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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Christine Scales tells Fake Republican Jim Merritt why Indianapolis Roads are so bad

Many times on this blog we have praised Indianapolis City-County Councilor Christine Scales and criticized Marion County Democratic Republican Party Chairman and State Senator Jim Merritt for his nonsense. Links to our past posts on Christine Scales and Jim Merritt can be found here, and here. Merritt issued this statement earlier this week about the current state of Indianapolis's roads:

Chairman Jim Merritt Comments on Road Conditions

INDIANAPOLIS – Today Marion County Republican Party Chairman Jim Merritt spoke out in frustration on the shameful conditions of our roads.

“It’s been less than a month since I first spoke out about the deplorable conditions of our roads and they’ve only gotten worse. When I first challenged the administration on their lack of action to repair the crumbling roads in Indianapolis, there were about 1,700 open cases of potholes. Only three weeks later, we have nearly 5,000 reported cases of potholes,” said Merritt.

“Why isn’t the Mayor using all of the $50 million dollars given to the City from the State for road and infrastructure projects now? Perhaps he doesn’t think we need it. Or is he waiting until next year when he’s up for re-election to spend it in order to score some cheap political points? Our roads aren’t just degrading at an alarming rate, they’re becoming a danger to the citizens of Marion County. There is no question the Mayor of Indianapolis has countless responsibilities. We expect our Mayor to pick up the trash, plow the snow, fill our potholes and keep us safe. Right now this Mayor is not making the grade.”

“Pothole Joe can put on a reflector vest for the cameras and act like he has a solution to our pothole and infrastructure problems, but the media sees through that and more importantly, the residents of Marion County see through it. It’s time for Pothole Joe to stop playing games and actually get serious about fixing our streets.”

To this Christine Scales torched Merritt with this reply on her Facebook page:

Fact Check GOP County Chair Merritt's Road Condition Blame Game:
IF.... the $400 million in ReBuild Indy dollars received from the water rights sale hadn't turned into a slush fund, we wouldn't be where we are today.
IF:...millions in ReBuild Indy funds-ordained to fund only roads, sidewalks, bridges, and some drainage projects hadn't been used to remodel a wing of the City Market, spent on a Cricket Field, spent to shore up Blue Indy, and other non-priority projects....
IF....Asphalt contractor's work had been held to industry standards the newly resurfaced roads under Ballard wouldn't be in the deteriorated condition they are in today.
IF...Sen. Merritt wouldn't burden Marion County with unfunded mandates in the Statehouse that overburden our City budget, we would have more money to dedicate to infrastructure.
"Chairman Jim Merritt Comments on Road Conditions
INDIANAPOLIS – Today Marion County Republican Party Chairman Jim Merritt spoke out in frustration on the shameful conditions of our roads."

Councilwoman Scales is of course calling Merritt out on former Republicrat Mayor Greg Ballard's asinine Blue Indy, a Cricket Field, and scores of other useless projects which have only served to drain the life blood our of Indianapolis. We are not aware of any replies yet by Merritt to Scales statement. We would be greatly surprised if Merritt even attempts a reply. The man is a useless fool who the Marion County GOP should kick to the curb. As long as Merritt or another toady like him is in charge of the Marion County GOP the party is assured of nothing but continued disaster.

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