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Friday, January 15, 2021

Happy 2021! Listen to these great tunes to perk you up!

Good Morning Fellow Freedom Fighters! Sorry we have been on hiatus for a month, but it has been insane these past four weeks, what with the Sedition Caucus in the House and Senate attempting to steal the presidential election for Donald Trump, the crazy Qanon Shaman marching through the Congressional Chambers, the Democrats winning control of the US Senate, and the month is only half over! 

Before we start taking a deep dive into state, local and national issues again. We thought a little musics would be in order! We have picked some songs for you all to relax too and to help lift us all up! Enjoy my children!

For The Longest Time Quarantine Edition:

For The Longest Time by Billy Joel (Original Version):

If You Wanna be Happy for the Rest of Your Life:

Come on Vaccine (Parody of Come on Eileen):

Come on Eileen:

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Dan Crenshaw Behaving Badly?

Congressman Dan Crenshaw RINO-Texas

Good evening fellow freedom fighters! There has been a lot of digs at Trump’s enablers, or as we call them the “Judas Iscariot’s of the GOP”. And here’s another broadside against the Cult of Trump.

Veteran and Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas. Who once showed promise but has since become a total Trump enabling pussy. If some activity on his Twitter account is any indication, Crenshaw might be into some bizarre activities. The Twitter verse has discovered that the Congressman follows Olivia May, a high priced escort on Twitter:

The Congressman responded by saying that neither him or anyone on his staff “purposely followed” Olivia May’s account:

Needless to say we find the Congressmen’s response over this to be unusual. He seems to take this more personally than he should be. Personally who he chooses to follow on Twitter or do on his own time we believe is his own business. But given his being a lapdog for Donald Trump he should have expect people to question his judgement. We would be curious to see what if anything Olivia May had to say about the Congressman. If they turn out to know each other that will make for some interesting gossip out of D.C.!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

A Quick Word About the 2020 Election

We meant to write more sooner, but Thanksgiving was a hectic time for all of us here at the blog. It appears our prediction that Joe Biden would defeat Donald Trump was accurate, we were wrong in thinking Biden would take North Carolina and all of Maine’s electoral votes but otherwise our prediction for the Presidential race was spot on. Unfortunately we were correct in predicting Eric Holcomb’s re-election as Governor. Despite our predictions the Democrats lost ground in the House of Representatives but have picked up seats in the Senate and might gain control of the Senate after next month’s runoff elections in Georgia. 

In the state legislature republicans gained 4 seats to increase their numbers to 71-29, they lost one state senate seat and are down to 39-11 in the senate. So overall the Republicans did better than we thought they would although they still lost the Presidency. From what we can gather there obviously were many voters who wanted Trump tossed out (The IR Gang can be counted among them). But at the same time didn’t want to give the Democrats free reign over everything. As for the Senate races in Georgia although we would like to keep the Congress divided to keep more extreme Democrats in check. Given Senators Perdue and Loeffler’s insane pandering to Trump we won’t be too upset if they lose. There are already indications that Trump may have spread the idea that the election was rigged in Georgia so well that many Trump supporters are thinking of boycotting the Georgia Senate runoff election. Which if that does happen and the Democrats win both seats that would be quite a rebuke to the Orange Pussy Grabber-In-Chief. 

You will be hearing more from us in the near future on state, local and national politics. Until then you have been tuned into IR on your FM dial and we wish you all well and God Bless.

Monday, November 2, 2020

INDY REPUBLICAN’S 2020 Election Prediction’s and Some thoughts on the Future

Tomorrow is Election Day and we hope all of you have cast your votes. We have decided to give our election predictions for the Presidential, Congressional and State races on the ballot tomorrow. We also thought we would share our thoughts on what the future holds for all of us. But first here are our predictions:


Although we were wrong in predicting the 2016 Presidential race, we have decided to take another crack at it this time. We predict that Donald Trump will win Indiana again. This time he will win by 7 to 15 points instead of the 20 he won last time. At the national level we predict with 90% certainty that Joe Biden will beat Donald Trump and be elected our next president. We base this on several factors: First, unlike Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden is not anywhere near as disliked as she was. Second, the Trump campaigns attempts to portray Biden as demented and senile failed miserably. If only because many people who dislike Biden are never going to believe that he is more unhinged than Trump. Trump’s non stop tirades on Twitter, at his rallies and his interviews, have worked Bigly towards making Trump look nuts, and by comparison making Biden look sane. There are several other reasons but they can be summed up by saying that Biden is winning independent, suburban and senior voters by YUGE margins! Where as in 2016 Trump won all three groups. Here is our final election prediction map:

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

We are giving one of Nebraska's electoral votes and all of Maine’s to Biden. We predict that Biden will win back the three “blue wall” states: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Biden we also predict will win North Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona. Although on our map we gave Ohio & Florida to Trump we think those are a coin flip at this point, but out of charity we thought we would give them to Trump. We also give Biden a 45% chance of winning Texas. IR still believes that Trump pulls out a little win in the Lone Star State, but with more votes already having been cast in Texas than in 2016. A Trump loss is not out of the question. 

U.S. Senate/House of Representative races: 

We predict the Democrats will pickup a net gain of 4-6 Senate seats to take control of the Senate by either 51-49 or 53-47 margin. In the House the Democrats will pickup 5 to 20 seats.


As much as it pains us to admit this, we predict that Eric Holcomb will get re-elected as Governor. We do give his Libertarian opponent and our friend Donald Rainwater a 30% chance of pulling a Jessie Ventura and winning but it looks more like we are going to be stuck with Holcomb and his bullying for four more years. 

State House/State Senate:

This year we believe that the Democrats will pickup 1 to 5 state house seats and pickup 1 to 3 state senate seats. We predict this due to the GOP’s decline in the suburban parts of the state. As well as the almost near extinction of the Marion County Republican Party. Look over the coming years to see the GOP continue to recede throughout urban and suburban counties, as well as for Democrats to have some mild rural resurgence in Indiana.

The Way Forward Post 2020:

Now that we have given you our predictions for the election. The question for our fellow political exiles is: Where Do We Go After 2020? This is a multi part question. Let us break it down for all of you:

What should be done about Trump’s enablers?

Among us and many fellow agitators on the Never Trump Right, there is a debate about whether to give any of Trump’s accomplices a break, overlook there betrayal of conservatism, and vote to keep them in office. in order to keep the Democrats in check, or should we throw them all to the curb? We have all long been on the side of kicking all of Trump’s lapdogs into oblivion. One thing that we would like to make perfectly clear is that we do not believe that it is a good idea to have one party in control of both Congress and the White House. We also did not vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump. That being said we have absolutely no faith that ANY of Trump’s enablers will do ANYTHING to reign in any over reach committed by the Democrats. We have documented on this blog the Judases of the GOP such as 
Mike PenceMartha McSallyRand PaulRudy GiulianiErick Erickson, and Lindsey Graham. For these traitors who sold out for their thirty pieces of silver. There is to be no quarter asked for, none to be shown. In order for the country to move forward we must burn out the cancer of Trumpism. If that means we are temporarily stuck with the Democrats in charge of Congress then that is the penance we must pay. We must after all reap what we sow.

What should Never Trumpers approach be when working with opposition Democrats and Republicans?

We Never Trump Republicans need to understand that we are politically homeless and will be so for sometime. When dealing with opposition Democrats and Republicans. Our approach should be to oppose them when necessary, cooperate with them when it furthers the cause of liberty and freedom, and always hold others and ourselves accountable. Our approach is best summed up by the late great Winston Churchill:

“In War: Resolution,
  In Defeat: Defiance,
  In Victory: Magnanimity,
  In Peace: Goodwill.”

Last Question is: How do we move forward as Americans?

We will move forward as we always have. We will look forward to each and every new day. We will remember the lessons of the past and search for what the future holds. We are the can do people, we are the true melting pot of the world, we are in every way the embodiment of our nation’s motto: E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many One. Let us focus on building on America’s future and continue to defend, protect and uphold the Constitution of these United States. Let us defend it from all enemies foreign and domestic. Go in peace our brother and sister agitators! And to those who disagree with us, we will fight and defend your rights with as much zeal as we would our own. 

Praise be to GOD! Amen!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Lou Dobbs is Right. Ditch Lindsey Graham!

Lou Dobbbs Dumping Lindsey Graham 

None of us here ever thought we would agree with the protectionist, anti-free market, Luddite Lou Dobbs. Apparently though the election of Donald Trump as President has made almost anything possible. Last Friday Lou Dobbs went after Senator Lindsey “Trapped in the Closet” Graham for being insufficiently opposed to free speech:

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Friday went after Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.), asking why anyone would vote for the Republican lawmaker just weeks before his hotly contested election.

Dobbs lashed out at the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman for “not subpoenaing the left-wing heads of the censorships Twitter and Facebook until after the election.”

“Graham has betrayed President Trump at almost every turn,” Dobbs pressed. “He has betrayed the American people and his oath of office. He’s done absolutely nothing to investigate Obamagate except to tell everyone, ‘Stay tuned,’ time and time again. Stay tuned. Senator Graham needs to be tuned out in South Carolina.”

Let us be clear. We completely oppose the attacks by Dobbs and Trump on the free speech rights of Facebook and Twitter. Dobbs is absolutely right in saying that Graham has betrayed both the American people and his oath of office. Unlike Dobbs we view his betrayal as being a rubber stamp for Trump. Here’s Dobbs in his own words denouncing Graham:

Here’s the Lincoln Project’s take on Dobbs breaking off his bromance with Graham:

Below is some more video outlining just how pathetic Lindsey Graham truly is. Please encourage everyone online to vote against Senator Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. Here’s to Graham getting his walking papers next Tuesday!

Why You Cannot Trust Lindsey Graham:

Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Village People are Coming for Donald Trump

Like many of you we all here at the blog cannot wait for the election to be over soon. Back in June that 1970’s hit band the Village People told President Donald Trump to stop playing there music at his rallies. The Huffington Post’s David Moye reported on June 5th, 2020 that:

Although the 1970s disco group the Village People has previously been OK with Donald Trump playing its music at rallies, the band just changed its tune.

On Friday (June 5th), lead singer Victor Willis asked the president to stop playing songs like “Macho Man” and “Y.M.C.A.” if he goes through with threat to sic the military on peaceful protesters in America.

So far President Trump has continued to use the Village People’s music inspire of being asked to stop by the group. Here’s some footage of Trump so called dancing to some Village People tunes at his rallies, along with a hilarious skit about it from Saturday Night Live:

SNL’s take on Trump and the Village People:

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Is Mike Pence Not Coming Back Home to Indiana? w/Update

Vice President Mike Pence and The Fly

We just received news that saddens us greatly, Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen have decided not to stop off in Indiana to cast their votes as originally planned.

Chris Sikich over at the Indianapolis Star has the story:

Vice President Mike Pence has canceled his Friday appearance in Indianapolis, where he planned to vote at the Indianapolis City-County Building. 

His office did not provide an explanation when asked why. His office said the trip would be rescheduled soon.

He and his wife, Karen Pence, each tested negative for COVID-19 Thursday, according to his office.

"Nobody's sick. There's no positive tests," Pence spokesman Devin O'Malley said. "The VP is planning on travelling on Saturday and Monday. We'll have more information on the vice president's schedule next week soon."

WISH-TV’s Dan Klein has a little more information on the Pence’s change of plan’s:

An adviser to Pence said the reason was not health-related.

Marty Obst, senior political adviser for Pence, explained the cancellation in an email to News 8’s Demie Johnson: “It was merely a scheduling issue and definitely not health related. We are going to be in Florida Saturday, Ohio Monday, and Wisconsin Tuesday. Will be sure to reach out in advance or our next trip to Indiana.”

IR and the Gang were already suspicious about Pence’s canceling his plans to comeback and vote on Friday. Marty Obst’s statement that the schedule change is not health related leads us to believe that either the reason for the cancellation is A.) Health related, either due to the President and/or the Pence’s health. Or B.) Pence reasonably for see’s a need to be somewhere else on Friday but cannot or will not say why. We have written about Marty Obst’s shady ways before, so we will not go into detail here. But something is not right with this situation. If anyone hears anything about what is going on let us know in the comments, if you don’t want your comments published just say so and we will keep it confidential. 

We also thought we would bring up as we and others have before the issue of Pence’s casting ballots from the Governor’s Mansion even though he hasn’t lived there since 2017. We have more information about that in a previous post from 2018, feel free to read that for more information. We thank all of you for your support and remember be safe and be excellent to each other!

UPDATE: Musician Jay Diggs has just released a hilarious song about Mike Pence called “I Have A Fly On You”. 


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Indy Republican’s View of the Vice Presidential Debate

Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence

Last night Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence, met in Salt Lake City, Utah for their first and only Vice Presidential debate. Unlike last week we decided to spare ourselves the pain of live blogging the debate. Instead we thought we would watch it after the debate occurred and give our impressions of it. The debate opened with a question to Senator Harris asking what a Biden administration would do differently about COVID than what the Trump administration has.

Senator Harris started by outlining her criticisms of the Trump administration’s handling of the virus. She argued  that Trump didn’t adequately prepare for the virus, and that a Biden administration would do better contact tracing and distributing the vaccine when it arrives.

Pence responded largely with his usual kissing of Trump’s ass, taking shots at the Biden campaign. Pence was asked about his presence at the White House Rose Garden “Super Spreader” event a week and a half ago. And how when they didn’t follow their own safety guidelines how can they expect the public to do so. Pence tap danced around the question and said he and Trump respect the American people to do what is best. 

Throughout the debate Pence proceeded to interrupt Harris and the moderator and seemed to get testy at times. The next topic discussed was how both candidates see the role of the Vice President, especially in regards to how to handle if the President becomes disabled. Pence started out by trying to dodge the topic by attempting to circle back on the subject of the administration’s handling of the coronavirus. Harris also dodged the question of how they saw the role of being Vice President.

We would go on to review the debate but it was just a snooze fest and won’t mean a damn thing. The high point of the debate was the fly that landed on Pence’s head:

We have reached out to the fly’s press staff to request an interview. We will let you know if we hear anything back.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Live Blogging First Trump-Biden Presidential Debate w/Update

 President Donald Trump      Former Vice President 
                                                              Joe Biden 

8:30 P.M. About 30 minutes from the time we type these words. President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden will meet at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, for the first of three scheduled Presidential debates. As much as we are all sorely tempted to skip tonight’s debate. We have decided to watch the debate so that you don’t have to. In order to stay sober we have decided only to drink if Trump doesn’t brag about himself during the debate. Needless to say we are going to be sober. Like our good friend Paul Ogden wrote earlier today we do not think that the debate is going to move the needle one way or another. None of us are going to vote for either Biden or Trump. That being said all Biden has to do is appear semi coherent and he will do well enough. 

8:40 P.M. Trump’s biggest mistake has been to keep lowering the expectations for Biden, while raising expectations for himself to an unrealistic level. So unless Biden both fails Bigly and Trump really does great. At the end of the night chances are Trump will wind up looking like Superman failing to fly. Buckle up friends! This is going to be messed up! See you all in about 20 minutes.

9:03 P.M. The debate moderator Chris Wallace is giving the introduction to the debate. Wallace is outlining the format of the debate. Wallace has picked the topics and questions. None of the questions have been shared with the Debate Commission.

9:05 P.M. Candidate’s asked about the Supreme Court. Trump so far has outlined his case for nominating Barrett to the Court. Trump so far handled himself okay. Biden is reasonably outlining his case against voting on Barrett to the Supreme Court before the election. Biden claiming that Barrett getting on the court will damage the Affordable Care Act. Trump and Biden are starting to have arguments over the ACA. 

9:12 P.M. Trump tried to accuse Biden of being an extreme socialist. And saying that “Your, party will control you.” Biden says “I am the Democratic Party”. Good answer by Biden.

9:14 P.M. Wallace is grilling Trump about his lack of an alternative to Obamacare. Trump trying without success to argue with Wallace. Our gut reaction so far is Trump will keep losing it, and Wallace keeps trying to get Trump on point. Biden even though we disagree with him is keeping his cool. He is coming across as likable and sane. 

9:17 P.M. Trump is still flailing around like a caged animal accusing Biden of being a Bernie Sanders clone. Biden points out that he beat Bernie Sanders. 

9:19 P.M. Biden points out that Trump has no idea what he is talking about. Biden sidesteps the question about whether he will expand the Supreme Court or support eliminating the filibuster in the Senate. Trump had a good opportunity to critique Biden. But he starts rambling and runs down the clock on this debate topic. And has not only failed to land a punch on Biden, but shot himself in both feet.

9:24 P.M. Biden criticizes Trump’s handling of COVID. He suggests that Trump get out of his bunker and golf cart and deal with the issue.

9:25 P.M. Trump is having a hard time not interrupting Biden and Wallace. Biden says he is pro vaccine but doesn’t trust Trump to handle the issue.

9:28 P.M. Our impressions so far is that Biden is keeping his cool, hitting Trump back effectively. Trump so far has only succeeded in not removing the lemur pelt off his head.

9:32 P.M. Trump gets testy and tells Biden not to use the word smart with him. Biden shrugs him off. 

9:35 P.M. Trump is bragging about the size of his outdoor rallies. We are surprised he hasn’t said the rallies are YUGE. 

9:41 P.M. Trump claims that he built the greatest economy ever. Accuses Biden of just wanting endless shutdowns. Biden hits Trump over job losses during his administration. 

9:46 P.M. Wallace asked Trump if he paid $750 in taxes in 2016-2017. Trump is claiming he paid millions in taxes those years. Biden keeps asking Trump to release his tax returns. Trump keeps saying that he will release them “when they are ready”.

9:52 P.M. Wallace apologizes for raising voice to get Trump and Biden to not interrupt each other. Wallace is going to get roasted on Twitter by Trump no doubt. Especially after Wallace told the President has interrupted more than Vice President Biden has.

9:57 P.M. Trump is accusing Biden of being against Law and Order. Says Biden cannot says law enforcement or he will lose his radical left support. Biden answers by saying law enforcement and vows to work with police and the public to support law and order. Biden also hits back by saying that rioting and looting are never acceptable. 

10:01 P.M. Biden continues to emphasize his Irish Catholic heritage and his upbringing in Scranton, PA. Biden also just said Law and Order. 

10:04 P.M. Trump says that Biden won’t say law and order. Despite the fact Biden just said it three minutes. Biden also said to Trump: “You wouldn’t know the suburbs unless you got lost on the highway.” Biden says he opposes defunding the police. Trump tried to hit him over this issue. But once again wastes time ranting against Biden and fails to land a blow. 

10:10 P.M. At this point if we were Chris Wallace, after dealing with all the interruptions from Trump we would tell him: “Look Motherfucker when we say stop talking, you shut up.”

10:14 P.M. Biden accuses Trump of being “Putin’s Puppy”, Trump gets upset and has to be chastised again by Wallace. Biden argues he will be strong on national defense. Says Trump is weak. Points out the military service in his family.

10:18 P.M. Trump is not doing to badly on discussing the need for forest management. He is undercut though by the fact he has been President for three years and why hasn’t he done anything about it. 

10:25 P.M. Although we are not on board with Biden’s Green Agenda, but his softer tone of voice would seem to be more persuasive to undecided voters. Biden mentions Trump suggested dropping a nuke into a hurricane. Biden insists that his plan is not the Green New Deal. He supports the Biden Plan.

10:27 P.M. Both candidates asked how confident in the integrity of the election and what will they do to help ensure a fair and free election. Biden says he encourages people to vote, will work to have enough poll watchers at the polls. He criticizes Trump for opposing voting by mail even though Trump votes by mail. Says he will accept the results of the election. Trump whines claiming there hasn’t been a free transition from when he was elected. Good Lord, Donald! You have been in office three years! Can you stop whining already! 

10:33 P.M. Trump says they are urging his supporters to watch what is going on with the election. Continues to say that there will be massive voter fraud. Biden has said that he will accept the results of the election and so will President Trump. 

10:38 P.M. Debate has ended. Thank You God!!!