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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Jerry Falwell, Jr Betrays the Gospel to Serve His Golden Calf

Conman Jerry Falwell, Jr

Just as the ancient Hebrews at times stumbled and began to worship heathen idols. So has Jerry Falwell, JR decided to sell out his never existent faith and values to follow his own golden calf: Donald Trump. Like his father before him. He has finished his mad dash to Gomorrah for a seat at the Satanic section of politics. For this he is zealously guarding his thirty pieces of silver.

Showing that his sycophancy is more numerous than all the grains of sand. Junior tweeted out the following blasphemy earlier today:

Let’s just stop and reflect on what Falwell Jr is saying. He is saying that Christians need “street fighters” more than they need “great christian leaders”. Here you have a man who has made his livelihood by saying he is following the great commission given to us by Christ himself where Jesus said in Matthew 28:19-20: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” 
Note that the Savior did not say to seize temporal power over our fellow man. But that is the exact thrust of Mr. Falwell’s statements and activities for quite sometime now. Another misconception we will attack head on is that being a “street fighter” is necessarily incompatible with being a Christian. Depending on how one is to define being a street fighter. If a street fighter is only fighting in self defense or in defense of others than that doesn’t disqualify them from the fellowship of Christ. If by street fighter one means a common thug, highwayman or gangster. Than that is wholly incompatible with the faith of Christ. We say this in our capacity as Christians, as well as being huge fans of the Street Fighter video game series. 

Space does not permit us here to outline every possible objection to our take on Falwell’s false view of the role of our fellow Christians in the world. So we shall answer the biggest objection we have received thus far to our assertion that Falwell is preaching false doctrine. After which we will site others responses to his early morning ramblings. 

One of the most common objections given as to our belief that Falwell’s message is anathema to Christianity is what about when Jesus said in Matthew 10:34-36 ESV: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. sI have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 rFor I have come tto set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. 36 uAnd a person’s enemies will be those of his own household.”

Answer: Matthew 10:34–36 describes Jesus telling the disciples that He came not to bring peace to the world, but a sword. Jesus’ sword was never a literal one. In fact, when Peter took up a sword to defend Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus rebuked him and told him to put away his sword, "for all who draw the sword will die by the sword” (Matthew 26:52). Why then, did Jesus say, “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” What kind of sword did Jesus come to bring?

Among the names of Jesus Christ is that of Prince of Peace. Such verses as Isaiah 9:6Luke 2:14, and John 14:27 make it clear that Jesus came to bring peace, but that peace is between the man and God. Those who reject God and the only way of salvation through Jesus (John 14:6) will find themselves perpetually at war with God. But those who come to Him in repentance will find themselves at peace with God. Because of Christ’s sacrifice, we are restored to a relationship of peace with God (Romans 5:1).

Still, it is inevitable that there will be conflict between good and evil, the Christ and the antichrist, the light and the darkness, the children of God (believers) and the children of the devil (those who refuse Christ). Conflict must arise between the two groups, and this can and does happen within a family in which some are believers and others are not. We should seek to be at peace with all men but should never forget that Jesus warned we will be hated for His sake. Because those who reject Him hate Him, they will hate His followers as well (John 15:18).

We recommend clicking the above link to read the full analysis. Our point is that Jesus was speaking of the inevitable conflicts that arise for those of us who strive to follow Christ and those who seek to tear us down. He was not saying to go out and go medieval on others. Of course someone will always say: “Well what if this happens, what if that happens.” Okay you know what? Yes you could probably always find an exception to almost anything. What an earth shattering revelation!

As promised we will close this by showing you some feedback that others have given to Falwell. After this post we wouldn’t be surprised if we are inundated with messages telling us that our souls are damned for disagreeing with Falwell. That’s very sweet but we would rather be truthful and throw ourselves on God’s unlimited and unconditional love than lie to ourselves and others.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

ISP Finally Puts Pixie Grismore on their Cold Case Site

Pixie Grismore

Last year we wrote an article in defense of "Armchair Sleuths" after they had received criticism from Indiana State Police Captain David Bursten. In that article we also pointed out that the late great Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana had went after then Sgt. Bursten trying without success to get the unsolved murder of former state employee and Birch Bayh campaign worker Mary Beth "Pixie" Grismore listed on the Indiana State Police (ISP) Cold Case section of their website. Gary Welsh had made the following references to his inquiries he had made with now Captain Bursten:

Welsh did hear from Captain then Sergeant Bursten of the ISP. Welsh wrote in 2011:

UPDATE: Sgt. Dave Bursten, public information officer for the Indiana State Police, has confirmed the Grismore case is still an open investigation. He said the closing of the Terre Haute post and revamping of the agency's website is why her case is not listed as a cold case file. Bursten said anyone with information or tips regarding the case should telephone the agency's hotline at 1-800-453-4756.

Two months later in July 2011. Gary Welsh posting about the still unsolved disappearance of Indiana University student Lauren Spierers. Welsh mentioned that the ISP still had not put Pixie Grismores case on their cold case website.

Welsh had this to say in his July 2011 post:

The Indiana State Police don't even have her case listed on their website as a cold case file, a fact a police spokesman told me was simply due to an oversight during a revamping of the department's website. Nearly two months after I raised the question, the omission has still not been corrected. Her case is listed on the state of Ohio's cold case list, even though all investigatory leads led them right back to Indiana. No, the Indiana State Police have no intention of trying to discover who actually murdered Mary Beth Grismore. Let's hope Indiana police are truly interested in solving the disappearance case of Lauren Spierers.

Here is Gary's last known mention of Bursten:

We had last checked the ISP's Cold Case Investigations page earlier this year and had not seen the Grismore murder listed on their site. We had started to fear that as Gary Welsh had told all of us several years ago that her case would never be put on the ISP Cold Case Page. Inspite of the Ohio Attorney General's Office listing the case on their site. We are happy to report that one of our readers contacted us earlier today to tell us that after nearly a decade the ISP has finally posted the case on their website click here to see the page. And although the page is not as detailed as we all would prefer it doesn't even have a photo of Pixie Grismore. Even though photo's of her are easily found on the Internet. We are extremely gratified to see that her case is seeing some light. To many of our readers who took the time to constantly hammer away at the ISP we thank you. Also we would like to thank Captain David Bursten for finally making sure the Cold Case Page was updated! Eight years is way too long! But better late than never.
In fact let's all contact the Good Captain and express our gratitude for his dedicated public service. You can reach him on Twitter @dbursten. 

Here is his contact information at the ISP if you would like to call, email, or go thank him personally:

Indiana State Police / Public Info Office
IGCN 100 N Senate Ave
Marion County, Indianapolis, IN 46204
We here at IR give our sincere thanks to our legionaries out their in the trench's. And a special thanks to Captain Bursten. Without whom the ISP would not be what it is now!

Good Night and God Bless You All!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Stormiest Comic Book In History Is On It’s Way

Good Evening Our Children! Craziness is on the rise in the political world as you all know! IR & Co. were just pursuing the Internet and we have found something that stirs our political world up even more than we thought possible. It appears that President Donald Trump’s former paramour Porn Star and a former potential candidate for Louisiana Governor in 2010 Stephanie Clifford AKA Stormy Daniels will now have her own comic book. Daniels comic will be published by the appropriately named Tidal Wave Comics  Brandon Morse over at RedState has the story.

Morse reports:

Tidal Wave is a company known for creating biographical comics about real life people. According to the press release, Daniels’ story is the latest in the “Political Power” series, which makes her out to sound like a feminist superhero:

Stephanie Clifford (stage name Stormy Daniels) rose from the strip clubs of Baton Rouge to the top of the adult film industry. Today, however, she is best known as the woman at the center of a hush money scandal involving the president of the United States. Through threats, lawsuits, and politically motivated arrests Clifford has refused to back down in her demand that the president be held responsible for his actions.  Witness her journey from scrappy opportunist to unlikely feminist icon in the newest issue of Political Power!

Indy Republican will reserve judgment on this comic book for now. If you look at the screenshot below of the Stormy Daniels Comics. Make note of Stormy holding an issue of Forbes and in another shot she is spanking the President with a copy of Forbes. Regardless of the quality of the comics at least Forbes will be pleased with some unique product placement to say the least!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bob Kravitz Laid Off From WTHR

Bob Kravitz

We are shocked to hear that veteran sports reporter/columnist Bob Kravitz is being laid off from his job at WTHR. Holly Hays over at INDYSTAR has the story here is some of what she wrote:

WTHR-13 has laid off sports columnist Bob Kravitz, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation.  Kravitz spent 14 years as a columnist at IndyStar. He left IndyStar in 2014 to join the station.

Miss Hays says the story is a developing one and that WTHR has not commented on the situation. Kravitz also has declined to comment on the matter.

If we here anything else we will let you all know.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Indy Republican Ask All Our Readers to Pray for House, Ways & Means Chairman Tim Brown

We implore everyone out there to please pray for House, Ways & Means Chairman Tim Brown. Mister Brown is in critical condition after a motorcycle accident. Indystar’s Tony Cook, Kaitlin Lange and Chris Sikich have this information on what happened to Brown:

Indiana House Ways and Means Chairman Tim Brown was hospitalized in critical condition after a motorcycle accident in northern Michigan Wednesday morning, Michigan State Police reported.

The Crawfordsville Republican was riding motorcycles with Rep. Mike Speedy, R- Indianapolis, near Mackinac Island when an SUV pulled into their path and struck Brown's motorcycle on U.S. 2.

Brown, 62, was initially transported to the Mackinac Straight Health System in St. Ignance. He was later transferred to a downstate medical center for further treatment, police said. Brown was wearing a helmet at the time of accident.

Please keep Representative Brown and his family in your thoughts and prayers. IR gives it’s best to the Brown family at this difficult time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Never Forget September 11th! UPDATE

IR and Company are old enough to remember the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. That morning seventeen years ago is forever etched in our memories. The loss of so many lives that day still weighs heavily on our hearts. It is one of the key reasons we have this blog. Like our late great benefactor and fellow patriot Gary Welsh, and our fellow patriots Charlie White, Paul Ogden, Ben Sasse, and many others. We have dedicated ourselves to “the great task remaining” to bind up the nations wounds as the great Lincoln said. We owe it to our fellow Americans both living and dead to speak truth to power. We candidly confess to speak out  on some subjects can often be dangerous. But the fact that it is so dangerous is why We The People of the United States must speak out and confront evil in all it’s forms. We must continue to work at being “a shining city on a hill”. Our Fellow Americans we leave you now with this beautiful rendition of “The Battle Hymn of The Republic”:

UPDATE: Earlier today President Trump gave a speech in Pennsylvania honoring the victims on Flight 93. Here is President Trump’s speech: