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Monday, September 19, 2016

State GOP Chariman Jeff Cardwell under fire for using his position to promote his hardware store!

In today's Behind Closed Door column on Indystar Tony Cook has once again wrote another great piece of work. Tony Cook writes:

Several prominent Republicans told IndyStar they've been bombarded with emails hawking factory direct roofing, aluminum ladders, key cutting and Weber grills. One email even encourages recipients to "Join Our Team!!" — not as a campaign canvasser or political donor, but as a part-time cashier at Cardwell Home Center on the south side.
What bothers some of those Republicans is that it appears Cardwell is using the party's political email lists for his personal business and for a nonprofit he runs called People Helping People.

What bothers us at INDY REPUBLICAN is Cardwell's Home Center so hard up for workers that he feels the need to use his political emails as want ads?

Cook continues:

"I've heard numerous complaints," said Republican strategist Megan Robertson. "It's not his list to use. Campaign workers, candidates and donors across the state put in countless hours and dollars to advocate for the Republican Party, not a hardware store."
The email lists have distinctly political titles. The list to which some of the emails were sent was titled "Marion County WC VWC PC" — presumably abbreviations for ward chairmen, vice ward chairmen and precinct committeemen. Other lists were titled "Indiana State Convention Delegates" and "Precinct Committeemen."

Although INDY REPUBLICAN has no particular fondness for Megan Robertson as we have stated before concerning her OWI arrest and her past work on behalf of Mayor Greg "Boss Hogg" Ballard! For once Megan has a valid point about something. The State GOP Chairman should not be using party resources to promote his private business ventures! It's interesting to us though that she would be the one to criticize Cardwell seeing as when he was on the Indianapolis City-County Council he was one of Ballard's top lackeys!

Tony Cook then brings the article on home with this screenshot from an email of Cardwell's and some follow up information on the blurry lines between Cardwell's political and business activities:

The mixture of Cardwell's personal business and political responsibilities was also evident on a state party email soliciting donations ahead of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. While that email was political in nature, the disclaimer at the bottom attributed it to "Cardwell Home Center."
Cardwell didn't return messages from IndyStar seeking comment.

We all wish we could say we are surprised by Cardwell's shenanigans sorry to say that we are not! INDY REPUBLICAN tips our hats to Tony Cook for reporting this story and for doing what a responsible journalist should do by informing the public about people in position of political power in our society. This makes us think just how badly Eric Holcomb and Tim Berry were at chairing the Indiana Republican Party if Governor Mike Pence decided to replace them with this loser! Also for years real Hoosiers like Gary Welsh, Paul Ogden and Pat Andrews have been raising alarm bells about what kind of person Jeff Cardwell is! We will close this post by providing links to two posts about Cardwell. If you want to see Cardwell get his butt chewed on take a look at this story by Gary Welsh that has a link to a video of the great citizen activist Pat Andrews chiding Cardwell for his promotion of endless tax hikes! Also take a look at Ms. Andrews blog Had Enough Indy? 

And for Paul Ogden's take on Cardwell checkout this classic post entitled: "Did Jeff Cardwell Sell his Political Soul for a Spot on the Council?" The answer is Yes he did Paul! Once again we would like to thank all of you out there for reading what we all post here. This is INDY REPUBLICAN saying to everyone out there have a good rest of the week and always stand up for yourselves!

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