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Sunday, July 14, 2019

INDY REPUBLICAN’s Tribute to Advance Indiana’s Gary Welsh

Gary Welsh Blogger and Friend to all Good Americans 

We wanted to say something to all of our friends and readers. IR has enjoyed writing for the last three years and we intend to blog until we leave this world. It has just dawned on us now. That in all the time we have been blogging, we have never taken the time to express how much we appreciated, honored and loved our dear friend the late great Gary Welsh. The talented, charming, much beloved genius who authored the irreplaceable blog Advance Indiana. We did mention briefly now and then we missed him. And this blog is dedicated to carrying on his crusade for freedom and good government. However we all were so determined to write this blog, and to help our brothers-in-arms Paul Ogden, and Jon Easter. We never paid a proper tribute to Gary. Well that changes now. Gary Welsh was in the highest and greatest sense a man. He fought for the rights of all, and inspite of the odds he won more often than he knew. His writing style and prose were of the quality that all should aspire to. He was willing to stand alone if need be. We miss him to an extent, that our sorrow cannot be adequately expressed by the limitations of human speech. 

His blog is still read by all of us to this day. We can never bring ourselves to remove the link to his blog. To do so would make us guilty of impoverishing all who visit this blog. We are proud to have been his friends for over a decade. He helped many of us survive times that almost destroyed us. Though we miss him like we miss a father, teacher and friend. All of us are blessed to have known him. We have no doubt that regardless of whatever differences he might have had with IR and Paul Ogden. Gary Welsh was a true men, and a patriot without equal. He was and would have been proud to continue working beside us. We beseech you our readers to remember that inspite of our differences as Lincoln put it: “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

Yes the tensions along political, religious and partisan lines are immense today. We have faced far darker moments than we find ourselves in. We will survive this. Don’t let yourself become discouraged. Even if it seems the whole world is against you. Hold fast to your principles, your values. Make them matter to YOUR lives. Develop within yourself the satisfaction that although thanks and approval from others are not inherently bad. And you will sometimes receive them. It will not always come right away or every time you do right. As long as you hold to the knowledge and firm conviction that what you are doing is right. Your actions, your life will and does matter. The seeds you plant will eventually bear fruit. Rome was not built in a day. Our task, our calling will be lifelong. 

Our ultimate goal as expressed once again by that great republican Abe Lincoln is this: “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

Farewell Gary Welsh! You will never be forgotten. Your detractors as some have already will wither away. Your life, your work will forever stand resolute against the powers that be. Exactly as the 300 at Thermopylae held firm. As we close this tribute to the master himself. We issue a call to arms to any and all to aid us, Paul Ogden and our allies in pursuing the holy cause of freedom.

Here’s a little civil war song to get you all motivated to fight the good fight! Praise be to God! AMEN!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Indiana's Inspector General Continues to Cover Up Crime

Something that INDY REPUBLICAN and all right thinking Hoosiers figured out long ago is, that in this state the powers that be enforce the laws only when they wish to. Since 2005 when "Godfather Governor" Mitch Daniels created the office of Inspector General to cover up investigate and ferret out wrongdoers. The amount of criminal activity and corruption has exploded a thousand fold in this state. Earlier this week one of IR's favorite Indiana journalists Kara Kenney had an outstanding story about a Department of Corrections Supervisor accused of running a business on state time:

The Inspector General’s office launched an investigation in October 2018 following a complaint about a Department of Correction supervisor selling essential oils during work hours.

According to the complaint, an IDOC employee told investigators the supervisor approached her about selling products during an IDOC meeting and gave her a product sample.

“Employee also indicated that she saw another DOC employee give the supervisor money during state time for what she assumed was payment for the purchase of essential oils,” read the OIG report. “Employee alleged that the supervisor recruited at least three other DOC employees to sell the products.”

In an interview with an OIG investigator, the supervisor said she began offering and promoting products through a private company during the fall of 2017, but stopped when IDOC launched an internal investigation.

