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Friday, September 13, 2019

Erick Erickson Keeps Running Towards Gomorrah

Erickson's tirade occurred in July. But we felt it important enough to blog about. In order to draw more attention to the moral, spiritual and intellectual bankruptcy of today's fake conservatives and Christians like Erick Erickson. Just when we thought Erick Erickson couldn’t stoop any lower in his never ending quest to be the propaganda minister of The Fellowship of The Pharisees. He continues to exceed our increasingly low expectations of him. Back in July Mad Little Erick went on two more of his LSD induced twitter tirades that he has become increasingly known for. First he decided to out of nowhere deride South Bend Mayor and Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg’s understanding of Christianity:

This prompted the following response from a reader of Erickson’s and a disastrous response from Erickson:

We also found an interesting reply to Erickson calling him out for criticizing Mayor Pete’s lifestyle choices by contrasting them with Donald Trump’s:

Not to be outdone Erickson then proceeded to try to claim that Trump is more moral than Pete Buttigieg because Trump honestly refuses to repent of his sexual sins. And Buttigieg won’t repent of being gay:

This pitiful attempt at excusing the many moral failings shows Erickson has become a moral relativist. Erickson is childishly arguing that because Trump won’t lecture people about his unrepentant that means he gets a free pass on everything. It is possible that by the time this piece hit's the blog. That Erickson will have deleted many of these insane tweets. Erickson does not have the manliness of spirit to own up to his blunders and foibles. We just couldn't let Erick's drivel go unanswered. For a comprehensive takedown of Erickson's betrayal of conservatism. Read the following article by the very gifted and talented David Leach of "The Strident Conservative" fame. Also for a theological critique of our fellow Christians who have committed the apostacy of worshiping Trump and throwing away Jesus Christ, read Ben Howe's book "The Immoral Majority".

UPDATE: As we had previously speculated Erickson has since deleted his earlier tweets. For God’s sake Erick grow a pair!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Ex-Congressman and Radio Host Joe Walsh Challenges Donald Trump for GOP Presidential Nomination

Joe Walsh announces his candidacy 

Earlier this morning on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos”, former Republican Congressman and talk radio host Joe Walsh announced that he will run in republican primaries next year for President against Donald Trump. Congressman Walsh is the second republican to date that has taken on the Herculean task of attempting to dislodge Trump as the GOP nominee for next year. Back in April former Massachusetts Governor, US Attorney, and 2016 Libertarian VP Candidate Bill Weld threw his hat in the ring against Donald Trump. So far Governor Weld has failed to gain much traction in his campaign against Trump.

IR believes inspite of the baggage that Joe Walsh has. That he would be a far more effective candidate against Trump from the Right than Bill Weld. Walsh has said some incendiary things in the past. However he has been man enough to apologize and face them. Unlike any other candidate running for President next year. INDY REPUBLICAN would like to take this opportunity to say that we are endorsing Joe Walsh for the 2020 GOP Presidential nomination. Is Walsh Perfect? No. Has he made mistakes? Yes. Is he better than Trump or any socialist Democrat running in 2020? Yes he is. We undoubtedly expect to be chewed up every which way by everyone over our endorsement of Walsh. We don’t really care. Opposing Donald Trump is the right choice. And Joe Walsh is the right man to attempt this task. We all pray that Walsh is successful at the very least in loosening Trump’s hold on our Grand Old Party. 

Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Suicide of Jeffrey Epstein w/update

Recently we had promised to write more about former Bill Clinton and Donald Trump’s BFF Sex Trafficer and Financier Jeffrey Epstein. Now it appears that the 66 year old died last night in a Manhattan jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. Although we find the timing very suspicious regarding Epstein’s suicide at this point INDY REPUBLICAN doesn’t have enough information to form an opinion one way or another as to how Epstein died. The late great Gary Welsh wrote extensively about Epstein and his ties to the Clinton’s and Epstein’s former attorney now Trump apologist Alan Dershowitz. Epstein had been on suicide watch since July 23rd after a previously unsuccessful suicide attempt about three weeks ago. The conspiracy theory wheels are all going into overdrive now. Oh what IR and the gang wouldn’t give to get Gary Welsh’s take on this. Epstein as we have said before had strong ties to both President’s Clinton and Trump. Some of our Pro-Trump friends are already trying to make hay out of Epstein’s suicide as way to emphasize the corruption of the Clinton’s.

