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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Never Jim Banks & Never Mitch Daniels: The Only Choice.

Paul Ogden has written an article that outlines very well the reasons why Jim Banks should not be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senator. We like Paul share his disdain towards Banks. We had reasonable encounters with Banks long ago, but he has since decided to go for a ride in the clown car of Trumpism. 

U.S Representative/Loser Jim Banks

In writing about Banks, Paul points out very ably Banks deficiencies:

Banks is trying to brand himself as a "proven conservative."  He is anything but.  Besides being an election denier and flouting the Constitution that he took an oath to support, hardly conservative positions, he voted for huge spending increases during the Trump era.  Banks has no problem with reckless government spending...as long as it is a Republican in the White House.

Given how badly election deniers lost in 2022, the nomination of Banks might put the seat into play, especially since it is a presidential election year when Democrats tend to do better in Indiana. It is easy to see the Democrats picking up a lot more metro Indianapolis area votes if Banks' is on the ballot.  In fact, Banks would probably lose Hamilton County and possibly take several Republicans in that county down with him.

Former Indiana Governor and Midget version of Trump, Mitch Daniels

As much as we are usually on the same page with Paul on the issues, we must take issue with his premise that Mitch Daniels would make a better candidate for the Senate as opposed to Banks. Paul’s assessment of Mitch Daniels as a potential Senator:

Fortunately, Indiana Republicans may have a better choice in 2024.  Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is considering a run for the Senate.  I was not a big fan of Daniels as Governor.  He seemed to run a very loose ship and many of his appointees engaged in substantial mismanagement, which sometimes bordered on corruption.  Daniels did not seem to exercise much in the way of oversight over state agencies when he was governor. He'd just appoint someone and immediately check out.

We like Paul we’re not fans of Daniels tenure as Governor. We have a much more negative view of Daniels tenure than Paul does. Daniels didn’t seem to run a loose ship, he did run a loose ship. Also his appointees mismanagement didn’t border on corruption it was corruption! As for him appointing people and checking out, Daniels as anyone who has dealt with him at all can attest is a control freak, the corruption of his administration happened because he allowed and encouraged it to happen! His appointees didn’t go to the bathroom without his permission! As the old saying goes: “A fish stinks from the head down.” So if his administration was bad that’s on Daniels.

There are the issues at the Department of Child Services which may have resulted in the death of Tajanay Bailey back in 2007, the bungled privatization of FSSA which tied the state up for about a decade and cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and not to mention how his creation of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) in essence expanded pay to play politics, and let’s not forget the disastrous “Reign of Error” his administration created at the Department of Workforce Development. Not to mention the role that Daniels lackey Jim Atterholt played at the Indiana Department of Insurance played in forcing out Paul at that agency for just doing his job! 

Paul lastly had this to say of Mitch Daniels:

But when it comes to developing policy, which is the role of a United States Senator, Daniels is excellent.  While Banks' claim to be a conservative is performative, Daniels is an actual conservative, especially when it comes to fiscal matters.  As President of Purdue University, Daniels stopped the explosive growth in college tuition which has for decades outstripped inflation.

All we can say is by what yardstick is Paul using to call Daniels a conservative? If it’s respect for rule of law, Daniels fails. He failed to ensure the law was faithfully upheld when he was Governor, if he had given a damn about the law Paul would never have been fired from the IDOI! And the debacles at the state never would have happened. If we are to go by Daniels record in fiscal matters there Daniels gets a big fat “F”. It’s debatable just how much Daniels has reigned in college tuition at Purdue, but even conceding Paul’s point, the wastefulness of the FSSA debacle alone would outweigh any cost savings at Purdue a hundred times over! In regards to policy, Daniels mismanagement and corruption as Governor happened because of policy and law changes he enacted as governor! As for holding elected officials accountable, Daniels will do no better a job of that than Jim Banks. As Paul knows from personal experience Daniels goes after whistleblowers and protects the offending government officials! We will put links below to some of he and the late great Gary Welsh’s articles documenting Daniels attacks against whistleblowers.

We are proud to have Paul’s support, friendship and encouragement especially since our dear friend Gary Welsh passed. But on this issue we must disagree with him. Like Paul as someone who believes in the traditional conservative principles of Burke, Russell Kirk, Goldwater, Reagan and Buckley. I would like nothing more than to see a good republican be elected to the Senate from Indiana. But I would rather have a good liberal than a faux conservative like Banks or Daniels as senator. I will not vote for a Republican or Democrat who doesn’t stand for the rule of law, limited government and upholding the Constitution. Because none of those are supported by Jim Banks or Mitch Daniels I will not ever under any circumstances vote for either of those fools. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Happy Birthday to Rod Stewart

Sir Rod Stewart

We all want to wish Sir Rod Stewart a Happy 78th Birthday today! Sir Rod has been entertaining us all since the 1960’s with hits such as: “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”,”Rhythm of my Heart”, “Have I Told You Lately that I Live You”, “Forever Young”, and he has also done his own take on classics such as “Twisting the Night Away” and “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”. There’s no denying Rod’s talents and may he always have the same youthful vigor when he finally reaches if he ever does old age!  

Remember as Rod Stewart says stay “Forever Young”

Congressman Pat Fallon Files Impeachment Articles Against Homeland Security Secretary

Congressman Pat Fallon (R-Texas)

The Hill reports that Congressman Pat Fallon (R-Texas) has filled a motion to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. According to the Hill:

The resolution claims Mayorkas “engaged in a pattern of conduct that is incompatible with his duties,” complaining that he has failed to maintain operational control over the border.

The resolution comes amid a busy week in the Biden administration. President Biden visited the border over the weekend for the first time since taking office, pledging to deliver more resources to the officers who patrol the region.

The primary basis for the articles of impeachment is the claim that Mayorkas lied to Congress — a case they back by pointing to two instances in which the secretary told lawmakers he believed the Southern border was under control.

DHS said Tuesday that Mayorkas has no plans to resign and argued that the grounds for impeachment pointed to by the GOP were both inaccurate and failed to meet the standards to qualify as high crimes and misdemeanors.

“Secretary Mayorkas is proud to advance the noble mission of this Department, support its extraordinary workforce, and serve the American people. The Department will continue our work to enforce our laws and secure our border, while building a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system,” Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Marsha Espinosa said in a statement.”

Our reaction as conservatives who believe in rule of law, and following sensible customs is that this move by Congressman Fallon is completely stupid and a waste of time. We have many political differences with the Biden administration but impeaching his Homeland Security Chief is just an example of useless showmanship. For starters Mayorkas is not going to be impeached, and even if he was Biden would appoint an acting head of Homeland Security. As more evidence that our fellow Republicans shouldn’t have sold their souls to Trump, it is likely that the Democrats will just use similar tactics towards them and probably much more effectively. If Congressman Gallon’s goal is to make sure the Democrats retake the House in 2024 he is off to a good start.

Monday, November 7, 2022

Indy Republican Predicts the 2022 Mid-Term Elections

Indy Republican’s Magic 8 Ball

Good evening everyone! We are less than 24 hours away to the first closing of the polls for the 2022 Midterm Elections. The polls have been up and down and all around. Despite the fact that we don’t envy anyone who has to make a prediction on this election, we have decided to consult our Magic 8 Ball (pictured above) and take our best stab at predicting tomorrows election results. We will be pleased if we get 30% of our predictions right, but we might not be that lucky.

U.S. House of Representatives Prediction:

We predict the Republicans will mostly likely pickup 10 to 25 seats to take control of the House. The Democrats will undoubtedly pick up a couple seats from Republicans. We predict that Adam Kinzinger’s seat in Illinois and Peter Meijer’s seat in Michigan will go to the Democrats, overall the Republicans will gain the necessary seats to take control of the House. We also expect that Alaska Democrat Mary Peltola will keep her Congressional seat. If she does lose we believe it will be to Nick Begich, we don’t believe former Governor Sarah Palin will win. Her time in politics, much like leisure suits has come and gone!

U.S. Senate Predictions:

We predict that the Democrats will keep control of the U.S. Senate and the breakdown will be either 51D-48R-1Independent (Assuming Evan McMullin wins in Utah), or 50D-50R maintaining Democratic control with VP Harris as the tie breaking vote. 

Here’s our map predicting tomorrow’s Senate results:

Here are some of our breakdowns of a few Senate races:

Pennsylvania: After the May Senate Primary in which Doctor Memet Oz narrowly won the GOP nomination, he kept continuing to trail Democratic Lt. Governor John Fetterman by a considerable margin in the polls. Recently Oz has been catching up and a few times seems to have polled ahead. This race should be a close one, but we predict a Fetterman win if only because of the Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Josh Shapiro’s coattails.

Georgia: The Georgia Senate contest has been an absolute nightmare for real conservative republicans with former football player Herschel Walker as the GOP standard bearer facing off against incumbent Democratic Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock. This race has been a close one, despite Walker’s history of domestic violence, playing Russian Roulette, forcing women to have abortions, and his admitted dozen different personalities. Inspite of the closeness of the polls we predict a Warnock victory, and a 55% chance that this race will go to a runoff just like it did in 2020.

Arizona: Former Astronaut and incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Kelly started this race well ahead of his unhinged fake Republican Challenger Blake Masters. Recent polls have shown Masters gaining, but due to McCain and Goldwater Republicans hatred of Masters we predict a narrow victory by Kelly. In other Arizona news we unfortunately predict former Obama fangirl Kari Lake will win the Governor’s race.

Alaska: Due to ranked choice voting we may not know the winner in Alaska for a week or two. But we are confident in predicting that Lisa Murkowski will win reelection to the Senate, due to her strong support in the state and most democrats will pick her as their second choice on their ballot.

Utah: We have previously written about the Senate race in Utah between incumbent Republican Senator Mike Lee and Independent Challenger conservative activist and former presidential candidate Evan McMullin. Although Nate Silver’s 538 website gives Lee the edge in tomorrows race, we are going out on a limb and predicting a win by McMullin. We are basing this off of the fact that in the GOP Senate primary this year 38% of the vote was against Lee, also we believe the fact that the Lee campaign has shown itself extremely nervous during this race that indicates they aren’t so sure they will win. We are saying if McMullin doesn’t win it will be a close contest regardless and look for Evan to run again in a couple years for another office.

Nevada: In Nevada we predict that Catherine Cortez Masto will lose to her republican challenger Adam Laxalt. Laxalt seems to be reasonably ahead in this race, and although strange things have happened in Nevada, we don’t think Cortez Masto getting re-elected will be one of them.

Wisconsin: In the Badger state we predict unfortunately that Republican Incumbent Ron Johnson will defeat his Democratic challenger Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, we think this might be a nail bitter though! 

Iowa: This is a race that looked competitive in theory anyway, our good friend Paul Ogden has written about this race. Unless a miracle happens Senator Charles Grassley will win an 8th term in the U.S. Senate. Which would tie the late Senator Storm Thurmond’s record for longest serving Senator assuming he lives out his term he will be 95 then, old Strom was 100 when he left the Senate. Admiral Mike Franken is a good candidate, and has run a good campaign but he should keep his powder dry to run for another office in Iowa.

Ohio: Former Never Trumper turned psychopathic ass kisser J.D. Vance will unfortunately we predict limp to a narrow victory over his opponent Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan. Ryan has run a good campaign and even if he loses he should run again for office. Should Ryan pull off a win expect a lot of talk of a “Draft Ryan” movement to spring up among Democrats. Elsewhere in the Buckeye State Republican Governor and real man Mike DeWine will crush his democratic challenger. 

New Hampshire:

Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan has and continues to lead in most polls against her Republican Challenger former election denier and retired Army General Don Buldoc. We predict Hassan holds her seat.

Indiana Predictions:

Here in the Hoosier state we aren’t predicting that much in the way of surprises. Let’s start with the Secretary of State’s race:

Secretary of State: Despite some problems that having been dogging the campaign of GOP Nominee Diego Morales we predict that he will defeat his challenger Democrat Destiny Wells. Political writer and keen observer of Hoosier Politics Adam Wren wrote an article for Politico, pointing out that the race could be competitive. So out of respect for Mister Wren’s judgement we are giving Wells an outside chance of winning. 

Indiana State House and State Senate: We predict the Republicans will lose 1 to 3 seats in either or both legislative chamber, because the GOP has hit it’s high water mark and we don’t see any poachable seats for them at this time. 

Indiana U.S. Senate and House Races:

In the U.S. Senate despite some questionable polls being pushed by a very unethical Indiana radio show host, we are firmly convinced that Incumbent Senator Todd Young will easily win a second term against his opponent Democratic Mayor of Hammond Tom McDermmot. 

As for Indiana’s House delegation we predict that Democrat Congressman Frank Mrvan will lose to his challenger Republican Jennifer-Ruth Green, changing the House Indiana delegation to 8 Republicans and 1 Democrat. Andre Carson should easily keep his seat. 

Miscellaneous Predictions: These are just some assorted predictions we are making for a few other races. We predict the Democrats will win the Secretary of State’s race in Arizona, and will pickup the Governorships In Oklahoma, Massachusetts and Maryland. We predict the Republicans will win the Oregon Governor’s office for the first time in 50 years and that the Democrats will narrowly hold onto the Governor’s office in New York.

Possible wildcards for the midterms:

Tonight in Ohio former President Donald Trump is appearing at a rally for JD Vance. Rumor has it that Trump might announce he is running for president in 2024. If that does occur it possibly could affect turnout in the election tomorrow, although early voting has already hit record highs this election cycle, there are still large numbers of voters who will vote in person tomorrow. Trump announcing a 2024 run tonight we predict will most likely have the following effects for Election Day:

1. Trump announcing a run might light a fire under voters that hate Trump and cause those who have not yet voted to stampede to the polls en masse. Would be ironic if several Trumpist’s were to lose because Trump caused his opponents to storm the ballot box!

2. Less likely is Trump’s announcement will cause a stampede of Trump voters to turnout.

3. Trumps announcement really doesn’t make much difference seeing as it would happen only about 18 hours before the first polls open.

4. A combination of 1 and 2 will occur in which both Trump and Anti Trump voter turnout is increased. 

Our gut tells us that option 1 or 4 is most likely to happen. Another thing to lookout for is if any Democrats lose close races and claim the election was stolen. It’s true that in 2020 that it was Republicans with the notable exception of Georgia’s Stacey Abrams who argued there elections were rigged, but it’s not out of the question that some Democrats might decide turnabout is fair play, and decide to give the GOP a taste of their own medicine. But we shall see. Also if Lake, Vance, Oz or other high profile Republican candidates lose will they graciously accept the results or not? We predict Lake and Vance wouldn’t, but Oz might if only to try to revive the Doctor Oz show. But other losing GOP candidates might cry foul if they don’t win. Let’s hope that there aren’t too many election disputes tomorrow. Well that’s it for our predictions. Buckle up friends! It’s going to be a long and bumpy ride!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Live Blogging the Oz-Fetterman Debate

Doctor Mehmet Oz Vs. Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman

7:52 PM Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! In about 8 minutes, the TV Wizard of Oz will face off against the Quaker State Giant Lt. Governor John Fetterman. Oz narrowly won his primary in May, and since has proceeded to keep embarrassing himself in his campaign. However Fetterman has had issues since suffering a stroke back in May. Tonight’s debate in Harrisburg could help decide who will be the Quaker State’s newest Senator. So sit back, and relax because we will be watching the debate so you don’t have too! Only prediction we will make is that this will go better than the Biden-Trump debates of two years ago! Buckle up everyone! Let the games begin!

8:00 PM Debate is beginning, Fetterman and Oz are standing by their podiums. Both well dressed, Moderator is explaining the debate rules. The screens with closed captions are pointed out. The screens are to help Fetterman due to side effects of his stroke.

8:03 PM Fetterman is giving his introduction speech. Sounds shaky, but speech content, he vows to keep going.

8:05 PM Oz says he wants to bring civility back to Washington. He then proceeds to attack Oz over his positions on crime. Draw so far. Not sure Oz’s attacks will land.

8:07 PM Oz is attacking Fetterman more than elaborating on his own plans. 

8:08 PM Fetterman points out Oz’s mansions and how he is out of touch with working people. Nails Oz on having his products made in China. 

8:10 PM Fetterman hits Oz as being unable to stand up to special interests. Our feeling so far is that Fetterman although shaky is not embarrassing himself, Oz is going a little overboard with his barbs at Fetterman. Oz will probably use excerpts from the debate to show Fetterman as to I’ll to function as a senator. Fetterman will undoubtedly hit back at Oz and accusing him of being an out of touch elitist.

8:15 PM Oz says he favors higher minimum wage, does favor states deciding their own abortion laws. Fetterman states that the decision of abortion is between a woman and her doctor favors Roe V Wade being codifying into law. Oz opposes a nationwide abortion law. 

8:20 PM Fetterman states that he supports Roe V Wade, also says that he would favor federal funds to transport women to states where they could get abortions.

8:22 PM Fetterman dodges about whether he will release his medical records.

8:25 PM Oz claims he has never profited from medicines advertised on his show. Fetterman says he never has supported Bernie Sanders views on healthcare, points out that Sanders was on Oz’s show years ago and that Oz praised him. Fetterman quips that since Oz seemed to love Sanders so much that he should pretend to live in Vermont, so he can run for the Senate in that state. Good move by Fetterman.

8:28 PM Fetterman says he supports fracking and energy independence. 

8:30 PM Fetterman seems to stumble a little on fracking, Oz starts arguing with the moderator but then shuts up. 

8:31 PM Fetterman says they have successfully pushed back against gun violence, and has helped reduce it. 

8:32 PM So far Oz hasn’t mentioned Trump and seems to be keeping Trumpism at arm’s length. 

8:37 PM Fetterman lists China as our biggest foreign threat. Oz says he thinks the United States is not projecting strength.

8:40 PM Oz says he will support whoever is the GOP Presidential nominee in 2024. Oz says he has confidence in the legal system, 

8:42 PM Fetterman says he will support Biden if he runs again in 2024.

Sorry we had to go quickly earlier, our correspondent got ill, but is feeling better now. The debate struck us in that we are surprised that both candidates tried to sound like they weren’t just down-the-line partisans. Fetterman said they supported fracking and Oz tried to dodge when asked about where he would back Trump in 2024, also Oz’s position on abortion although more consistent with his pre campaign position, would seem to put him at odds with much of the Trumpist right. In that he is opposing national legislation on the issue. 

Our take is in the end the debate won’t move the needle much. Here’s The Focus Group’s Sarah Longwell with her take on the debate:

Friday, October 21, 2022

Is Evan McMullin poised to defeat Utah Senator Mike Lee?

U.S. Senator Mike Lee R-Utah

Evan McMullin Independent Challenger to Senator Lee

Recently The Hill published an article by Alexander Bolton discussing the often overlooked Senate contest in Utah between incumbent Republican Senator Mike Lee, and his independent conservative challenger and former presidential candidate Evan McMullin. Mister Bolton points out that:

The Utah Senate race between conservative Republican Sen. Mike Lee and Independent Evan McMullin has emerged as a potential wild card in the battle for the Senate.

Recent polls show the race is close, with McMullin trailing Lee by only a few points in a state where Republican victories are usually all but guaranteed.

A new poll taken shows McMullin ahead of Lee by four points as reported by GOP strategist Mike Murphy:

There are signs that Lee is not so confident he is ahead as he claims. Just recently he went on Tucker Carlson’s show and started begging Senator Mitt Romney to “Please Get on Board” with his reelection campaign and to endorse him. So far Lee’s crying like a bitch to get Romney to endorse him (Senator Romney has refrained from endorsing either Lee or McMullin), seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Lee’s harsh tone against McMullin is strange especially considering that Lee voted for McMullin for President in 2016. The Indy Republican gang also cast write in votes for McMullin in 2016 and are happy we did. 

In another example of Lee’s bizarre behavior, as Sarah Rumpf pointed out in her column for Mediate, Senator Lee wrote an Op-Ed for the Salt Lake Tribune, which strangely Lee wrote in the third person. Here’s what Miss Rumpf had to say:

The op-ed headlined “Mike Lee has earned a reputation as a principled conservative” had a byline of “Mike Lee.” It’s a short piece — only seven paragraphs comprised of less than 300 words — and adopts the overly earnest tone of a middle schooler’s book report.

It seems that Senator Lee has decided to take after former President Trump, and write about himself in the third person and shower himself with undeserved praise. As Rumpf pointed out Evan McMullin also accepted the Salt Lake Tribune’s offer to write an Op-Ed. Unlike Lee’s rambling third person puff piece, Mister McMullin referred to himself in the first person, and came off as speaking only for himself. Here’s a little sampling of McMullin’s Op-Ed:

I’m Evan McMullin, and I’m running for U.S. Senate not as a member of any political party or as a representative of some special interest, but as a true independent dedicated to serving Utah and our nation.

Right now, Utahns face a choice for the future of our politics and our country. Do we continue down a path of division, partisanship and cynical self-interest that not only threatens our democracy and puts special interests ahead of Utahns, but stifles progress on issues like addressing inflation, stabilizing the economy, lowering health care costs, and protecting our air and water?

Or, do we recommit to the founding ideals in our Constitution that have made America strong, prosperous, and free: namely that we are all created free, that we are all created equal, and that no one is above the law? If we are committed to these ideals, we can find common ground to solve problems on even the most divisive issues.

I served for 10 years in the Central Intelligence Agency, working undercover to take terrorists off the battlefield after 9/11. In my time overseas, I worked with hundreds of patriots, always united by our commitment to the founding ideals that have made America strong. We worked together every day toward something larger than ourselves. That’s what we should expect from our elected leaders, and especially from our U.S. Senators.

Right now in Washington, too many politicians use division as a weapon, wielding it for their own power and personal benefit. They take millions from special interest groups and then vote their way. Some even worked to overturn millions of Americans’ votes in our last presidential election. This was a betrayal of 14 generations of American sacrifice. They tried to destroy our democracy, so long as they would have benefited.

Utah can do better. We’re building a coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents committed to working together to find common ground and deliver real solutions to move our country forward. I hope you’ll join us. Learn more at EvanMcMullin.com.

The contrast between both candidates could not be more stark. Back in 2010 and 2016 we supported Lee because he claimed to be a constitutionalist. But ever since the election of the fake conservative Donald Trump, Mike Lee has betrayed his oath to the Constitution and has shown himself unworthy of holding any office of public trust in these United States.

Whereas Evan McMullin has a long history of service to the United States, he also worked as the House GOP Policy Director for a few years and is familiar with how Congress works. He also had the courage to mount a long shot bid to defeat both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for the Presidency. McMullin believes in limited government, defending the Constitution, upholding the rule of law, free markets, strong borders and sensible immigration policy. As much as we would like to support a conservative Republican for office. We refuse to support Lee because he is not a conservative and also in the strictest sense of the word he is not a republican, meaning he does not believe in the political philosophy of Republicanism. Because Mike Lee does not and will not stand up for the Constitution and rule of law, we will not endorse him. Because Evan McMullin does support all the right things we do endorse him. We urge all our readers to go to EvanMcMullin.com and donate to his campaign. Evan McMullin has stood up for all Americans and we Republicans here are proud to stand up with him!

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Indy Republican & Earth, Wind and Fire wish you a Happy 21st of September

Good evening my children, this Indy Republican and the gang coming to you on your FM dial. We thought you all could use a break from the craziness of modern American politics. To help us all unwind is that great 70’s band Earth, Wind and Fire, singing there hit “September”.

So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Some Words of Encouragement about tonight’s Primaries

Congresswoman Liz Cheney Real Republican-WY

Tonight there are primaries in both Wyoming and Alaska. This primary season we have had our share of wins, with Brad Raffensperger and Brian Kemp in GeorgiaCongressman Don Bacon of Nebraska, and Congressmen Dan Newhouse of Washington, and Congressman David Valado of California. On the loses side we have had Congressman Tom Rice of South Carolina, Congressman Peter Meijer of Michigan and Congresswoman  Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington, and most probably the great Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming.

Senator Lisa Murkowski Real Republican-Alaska 

However even if Congresswoman Cheney does lose tonight, it appears that Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska will make through to the general election. We like all of you are disappointed in what loses we have had so far, but we are also jubilant over our victories. This will be a long and difficult struggle, but we are united in our belief in upholding the Constitution, and defending the Republic for which it stands. Unlike the talking heads of the extreme left and right, we believe in the equality of opportunity, the rule of law, and that the United States should show protection to all and favoritism towards no one. We believe truly in the nations motto E Pluribus Unum “Out of Many One”. We are one nation, we are the United States of America. We are united in our faith that the United States is a “shining city on the hill”, we are the candle in the darkness, and we are willing to atone for our sins and to aspire to the better angels of our nature. 

We will persevere, and ultimately win because unlike the forces of illiberalism on the left and right, we have a positive vision of our nation and ourselves. We do not subscribe to the dark, grievance politics of the Trumpian Alt-Right, or the Loony Left. Regardless of tonight’s results we will fight on, we will seek out and find the politically homeless, and set the captives of anti Americanism free from lies and deception and help them to see the truth. That this is indeed the greatest nation on God’s Green Earth!!! 

Go forth and continue to fight for the rights of all, to be an individual not merely just a cog in some arbitrary group. Understand that you can positively affect your own destiny, now go out there, vote for the candidates who best reflect your values! Your constitutional right to vote, is more important than any tribalist edicts! The decision as to who will represent us at the local, state and national levels is yours and yours alone!!!!!

Go out there, campaign with your head held high! Vote only for the best possible candidates! Don’t believe that you must always pick the lesser of two evils! Remember those who disagree with us are usually just our opponents, not our enemies! I have faith in you all and in God that the best days for America are still ahead! Be part of making America more great!!! 

God bless you and keep you all! And God Bless the United States of America!!!!

To close here is a video of a real American President Ronald Reagan and him being moved by the “Battle Hymn of Thr Republic”. Contrast his genuine patriotism, his reverence for America as opposed to the clownish Buffon Donald Trump!

His Truth is Marching On!

Thursday, July 28, 2022

IR’s Movie Review of “Vengeance”

Movie Poster for Vengeance 

In what we hope to have become a new semi regular feature of this blog, we are posting IR’s very first movie review. On a whim we all decided to go see the just released crime comedy thriller, Vengeance. The movie marks the directorial debut of B.J. Novack who is probably best know for his role as Ryan Howard on the tv series “The Office”. Novack is also the star of Vengeance. Novack gives an impressive performance as an ambitious journalist and podcaster, who goes to a small town in Texas to investigate the death of a woman with whom he had a brief affair.

During his adventure in Texas, Novack’s character meets up with an interesting and at times quirky assortment of characters that make up small town Texas. The film does a good job at portraying Novack’s east coast journalist, and the inhabitants of the small Texas town as real people and doesn’t resort to very much stereotyping of the players. We loved how the film avoids excessive stereotypes. 

Four stars for the well written and acted Vengeance.