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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Indiana Right to Life sells out principles with Trump and Holcomb endorsements!

Well it's official fellow babies! Indiana Right to Life has betrayed Pro Life Hoosiers by endorsing both Donald Trump for President and Eric "Bagman" Holcomb for Governor. How endorsing Donald Trump who until recently was a Pro Abortion Zealot. And Eric Holcomb who has called Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner who has been repudiated by the Illinois Right to Life for his Pro abortion record as believing in "responsible republican leadership". By it's very actions IRTL has shown they care not about opposing abortion and promoting alternatives to it. But there only goal is raw political power. Also last year Holcomb was part of the Bill Oesterle campaign against RFRA and then he turns around and becomes Lieutenant Governor to Mike Pence the very man he was ripping up only a little while before. Regardless of ones opinion on RFRA the fact that Eric Holcomb would change his stance so radically on a dime should raise questions about his personal integrity! What we ask all true believing republicans throughout Indiana to do is let not your hearts be troubled. Refuse to support Eric Holcomb and Donald Trump! Do not support any false prophets such as them and IRTL. Some ask "What are sincere Republicans to do against the inhuman cabal that runs the establishment of both political parties fight the whole Indiana political world?" We say if necessary that is what we should and must do. You can an do make a difference. It has been and will continue to be a long hard struggle but as Thomas Paine said: "Hell like tyranny is not easily conquered. But the greater the struggle the greater the triumph!" Never show fear to the political parasites. Live out your lives by your own principles not the whims of a third rater like Holcomb! The best witness is your life. We leave you all with some reforms to push endlessly for. Eliminate the offices of the Indiana Inspector General, eliminate the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, restore the State Board of Accounts to it's proper role and put it under legislative control, lastly restore merit employment to ALL state employees and limit the number of gubernatorial appointees who can work at an agency to two. Lastly all state agency heads should be appointed by the Indiana Legislature and the Governor should have no say in the matter. That's all for now. God Bless you all and God Bless the United States of America! In the name of America! For the memory of Gary Welsh let us commit ourselves to rebuilding our state and our nation! Praise be to God! Amen!

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