INDY REPUBLICAN has nothing but loathing and contempt for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Just as we do for Donald Trump. A word of warning though to our Trump supporting friends: Do you really want to go down this road? Already many  democrats, and media personalities are citing Epstein’s death as being tied to President Trump and Vladimir Putin. See the following tweets as an example:

Scarborough appears to be making a not so subtle dig at Alan Dershowitz when he says a “Harvard professor or two”. Regardless of how Epstein died what he did to lead to his indictment must be investigated. Hopefully we will learn more over time. Former Redstate Managing Editor and Mediate writer Caleb Howe has an in depth look at Joe Scarborough’s Trump like conspiracy rambling.

UPDATE: According to NBC News Epstein was not on suicide watch at the time of his death. Law professor Jonathan Turley has more information on his blog about Epstein’s death. Politico also has an article saying that members of Congress are demanding answers in Epstein’s death. Another interesting tidbit was yesterday court documents revealed accusations against former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) and former U.S.Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell in connection with Epstein’s sex trafficking. This situation just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Then there were four...Another Texas Republican Calls it Quits

Representative Kenny Marchant (R-TX)

It’s official after having served 14 years in Congress Texas Republican Kenny Marchant has decided to throw in the towel. According to The Hill Marchant released the following statement as to his retirement from congress after almost a decade and a half of service:

"It is time for me to announce that I will not seek another term as Congressman from the 24th District of Texas," Marchant said. "I am looking forward to finishing out my term and then returning to Texas to start a new chapter."

Marchant, 68, was elected to Congress in 2004 and later became a founding member of the House Tea Party Caucus. He previously served in the Texas state House for nine terms.

"I want to thank the constituents of the 24th District of Texas for letting me serve and I look forward to being back in Texas full time," Marchant said.

Marchant is the fourth republican congressman from Texas to announce their retirement. One of our most favorite Congressmen Will Hurd also of Texas has decided to retire. Although IR wishes that Hurd would run for re-election. We can understand his desire to not go down on the bad ship the S.S. Trump next year. Texas is also becoming a lighter shade of red as of late. Last year Beto O’Rourke came within three points of beating Ted Cruz and Democrats made impressive inroads into the Texas state house and elsewhere at the county, local and congressional levels. To illustrate just how much ground the Democrats have gained in Texas. In 2008 Barrack Obama carried the 5 largest metro counties in Texas by 80,000 votes. Beto O’Rourke In 2018 carried them by 800,000. Tarrant County were Fort Worth is, Trump won that county in 2016. By 2018 Beto O’Rourke carried the county. 

Our fellow republicans had better wake up and realize that we are losing suburban voters at an increasingly larger rate each election. Especially the problems we face in Arizona, Georgia and Texas is that the suburbs of Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth and Atlanta are now voting more like the suburbs of Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle. At this rate we are looking at a decade or more of decline and stagnation of our Grand Old Party.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

INDY REPUBLICAN’s Tribute to Advance Indiana’s Gary Welsh

Gary Welsh Blogger and Friend to all Good Americans 

We wanted to say something to all of our friends and readers. IR has enjoyed writing for the last three years and we intend to blog until we leave this world. It has just dawned on us now. That in all the time we have been blogging, we have never taken the time to express how much we appreciated, honored and loved our dear friend the late great Gary Welsh. The talented, charming, much beloved genius who authored the irreplaceable blog Advance Indiana. We did mention briefly now and then we missed him. And this blog is dedicated to carrying on his crusade for freedom and good government. However we all were so determined to write this blog, and to help our brothers-in-arms Paul Ogden, and Jon Easter. We never paid a proper tribute to Gary. Well that changes now. Gary Welsh was in the highest and greatest sense a man. He fought for the rights of all, and inspite of the odds he won more often than he knew. His writing style and prose were of the quality that all should aspire to. He was willing to stand alone if need be. We miss him to an extent, that our sorrow cannot be adequately expressed by the limitations of human speech. 

His blog is still read by all of us to this day. We can never bring ourselves to remove the link to his blog. To do so would make us guilty of impoverishing all who visit this blog. We are proud to have been his friends for over a decade. He helped many of us survive times that almost destroyed us. Though we miss him like we miss a father, teacher and friend. All of us are blessed to have known him. We have no doubt that regardless of whatever differences he might have had with IR and Paul Ogden. Gary Welsh was a true men, and a patriot without equal. He was and would have been proud to continue working beside us. We beseech you our readers to remember that inspite of our differences as Lincoln put it: “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

Yes the tensions along political, religious and partisan lines are immense today. We have faced far darker moments than we find ourselves in. We will survive this. Don’t let yourself become discouraged. Even if it seems the whole world is against you. Hold fast to your principles, your values. Make them matter to YOUR lives. Develop within yourself the satisfaction that although thanks and approval from others are not inherently bad. And you will sometimes receive them. It will not always come right away or every time you do right. As long as you hold to the knowledge and firm conviction that what you are doing is right. Your actions, your life will and does matter. The seeds you plant will eventually bear fruit. Rome was not built in a day. Our task, our calling will be lifelong. 

Our ultimate goal as expressed once again by that great republican Abe Lincoln is this: “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

Farewell Gary Welsh! You will never be forgotten. Your detractors as some have already will wither away. Your life, your work will forever stand resolute against the powers that be. Exactly as the 300 at Thermopylae held firm. As we close this tribute to the master himself. We issue a call to arms to any and all to aid us, Paul Ogden and our allies in pursuing the holy cause of freedom.

Here’s a little civil war song to get you all motivated to fight the good fight! Praise be to God! AMEN!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Indiana's Inspector General Continues to Cover Up Crime

Something that INDY REPUBLICAN and all right thinking Hoosiers figured out long ago is, that in this state the powers that be enforce the laws only when they wish to. Since 2005 when "Godfather Governor" Mitch Daniels created the office of Inspector General to cover up investigate and ferret out wrongdoers. The amount of criminal activity and corruption has exploded a thousand fold in this state. Earlier this week one of IR's favorite Indiana journalists Kara Kenney had an outstanding story about a Department of Corrections Supervisor accused of running a business on state time:

The Inspector General’s office launched an investigation in October 2018 following a complaint about a Department of Correction supervisor selling essential oils during work hours.

According to the complaint, an IDOC employee told investigators the supervisor approached her about selling products during an IDOC meeting and gave her a product sample.

“Employee also indicated that she saw another DOC employee give the supervisor money during state time for what she assumed was payment for the purchase of essential oils,” read the OIG report. “Employee alleged that the supervisor recruited at least three other DOC employees to sell the products.”

In an interview with an OIG investigator, the supervisor said she began offering and promoting products through a private company during the fall of 2017, but stopped when IDOC launched an internal investigation.

The supervisor also said three of her Department of Correction subordinates joined the company and engaged in the business outside of work.

The OIG investigation found the IDOC supervisor received a percentage of the application fee for the three IDOC employees who obtained company memberships through her.

IDOC investigators found an email the supervisor sent from her state email related to the essential oils business.

“Although the investigation revealed the supervisor engaged in limited misuse of state property and a violation of DOC policy, her misuse of state property was low in volume and spread over a time frame of several months,” read the report.

The Office of Inspector General found “insufficient evidence” to bring a formal complaint against the IDOC supervisor before the State Ethics Commission.

“The evidence did not clearly show how much state time the supervisor spent promoting or offering products because some of this activity occurred during the supervisor’s lunch hours and after state work hours,” read the OIG report, dated May 23.

But fear not fellow hoosiers! Because even though the IG has declined to bring a formal complaint against the IDOC employee who by their own admission engaged in a commercial venture on state time. An offense that could get an employee terminated by the state. The IG has agreed to take the following action so that they not be forced too often to pretend to investigate wrongdoing at the state:

The OIG recommends the Indiana Department of Correction distribute a written notice to all IDOC employees reminding them that if they engage in any outside business, they must do so on their own time without using state time or state property/resources.

The Inspector General also recommends IDOC and its supervisors use caution when talking to subordinates about outside businesses they’re involved in.

Yeah have IDOC actually explain to DOC employees that they aren't supposed to engage in outside business on state time. That'll teach people not to commit ghost employment! As for recommending that IDOC and the supervisors their us caution when discussing outside business at DOC. Why not just tell them NOT to talk to anybody at work about outside employment? You know due to something called common sense and professionalism.

Lastly the Inspector General's office had this final bit of Solomon-like wisdom to offer the DOC:

“The OIG encourages DOC to consider providing additional training or instruction for all DOC employees in supervisory or managerial roles on the ghost employment and use of state property rules,” read the report. “Employees in authoritative positions often have the ability to wield undue influence over their subordinates, even if unintentional.”

Our response to the IG is "No Shit"! There are single celled organisms that know that people in authority have the ability to wield undue influence over their employees. Kudos to Kara Kenney for this outstanding report. Feel free to read the IG's so called report here if you wish. This reminds us all here of a similar case of blatant ghost employment reported on by Kenney back in 2012. Both Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden blogged about the case at that time. Paul Ogden had this interesting observation of that case:

Let me get this straight.  I write a memo to the Commissioner of the Indiana Department that my supervisor was misappropriating money from the title insurance division that I ran and committing other legal violations.  Within minutes of getting that memo, I am immediately fired and left two years short of my pension.  I'm not alone.  Whistleblowers who are routinely fired by the state and I am not aware of a single one who has ever prevailed in court. Judges do not enforce the laws protecting state employee whistleblowers.  

If you are a state employee who dares to report ghost employment, the whistleblower can expect to be fired and have absolutely no recourse.  Meanwhile the state employee who commits the ghost employment gets a short suspension and continues on in state employment or gets his full pension should he choose to retire. 

In the interest of saving taxpayers money at this point the Indiana General Assembly should just abolish the Inspector General's office. After 14 plus years of existence it has only served to shield wrongdoers from being held accountable. And to punish those employees who have tried to uphold the laws and protect the taxpayers money. In the past the IG has used their office to cover up and protect former Indiana Secretary of State and Congressman Todd Rokita. The administration of former Governor Mike Pence further allowed the Inspector General's Office to cover up wrong doing by a former BMV official.

Inspector General Lori Torres

Given the track record so far of Governor Eric Holcomb we can expect more, not less of these incidents to occur. Seeing as Holcomb is a servant to his demonic master Mitch Daniels it is not surprising that he has appointed Daniels flunky Lori Torres to the post of Inspector General. Torres was Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Labor for part of Daniels time as Governor. So naturally she has continued to do the bidding of her masters in hoosier politics. What we suggest to our readers is that they write, call and email Ms. Torres and her office until she decides to actually do her job. Also contact Governor Eric Holcomb, as well as your state legislators about this. Tell them that Gary Welsh called and he wants to give them all an earful.

You can reach Miss Torres at:

Office of the Inspector General
315 West Ohio Street, Room 104
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Telephone: 317-232-3850
Toll free:  866-805-8498
Email: info@ig.in.gov
Twitter: @LoriTorres2013 

Governor Eric Holcomb when he exits his coffin can be contacted at:

By Phone: 317-232-4567

By Mail:
Office of the Governor
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797
Or contact Eric Holcomb via twitter: @HolcombForIN, or @GovHolcomb
Click here to contact your state legislators and give them a piece of your mind. Come on everybody! Let's go out there and raise some hell for Gary Welsh! That's it friends! Troll the living daylights out of the political class! DEFY Eric Holcomb! Call and tweet like hell motherfuckers! Till next time this is your favorite midwestern brigands and rabble rousers saying "Keep up the good fight"!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Erick Erickson Goes Off The Deep End w/Update

Erick Erickson Trump Propagandist/Anti-Christian Spokesman

We were originally going to blog about the long overdue arrest of financier and sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein that occurred a few days ago. And hope to blog about that more soon. Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana wrote extensively on Epstein and Epstein counsel, now Donald Trump apologist Alan Dershowitz. In a not-so-shocking turn Erick Erickson, once a man who billed himself as the conscience of conservatives and the guardian of opposing the RINO-Lib Dem Donald Trump. Has continued his turn to evil. By deciding to make light of the sexual abuse of Jeffrey Epstein.

Erickson had this to say:

We have addressed Erickson’s descent into madness and sycophancy last month. But this ill timed and pitiful attempt at making a joke about Epstein’s victims is a new low. Before the objections to our portrayal of Erick’s poorly chosen words. Whether or not what he said is true or not is irrelevant. Also Erick President Trump like his former BFF former President Bill Clinton has strong ties to Epstein. So we thought that it might interest you to know the candidate you are supporting for President next year is so close with a pedophile. We wonder if Erickson will cowardly delete his tweet from today. Just as he has since deleted his tweet stating that he was backing now independent Congress Justin Amash of Michigan and Donald Trump in their re-election bids in 2020. Erickson’s attempt to play both sides against the middle by attempting to placate Trump and his former Never Trump allies will succeed only in making Erickson more and more of a joke. So Erick hope you enjoy being part of the Fellowship of the Pharisees. Because that’s who you have sided with. Let’s all pray that Erickson’s apostasy and fall from grace ends eventually. We do so hate to see someone destroy themselves for less than nothing.

UPDATE: This apparently is not the first time that Erickson has made light of allegations of sexual assault. Back in 2017 Erickson wrote an article entitled “Why I Don’t Blame Roy Moore’s Voters for Sticking With Him”. Of course after seeing this it makes Erick’s tweet makes more sense. After all Epstein did oversample 12-18 year olds, just like Roy Moore.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Narcissism Thy Name Is Donald Trump

Before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming. We just thought we would share perhaps the most insane thing we have seen to date on President Trumps twitter feed. The President starts out fine by praising America. But he then ruins it by thanking himself for America’s greatness. 

All of us here called President Obama the “Narcissist In Chief” with justification when he was the in office. We had hoped whoever followed him wouldn’t also deserve that title. But Donald Trump as he is prone to do has decided to be Barrack Obama on Steroids. We conservatives and republicans need to realize that if something is bad coming from Obama or Hillary having Trump do it does not make it any better. Those of us like Paul Ogden, George Will, Joshua Claybourn, Charlie Sykes, Joe Wilson, and Bill Kristol who have stayed true to our conservative principles in the face of Trumpism. We must continue to hold our ground. History will thank us for it. Unless we want our national two party system to keep going down the path of being a “Unibrow Party” system of socialist authoritarianism. We must and will resist the growing pressure to be mindless drones working for a matrix of fat cat political hacks and empty talking heads. For the sake of our brothers gone before us like the late, great Gary Welsh. Like Barry Goldwater, Bill Buckley and Ronald Reagan. Let us seek to bind up the nations wounds. We shall fight for the ideals of the founders. Praise be to God! AMEN!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

GOP Strategist Mike Murphy Explains Why Trump Is Beyond Saving

Just found this snippet of an interview that Hollywood Producer, Screenwriter and longtime GOP strategist Mike Murphy did with Bill Kristol back in 2017. The whole interview is well worth watching in its own right on YouTube. Also we recommend Murphy’s weekly “Hacks On Tap” podcast where he discusses politics with Democratic Strategist David Axelrod. Enjoy the clip: