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Monday, December 19, 2016

Governor-Elect Eric Holcomb picks Kyle Hupfer as IN GOP Chairman

This isn't exactly breaking news. But we wanted to update all our readers that former Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) director and attorney Kyle Hupfer to takeover as head of the Indiana Republican Party when current State Chairman Jeff Cardwell steps down in a few months. Niki Kelly at the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reports:

Kyle Hupfer

Hupfer is the current 5th District Chairman and a trusted longtime friend of Holcomb.
“I know Kyle Hupfer is prepared to manage the robust statewide grass-roots, finance and communications organization that is the Indiana Republican Party well into the future and ask that members of the state committee select him as our next state chairman,” Holcomb said.
Hupfer is chief administrative officer and general counsel of Indiana Mills & Manufacturing, Inc., in addition to serving as co-chair of the Holcomb-Crouch Transition Board.
He previously served as the director of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for then-Gov. Mitch Daniels and also as the chairman of the Indiana State Fair Commission.

We had reported previously on this blog about speculation that former Marion County GOP Chairman Kyle Walker would be Eric Holcomb's pick to lead the Indiana GOP. Our sources tell us that Mr. Hupfer is not a bad choice to be chairman. If Mr. Hupfer is a decent choice to run our party. He should be mindful of Eric Holcomb. That man is capable of all kinds of underhandedness. Good Luck to you Mr. Hupfer! With Holcomb as Governor you will need it! As for further information about the man Kyle Hupfer will be replacing current State GOP Chairman RINO Traitor Jeff Cardwell we refer you to our previous posting about Mr. Cardwell here.


  1. Having self-selected away from the local and state GOP organizations I once participated in and supported, I know nothing about this Hupfer.

    What I DO know is Indy Republican is absolutely correct about Eric Holcomb and Jeff Cardwell.

    Holcomb is a master at underhanded shenanigans, many of which might benefit him politically and possibly financially. The guy is a crook inho.

    As for Mr. Cardwell, who now has a BFF in the RINO "R" Mike Pence.... Good Lord Jeff how many Carwell Home Improvement emails do you send out to me and the litany of "R" persons on your lists? As a too-frequent recipient of these email adverts, I thought from the firt one that you were in dangerous legal territory sending out your business emails to those on your political lists.

  2. My question about Jeff Cardwell now becomes where will the DYI store owner RINO traitor next turn up? With Cardewell BFF RINO R Mike Pence (soon to be) in the White House, I have little doubt Cardwell already has something in the works.

    1. Anon 10:56,

      Good points. Cardwell no doubt already has something lined up! Jim Kittle, Murray Clark, Eric Holcomb and Jeff Cardwell have all been losers. If Holcomb's most recent announcements about his administration picks are any indication he is just a rerun of the worst elements of the Daniels administration! If you look closely at photos of Eric he has unaturally dark circles under his eyes that reflect the darkness in his nonexistent soul!

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