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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Betz & Blevins Mystery Curtis Hill Announcement

The IR gang was surfing around in cyberspace when we came across a tweet by Associated Press Reporter Brian Slodysko. Slodysko’s tweet mentions that tomorrow at 10 AM that the Indianapolis law firm Betz & Blevins will be holding a press conference about embattled Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill.

Here is the tweet in question:

Interestingly Kevin Betz the Managing Partner of Betz & Blevins is not only a former Indiana University Law School classmate of Hill’s. According to Betz’s LinkdIn page he served on Hill’s transition team.

Kevin Betz, Managing Partner at Betz & Blevins 

We are naturally curious as to what exactly Betz & Blevins are going to announce in regards to Hill tomorrow. Given Betz & Hill’s past history together. It seems doubtful that Betz is antagonistic towards Hill. Given Hill’s digging in his heels regarding allegations of groping various women. Indy Republican highly doubts that Hill is going to announce that he is resigning tomorrow. Our best guess is that Betz might be holding the conference to defend Hill and fight back against calls for Hill to resign. Indy Republican has been hearing rumors for sometime now of an ongoing feud between Curtis Hill and Governor Eric Holcomb. According to the scuttlebutt going around the Statehouse some Republicans (possibly including Curtis Hill) want Hill to challenge Holcomb in the 2020 GOP Gubernatorial Primary. So far we have gotten contradictory reports at best about Hill running for Governor in 2020. Our contacts tell us that many political junkies (IR and the Gang included) did not expect Eric Holcomb to beat John Gregg in 2016. Originally so we are told is that Hill didn’t anticipate Holcomb winning. So Hill decided that he would serve his term as Attorney General and then run for Governor against John Gregg in 2020. When that did not happen rumors began circulating that Hill was being talked about as a challenger to Holcomb in 2020.  
We believe that Hill has always wanted to run for Governor. Despite rumors from some of the political rags down town we cannot say if there is a groundswell for Hill to challenge Holcomb or not. As to what Holcomb and Hill’s issues are with each other. IR’s view is that Hill and Holcomb are just two party hacks who are competing to see which one can be the biggest asshole. Could tomorrow’s announcement be a shot across Holcomb’s bow by Hill? Only time will tell. 

We would recommend that our readers listen to last Sunday’s broadcast of “The Rob Kendall Show” for Rob’s insightful thoughts on the whole Hill-Holcomb Clash:

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Hypocrisy of Hoosier Politicians About Curtis Hill w/Update

Attorney General Curtis Hill R-Indiana 

For much of the past week the news here in Indiana has revolved to a significant extent on the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill. Hill is accused of inappropriately touching four women at a party at AJ’s Lounge in Indianapolis back on March the 15th of this year. The allegations became public knowledge with the leak of a confidential memo containing information on the alleged incidents of March 15th. You can read the memo by clicking hereTony Cook, Ryan Martin and Kaitlin Lange reported that after state legislative leaders were informed of the alleged groping by Hill in May that:

Details of the accusations are outlined in a confidential June 18 memorandum prepared by the Taft Stettinius & Hollister law firm at the request of legislative leaders. 

The internal legislative investigation into his actions at AJ's Lounge was initiated by Bosma and Long when the groping allegations were first brought to their attention in May, about two months after the party, according to the memo.

The Indianapolis Star says that according to “Jennifer Drobac, a law professor at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. In groping cases, Drobac said, prosecutors typically decide whether the alleged battery was sexual in nature. If not, a criminal charge would be a Class B misdemeanor, which carries a potential sentence of 180 days in a county jail and a fine up to $1,000. A more severe penalty is possible, however, if the battery is sexual. That violation, a Level 6 felony, carries a potential sentence of six months to 2.5 years in state prison or a county jail and a fine up to $10,000.”

Professor Drobac does also say that civil penalties might come into play depending on the circumstances.

State Representative Ed Delaney-D Indianapolis 

“Even his own party says he’s not fit to be in the office,” DeLaney said. “There will have to be an impeachment.” 

But DeLaney said state statute isn’t exactly clear about the impeachment process, and it’s never been done, so he’s carefully examining the statute and looking at states with similar language to determine the appropriate action.

“These things have not been tried out,” DeLaney said. “People generally get the message and depart.”

Bosma has not said whether impeachment is an option he’s considering, and if so, how long he would wait. DeLaney said “a few days seems reasonable.”

But with or without Republican support, DeLaney said he will push for impeachment.

“I prefer to push with some support from the other side of the aisle,” DeLaney said. “The public doesn’t need a months long war over the fate of Curtis Hill.”

One of the things that has piqued IR’s interest about the whole Curtis Hill situation is that nobody from the legislative Republican leadership spoke to Hill about these allegations until 11 days after the June 18th, 2018 Memo. Which has led some (all of us included) to believe that Brian Bosma, David Long and others were hoping to handle this situation quickly and quietly and pray it would just disappear. With the leak of this confidential memo to the Indianapolis Star it doesn’t appear as though Hill’s alleged groping is going to be dealt with quietly or quickly. As of the date this post was written two of the four alleged victims have publicly identified themselves. State Representative Mara Candelaria Reardon D-Munster and Gabrielle McLemore who is the Communications Director for the Indiana State Senate Democrats. You can read each of their letters to the public here and here. Curtis Hill so far has adamantly refused to resign and has asked the Marion County Prosecutors Office to investigate the incidents rather than the State’s Inspector General. Hill’s reasoning for this he says is that since Governor Eric Holcomb has already said he thinks that Hill should resign that having the IG who is an appointee of Holcomb’s to investigate would not lend itself to an impartial investigation. On this we agree with Hill. Even though IR believes the allegations against Hill are credible and that he should resign. That does not mean that we the people should ignore the Glass House inhabitited by many of our elected officials screaming the loudest for Hill’s head.

Readers of Indy Republican , Advance Indiana, and Ogden on Politics may recall that all three of these blogs have written about the severe ethical and legal problems that Eric Holcomb, Ed Delaney, Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson and State House Speaker Bosma have had themselves. Some of them as far as IR knows are not guilty of sexual harassment. Nonetheless there are serious questions about these and other elected officials in Indiana’s conduct that in the interest of justice should be explored. We have previously written about Ed Delaney who is a former attorney at Barnes and Thornburg and the mystery as to why he decided to meet someone he did not know in an abandoned parking lot in 2009, which then resulted in Delaney being injured by Gus Mendenhall. Probably due to less than ethical conduct back in the early 1980’s by Delaney in ruining Mendenhall’s father Burke’s business venture. Connie Lawson who serves as Indiana Secretary of State herself according to some had homesteads in Hendricks, Marion County and Arizona all at the same time. Governor Eric Holcomb who once falsely accused a political opponent of his of engaging in beastilaty. As well as announcing in 2016 he would be dropping his bid for the US Senate and then right after then Governor Mike Pence announced that Holcomb would be appointed Lieutenant Governor to replace outgoing LG Sue Ellsperman in an arrangement that stinks to high heaven. Gary Welsh wrote about this here  hereIR also wrote last year about Holcomb’s administrations being sued by high powered Republican attorney Jim Bopp, over allegations that the State of Indiana was illegally collecting certain trucking fees. Given just how much of an autocrat Holcomb was as state GOP Chairman it’s likely that he would have heard something about Hill’s issues. And given the very public antagonism between the Governor and AG it’s strange that he wouldn’t have tried to use this as leverage over Hill. As for House Speaker Bosma from what we have been hearing going back several years he doesn’t have a squeaky clean life himself. Wish we could say more than that. But unfortunately we cannot. 

Earlier this evening Hill issued a statement saying he would address the media tomorrow at 10 AM in his office. What Hill has planned is anyone’s guess. He has so far stated that he will not resign. So far his only defender of any prominence that we can find is Revered Charles Harrison leader of the Ten Points Coalition in Indianapolis. In a statement released to the media on WRTV-6’s website Harrison said this about Hill: 

“First let me say I am against any kind of sexual harassment, and I believe that this kind of conduct has no place in our society. I have known Attorney General Curtis Hill Jr for several years now. I have often been with Attorney General Curtis Hill Jr in a lot of different settings, and I have never witnessed in my presence any kind of sexual misconduct toward women. Attorney General Hill has always been respectful and has conducted himself in appropriate ways around women. I can only speak to what I have witnessed, and in my presence Attorney General Hill's conduct has always been honorable.”

As a man of the cloth. We sincerely hope that Harrison’s statement is a genuine reflection of his thoughts on Curtis Hill. But a few have noted that Harrison’s defense of Hill might be influenced by the fact that as Attorney General Hill has helped setup $500,000 to help with the expansion of Reverend Harrison’s Ten Points Coalition

We will be watching to see what Hill has to say at his conference tomorrow. Friend of the blog Paul Ogden wrote about Hill on Friday  And Rob Kendall discussed the Hill drama on his radio show this afternoon:

Till next time goodnight and God Bless you all. 

UPDATE: An alert readers has just made us aware that Curtis Hill is putting out ads in his defense. Checkout this tweet by Tony Cook for the details:

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Must Read Blog about DCS and Indiana Family Court’s

Sorry we haven’t yet posted on much especially the ongoing scandal of Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill. But we will get to it soon. In the meantime we have discovered a great blog covering Family Court, DCS, and Curtis Hill. Dan Brewington’s great blog Dan’s Adventures in Taking on the Family Courts is an invaluable resource we have just discovered and we wanted to share it with you all click here to read Dan’s blog. Enjoy and have a great Saturday everyone!

Especially read Dan’s post on Curtis Hill here.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Rhode Island Income Tax Disclosure Bill Could Cause Trouble for Trump and Pence in 2020

The Associated Press is reporting that if a bill that is under consideration in the Rhode Island Legislature becomes law President Trump might be denied ballot access if he runs for re-election in 2020.

The AP reports:

AP/WPRI - The Rhode Island Senate has passed a bill that would require presidential and vice presidential candidates to file five years' worth of tax returns in order to appear on the state's ballots.

The Senate voted 33-3 to pass the measure. A House version has been held in a committee.

Senate spokesman Greg Pare says if the bill becomes law, President Donald Trump wouldn't appear on a future ballot unless he filed his returns.

Democratic Sen. Gayle Goldin, who sponsored the bill, did not explicitly mention Trump in vouching for the policy on the Senate floor. She did say that "this president" was the first since Richard Nixon to not voluntarily release his tax returns.

Goldin says the tax returns contain essential information about conflicts of interest that is not otherwise available to the public.

INDY REPUBLICAN did not think this would happen but we actually for once agree with a Rhode Island Democrat! This shocks us so much we can hardly finish our beer. But State Senator Gayle Goldin is absolutely right in insisting that presidential and vice presidential candidates disclose their tax returns. 

If laws like this wind up passing in more states they could cause issues for Vice President Pence. As we have pointed out on this blog previously here and here  Pence stated on his 2011 tax return that he and his wife Karen lived in Arlington, VA even though state law in Indiana requires him to have lived in Indiana for the five years preceding the 2012 election. So Pence should have been deemed ineligible to run for Governor in 2012, just like Evan Bayh should have been disqualified from running for Governor in 1988. 

Other issues that Pence may or should at least face if he runs for VP again or for President involves his having cast an absentee ballot in this years primary from the Governors Mansion even though he is no longer Governor. Take a look at what old Mikey tweeted as he was leaving Indiana to become Trumps Biatch Vice President:

Needless to say Pence’s casting a ballot from the Governors Mansion elicited some interesting commentary. Here are some of our favorites:

Also our mailbag had some interesting things to say about Mike Pence’s squatting at the Governors Mansion:

“WTF? He is no longer Governor? Does he intend to reside with Holcomb? Is he filing his taxes, getting his mail over there too. Can Daniels still vote form the mansion too? Haha. The VP of the US can’t get an outhouse somewhere to vote from? Did Bush try to vote from the Texas governors mansion?”

“So does Mike Pence “return” to the govs mansion whenever he wants when he comes to Indiana...it’s a real good idea that you actually have ACCESS to the residence you are voting from.”

“He also said while he filed taxes from his DC residence address as he filed as a “resident” of fishers to enroll his daughter at HSE when he “lived” at the unreported free house that he can continue to vote in Columbus where he didn’t “live” bc of his intent and the fishers house was for the “convenience of his family” what a bunch of crap!”

Other opinions of Pence from our readers include the following:

How long would Pence survive in a Star Trek episode?

“About as long as it takes for ensign Johnson to be turned into a styrofoam cube after beaming down to the surface and making a half ass attempt at protecting the captain.”

