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Friday, October 28, 2016

How the Mighty have Fallen! Establishment Rag Indianapolis Star to layoff more staff!

Good morning friends! Well it appears the useless Langley controlled tabloid the Indianapolis Star is falling even further into irrelevancy! In a story reported by Lesley Weidenbener in the Indianapolis Business Journal on October 26, 2016 the Indianapolis Star aka Pravda Indiana is letting go two of it's works and plans to eliminate seven more in the near future. Ms. Weidenbender reports:

The Indianapolis Star laid off two members of its reporting staff Tuesday as part of a larger effort by its owner, Gannett Co., to trim 2 percent of its workforce.
The layoffs were the seventh round of job reductions at the paper in the past eight years—and more cuts are looming.
Negotiators for The Star told union officials Tuesday that the paper plans to eliminate its entire copy editing staff and move those duties to a central copy desk in Louisville.
The move would eliminate seven jobs in Indianapolis, although two of the staff members would be moved to other positions focused on web production and proofreading headlines and front pages, according to a post on the website of the Indianapolis NewsGuild, which represents The Star’s newsroom and custodial employees.
The two employees who lost their jobs Tuesday, Phil Friend and Leah Woodrum, were web producers—reporters who generate online stories and social media content. Friend worked in sports and Woodrum handled general-assignment duties. Both joined The Star about seven months ago after being transferred from the Lafayette Journal & Courier, also owned by Gannett.
Guild President Robert King, a reporter at the paper, said the pair were generating content for The Star and other Gannett papers in Indiana.
“They were new to us but we were glad to have them,” King said. “They were good folks. I don’t think this is any reflection on their work. It’s a decision far above us here.”
Jeff Taylor, a Gannett vice president and its Midwest regional editor, declined in an email to IBJ to comment on the changes.
The announcement about the copy editors—who generally check stories for grammatical and factual errors and write headlines—was part of the paper’s opening salvo in new contract negotiations, which started Tuesday.
King declined to comment specifically on the negotiations. But a post on the union’s website said “guild leaders reacted with concern about the proposal, not only for the job losses but also for the potential damage to the quality of the news product.”
In 2012, The Star moved most of its designers to Louisville, where Gannett owns The Courier-Journal and operates a Regional Design Studio that lays out pages for area papers. Now, the guild said, The Star is seeking a change in its guild contract to allow the copy editor positions to be moved to the Design Studio as well.

“We’re still trying to put out a quality product,” King told IBJ. “And we’ve got some really good people here. But another hit to our staff is always tough.”
Today, the guild represents roughly 75 employees, down from 120 in 2011.The paper has several other job openings and King said it’s not clear whether those positions will also be eliminated.
On Monday, Gannett CEO Bob Dickey sent a memo to employees saying that the company would reduce its workforce by 2 percent as part of an effort to “assertively manage our costs” while working to transform “into a leading, next-generation media company.” Politico said the 2 percent figure represents about 350 jobs.
He said most of those laid off would be notified by end of day Tuesday with all “actions” completed by the end of the week.
“Actions like these are difficult,” Dickey wrote, “but I remain steadfastly committed to reinvesting in our employees and the capabilities required to sustain and grow our company so that we may continue to serve our customers with excellence.”

If Gannet CEO Bob Dickey was at all worried about growing his company and providing excellent customer service the first thing he should do is fire Matt Tully! And hire people like Paul Ogden, Charlie White, and former Star reporters Dick Cady & Ruth Holladay! But Gannet as usual just seems interested in spewing mindless drivel than having any media of merit! We can just here Gary Welsh laughing from his grave at the total train wreck that is the Indianapolis Star!

In the words of that classic 1970's band The Tramps all we can say about the decline of the Star is "BURN BABY BURN"!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Evan Bayh's residency, Scott Tibbs advocates for merit employment, and INDY REPUBLICAN Predicts Governors Race

Hello fellow malcontents! INDY REPUBLICAN is proud to once again have your attention. Hopefully you have all managed to keep your sanity during this madcap election year! Now for news and views that the powers that be don't want you to have!

First item deals with where Evan Bayh lives. Three days ago the establishment run propaganda rag The Indianapolis Star. Breaking with their longstanding tradition of covering Evan Bayh's worthless ass. Ran a column that details according to Bayh's schedule he didn't once stay at his Indianapolis condo in 2010. The column states:

Evan Bayh says that his Indianapolis condominium has long been his home, and that he has spent “lots and lots” of time there since deciding to run for his old Senate seat. But a copy of his schedule shows Bayh did not stay overnight there once during his last year in office in 2010.

