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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Remember to have a party after your vasectomy!

We thought we had heard it all. But the idea of partying with friends to celebrate having a vasectomy is a new one for us. If anyone wants to know more about this completely stupid activity that only Mike Pence would think is cool. Remember Mike Pence has no balls! Read Harriet Torry's "It's a Vasectomy Party! Snips, Chips, and Dips with your Closest Friends!" Published in today's Wall Street Journal. Thoughts anybody?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

In Defense of the "Armchair Sleuth", we wouldn't need them if the ISP had a better image!

Exhibit A: Unsolved murder of "Pixie" Grismore shows why we need "armchair sleuths"

It was reported in yesterday's Indianapolis Star that the Indiana State Police wanted people on Facebook to stop posting pictures of men that the users think bear a resemblance to the composite drawing of the suspect in the February murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams. The two were murdered in February east of Delphi. The article is entitled: "ISP to Facebook users: Stop "armchair sleuthing" on Delphi murders".

Vic Ryckaert reports:

Indiana State Police are urging users of the social media platform to stop posting pictures of men alongside the composite sketch of the Delphi murder suspect.

"Those are of no value and take up investigative time," said Capt. Dave Bursten, ISP's chief public information officer.

Investigators have received more than 500 new tips since they released the composite sketch of the man they believe killed 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams.

The girls disappeared  Feb. 13 while hiking near Monon High Bridge in a wooded, remote area east of Delphi. Their bodies were found the next day about a half-mile from the bridge.

Bursten on Wednesday cited a growing problem of "armchair sleuthing" by people who have combed websites to find mugshots of random men who resemble the sketch. Some people post their dubious detective work on Facebook, he said.

"A person that does that may open themselves up to some civil liability," Bursten said. "They will have to suffer the consequences of their own stupidity."

"They are placing themselves in legal jeopardy, and they are doing absolutely nothing to help the investigation," he said.

Tips, legitimate tips that is, on the murders should go to the hotline, (844) 459-5786, or abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.com, Bursten said.

First IR would like to express our most sincere sympathies to the friends and families of the two women killed in the Delphi murders. And if anyone out there has information about this case please call the police.

Contrary to the statements made by Captain Dave Bursten. The reason we need "armchair sleuths" is exactly because of the distrust many people  have regarding the ISP. Longtime readers of Gary Welsh's Advance Indiana blog might recognize Captain Bursten's name. Gary first made mention of Bursten back in May 2011 in his post about the unsolved 1978 murder of Mary Beth "Pixie" Grismore of Marshal, Indiana whose death is rumored by some to have been a political cover up. Grismore who was found murdered in Ohio in 1978 was rumored to have had an affair with former Senator Birch Bayh. Welsh had pointed out how although the Ohio Attorney Generals website has Grismore's case mentioned on their cold case website here. That the ISP didn't not list the case on their website. 

Welsh did here from Captain then Sergeant Bursten of the ISP. Welsh wrote in 2011:

UPDATE: Sgt. Dave Bursten, public information officer for the Indiana State Police, has confirmed the Grismore case is still an open investigation. He said the closing of the Terre Haute post and revamping of the agency's website is why her case is not listed as a cold case file. Bursten said anyone with information or tips regarding the case should telephone the agency's hotline at 1-800-453-4756.

Two months later in July 2011. Gary Welsh posting about the still unsolved disappearance of Indiana University student Lauren Spierers. Welsh mentioned that the ISP still had not put Pixie Grismores case on their cold case website.

Welsh had this to say in his July 2011 post:

The Indiana State Police don't even have her case listed on their website as a cold case file, a fact a police spokesman told me was simply due to an oversight during a revamping of the department's website. Nearly two months after I raised the question, the omission has still not been corrected. Her case is listed on the state of Ohio's cold case list, even though all investigatory leads led them right back to Indiana. No, the Indiana State Police have no intention of trying to discover who actually murdered Mary Beth Grismore. Let's hope Indiana police are truly interested in solving the disappearance case of Lauren Spierers.

Unfortunately as of this writing no trace of Lauren Spierers has ever been found. 

Welsh last all of us can tell mentioned Bursten in a 2014 post regarding an investigation the ISP was conducting at the request of the Marion County Prosecutors Office. 

Here is the master's last known mention of Bursten:

Indy Republican's staff recently checked the ISP's cold case website and even after six years the Grismore case is still not on their cold case list. This hardly inspires confidence in Captain Bursten that after six years they still have apparently done nothing to solve Pixie Grismore's murder or the disappearance of Lauren Spierers. Also the forcing out of the ISP's former corruption commander Sgt. Ryan Harmon after Harmon kept pushing on a sex scandal at Martinsville High School click here for more information on Harmon's case. There is also the questionable conduct of Indiana State Police Detective Paul Hansard regarding the railroading of former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White. Click here for information on Paul Hansard.

Our position is unless or until the ISP shows a willingness to take steps to salvage its reputation among Hoosiers. Then we say  to Captain Bursten that if he the ISP keeps giving the impression that they are not able or willing to investigate crimes committed in Indiana. That he should get used to their being a lot more "armchair sleuths", not less. 

So to all the fellow "armchair sleuths" out there we salute you!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Easily Fooled Opportunist Mike Pence should resign the Vice Presidency now!

Mike Pence praying that people are buying this bullsh@! he is peddling

Good evening everyone in cyberspace! Well we here at IR had thought we could give Mike Pence at least till Halloween to prove himself as Vice President. Old Mikey though continues to exceed the already low opinions we have of him. Only six months into what we hope will be his only term as Vice President. We honestly can say we have seen enough. Our advice to the Vice President is: "Resign now while you still can!" After countless denials of what is going on in the administration that he is part of. He is either a fool, a damned liar, or both. 

In an article published on IndyStar.com today called "Vice President Mike Pence unaware of Donald Trump Jr's Russia meeting" Tony Cook reports:

"The Vice President is working every day to advance the President's agenda, which is what the American people sent us here to do," Pence spokesman Marc Lotter said in a written statement. "The Vice President was not aware of the meeting. He is not focused on stories about the campaign, particularly stories about the time before he joined the ticket."

Trump's oldest son released emails Tuesday showing he knew the damaging information he was seeking about Hillary Clinton was being peddled by the highest levels of the Russian government. 

Told that the Russians had "incriminating information" about his father's Democratic campaign rival, Donald Trump Jr. responded: "If it's what you say, I love it."

The emails appear to back up the most damning revelation in New York Times reports that Trump's closest associates and family members actively sought information they knew was part of a high-level Russian government effort to support Trump's campaign.

Pence has repeatedly denied any contacts between Trump associates and Russia since taking office as vice president.  

During a round of Sunday morning news show appearances in mid-January, Pence told John Dickerson of CBS' Face the Nation that there had been no contacts. 

"I think to suggest that is to give credence to some of these bizarre rumors that have swirled around the candidacy," Pence said at the time.

That same day, Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday, asked Pence if he had asked whether there had been any contacts between Trump associates and the Russian government or its intermediaries.

"Of course not," he said. "Why would there be any contacts between the campaign?"

A month later, Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn was fired for lying to Pence about contacts with a Russian official. 

Pence has also said he did not know Flynn had secretly lobbied for the Turkish government, despite reports claiming Flynn had actually disclosed to the Trump transition team back in January that he was under a federal investigation.

Pence was leading the transition team at the time.

Once again Tony Cook writes another article that is so good we can't figure out why he is still employed by The Indianapolis Star also known as the CIA's paper of record. He points out very well about how it is strange that Pence claims he didn't know that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had lobbied for Turkey. Even though it appears that Flynn disclosed this to Trumps transition team which Mike Pence was in charge of!

Also as we have chronicled on this blog several times. Pence spokesman Marc Lotter is not to be believed on anything. He is a former lackey of "Godfather" Governor Mitch Daniels and former Indianapolis Mayor "Boss Greg" Ballard!

Also his actions as Governor ranging from his stiffing the Hoosier state with the bill for Bicentennial projects, to picking Eric Holcomb as his successor, and appointing that dumb as a door post Rick Hite to run the Indiana Civil Rights Commission. These actions as Governor and his unbelievable denials and asskissing he has committed as Vice President show clearly he needs to leave political life entirely. 

