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Monday, October 17, 2016

Is Eric Holcomb Toast?, "Godfather" Mitch Daniels given $200K for "Good Performance", Purdue's Standards are slipping!

INDY REPUBLICAN wanted to wish all our readers a very blessed Monday. Whether you  spent part of the weekend at your houses of worship, in meditation, or catching up on some much needed rest. We hope you all  had a decent weekend! Now for all the craziness that has been going on here in the Hoosier State!

For our first story we turn to the news that Monmouth University released a poll on Friday Oct 14th, 2016 that shows Democratic Candidate for Governor John Gregg leading his fake Republican opponent Eric "Bagman" Holcomb 50% to 38%. If this is true it means that good old Eric is in serious trouble in his bid to become Indiana's next Governor! Fellow blogger and great guy Paul Ogden has his take on this story on his blog in a post entitled: "New Monmouth Poll Shows Indiana Republican Candidates Trailing in Statewide Races". We urge you all to go check this out. The Indianapolis Business Journal in an article written on Friday October 14th, 2016 had this to say:

A new poll by Monmouth University conducted this week says Democrat John Gregg has built a whopping 12-point lead over Republican Eric Holcomb in the race for governor.
The poll also found Republican Donald Trump with a 4-point lead in Indiana over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the race for president and Democrat Evan Bayh with a 6-point lead over Republican Todd Young in the U.S. Senate contest.
The poll of 402 likely voters was conducted Tuesday through Thursday and has a margin of error of 4.9 percent.
The findings show Gregg leading 50 percent to 38 percent; Bayh ahead 48 percent to 42 percent; and Trump up 45 percent to 41 percent.
The poll results for the gubernatorial and Senate races vary widely from a WTHR/Howey Politics Indiana poll performed just last week and released Oct. 6 that found Gregg with only a 2-point lead and Bayh and Young in a virtual tie.

Holcomb campaign manager Mike O'Brien issued a statement Friday questioning the Monmouth results.

"This poll is a complete outlier and laughably inconsistent with every other public poll released this election season,” he said. “Our internal data shows we are on a winning trajectory in this margin-of-error contest. After only 12 weeks on the campaign trail, compared to our opponent's 282-week campaign, we are in the passing lane headed into the home stretch of this race and remain confident that Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb will be Indiana's next governor."

You may recall that we have previously discussed Mike O'Brien on this blog before and pointed out how he is just simply a water carrier for any flunky wearing the Republican jersey! He especially likes Republicans like Mitch Daniels and Eric Holcomb who hold no ideological or core convictions at all! In other words candidates who are just like him!

We would like to give a little newsflash to Mike O'Brien! Mike while it's true this poll is inconsistent with the size of John Gregg's lead over your candidate Eric Holcomb. Almost every poll that has come out since Eric was picked by 22 party insiders to run for governor back in late July has shown Gregg in the lead from anywhere to 2 to 5 points! So for you to say your team is on a winning trajectory might be a little bit of a stretch to say the least! Now Holcomb may pull of a win but his campaign has been badly run from the start! We will not rehash that here because we have done so elsewhere on this blog.

Now onto the next topic "Bagman" Holcomb's old boss as Charlie White so lovingly refers to him as "Godfather" Governor Mitch Daniels. It appears that the good old "Godfather" Mitch is doing so well in his job as President of Purdue University that he is being given over $200,000 as his performance incentive pay! He is already guaranteed a base salary of $420,000. Nice work if you can get it! Of course it helps that Mitch Daniels appointed the Purdue Board of Trustees that in turn gave him his position as Purdue University President! The Indianapolis Business Journal goes onto report:

Mike Berghoff, chairman of Purdue’s Board of Trustees, said in a statement that “we have an extraordinary institution and an extraordinary president.”

Daniels also will receive an additional $100,000 the trustees pledged to give him last year if he stayed until June 30, 2016, which was part of a retention incentive. The incentive promises Daniels additional pay for every year he stays at the university until 2020.
In the 2014-15 academic year, Daniels received 90 percent of the $126,000 of possible at-risk pay. In addition, Daniels was paid extra for areas in which he exceeded expectations such as donations, which reached $343 million, surpassing the board's $260 million goal.

Back in July we reported on the theory by some that Mitch Daniels decided not to run for Governor so he wouldn't miss out on $1 Million in retention bonuses if he stayed in his position at Purdue till 2020. The theory seems a little more solid to the INDY REPUBLICAN staff now. We also find Mike Berghoff's ass-kissing of Mitch Daniels to be way overboard! At this point we can't tell where Berghoff's head ends and Daniels ass begins! Folks for a so called "fiscal conservative" Mitch Daniels certainly seems to have no problem from enriching himself at the taxpayers trough! Thank God this man isn't running for President! Although depending on how the Governor's race goes. Don't be surprised if Mitch Daniels decides to try to run for Governor again in 2020! Just like the scheming mouse in "Pinky and The Brain". Mitch Daniels always seems to be scheming to take over the world. Not to demean that great classic "Pinky and the Brain". But we can't seem to help but see remarkable similarities between "The Brain" and former Governor Daniels. Both have inflated egos, both are driven by a belief that they are superior than everyone else, and both are insecure due to there lack of height.

Holly Bailey writing on February 28, 2011 for Yahoo News about Daniels and his height problem quotes a Daniels ally as saying of him:

Mark McKinnon, a former Bush adviser and close friend of Daniels, defended his former colleague, saying that after four years of President Obama, Americans might want someone a little "nerdy … balding and pint-sized."

What the Hell! Is this supposed to be some sort of compliment? If this is one of Mitch's friends trying to sell him as a potential presidential candidate then Daniels is screwed nationally!

Bailey continues:

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace finally asked Daniels about all of the talk about his height and looks, saying some have suggested that he doesn't "look presidential."
Daniels admitted it could be a problem "with some voters."
"I've never suggested to a voter what they should consider a valid criterion," Daniels replied. "If it comes down to height and hair, I probably wouldn't do very well. But I guess that's just something you weigh in the balance with many other factors."

In layman's terms Daniels is a sad, pathetic man who always needs to try and push others around!

1 comment :

  1. Mitch Daniels is Hillary Clinton in a business suit; he is all about his own nest being feathered and more money and more personal political power. One of these days we may finally know the truth how he treated his wife Cheri in the courtroom and outside of it. I have so much voter regret over this guy I cannot describe it. And as a Purdue alum, I am sickened to my guts this phony is in any way associated with my alma mater.

    As for Eric The Bagman Holcomb, he is only where he is due to a long tradition of corrupt "R" attorney-bosses who install a pawn in a "vacated" or "vacant" seat so that the chess piece can then run as an incumbent.

    I have to vote "Republican" because of the two major parties it is the best I can do. However, I HOPE ERIC HOLCOMB LOSES AND LOSES BIG. No one loves this guy other than crony, corrupt partisans. I have no illusions that Democrats are any better at all but I'd rather see Gregg as Gov than The Bagman. Hasn't Eric Holcomb facilitated enough corruption in our State???


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