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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hoosier Lottery Contractor Finally Meets it's Goals after three years! Or More Pain for the Taxpayers from former Govenor Mitch "Little Man Hack" Daniels

In an article that appeared on the Indianapolis Business Journal's website in June. Hayleigh Colombo wrote how for the first time IGT Indiana (formerly GTECH Indiana) will meet its contractually obligated goals at managing the Indiana Lottery. Colombo goes onto say that it is "largely because the goals are lower than they used to be." In June 2015 the Hoosier Lottery Commission changed it's contract with IGT which reduced the revenue goals the company set when it originally bid to takeover management of the state lottery in 2012. As originally agreed IGT would have had to meet a revenue goal of $365 Million as opposed to the $270 Million target they have to reach now. We here at INDY REPUBLICAN are asking the question if IGT has not been able to meet their revenue targets from 2013 to 2015. And the company has had to keep making penalty payments to the state for the years they failed to meet the target. Why renegotiate the contract to make it easier for IGT to hit their target? Why not just fire them altogether? Remember folks when IGT signed the deal in 2012 to take over management of the Hoosier Lottery they agreed to make $365 Million in net income for the state or make penalty payments to the state. So one would think that IGT should have thought they were capable of making those original obligations. If IGT didn't think so then they should have either negotiated a better deal in 2012 or better yet not sign the contract at all! Isn't it interesting that this deal was inked during the time of Governor "Godfather" Mitch Daniels! Of course you won't hear or see any of the Indianapolis Press calling Mitch out on this! Like Matt Tully and the rest of the Circle Jerk Club they are to busy selling their souls to do their jobs! Let's all just keep ratcheting the pressure up until the Republicrat Establishment is smashed in Indianapolis!

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