Are critics off base to say that Mike Pence’s gene pool needs a filter?

“Yes. It needs enhancement..not filtering ..they’re missing chromosomes! He’s missing the dna which gives someone balls & a backbone...but also the chromosome that allows one to read, write and snap out of a blissful state of sleep”

For further information about Pence’s use of the Governors Mansion to vote in this years primary click here and here.

So you all next time. Have fun fellow Troublemakers!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Goodbye Charles Krauthamer

Doctor Charles Krauthamer (1950-2016)

IR has just learned that one of our favorite writers and pundits Charles Krauthamer has passed away. We all send our deepest sympathies to his family and friends during this trying time. Rest In Peace Doctor Krauthamer.

Help Republicans Fighting Tariffs Today

Indy Republican is glad to see there are some Republicans out there fighting back against job killing tariffs. And standing for the principles of free trade and enterprise rather than going down the path of completely turning the GOP into a full blown socialist/communist front group. Which sadly too many Republicans like Mike Pence, Donald Trump and Putin Puppet Congressman Dana Rohrabacher are doing there best take us from being entrepreneurs and free workers to submissive vassals to a Nurse Ratchet State. We will write more in the future about the unfortunate turn from being the party of freedom and individualism to increasingly supporting communist dictators like Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin. But we urge all of our readers to give your support to Republicans Fighting Tariffs. Help to reverse the Republican Parties slide towards economic facisim like that of Indiana’s Bill Oesterle and restore our commitment to capitalism and free market idealism of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Go to https://terribletariffs.com/ to lend your voice to the fight against economic ruin.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Feds Give Green Light to Holcomb’s Workforce Group

Governor Eric Holcomb 

In March IR reported on Governor Eric Holcomb’s plan to organize a new workforce cabinet for the state of Indiana. In our post we mentioned how there were concerns that Indiana might lose out on $40 million plus in federal funding with the Governors new cabinet. Well the IBJ reported today that the federal government has granted the state a waiver to have our new workforce cabinet. The IBJ reports

A waiver granted last week will allow the state to continue receiving millions of dollars in federal funding for the job-training programs despite the changes Holcomb implemented.

Holcomb and Republican lawmakers overhauled the cabinet's membership this year. But the changes conflicted with federal guidelines, so Holcomb's office requested a waiver in March.

The 21-member Workforce Cabinet is a smaller group with more authority than the state's previous Workforce Innovation Council. Holcomb said it will better react to changes in the economy and meet the needs of employees and employers.

The waiver is approved for two years, starting July 1.

IR will keep an eye on this new cabinet that “High Tax” Holcomb has created and see what comes of it. 

$10,000 Buys You and Your Significant Other a Picture with Mike Pence

Last September we blogged about Vice President Pence’s habit of whoring himself out to fundraise for any mediocrity running with an “R” after there names  Back in May the Indianapolis Star reported on more of Pence’s pandering to the establishment GOP by charging couples $10,000 to have there picture taken with him.

Maureen Groppe and Ginger Rough wrote:

Want to cozy up to Vice President Mike Pence when he's in Indiana Friday?

Well, as they say, that's gonna cost you.

The goal of the event?

To raise serious cash — more than $500,000 — for a trio of Republican U.S. Senate hopefuls: Mike Braun of Indiana, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley and Ohio Congressman Jim Renacci.

Minimum buy-in? $2,700 per couple. And, basically, that just gets you in the door.

If you want to be where the real action is, you need to cough up even more dough.

Tier Two is know as the "Host Committee" level. That's a cool $10,000 per couple. And that will get you one photo with Pence and two attendees at the reception.

If you've really got extra cash to throw around, you can buy in at the highest level: the "Chairman Committee Roundtable." For a mere $25,000, you get one attendee at a roundtable discussion, one photo with Pence and four attendees at the reception.

$10,000 to have you and your dates picture taken with Mike Pence? No thanks. We wouldn’t pay a penny to have our picture taken with idiot boy Mikey!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Pray for Larry Kudlow

Larry Kudlow 

We have just found out the National Economic Council Director, Larry Kudlow has suffered a heart attack and is reported to be at Walter Reed Hospital. No other word on Mister Kudlow’s condition has been received. IR asks everyone out there to please keep Larry and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. God be with you Larry.