C'mon Mikey! You are obviously stressed out, and tired after rolling out of bed at noon everyday. Public life doesn't suit you. Find something else worthwhile and salvage something of your dignity. Just resign and leave Washington. 

A reader of ours posted a comment back in May of this year saying: "MIKE PENCE IS POLITICAL MENTAL PORNAGRAPHY TO THE CRITICAL THINKER PLEDGING ALLEGIANCE TO RESCUE OF THE REPUBLIC." We of course are not sure what kind of porn they are comparing Pence to. It could be 1990's scrambled porn, midget porn, etc. Who knows!

Here are what some others think of Vice President Pence:

The Sgt. Schultz act won't survive. Jerry Ford without the lasting friendships, integrity or balls.4:53 PM · Jul 11, 2017 from Cannes, France

Exactly! @JWGOP This whole episode will amount to a very short resurrection of his career.

And when it's all done, we in Indiana respectfully request that he and his mother stay the hell away from us.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Vote out Pledge Breaking Congressman Markwayne Mullin!

Rep. Markwayne Mullin RINO-OK

According to a July 5, 2017 article by Cristina Marcos published on thehill.com Congressman Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma has decided to violate his original pledge to serve only six years in congress and run for another term. 

Marcos writing for The Hill reports:

In a video posted by his campaign, Mullin said he and his family originally only expected a six-year run when he first launched a bid for the House in 2012.
But after feeling frustrated during his first two terms trying to work with the Obama administration, Mullin said he wanted to stick around while President Trump is in office.
"We looked at each other and we said, 'We're running again,' " Mullin said of a conversation with his wife, Christie.
"We understand that people are going to be upset. And we get that. We understand it," Mullin said. "I'm not hiding from that. Because we did say we were going to serve six years."
Mullin appeared jointly in the video with his wife, who said they initially worried that a tenure in Congress would negatively impact their family and plumbing business.

"We truly felt like we would serve six years and have to come back and patch together our family, like pick our business up," Christie Mullin said.
But their worst fears never came to fruition, she said.
"Our kids said, 'Dad, yes, you have to run again!' " she said.
Markwayne Mullin attributed his decision to having a better understanding of how politics works and said his position has simply evolved over time.
"I don't think there's one person that's never changed their mind six years apart from each other or how they would approach things," Mullin said.
This is not the first time that Congressman Mullin has drawn criticism during his time in office. Back in April Mr. Mullin was under fire for saying that it is "bull crap" the idea that taxpayers pay his salary.
On April 13. 2017 Nikita Vladimirov wrote
Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.) faced off with constituents at a town hall this week, telling the members of the audience that they don't pay his salary.
"You say you pay for me to do this? That’s bullcrap," Mullin said at the town hall in Jay, Okla., according to a video of the incident.

"I pay for myself. I paid enough taxes before I got here and continue to through my company to pay my own salary. This is a service. No one here pays me to go,” he added.
After constituents pushed back, Mullin reiterated that being a lawmaker is not "how I make my living."
“I’m just saying ... this is a service for me, not a career, and I thank God this is not how I make my living,” he said.
The article states that Mullin owns Mullin Plumbing. Which is presumably how Mullin makes most of his money since he claims not to be a "career politician".
IR knew nothing of Mullin until this past week. But just judging by the tone that Mullin takes and the overall dishonesty that permeates from this man's mouth. He should be voted out of office! 
Fortunately Republicans already have a good candidate challenging Mr. Mullin in next years GOP congressional primary. His name is Jarrin Jackson. He ran against Mullin in the 2016 primary. He is an Afghan War veteran, an executive of a nonprofit organization, and a fierce advocate of term limits. He also opposes nation building. If anyone is interested in helping Mr. Jackson in his bid to oust Mullin from Congress you can click here to go to his website and help out his campaign. 
Hill's Columns on Mullin:

Mullin's Primary Challenger Jarrin Jackson's website:

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Retiring State Senator Luke Kenley's Legacy of Tax Hikes, and the Bicentennial and I-69 Extension Boondoggle's!

Tax Raising State Senator Luke Kenley 

Yesterday Tony Cook of the Indianapolis Star reported that longtime Republican State Senator Luke Kenley of Noblesville would be retiring on September 30th of this year. He was doing this inspite of the fact last year that Mr. Kenley successfully ran for reelection to another four year term in the state senate. IR's readers might recall that we have expressed less than positive views of the good senator especially in his choosing to vote for Mike Pence's idiotic plan to lease the state of Indiana's cell phone towers in the Agile Networks debacle. Like his master Governor "Taxman" Eric Holcomb he has submitted to his masters call to raise taxes and fees on the already overburdened population of Indiana. We have blogged about good old Eric's tax raising ways here

Before riding off into the sunset. "Servile" Luke Kenley took part today in a hearing before the Indiana Finance Authority asking them not to repeat their past mistakes regarding the financing and construction of the I-69 extension. Kaitlin Lange in today's edition of the Indianapolis Star speaks at length on the hearing in her article "Lawmakers urge officials to avoid repeating I-69 mistakes". We have previously reported on the I-69 Extension snafu and former Indiana Governor Mike Pence's part in it here.

Miss Lange wrote earlier today reported:

Lawmakers urged the Indiana Finance Authority to learn from its mistakes as the state takes over a failed public-private partnership to build a section of I-69.

The section of the highway between Bloomington and Martinsville is almost two years behind schedule. The finance authority is dissolving the state's contract with a consortium that was to have designed and built the road and then maintained it for 35 years.

The company at the heart of the deal, Isolux Corsan, filed for bankruptcy in Spain earlier this week. IndyStar previously reported that the state missed several warning signs in choosing the consortium I-69 Development Partners.

"I do want to ask that in the future, as the state looks at doing business with folks, that we do business with people who are capable of getting it done — reputable people," Rep. Terry Goodin, D-Crothersville, said at the State Budget Committee hearing Thursday.

Sen. Luke Kenley, R-Noblesville, said the finance authority should study how it got into this situation and how to monitor best practices in an evolving market for public-private partnerships.

Lange notes that: "Not a single member of the public attended the hearing, which was posted with less than 24 hours' notice on the State Budget Agency website."

We will return to Miss Lange's piece in a bit. But a reader just shared some interesting information from Kaitlin Lange's twitter feed:

@markalesia and I are at the State Budget Committee meeting over I-69, section 5. The meeting notice was posted online sometime today.

According to the committee's website, public announcements are supposed to be posted online 48 hours before the meeting.12:57 PM · Jul 6, 2017

It doesn't look like anyone from the public is here, even though these meetings are open to the public.

I'm not sure how anyone knew of today's meeting.

I only knew because a source told me.1:32 PM · Jul 6, 2017Vincent said that termination of the agreement was considered in late 2016, early 2017. Pence would have been governor at the time.1:45 PM · Jul 6, 2017I asked Sen. Kenley about why the meeting wasn't posted in advance. He said he'll look into it.2:16 PM · Jul 6, 2017
Lange's article continues:

Proponents of public-private partnerships say they take advantage of private sector efficiency and innovation and transfer financial risk from the state to a private company.

Detractors have pointed to Indiana and I-69 as an example of what can go wrong. Kenley, however, said the state needs to keep using the public-private model.

"There are a lot of lessons here," Kenley said after the hearing. "It appears that the major weakness here was in the selection of somebody who didn't have the financial capability to do what they needed to do."

Kenley said the state needs to "take a look at more than just the bid price and say, 'Who are the bidders and what is their credibility and what's their past track record?' "

That's a good point Senator Kenley. Why the Hell didn't you guys look into the bidders credibility and track record in the first damn place?

The late great Gary Welsh writing on Advance Indiana three years ago in 2014 warned of the problems with this whole scheme  If you and the other lawmakers had bothered to read what Mr. Welsh wrote. Instead of listening to Matt Tully's Circle Jerk Gang this whole problem would never have happened!

The "Vincent" referenced by Kaitlin Lange is Miah Vincent the director of Indiana's Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Vincent stated that the idea of the state terminating the agreement with I-69 Development Partners was originally discussed while Mike Pence was still Governor. Certainly puts a dent in good old Mike Pence's image! Also the fact this meeting was announced less than the 48 hours that is required and Kenley's continued white washing of this whole nasty business. Leads the IR team to conclude that Luke can't leave office soon enough! 

Kudos once again to Miss Lange on another well written work of journalism!