for someone from Workforce Development to come out and talk, or at least make an appointment.

Several people were in the office; none of them came to the door.

Here’s the video from WISH-TV’s website featuring the comically inept conduct displayed by DWD:

We are most pleased that Mister Essex is not alone in his quest to get answers out of DWD. Bob Segall over at WTHR has also done his own championship work on the problems plaguing DWD.

We cannot recommend enough that you all check out Mister’s Segall’s and Essex’s great work, it’s YUGE!

Looking into all of this craziness at DWD reminds us all of a story that Paul Ogden mentioned on his blog back in 2011. Itwas a report about a possibly non existent state agency, Kara Kenney as always did an incredible job reporting on it at the time.

Many questions remain, and much digging needs to be done. One of the biggest concerns is how do Hoosiers navigate the labyrinth, that stands in the way of them receiving their benefits? To be honest we are not sure quite yet how. Perhaps a few little birdies might clue us in. Gary Welsh is gone physically from this world but his work had barely begun. Hang tight fellow ruffians! Things are going to get interesting!

P.S. Note to all of you, according to what we hear through the grapevine the Leadership Team at DWD, including the Commissioner have offices on the third floor of DWD in the government center south. Word of caution, should you get to the third floor our sources tell us that the atmosphere is a bit thinner than elsewhere in the building. Just FYI.

UPDATE: An alert reader just sent us this awesome tweet from Rob Kendall giving his take on the whole situation:

UPDATE: If anyone is having trouble with an unemployment issue please click here to go to  WISH-TV’s website and fill out the form on the page. 

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Repost: Conservatives should Oppose the Death Penalty

Good Morning Friends! We at the blog are working on some more stories for the coming weeks and months. So we thought that while we have to unfortunately keep you waiting, that we would repost some of our earlier work. This post is from back in March 2018. We were inspired to write it because of a wonderful article by Sarah Quinlan over at Redstate. This was of course before Redstate purged itself of  its talent and decided to become shills for the Orange Man Baby Trump. We stand by every word of this post and hope you all will enjoy this little gem from our vaults. Have a blessed day brothers and sisters!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Conservatives should Oppose the Death Penalty 

Recently we all were pursuing online and came across an intriguing article called “Republicans Should Seek to End the Death Penalty Not Expand It” by Sarah Quinlan over at Redstate. The article is well worth reading in it’s own right. IR being conservative Republicans and believing christians one area in which we are at variance with many of our fellow conservatives is in our opposition to capital punishment. We oppose this on many grounds rooted in our Christian faith as well as being a natural outgrowth of our desire to limit the power of the state to the functions it MUST absolutely have in order to defend the lives, liberty and property of its citizenry. 

Those of us who are opposed to abortion must if we are to be intellectually and morally consistent must at the very minimum be as equally concerned about the death penalty. It is an irreconcilable quandary to us to favor limiting government power but to also allow the state which we at best view as a restrained monster the power of life and death over its citizens. We are not opposed to killing in self defense or defense of others. Or in defense of the United States in time of war. Those are very different circumstances than executing a person convicted of a crime. As Christians and conservatives we are all to familiar with the reality of sin or of fallen human nature. We are all to painfully aware that sin and vice have one of there greatest breeding grounds in government. For that reason alone we should abolish the death penalty if only to possibly avoid being victims of it ourselves. After all anyone may potentially be wrongfully convicted of a capital offense. This maybe just us speaking here but we don’t feel like being sent to death row.

For more information visit Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty by clicking this link: https://conservativesconcerned.org/