The schedule provided to The Associated Press shows the Democrat spent taxpayer money, campaign funds or let other people pay for him to stay in Indianapolis hotels on the relatively rare occasions he returned from Washington, D.C.
During the same period, he spent $3,000 in taxpayer money on what appeared to be job hunting trips to New York, despite the assertion of his campaign that the trips were devoted to official media appearances.
The AP obtained Bayh’s schedule from a source who requested anonymity because the information was private. The Bayh campaign did not dispute its authenticity.
Earlier this month, the AP reported that Bayh spent substantial time during his last year in the Senate searching for a private sector job, while voting for or seeking changes to legislation that benefited the corporate and financial world.
Since unexpectedly entering the race in July, Bayh, whose primary residence is in Washington, has struggled to explain whether Indiana is home. During an interview with WLFI-TV in August he tried to put the issue to rest, but gave the wrong address for his condo, which is listed on his drivers’ license and voter registration.
“I’ll always be a Hoosier,” Bayh said last week. “We own our condominium. Period. From time to time I would stay someplace else, but our condo has always been our home.”
Bayh stayed at Indianapolis hotels roughly a dozen times in 2010, though taxpayers paid only a few hundred dollars because campaign funds or other people helped pick up the tab.
When asked last month how often he has stayed at his condo during the campaign, Bayh said: “I haven’t kept track, but lots and lots and lots.” He also accused his opponent, Republican Rep. Todd Young, of “using this as a distraction.”
Bayh’s schedule shows the four taxpayer-funded trips to New York between September and November 2010 revolved largely around meetings with a veritable who’s who of American banking and finance, as well as a job headhunter.
Senate ethics rules forbid the use of public money for personal travel. Bayh’s campaign says the trips to New York were justified because he also conducted official business, including giving interviews to journalists.

This is the point where we all start saying Bullshit! When the Bayh campaign says the trips were justified because apparently to them giving press interviews qualifies as "official business"! The staff here are not constitutional scholars but as far as we can tell a Senator's official duties are simply to vote on legislation! How in the Hell does schmoozing with media airheads have anything to do with that! Many have raised serious questions about just when did Bayh decide to not run for reelection in 2010? Paul Ogden raised the question as to why Bayh was retiring rather than running for another term in 2010 you can read that here. Los Angeles radio host and author Larry Elder also discussed this in an article he wrote in 2010! It is nothing short of journalistic malpractice that other than a few here and there, no one in the local or national press has ever challenged Bayh on why he did a HALO jump out of his Senate seat six years ago!

On a better note an alert IR reader found a wonderful article written by Scott Tibbs the author of the blog Conservatibbs. Although we here at Indy Republican like Mr. Tibbs are republicans, and consider ourselves to be very conservative we don't always see eye-to-eye with Scott. But he is always interesting to read. Especially this article he wrote back in August of this year titled: "Ending at-will employment for government" INDY REPUBLICAN, Paul Ogden, and Scott Tibbs all proudly back the Republican tradition of Civil Service Reform. The IR staff, and Mister's Ogden & Tibbs can scarcely be called "liberal" republicans by any stretch of the imagination. But we all feel that the Grand Old Party needs to return to it's true conservative roots of eliminating patronage in all levels of government! We will quote Mr. Tibbs article below:

The Indiana State legislature needs to add an exception to Indiana's "at-will" employment law to make it illegal for government at all levels (city, county, township and state) to fire employees without cause. This would better serve taxpayers and protect employees who are doing a good job.
Yes, civil service protections can be problematic and a permanent bureaucracy is not the answer. We have all heard the horror stories about government employees who cannot be fired and continue to be paid on the taxpayers' dime despite the fact that they lack the competence, professionalism, integrity and skill set needed to do their work. But because they were hired, it is nearly impossible to remove them.
But the way government operates now is not sustainable, especially as the workload becomes more complex. An elected office changes hands and all of the employees are frightened for their jobs. Employees are terrified to point out wrongdoing because they are afraid to lose their jobs, so outright theft happens without anyone trying to do anything about it or even letting the proper authorities know about the crimes. Elected officials remove qualified employees and replace them with people who cannot do the job through nepotism, cronyism and patronage. This is a system that does not serve the taxpayers at all.
The solution, then, is to professionalize local and state government by implementing basic best practices. If local government cannot be trusted to do this voluntarily, then the state legislature needs to force them to do it. Best practices includes removing bad employees, after progressive discipline and good-faith efforts to bring under-performing employees into line. (Obviously, there are some things that require immediate termination.) Leave the politics to the legislative bodies while focusing administrative offices on actually serving the taxpayers instead of serving their political parties.
Fortunately, we have an opportunity to move in that direction by casting the right votes in the general election. Republican candidates for office - specifically auditor candidate Ann Boehm and treasurer candidate Ann Collins - have pledged to end the "at will" nonsense in their offices and follow basic "best practices" with their staff. Electing Boehm and Collins would help, but that will only help those two offices in one of the state's 92 counties. The rest of the state needs the legislature to intervene.

Well put Scott!

Now INDY REPUBLICAN is going to offer our very first ever election prediction! After many months of careful thought and observation. We at INDY REPUBLICAN predict that Democrat John Gregg will become the next governor of Indiana! We feel confident in this prediction because with the exception of a single poll conducted since Eric Holcomb became the republican candidate for Governor. Every poll taken has given John Gregg anywhere from a 2 to 12 point lead. With most polls putting Gregg on average from 2 to 5 points ahead. According to a story on Eagle Country Online published October 20th, 2016:

A new Ball State University and WISH-TV Hoosier Survey released Wednesday gives Gregg a five-point lead over Republican Eric Holcomb, 48 to 43 percent.
The difference is within the poll’s 4.8 percent margin of error. The poll surveyed 544 likely Indiana voters.

Also reported is that  "Holcomb’s campaign reported raising $7.7 million in the third quarter while Gregg has brought in $4.5 million. Gregg does have more money in his campaign war chest, $4.8 million to $2.8 million."

So given the facts that we are less than two weeks away from election and inspite of Holcomb raising more money in the third quarter of 2016 than Gregg. That Gregg still has $2 million more in his campaign war chest than Holcomb. Coupled with Holcomb's less than inspiring campaign, and the fact that Gregg's campaign is sending out more emails, and pounding the ground more than Holcomb. We are fairly confident in Gregg defeating "Bagman" Holcomb! We are not endorsing any candidate for Governor but we do not want Holcomb to win! And if this keeps up he won't! You have been reading INDY REPUBLICAN here on blogger. This is IR and it's staff wishing you all long life and happiness! And if he is reading this up in heaven Gary Welsh you are still our hero!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Is Eric Holcomb Toast?, "Godfather" Mitch Daniels given $200K for "Good Performance", Purdue's Standards are slipping!

INDY REPUBLICAN wanted to wish all our readers a very blessed Monday. Whether you  spent part of the weekend at your houses of worship, in meditation, or catching up on some much needed rest. We hope you all  had a decent weekend! Now for all the craziness that has been going on here in the Hoosier State!

For our first story we turn to the news that Monmouth University released a poll on Friday Oct 14th, 2016 that shows Democratic Candidate for Governor John Gregg leading his fake Republican opponent Eric "Bagman" Holcomb 50% to 38%. If this is true it means that good old Eric is in serious trouble in his bid to become Indiana's next Governor! Fellow blogger and great guy Paul Ogden has his take on this story on his blog in a post entitled: "New Monmouth Poll Shows Indiana Republican Candidates Trailing in Statewide Races". We urge you all to go check this out. The Indianapolis Business Journal in an article written on Friday October 14th, 2016 had this to say:

A new poll by Monmouth University conducted this week says Democrat John Gregg has built a whopping 12-point lead over Republican Eric Holcomb in the race for governor.
The poll also found Republican Donald Trump with a 4-point lead in Indiana over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the race for president and Democrat Evan Bayh with a 6-point lead over Republican Todd Young in the U.S. Senate contest.
The poll of 402 likely voters was conducted Tuesday through Thursday and has a margin of error of 4.9 percent.
The findings show Gregg leading 50 percent to 38 percent; Bayh ahead 48 percent to 42 percent; and Trump up 45 percent to 41 percent.
The poll results for the gubernatorial and Senate races vary widely from a WTHR/Howey Politics Indiana poll performed just last week and released Oct. 6 that found Gregg with only a 2-point lead and Bayh and Young in a virtual tie.

Holcomb campaign manager Mike O'Brien issued a statement Friday questioning the Monmouth results.