The supervisor also said three of her Department of Correction subordinates joined the company and engaged in the business outside of work.

The OIG investigation found the IDOC supervisor received a percentage of the application fee for the three IDOC employees who obtained company memberships through her.

IDOC investigators found an email the supervisor sent from her state email related to the essential oils business.

“Although the investigation revealed the supervisor engaged in limited misuse of state property and a violation of DOC policy, her misuse of state property was low in volume and spread over a time frame of several months,” read the report.

The Office of Inspector General found “insufficient evidence” to bring a formal complaint against the IDOC supervisor before the State Ethics Commission.

“The evidence did not clearly show how much state time the supervisor spent promoting or offering products because some of this activity occurred during the supervisor’s lunch hours and after state work hours,” read the OIG report, dated May 23.

But fear not fellow hoosiers! Because even though the IG has declined to bring a formal complaint against the IDOC employee who by their own admission engaged in a commercial venture on state time. An offense that could get an employee terminated by the state. The IG has agreed to take the following action so that they not be forced too often to pretend to investigate wrongdoing at the state:

The OIG recommends the Indiana Department of Correction distribute a written notice to all IDOC employees reminding them that if they engage in any outside business, they must do so on their own time without using state time or state property/resources.

The Inspector General also recommends IDOC and its supervisors use caution when talking to subordinates about outside businesses they’re involved in.

Yeah have IDOC actually explain to DOC employees that they aren't supposed to engage in outside business on state time. That'll teach people not to commit ghost employment! As for recommending that IDOC and the supervisors their us caution when discussing outside business at DOC. Why not just tell them NOT to talk to anybody at work about outside employment? You know due to something called common sense and professionalism.

Lastly the Inspector General's office had this final bit of Solomon-like wisdom to offer the DOC:

“The OIG encourages DOC to consider providing additional training or instruction for all DOC employees in supervisory or managerial roles on the ghost employment and use of state property rules,” read the report. “Employees in authoritative positions often have the ability to wield undue influence over their subordinates, even if unintentional.”

Our response to the IG is "No Shit"! There are single celled organisms that know that people in authority have the ability to wield undue influence over their employees. Kudos to Kara Kenney for this outstanding report. Feel free to read the IG's so called report here if you wish. This reminds us all here of a similar case of blatant ghost employment reported on by Kenney back in 2012. Both Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden blogged about the case at that time. Paul Ogden had this interesting observation of that case:

Let me get this straight.  I write a memo to the Commissioner of the Indiana Department that my supervisor was misappropriating money from the title insurance division that I ran and committing other legal violations.  Within minutes of getting that memo, I am immediately fired and left two years short of my pension.  I'm not alone.  Whistleblowers who are routinely fired by the state and I am not aware of a single one who has ever prevailed in court. Judges do not enforce the laws protecting state employee whistleblowers.  

If you are a state employee who dares to report ghost employment, the whistleblower can expect to be fired and have absolutely no recourse.  Meanwhile the state employee who commits the ghost employment gets a short suspension and continues on in state employment or gets his full pension should he choose to retire. 

In the interest of saving taxpayers money at this point the Indiana General Assembly should just abolish the Inspector General's office. After 14 plus years of existence it has only served to shield wrongdoers from being held accountable. And to punish those employees who have tried to uphold the laws and protect the taxpayers money. In the past the IG has used their office to cover up and protect former Indiana Secretary of State and Congressman Todd Rokita. The administration of former Governor Mike Pence further allowed the Inspector General's Office to cover up wrong doing by a former BMV official.

Inspector General Lori Torres

Given the track record so far of Governor Eric Holcomb we can expect more, not less of these incidents to occur. Seeing as Holcomb is a servant to his demonic master Mitch Daniels it is not surprising that he has appointed Daniels flunky Lori Torres to the post of Inspector General. Torres was Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Labor for part of Daniels time as Governor. So naturally she has continued to do the bidding of her masters in hoosier politics. What we suggest to our readers is that they write, call and email Ms. Torres and her office until she decides to actually do her job. Also contact Governor Eric Holcomb, as well as your state legislators about this. Tell them that Gary Welsh called and he wants to give them all an earful.

You can reach Miss Torres at:

Office of the Inspector General
315 West Ohio Street, Room 104
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Telephone: 317-232-3850
Toll free:  866-805-8498
Email: info@ig.in.gov
Twitter: @LoriTorres2013 

Governor Eric Holcomb when he exits his coffin can be contacted at:

By Phone: 317-232-4567

By Mail:
Office of the Governor
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797
Or contact Eric Holcomb via twitter: @HolcombForIN, or @GovHolcomb
Click here to contact your state legislators and give them a piece of your mind. Come on everybody! Let's go out there and raise some hell for Gary Welsh! That's it friends! Troll the living daylights out of the political class! DEFY Eric Holcomb! Call and tweet like hell motherfuckers! Till next time this is your favorite midwestern brigands and rabble rousers saying "Keep up the good fight"!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Erick Erickson Goes Off The Deep End w/Update

Erick Erickson Trump Propagandist/Anti-Christian Spokesman

We were originally going to blog about the long overdue arrest of financier and sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein that occurred a few days ago. And hope to blog about that more soon. Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana wrote extensively on Epstein and Epstein counsel, now Donald Trump apologist Alan Dershowitz. In a not-so-shocking turn Erick Erickson, once a man who billed himself as the conscience of conservatives and the guardian of opposing the RINO-Lib Dem Donald Trump. Has continued his turn to evil. By deciding to make light of the sexual abuse of Jeffrey Epstein.

Erickson had this to say:

We have addressed Erickson’s descent into madness and sycophancy last month. But this ill timed and pitiful attempt at making a joke about Epstein’s victims is a new low. Before the objections to our portrayal of Erick’s poorly chosen words. Whether or not what he said is true or not is irrelevant. Also Erick President Trump like his former BFF former President Bill Clinton has strong ties to Epstein. So we thought that it might interest you to know the candidate you are supporting for President next year is so close with a pedophile. We wonder if Erickson will cowardly delete his tweet from today. Just as he has since deleted his tweet stating that he was backing now independent Congress Justin Amash of Michigan and Donald Trump in their re-election bids in 2020. Erickson’s attempt to play both sides against the middle by attempting to placate Trump and his former Never Trump allies will succeed only in making Erickson more and more of a joke. So Erick hope you enjoy being part of the Fellowship of the Pharisees. Because that’s who you have sided with. Let’s all pray that Erickson’s apostasy and fall from grace ends eventually. We do so hate to see someone destroy themselves for less than nothing.

UPDATE: This apparently is not the first time that Erickson has made light of allegations of sexual assault. Back in 2017 Erickson wrote an article entitled “Why I Don’t Blame Roy Moore’s Voters for Sticking With Him”. Of course after seeing this it makes Erick’s tweet makes more sense. After all Epstein did oversample 12-18 year olds, just like Roy Moore.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Narcissism Thy Name Is Donald Trump

Before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming. We just thought we would share perhaps the most insane thing we have seen to date on President Trumps twitter feed. The President starts out fine by praising America. But he then ruins it by thanking himself for America’s greatness. 

All of us here called President Obama the “Narcissist In Chief” with justification when he was the in office. We had hoped whoever followed him wouldn’t also deserve that title. But Donald Trump as he is prone to do has decided to be Barrack Obama on Steroids. We conservatives and republicans need to realize that if something is bad coming from Obama or Hillary having Trump do it does not make it any better. Those of us like Paul Ogden, George Will, Joshua Claybourn, Charlie Sykes, Joe Wilson, and Bill Kristol who have stayed true to our conservative principles in the face of Trumpism. We must continue to hold our ground. History will thank us for it. Unless we want our national two party system to keep going down the path of being a “Unibrow Party” system of socialist authoritarianism. We must and will resist the growing pressure to be mindless drones working for a matrix of fat cat political hacks and empty talking heads. For the sake of our brothers gone before us like the late, great Gary Welsh. Like Barry Goldwater, Bill Buckley and Ronald Reagan. Let us seek to bind up the nations wounds. We shall fight for the ideals of the founders. Praise be to God! AMEN!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

GOP Strategist Mike Murphy Explains Why Trump Is Beyond Saving

Just found this snippet of an interview that Hollywood Producer, Screenwriter and longtime GOP strategist Mike Murphy did with Bill Kristol back in 2017. The whole interview is well worth watching in its own right on YouTube. Also we recommend Murphy’s weekly “Hacks On Tap” podcast where he discusses politics with Democratic Strategist David Axelrod. Enjoy the clip:

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

IBM Ordered to Pay $78 Million to the State Ending Decade Long Lawsuit

Good afternoon friends! Well it appears that the decade long shit show IBM-FSSA lawsuit has come to an end. IBM has been ordered by the Indiana Supreme Court to pay $78 Million to the state over the bungled welfare privatization performed during Mitch Daniels “reign of error” as Governor. Olivia Covington over at The Indiana Lawyer gives the lowdown on this case:

In its second opinion issued in the years-long dispute between Indiana and IBM Corp. over the failed contract to create a new Hoosier welfare system, the Indiana Supreme Court has allowed IBM to collect post-judgment interest on its $49.5 million damages award. However, that interest will date back only to a 2017 judgment on remand, not the original judgment entered in the company’s favor in 2012, and only serves as an offset to the greater sum IBM owes the state.

Justice Steven David wrote for the court in the Wednesday opinion in International Business Machines Corporation v. State of Indiana, acting on behalf of the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration19S-PL-19. The justices, excluding Justice Mark Massa, heard their second round of arguments in the case in February.

At issue in the litigation is a contract between IBM and the state requiring IBM to develop a new welfare system that utilized a centralized call center to handle customer requests. The new system, colloquially known as “modernization,” was meant to be a shift away from the prior welfare system that emphasized face-to-face contact with customers.

But the state terminated the IBM contract in 2009 after modernization began experiencing problems. Instead, the state created its own welfare system, known as “hybrid,” that combined the call center with the former face-to-face model.

Both parties filed breach complaints, and the Marion Superior Court initially determined modernization’s failure was not a breach of IBM’s contract. Instead, the state was ordered in 2012 to pay IBM $49.5 million for the costs of equipment and assignment fees.

Barnes & Thornburg attorneys John Maley and Peter Rusthoven, counsel for the state in the IBM litigation, released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying they are pleased with the court’s ruling.

“Hoosiers will finally benefit from IBM’s multi-million-dollar payment of this judgment,” the statement said, referring to the $78 million owed to the state.

The article does mention the ruiling was 3-1 in favor of the state. Justice Mark Massa did not participate in the ruling since he worked as General Counsel for Governor Mitch Daniels who had ordered the IBM contract canceled. We have blogged previously on this issue once or twice before. Personally we feel that IBM was royally shafted by the state and should have not been forced to pay the state anything. On the other hand though IBM should have realized that doing business with the state was a bad idea. Especially since after IBM was given the heave ho, Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS) was put in to do the work. This was a big problem because then FSSA Secretary Mitch Roob had previously worked for ACS. Why this matter was never investigated by the US Attorneys Office in Indianapolis is a mystery to this day. Barnes and Thornburg’s role in representing the state is particularly troubling because as Paul Ogden pointed out back in 2012 that Barnes and Thornburg had lobbied the state to get ACS put in charge of the states welfare privatization project. Paul Ogden said at the time:

According to Judge Dreyer, the services provided by ACS were the major source of the complaints, Nonetheless, IBM ended up being discharged from the while ACS remained on as part of a "hybrid system."  Conveniently for ACS, a former executive theirs, Mitch Roob, headed FSSA, when IBM-ACS won the original privatization contract and yet another ACS executive, Mike Gargano, headed FSSA during the litigation over IBM's discharge.

The State, i.e. FSSA, ended up suing IBM to recover under the contract.  IBM countersued, claiming that the State breached the contact through its termination.  But who does the Daniels' administration insist the State hire to represent the State?  None other than Barnes & Thornburg the very law firm that represented ACS in lobbying to get the contract and still represents ACS to this day.  

Let me summarize what appears to have happened. ACS lobbies state officials to oust IBM so ACS can have the lucrative Medicaid privatization contract to itself.  ACS eventually succeeds.  The State sues IBM, perhaps to counter the inevitable breach of suit IBM was about to file.  After, IBM sues, the State hires Barnes & Thornburg, ACS's attorney to represent the state.

The State appears to be nothing more than a proxy for ACS. This case is essentially ACS v. IBM, yet we taxpayers are on the hook to pay Barnes & Thornburg, ACS' attorneys, $9.6 million.  That is uttterly outrageous.

Given that federal money here is involved, I too wonder why there has not been a federal investigation opened up by the FBI into this matter.  There certainly should be now that the facts here expose troubling, if not illegal, conduct by government officials and private lobbyists.

Between attorneys fees and the cost of the original contract with IBM. We estimate that the state has easily put us taxpayers on the hook for well over $500 Million. This whole mess could have been avoided if the Daniels administration had just listened to what some of his own people told him and given FSSA caseworkers new computers. Instead “Little Man” Mitch was determined to privatize food stamp delivery no matter what. Daniels and his bagman Governor “High Tax” Holcomb seem content knowing they slit the wrists of us taxpayers to feed the vampire looters and moochers who have helped through their demonic means to advance their political careers. 

Some of INDY REPUBLICANS allies in the cultural war against President Trump. Have tried to assuage our concerns about Holcomb by saying he is not on the side of Trumpian tribalism and authoritarianism. Don’t be fooled. Former Governor Mitch Daniels his boss whose legacy Holcomb carries out. Mitch Daniels created the tribalism, authoritarianism, and waste and theft of taxpayers money that would have been an embarrassment even in Tsarist Russia. We the men and women of truth, the guardians of freedom and justice for all will continue to fight until the Daniels-Holcomb Syndicate is a distant memory. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Resurgent’s Erick Erickson’s Political Schizophrenia

As Never Trump conservative republicans INDY REPUBLICAN was somewhat comforted by the stand made by Erick Erickson against the RINO Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign. And like our brother-in-arms fellow gadfly Republican Paul Ogden. We share Paul’s distaste at the transformation of Erickson’s former well regarded website Redstate from being a truly conservative website to being another Trumpist rag. Just like the transformation of the late Andrew Brietbart’s site Brietbart News into a propaganda mill of the new Trumpservative GOP establishment. 

Before we delve any further into our critique of Erickson. In the interest of fairness Erickson did hire and has retained several former Redstate writers who were forced out last year during that sites purging of Trump skeptics like the incomparable Susan Wright. That being said it has been a source of great frustration for all of us that earlier this year, in an act of ultimate political cowardice and sycophancy Erickson did a complete turn around and endorsed the Trump ticket for 2020.

Erickson said that the Trump-Pence ticket had “earned his vote” and that despite Trumps many flaws of which Erickson has continued to write about that Trump is better for religion than the anti-religious secular democrats. Erickson being a seminary student should no better. Although all of us at IR are devoted Christians and we cannot stand the Democratic Party’s hostility towards people of faith. The mad dash towards joining in with the Fellowship of the Pharisees, that so many of our brothers and sisters have done and who defend everything Trump does, have done more damage to the body of Christ than most anti religious bigots ever could. Martin Luther who started the Protestant Reformation said he would rather hear the honest shouts of an angry atheist than insincere flattery from his followers. Or as Christ himself said in Matthew 15:8: “"'These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.”

Reports that Erickson decided to if half heartedly give Trump his endorsement suggest that he did so after being lobbied to do so by President Trump. Apparently dear Erick would rather have praise from temporal rulers rather than the God that he claims to serve and worship.

Some have suggested that we are being to hard on Erick. That he has legitimately changed his mind on Trump. Well if it were not for today’s shenanigans that Erickson pulled by saying he endorses Congressman Justin Amash R-MI and Donald Trump for re-election in 2020, there might have been some argument if albeit a weak one that Erickson had changed his mind on Trump. Here is his statement on Twitter:

An endorsement of both campaigns and the donating of money to them is not reconcilable with reality. Congressman Amash has been on Trump’s enemy’s list for several years now. And even more so since Amash an attorney read the Mueller report and concluded after reading it that President Trump should be impeached. Whether knowingly or not by saying that “We need people like Amash in the House of Representatives who are willing to stand up for smaller government and principle.” Than either Erickson is saying that Amash’s argument for the impeachment of Trump is a principled one. In which case Erickson approves of it and makes his support of Trump suspect. Or he doesn’t support impeaching Trump in which case it is impossible for Erickson to honestly back Amash for re-election. After all as any candid observer must admit Amash’s stand is only harming Trump. Especially in Amash’s crucial must win home state of Michigan. So if he wants Trump re-elected in 2020 wouldn’t the wise move be to attack Amash? Or is Erick just trying to cover his ever widening ass in case Trump tanks Bigly next year?

Fortunately not everyone at Erickson’s The Resurgent is a useless hack like him. Susan Wright formerly of Redstate, now a writer for The Resurgent and on her blog Susan Wright On the Right has continually backed Amash and opposed Trump. You can read some of her articles and other fine conservatives and libertarians articles on Amash here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

As for Susan Wright and the other Pro-Amash voices at The Resurgent Bravo! A word of warning though. Since Erick Erickson has already sold out his principles there is no guarantee that he won’t stab Wright and other anti trump writers and activists in the back as well if his master Donald Trump tells him to. Especially in light of this tweet sent out by Donald Trump, Jr (no doubt on his fathers orders) to Amash this morning bragging about how Amash is now down by 16 points in the most recent primary poll. The ever clever Congressman Amash has this to say to Donnie, Jr:

President Trump To Meet with Whales and Dolphins

This edition of Thursday Funnies is brought to us once again by President Trump. As he is prone to doing the Twitterer-In-Chief forgot to spell check before he tweeted out a message on international diplomacy.

In bragging about his frequent visits with foreign dignitaries. The President said that he has met with the Queen of England and the Prince of Whales recently. Of course he should have said Prince of Wales. That is unless the president did indeed meet with an undersea monarch and just decided to reveal that aquatic life has adopted a feudal system of governance.

To break down for us in his own inimitable way here is Bill Kristol:

This is one instance in which we wish that President Trump had actually made some earth shattering discovery about other intelligent life on this planet. But alas we have to accept that Trump is just blowing off his mouth again.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Charlie Sykes And George Will Explain Why Conservatives Must Oppose Trumpism

A little while ago George Will and Charlie Sykes we’re interviewed by Chuck Todd on MSNBC. Messrs Sykes and Will both gave their reasons as to why conservatives MUST oppose Trumpism and the GOP AKA Gutless On Principle Party as David Leach has called them. We find the case as laid out by both men to be compelling. We also are impressed with George Will’s comparing much of the modern GOP as being on a similar level as the Communist Party USA of the 1930’s. We have discussed previously on this blog the Sovietization and growth of Communism in the Republican Party.

About the only difference between us and Will and Sykes is that we all here are republicans, and we will stay republicans until the last Trumpist saboteur is either drummed of the GOP, repents and embraces the limited government conservatism of Goldwater, Reagan and Buckley, or gives up. So to our detractors in the GOP. We are just getting started. We were here before many sellouts were gyrations in their dad’s pants, and we will be here in the GOP long after many of them have gone onto that “MAGA Palace in the Sky” as GOP Strategist and Hollywood Producer/Screenwriter Mike Murphy would say.

Below for your viewing pleasure George Will and Charlie Sykes going after Donald Trump: