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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Indy Republican & Earth, Wind and Fire wish you a Happy 21st of September

Good evening my children, this Indy Republican and the gang coming to you on your FM dial. We thought you all could use a break from the craziness of modern American politics. To help us all unwind is that great 70’s band Earth, Wind and Fire, singing there hit “September”.

So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Some Words of Encouragement about tonight’s Primaries

Congresswoman Liz Cheney Real Republican-WY

Tonight there are primaries in both Wyoming and Alaska. This primary season we have had our share of wins, with Brad Raffensperger and Brian Kemp in GeorgiaCongressman Don Bacon of Nebraska, and Congressmen Dan Newhouse of Washington, and Congressman David Valado of California. On the loses side we have had Congressman Tom Rice of South Carolina, Congressman Peter Meijer of Michigan and Congresswoman  Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington, and most probably the great Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming.

Senator Lisa Murkowski Real Republican-Alaska 

However even if Congresswoman Cheney does lose tonight, it appears that Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska will make through to the general election. We like all of you are disappointed in what loses we have had so far, but we are also jubilant over our victories. This will be a long and difficult struggle, but we are united in our belief in upholding the Constitution, and defending the Republic for which it stands. Unlike the talking heads of the extreme left and right, we believe in the equality of opportunity, the rule of law, and that the United States should show protection to all and favoritism towards no one. We believe truly in the nations motto E Pluribus Unum “Out of Many One”. We are one nation, we are the United States of America. We are united in our faith that the United States is a “shining city on the hill”, we are the candle in the darkness, and we are willing to atone for our sins and to aspire to the better angels of our nature. 

We will persevere, and ultimately win because unlike the forces of illiberalism on the left and right, we have a positive vision of our nation and ourselves. We do not subscribe to the dark, grievance politics of the Trumpian Alt-Right, or the Loony Left. Regardless of tonight’s results we will fight on, we will seek out and find the politically homeless, and set the captives of anti Americanism free from lies and deception and help them to see the truth. That this is indeed the greatest nation on God’s Green Earth!!! 

Go forth and continue to fight for the rights of all, to be an individual not merely just a cog in some arbitrary group. Understand that you can positively affect your own destiny, now go out there, vote for the candidates who best reflect your values! Your constitutional right to vote, is more important than any tribalist edicts! The decision as to who will represent us at the local, state and national levels is yours and yours alone!!!!!

Go out there, campaign with your head held high! Vote only for the best possible candidates! Don’t believe that you must always pick the lesser of two evils! Remember those who disagree with us are usually just our opponents, not our enemies! I have faith in you all and in God that the best days for America are still ahead! Be part of making America more great!!! 

God bless you and keep you all! And God Bless the United States of America!!!!

To close here is a video of a real American President Ronald Reagan and him being moved by the “Battle Hymn of Thr Republic”. Contrast his genuine patriotism, his reverence for America as opposed to the clownish Buffon Donald Trump!

His Truth is Marching On!

Thursday, July 28, 2022

IR’s Movie Review of “Vengeance”

Movie Poster for Vengeance 

In what we hope to have become a new semi regular feature of this blog, we are posting IR’s very first movie review. On a whim we all decided to go see the just released crime comedy thriller, Vengeance. The movie marks the directorial debut of B.J. Novack who is probably best know for his role as Ryan Howard on the tv series “The Office”. Novack is also the star of Vengeance. Novack gives an impressive performance as an ambitious journalist and podcaster, who goes to a small town in Texas to investigate the death of a woman with whom he had a brief affair.

During his adventure in Texas, Novack’s character meets up with an interesting and at times quirky assortment of characters that make up small town Texas. The film does a good job at portraying Novack’s east coast journalist, and the inhabitants of the small Texas town as real people and doesn’t resort to very much stereotyping of the players. We loved how the film avoids excessive stereotypes. 

Four stars for the well written and acted Vengeance.

Mike Pence’s Pathetic Quest for Power

Former Vice President Mike Pence 

Recently former Vice President Mike Pence has been making the news, by endorsing candidates in republican primaries, other than the candidates endorsed and backed by his former lord and master President Donald Trump. Notable examples include Pence’s support of former Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, and his endorsement of Katrina Taylor Robson in Arizona. Kleefisch is running for Governor in Wisconsin and Robson is running in the Arizona GOP primary for the honor to lose to the Democratic candidate in the fall. These endorsements combined with Pence’s traveling back and forth to several early primary states, indicate that Pence is still delusional enough to think that he is of presidential timber.

This delusion of grandeur from which Pence suffers is no doubt encouraged by the fact that some view Pence as being heroic for refusing to help President Trump steal the 2020 presidential election. The incomparable Mona Charen over at the Bulwark has written a brilliant piece today “Mike Pence Sold his Soul for Nothing”. Mrs. Charen whom the Indy Republican team has had the pleasure of meeting, lays out the case that while Vice President Pence deserves credit for standing up to Trump on January 6th, 2022 that is all he deserves credit for.

We have on many occasions written about Pence’s character flaws, our friend the late great Gary Welsh compared Pence to Rod Blagojevich. Paul Ogden has also written about Pence’s shortcomings. But Mona Charen’s article really nails down the weaknesses of a man whom many of us here think of as the “Judas Of Politics”.

Below are some choice extracts from Mona Charen’s article, with our commentary in bold afterwards. We do highly recommend you all read her entire article here

Charen writes:

“You remember Mike Pence—he’s the guy who defeated a roomful of lickspittles to claim the obsequiousness grand prize at a 2017 cabinet meeting, praising the dear leader once every 12.5 seconds.”

“Pray for our opponents,” he told a (small) audience at a South Carolina church, “that their hearts would soften and their minds would open to the unimaginable beauty that is life.”

She goes onto outline Pence’s campaign for the presidency, but as she points out:

“There are a few flies in the ointment.” Referring to flaws in Pence’s plan to sit in the White House chair.

 First problem. Now? Now is the moment that Pence rolls out the prayer? As Pence is well-situated to know, big chunks of the GOP base have become hungry for a very different tone. Christian charity is out. Vulgar insults, shameless lies, and secessionist hatred are in. It sure is ugly, but Pence is in no position to complain. It’s a revolution that Mike Pence did so much to encourage, and it’s bizarre that he seems to think he can carry on as if nothing has changed.”

 Pence prostituted his reputation for Christian piety to the most vile figure in the history of American presidential politics, a man who modeled the opposite of every virtue taught in Sunday school. Pence lent his credibility as a religious man to a villain, and gave permission to millions of self-styled Christians to vote for him. Pence’s pious conscience was remarkably quiescent when Trump encouraged his followers to rough up hecklers”

We have pointed out Pence’s play acting as a Christian before also.

 Second problem: Worse than simply remaining silent, he played the toady with seemingly endless reserves of self-mortification, uttering cringeworthy encomia to Trump’s “broad-shouldered leadership” (a phrase he repeated at least 17 times), and audacious lies about matters big and small.”

Pence’s silence and refusal to stand up to Trump has been a sticking point with us for years. Pence being Vice President couldn’t be fired by Trump but he still enabled everything he did.

“Third problem: It’s impossible to say how large a contingent of Republican primary voters are in the “Pence is a Traitor” camp, but consider that a recent New York Times/Sienna poll found that only 6 percent of Republicans would vote for Pence in a 2024 primary. At their dueling campaign appearances in Arizona, Trump assembled a rally attended by thousands while Pence spoke to a crowd estimated at 300.”

Charen does point out and we agree with her that there is a demand among some republicans for someone other than Trump. But Pence is not that candidate. Trumpets don’t want him because he is considered at best a wimp, and at worst a traitor. Never Trumper’s don’t support him because he has no principles and like Judas sold out for his 30 pieces of silver.

Like Mona Charen we do give Pence credit for his actions on January 6th, but his refusal to outright condemn Trump, his continuing defense of Trump’s conduct as president, and his unwillingness to call Trump out even now. Has forfeited any claim to hold an office of trust of any kind in America. We cannot recommend Charen’s article highly enough, nor can we oppose Pence enough for his humoring of the blasphemous Trump. 

UPDATE: A reader just alerted us to an excellent observation made by Miles Taylor a former Trump administration official made about Mike Pence recently. Another reader alerted us to the fact we accidentally said Robson was running for the Senate in Arizona, she is actually running for Governor. Please watch and listen to Miles Taylor’s take on Pence’s time as Vice President:

Friday, July 15, 2022

Former Scientology Top Executive Mike Rinder’s Memoir “A Billion Years” Slated for September Release

Mike Rinder, Cult Whistleblower, Author, Activist and Destroyer of Cults

Earlier this week we were extraordinarily pleased to find out that former Church of Scientology spokesman, podcaster and writer Mike Rinder’s book “A Billion Years” will be coming out in September. It will be available for Kindle, in Hardcover and in audiobook format, narrated by Mike himself. As survivors of dealing with the cultic world that is Hoosier politics we find a lot of creepy similarities to Scientology and the culture of the political elites in both parties here in Indiana. By that we are not saying that our experiences are anywhere as horrific as Mike’s, but the suppression of independent thought, the bureaucracy from hell mentality, and a belief that the group leaders are above the law, is much the same in both Scientology and the political class here in Indiana. 

For anyone wishing to understand the dynamics of high control groups please checkout Mike Rinder’s blog here, also checkout his and Leah Remini’s podcast “Scientology Fair Game Podcast”. Looking forward to the book Mike! And thanks again to you and Leah for picking one of our questions to answer on the podcast! Your reactions to it were priceless!

Checkout Indiana Capital Chronicle

Happy Friday my children! We just wanted to let you all know about a great new news website that has emerged recently. It’s called Indiana Capital Chronicle, edited by the great Niki Kelly. Indiana Capital Chronicle was founded earlier this year. The purpose of the Chronicle as stated on their website is:

“The Indiana Capital Chronicle is an independent, nonprofit news organization dedicated to giving Hoosiers a comprehensive look inside state government, policy and elections. More importantly, we will show how actions at the state level impact your everyday lives.

Over the years the number of journalists covering state news has dwindled and The Capital Chronicle will bring more eyes to the process. In addition to daily coverage, we will keep digging for more in-depth scrutiny on important topics.

Our staff of four – an editor and three reporters – has decades of experience covering the Indiana Statehouse and we are not afraid to take decision-makers to task. While the state capitol is in Indianapolis, we will also include perspective from outside central Indiana.“

We applaud Niki Kelly and her colleagues at the Chronicle and we believe that the late great Gary Welsh is pleased with this effort. We hope that it will continue to shine a light on the goings on of government at the state and local levels. The Indiana Capital Chronicle can be reached by clicking here, or by going to their website at: https://indianacapitalchronicle.com/

Have a great friday and talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Happy Birthday to Indiana Jones and Captain Picard

Before we get back to our semi regular scheduled programming, we all thought we would say a Happy Birthday to two of the IR Gang’s favorite actors. Today Harrison Ford most famous as Han Solo and Indiana Jones turns 80 today, and his fellow science fiction icon Sir Patrick Stewart turns 82, Sir Patrick is most famous as Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek The Next Generation, he also appeared in Dune, Jeffrey and as a guest host of Saturday Night Live.

Happy Birthday Gentlemen! Live long and prosper and May the Force Be With You both!

Monday, June 6, 2022

A Tale of Two Congressman: Trump Doormat Mo Brooks VS Patriot Tom Rice

Congressman Mo Brooks AL-R

In Alabama there is an upcoming runoff primary to determine who will be the upcoming republican senate nominee. One of the two contenders vying for the seat is Congressman Mo Brooks. Earlier this year as reported by Paul Ogden and others, after originally endorsing Brooks for the primary former President Trump decided to rescind his endorsement due to Brooks falling stand in the polls. Since then Brooks has resurged enough to finish second in the primary and move to a runoff. 

Brooks has now engaged in what can only be described as a pathetic attempt to win back Trump’s endorsement. The attempt to pander to Trump is so childish and stupid we find it analogous to a dumped high school student who cannot get over his girlfriend dumping him and proceeds to make an ass out of himself, in front of the whole school. Brooks plea for reconciliation with Trump was released yesterday and we are posting it below for you all to read over and laugh at:

We especially are laughing over Brooks attempt to spin Trump’s pulling of his endorsement in order to give the campaign a chance to straighten up! All we can say is that Brooks should just accept that Trump broke up with him, and move on.

In contrast to the ridiculous and sycophantic ass kissing of Trump done by Mo Brooks, their is the approach being taken by South Carolina Republican Congressman Tom Rice.

Congressman Tom Rice SC-R

Congressman Rice is one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach President Donald Trump after his attempts to overturn his election loss in 2020. David Cohen writing in an article for Politico reports on Congressman Rice and his upcoming primary:

Voting to impeach former President Donald Trump was the “conservative” thing to do, Rep. Tom Rice said Sunday, even though it might cost him dearly in South Carolina’s 2022 Republican primary.

“Defending the Constitution is a bedrock of the Republican platform, defend the Constitution, and that’s what I did. That was the conservative vote,” Rice (R-S.C.) said in an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” adding: “There’s no question in my mind.”

Rice said he was appalled to see Trump not lift a finger in response to the attacks on the Capitol and its police officers, as well as the threats to Vice President Mike Pence.

“It was clear to me what I had to. I was livid. I am livid today about it. I took an oath to protect the Constitution,” said Rice, who was one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump. “I did it then, and I would do it again tomorrow.”

Congressman Rice unlike his Alabama colleague Mo Brooks has a spine, class and strength of character to make the right choice and stand by it. Rice might lose his primary but he has kept his self respect. Brooks on the other hand we have to ask this: “If it profit a man nothing to trade his soul for the whole world, then how little does it profit you to sell it for a Senate seat?”

We will let you know when and if we get a reply back from Mo Brooks or his campaign. In the meantime if you would like to help out a genuine patriot, throw some support to Tom Rice and his campaign. You can donate on his website https://www.tomrice.com/

Thank You and God Bless you all! Be well my friends!

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

President Biden Strengthening Freedom & Safety By Requiring Federal Law Enforcement Officers to Wear Body Cameras

President Joe Biden 

Although we wrote in a vote for president in 2020, and we have criticized President Biden on occasion, he has done something’s well. Examples include passing infrastructure, standing up to Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin, and helping to rebuild and expand NATO. Today Biden adds another positive accomplishment to his list. 

All federal law enforcement will soon have to wear body cameras under an executive order President Biden is set to sign on Wednesday, which has won the support of the group representing those personnel. 

The order will also require the creation of a database of officer misconduct to which every federal law enforcement agency will contribute and that agencies must then use as part of their screening process for vetting personnel. State and local entities will also be able to use and contribute to the database, which will also include federal officers’ commendations and awards. The Justice Department will maintain the database and make aggregate data available to the public. 

We think that having a database to log federal law enforcement misconduct, and to strengthen screening of officers is a good idea and is long overdue. We are in desperate need of tamping down on police misconduct. We do favor strengthening background checks for gun purchases, as well as laws barring violent offenders from being able to legally purchase firearms. Hopefully those issues will be addressed soon. Take care of yourselves, and do what you can to defuse rather than escalate tension.