"This poll is a complete outlier and laughably inconsistent with every other public poll released this election season,” he said. “Our internal data shows we are on a winning trajectory in this margin-of-error contest. After only 12 weeks on the campaign trail, compared to our opponent's 282-week campaign, we are in the passing lane headed into the home stretch of this race and remain confident that Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb will be Indiana's next governor."

You may recall that we have previously discussed Mike O'Brien on this blog before and pointed out how he is just simply a water carrier for any flunky wearing the Republican jersey! He especially likes Republicans like Mitch Daniels and Eric Holcomb who hold no ideological or core convictions at all! In other words candidates who are just like him!

We would like to give a little newsflash to Mike O'Brien! Mike while it's true this poll is inconsistent with the size of John Gregg's lead over your candidate Eric Holcomb. Almost every poll that has come out since Eric was picked by 22 party insiders to run for governor back in late July has shown Gregg in the lead from anywhere to 2 to 5 points! So for you to say your team is on a winning trajectory might be a little bit of a stretch to say the least! Now Holcomb may pull of a win but his campaign has been badly run from the start! We will not rehash that here because we have done so elsewhere on this blog.

Now onto the next topic "Bagman" Holcomb's old boss as Charlie White so lovingly refers to him as "Godfather" Governor Mitch Daniels. It appears that the good old "Godfather" Mitch is doing so well in his job as President of Purdue University that he is being given over $200,000 as his performance incentive pay! He is already guaranteed a base salary of $420,000. Nice work if you can get it! Of course it helps that Mitch Daniels appointed the Purdue Board of Trustees that in turn gave him his position as Purdue University President! The Indianapolis Business Journal goes onto report:

Mike Berghoff, chairman of Purdue’s Board of Trustees, said in a statement that “we have an extraordinary institution and an extraordinary president.”

Daniels also will receive an additional $100,000 the trustees pledged to give him last year if he stayed until June 30, 2016, which was part of a retention incentive. The incentive promises Daniels additional pay for every year he stays at the university until 2020.
In the 2014-15 academic year, Daniels received 90 percent of the $126,000 of possible at-risk pay. In addition, Daniels was paid extra for areas in which he exceeded expectations such as donations, which reached $343 million, surpassing the board's $260 million goal.

Back in July we reported on the theory by some that Mitch Daniels decided not to run for Governor so he wouldn't miss out on $1 Million in retention bonuses if he stayed in his position at Purdue till 2020. The theory seems a little more solid to the INDY REPUBLICAN staff now. We also find Mike Berghoff's ass-kissing of Mitch Daniels to be way overboard! At this point we can't tell where Berghoff's head ends and Daniels ass begins! Folks for a so called "fiscal conservative" Mitch Daniels certainly seems to have no problem from enriching himself at the taxpayers trough! Thank God this man isn't running for President! Although depending on how the Governor's race goes. Don't be surprised if Mitch Daniels decides to try to run for Governor again in 2020! Just like the scheming mouse in "Pinky and The Brain". Mitch Daniels always seems to be scheming to take over the world. Not to demean that great classic "Pinky and the Brain". But we can't seem to help but see remarkable similarities between "The Brain" and former Governor Daniels. Both have inflated egos, both are driven by a belief that they are superior than everyone else, and both are insecure due to there lack of height.

Holly Bailey writing on February 28, 2011 for Yahoo News about Daniels and his height problem quotes a Daniels ally as saying of him:

Mark McKinnon, a former Bush adviser and close friend of Daniels, defended his former colleague, saying that after four years of President Obama, Americans might want someone a little "nerdy … balding and pint-sized."

What the Hell! Is this supposed to be some sort of compliment? If this is one of Mitch's friends trying to sell him as a potential presidential candidate then Daniels is screwed nationally!

Bailey continues:

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace finally asked Daniels about all of the talk about his height and looks, saying some have suggested that he doesn't "look presidential."
Daniels admitted it could be a problem "with some voters."
"I've never suggested to a voter what they should consider a valid criterion," Daniels replied. "If it comes down to height and hair, I probably wouldn't do very well. But I guess that's just something you weigh in the balance with many other factors."

In layman's terms Daniels is a sad, pathetic man who always needs to try and push others around!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Open Letter to Advance Indiana's Readers

INDY REPUBLICAN is writing this to all the readers of the late, great Gary Welsh's blog. All of us here, just like all of you are still reeling from the tragic death of Gary Welsh. He did leave this earth far to soon. But his job and ours of rooting out and exposing corruption all throughout this state continues. This state which is part of the greatest nation in the history of the world is not beyond redemption. Anymore than our nation is beyond saving. We here know that we cannot and never would try to be Gary Welsh. But if he was able to accomplish what he could we can accomplish at least as much, maybe more. To do this we will need any and all suggestions, news tips, and story ideas you all have to offer. Many fans of Gary and Paul Ogden have and have continued to provide invaluable aid and support to all of us here. We ask that you continue to do so. For anything you want us to look into post a comment on this blog post. Your comments on this post will be kept confidential and will not be published. Also we request that you give all the aid you can to Paul Ogden and Ogden on Politics as well as whatever encouragement and aid you can give to Charlie White. We suggest you all ask them and ask Indiana Talks which carries both the Johnny Stir and Charlie White Shows what help they need to compete against the monopolistic Indiana Media. God Bless you all! And we look forward to working with all of you. Let the games begin!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Indiana Right to Life sells out principles with Trump and Holcomb endorsements!

Well it's official fellow babies! Indiana Right to Life has betrayed Pro Life Hoosiers by endorsing both Donald Trump for President and Eric "Bagman" Holcomb for Governor. How endorsing Donald Trump who until recently was a Pro Abortion Zealot. And Eric Holcomb who has called Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner who has been repudiated by the Illinois Right to Life for his Pro abortion record as believing in "responsible republican leadership". By it's very actions IRTL has shown they care not about opposing abortion and promoting alternatives to it. But there only goal is raw political power. Also last year Holcomb was part of the Bill Oesterle campaign against RFRA and then he turns around and becomes Lieutenant Governor to Mike Pence the very man he was ripping up only a little while before. Regardless of ones opinion on RFRA the fact that Eric Holcomb would change his stance so radically on a dime should raise questions about his personal integrity! What we ask all true believing republicans throughout Indiana to do is let not your hearts be troubled. Refuse to support Eric Holcomb and Donald Trump! Do not support any false prophets such as them and IRTL. Some ask "What are sincere Republicans to do against the inhuman cabal that runs the establishment of both political parties fight the whole Indiana political world?" We say if necessary that is what we should and must do. You can an do make a difference. It has been and will continue to be a long hard struggle but as Thomas Paine said: "Hell like tyranny is not easily conquered. But the greater the struggle the greater the triumph!" Never show fear to the political parasites. Live out your lives by your own principles not the whims of a third rater like Holcomb! The best witness is your life. We leave you all with some reforms to push endlessly for. Eliminate the offices of the Indiana Inspector General, eliminate the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, restore the State Board of Accounts to it's proper role and put it under legislative control, lastly restore merit employment to ALL state employees and limit the number of gubernatorial appointees who can work at an agency to two. Lastly all state agency heads should be appointed by the Indiana Legislature and the Governor should have no say in the matter. That's all for now. God Bless you all and God Bless the United States of America! In the name of America! For the memory of Gary Welsh let us commit ourselves to rebuilding our state and our nation! Praise be to God! Amen!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Matt Tully thinks Carmel Mayor "RINO" Jim Brainaird is Underpaid!

Good evening everyone. This is the INDY REPUBLICAN staff saying we hope you all had a decent start to your week today. As you all have figured out by now those of at this blog are not fans of Pravda Indiana Indianapolis Star Useless Fool writer Matt Tully. Like the late Gary Welsh we are certainly not fans of Tully and his Circle Jerk Club! Just when you think Tully is incapable of writing any more insipid trash he pulls through and writes more drivel for his establishment paymasters! In todays Star Tully has an article arguing in favor of Carmel RINO Mayor Jim "Taxman" Brainard and other Indiana mayors getting pay raises!  Tully asks us to "hear him out before declaring him the president of the out-of-his-mind club!" Well we all hear can think of next to nothing we would rather do than listen to Matt Tully's girly ravings! But in the spirit of being kind we will indulge him now. So Okay Matt! Let's tell our readers in your own words why you think Mayor's should receive a pay raise!

Tully's bullsh*t's writes:

Indiana residents from Lake Michigan to the Ohio River, in cities big and small, would be wise to be more open to raising the pay of their mayors. Yes, there's the opinion I warned you about, the crazy one. A call for higher pay for elected officials.
Well, not all elected officials.
This is specifically about mayors. And about the uniquely challenging and critical job of leading a city. Few things do more to drive a state forward, or to hold it back, than the quality and strength of its many communities. And few things impact the direction of a city more than the quality of its mayor.
No, money is not the most important factor. I get that. And, yes, being a mayor is about public service. I get that, too. Still, it's worth remembering the old you-get-what-you-pay-for adage.
In the words of Matt Greller, CEO of the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, "Mayors are at the forefront of the talent attraction and quality of place revolution occurring throughout the country."
If you want a state filled with energy, ideas, ambition and visionary thinking — and who doesn't? — you'd be smart to start by making sure you have the best people leading our cities. Cities are where new ideas bubble up, where innovation is most often found, where entrepreneurs emerge, and where states are most clearly defined. You often hear that states are the laboratory of ideas for the federal government. Well, the same can be said for cities and state government.
Few state leaders have done more to drive Indiana forward, or to draw more people here, than the mayors who have reinvigorated Indianapolis in recent decades.

Okay folks we are going to stop here for just a moment and get our barf bags! What the Hell Planet do you Live on Mr. Tully? What Indianapolis mayors have "reinvigorated" the city? Steve Goldsmith? Bart Peterson? Greg "Full of Crap" Ballard? Or perhaps current Indianapolis Mayor "Lazy" Joe Hogsett? If anybody out there needs anymore proof that Matt Tully is just a hack who sold his soul to the bipartisan political establishment that runs much of this state. His argument that mayors should receive raises should put any doubts about that issue to rest! Come on Tully! Are you seriously saying that we should give Jim Brainard a man who as mayor has been accused of hiring private investigators to spy on Fishers residents as Gary Welsh chronicled back in 2011? Read Welsh's article here if you want to know what kind of a man that Mr. Tully looks for when picking a city mayor!

In marked contrast to Tully's endless butt kissing. Here comes like manna from heaven, an article written by The Man Who Should Have Matt Tully's Job! Paul Ogden of Ogden on Politics fame has written a post today entitled: "Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard's Budget Requests Nearly 40% Increase in Pay".

Paul Ogden had this to say today:

At a time when families are struggling and local politicians are continually asking for higher taxes on those families, it is appalling to see politicians raising their own pay.  The Current in Carmel reports:
Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard has submitted his budget for 2017, along with a salary ordinance that includes a $50,000 pay raise for himself, which is a 40 percent increase. 
The mayor’s salary is proposed to increase from $127,946 a year to $179,344 a year. It
Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard
will be introduced at the City Council meeting on Oct. 3 but will likely not be passed on first reading to allow the public time to comment.
Prior to the ordinance being released, Brainard told Current in Carmel that his salary was going up, “around $35,000 or $40,000 or something.” 
“City manager salaries can be way above that,” he said. “In some cities they make $200,000 or $300,000.” 
Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett makes $99,000 a year. When asked about the discrepancy, Brainard said, “They don’t have money to get their roads paved.” 
“It’s a ridiculously low salary for someone representing a city of that size,” he said. “It’s a billion-dollar business.” 
If passed, the salary increase would make Brainard the highest paid mayor in the state. 
Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson is currently the state’s highest paid mayor at $142,096. 
“We don’t really look at Indiana when we do salary comparisons,” Brainard said.The mayor said the salary increase is necessary. 
“It’s important to attract qualified people to run for office,” he said. “Many of the mayors we look at (for comparison) can make seven or eight times that in the private sector.”
Then leave office Mayor Brainard.  Contrary to your claim, there would be quality people lining up the door to take your place when you leave.  I get so sick of that ridiculous argument.  I hear it all the time from judges wanting to be paid more.  Like there is a shortage of excellent attorneys out there who who wouldn't jump at the chance to be a judge.

That is how a real citizen journalist reports the news Mr. Tully! At the end of his press release for Mayor Brainard Tully gives his contact information as follows: You can reach me at matthew.tully@indystar.com or at Twitter.com/matthewltully.

So if anyone feels like sharing their thoughts with Mr. Tully contact him via email or on Twitter. Piece of free advice for you all. Don't be surprised if Tully blocks you on Twitter, Facebook, or email if you dare to question his infinite wisdom! As many of our correspondents have discovered Tully is an incredibly thin skinned man! Like his TV counterpart Jim "Shill" Shella! he cannot handle the truth! Anything that is not flattering to him or his circle jerk club will be dismissed out of hand! As a favor to a longtime fan of the INDY REPUBLICAN blog. We have agreed to share this message from the reader to Tully himself (Warning! Contains profanity viewer discretion is advised):