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Friday, July 22, 2016

Hoosier Republican Chaos! Mitch Daniels passes on Governors Race, Mike Pence is Trump's VP Pick! Madness! It's Madness we say!

It is great to be back and to be blogging about the political scene and bringing you perspectives that the Indianapolis Press and Pundits will not! The staff at INDY REPUBLICAN would like to thank fellow bloggers Paul Ogden and Jon Easter for kindly linking to this blog on their blog homepages. Gentleman it is indeed a pleasure for all of us here to be in your company! As most of you probably know by now last week Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump chose our very own Governor Mike "Pampered" Pence to be his Vice Presidential Candidate. As previously reported on this blog here and here. Since Governor Pence has agreed to run for Vice President. He has as required by Indiana Law withdrawn his name as a candidate for Governor in the fall. The 22 Member Indiana Republican State Central Committee will have to convene and pick a replacement candidate to put on the ballot in Pence's place. The candidates who have submitted their names are Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb, Congresswoman Susan Brooks, Congressmen and former Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita and State Sen. Jim Tomes. Former Governor Mitch Daniels was considered by some this blog's staff included as a possible candidate to appear on the ballot instead of Mike Pence. Last Thursday WISH-TV reported on their website that Mitch Daniels would not seek a new term as Governor.  Here is the text of Mitch Daniels statement to the press about his decision not to seek the Governor's office. As well as our commentary highlighted in bold in between the sections of Daniels statement:

“Ordinarily, it’s neither necessary nor good practice to comment on hypothetical questions.  But this year and the current political situation in Indiana is extraordinary to say the least. So I think it is appropriate that I make plain today that, should there be a sudden need to name a new nominee for governor, I will not present myself as a candidate nor would I accept the nomination if offered.

Over the last few days, I have been importuned to do so by a large number and wide variety of people I respect deeply.  They include those now on the Indiana Republican ticket, those responsible nationally for supporting both gubernatorial and Senatorial campaigns, and a host of Hoosier citizens, many of whom I know and many more I was hearing from for the first time.  An apparent majority of the Republican State Committee has offered its support, as have several of the good people who will now become candidates if the vacancy does in fact occur.

I told each such person that I was highly unlikely to return to elective politics, but that out of respect for them I would take a couple days to reflect on their appeal. We had all been led to believe that we would know by now if a new nominee would actually be needed, but as that has not happened I think it best to make my decision known now.

I told the people of our state repeatedly that I believe in citizen service, and that if hired as governor I would give the job my full attention and best effort and then return to private life. I told the people of Purdue that I would fulfill wholeheartedly the duties of this post, a commitment I reaffirmed in accepting an extended contract just a year ago. I was raised to live up to commitments and not to leave tasks incomplete.

My reasons for this decision are entirely positive. I love Purdue, its students, staff, and alumni. I believe that good things are occurring at our university and am enthusiastic about pursuing them further.  It does matter immensely to me that Indiana’s strong progress over the last decade continue. Just this week, CNBC named ours the #1 infrastructure in the nation, and reaffirmed our top status for economic investment.  I hope that whoever leads us for the next four years will succeed in extending these and so many other gains, and in building our new reputation as an innovative, vanguard state.  I’ll try to see that Purdue, and I personally if asked to do so, play a role in that success.”

Here are our thoughts. Does Daniels honestly expect us to believe that the reason he chose to take a few days to reflect on if he would change his mind to run for Governor was out of respect for the GOP Elites before firmly saying no? Why? Was he afraid he would hurt their feelings? Why would he intentionally keep an already tense situation for the State GOP even more stressful?

Dave Bangert in an article posted on The Indianapolis Star's website on July 14th goes into a little more detail about Daniels decision not to seek his old job back. Mr. Bangert pointed out that: "Daniels said he was committed to Purdue, which a year ago offered him a contract extension that runs into 2020. Daniels stands to make a combined $1 million in retention bonuses if he stays at Purdue through then, according to that contract." Could the retention bonuses be a factor in Daniels decision not to seek the Governor's Office?

Mike Berghoff, chairman of the Purdue Board of Trustees, said he spent time with Daniels this week for long-standing business “while all the chatter was going on.” Berghoff said he trusted that Daniels understood that trustees believed he was doing good work at the university. Of Course Mike Berghoff is going to say that Daniels is doing a good job as Purdue University President seeing as Daniels appointed him to the Purdue Board of Trustee's!

As for the fate of the "Draft Mitch" website that had been launched by Enterprise Republicans a Phoney Republican group started by former CEO and Daniels 2004 Campaign Manager Bill Oesterle and Megan Robertson. Bangert had this to say:
By lunchtime Thursday (July 14th), the “Draft Mitch” site had been stripped of its petition and fundraising links that had been there a day earlier.
Oesterle did not immediately respond to calls Thursday. But Megan Robertson, executive director of Enterprise Republicans, said the organization wanted to reinforce the idea that Daniels would have solid support for an encore in the governor’s office.
“We obviously respect his decision, but we still have a lot of admiration and respect for what he did as governor and would like to see him serve our state or our country at a different time, when he’s ready,” Robertson said. “And when he’s ready, we’ll be here, ready to draft him again.”

INDY REPUBLICAN will return shortly to the subject of the Mitch Daniels nonexistent 2016 campaign for Governor in a minute. All of us here felt that some background information about Bill Oesterle and Megan Robertson of Enterprise Republicans was in order. In light of the role they played in the "Draft Mitch" movement. Once again our readers since the Indianapolis Press seem unable and unwilling to do any real investigative work into the powers that be in Indiana we will again turn to the pen of the Master himself Gary Welsh.

Regarding Ms. Robertson Mr. Welsh wrote on his blog in January 2015 about how Robertson was busted for OWI on Christmas Eve 2014. Gary Welsh also pointed out another fact that should anger all real Hoosier Republicans in that "Robertson managed Mayor Greg Ballard's re-election campaign". Her association with Greg Ballard is enough to make any honest Hoosier leery of anything that Megan Robertson is involved with!

Now for information about the Big "O" himself. Bill Oesterle the man behind the "Draft Mitch" movement. In sharp contrast to how the Star and other Indianapolis media outlet's portray Angie's List and Bill Oesterle's business skills. Mr. Welsh shared some of what he heard about Bill on his blog back in April 2015:

I'll give you a taste of what I hear about the Bill Oesterle-run Angie's List. Here's the latest from Advance Indiana's mailbag:
How about the Angie's List company bus trip to Cincinnati for a Reds game? The place shuts down and everyone goes along for the beer-infused trip down, the game, and the return home. Part of the ritual forces females walking down the bus aisle to be groped and fondled by any and all. Yes, even company officials participated.
Then there was the "soap box derby" races in the parking lot.
All the while [Company Official] is carrying one with a very, very young employee. So young that other notices how hard she has fitting in with all the carrying on. After the divorce and remarriage, [Company Official] steps aside from Angie's sexual harassment committee . . . 
Just a fun place to work. No wonder it is filled with unemployable and unemployed Republicans. 
Which is more accurate? Tully's press releases masquerading as serious political columns or the Advance Indiana mailbag?

Mr. Welsh was of course referring to another in what to this day continues to be a never-ending chain of press releases for Bill Oesterle and Mitch Daniels spewing out of the Langley Dominated Indianapolis Star! Now returning to the subject of Mitch Daniels and the campaign that never was. Their are some questions that should be asked. Such as: Why didn't Daniels specifically ask Oesterle not to start a "Draft Mitch" campaign. If he knew he most likely wasn't going to run? Or are we supposed to believe that Daniels was just being a dick to his fellow Republicans all so he could hype himself? Even though doing so would merely serve to undermine Republicans chances at holding onto the Governor's office? Also why is nobody in the press asking any questions about why so many troublesome characters are associated with Mitch Daniels? If we were in his position we would run as far away from Bill and Megan as we could!

The Indianapolis Business Journal's Max Gabovitch & Hayleigh Colombo writing after the Pence pick talked about the GOP ballot confusion that has now occurred because Pence will be withdrawing from the Governor's race:

Complicating the process: A noon Friday deadline for all candidates to voluntarily withdraw from the races they’re now in. Without doing so, they won’t be eligible to be appointed to the ballot in any other race, said Dale Simmons, co-legal counsel for Indiana Election Division.

Gabovitch & Colombo quote Bill Oesterle when asked about how this affects the Governor's race now that Pence has withdrawn and Daniels will not run for reelection for Governor:

The Friday deadline “is going to make it really complicated for everybody,” said Bill Oesterle, the former Angie’s List CEO who had hoped Gov. Mitch Daniels, now the Purdue University president, would run if Pence was selected.
Daniels said Thursday morning he would not run.
“Decisions are going to be made very quickly,” Oesterle said. “We’re just hoping everybody’s aware of that. It’s going to be a mess.”

The process for replacing Mike Pence is even more confusing because: "Following Pence's withdrawal, the 22-member Republican State Central Committee would have 30 days to choose who would run for governor in his place. They are also required to give 10 days notice of that caucus.
But the more time that process takes, the less time their chosen candidate has to run a full-fledged campaign against Democrat John Gregg."

Also cited is well know Indiana political commentator Ed Feigenbaum:
 “There are going to be 22-people making the decision,” Feigenbaum said. “It’s not the party staff or Mike Pence or the congressional delegation.”

Picking Pence's Ballot Replacement is not just a problem for the Republican State Central Commitee but also an issue for current office holders who wish to run for Governor:

Daniels would likely have cleared the field if he had jumped in the race. That’s why he made clear Thursday he’s out.
Regardless, other candidates will have to make decisions within hours.
Oesterle said the process is particularly stressful for sitting members of Congress and state elected officials who would like the state’s top job.
Those potential replacements would have to withdraw from their current re-election bids by the noon deadline on Friday in order to be eligible to run for governor, creating more turmoil down the ballot.
“By noon Friday they’re going to give up a seat in order to be considered, which is just complicated,” Oesterle said. “That’s just risky.”
The vacancies that they would then leave on the ballot would be filled by the Republican precinct committee people in their districts. Those not chosen by the Central Committee could then be re-appointed to the ballots in their original races. But it all must happen in a 30-day window of the withdrawals.

So the long and the short of it folks is that we will have to wait at least another week or more until we know who the Republicans will even have running for Governor! As life-long Republicans ourselves at this blog this whole process is utter nonsense! Every vote cast in the GOP Primary for Governor has just been declared null and void! If the Indiana Republican Party wishes to live up to the true principles of Republicanism such as free speech, limited government, and decentralization of political power this year in Indiana they are doing a lousy job of it!


This just in IBJ and the Associated Press are reporting that Governor Mike Pence has endorsed his Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb to succeed him as Governor on the November ballot.
In a statement to the members of the Indiana Republican State Central Committee Governor Pence has this to say about his endorsement of Eric Holcomb:
July 22, 2016

Members of the Indiana Republican State Committee:

Today concludes a truly unforgettable week for my family and for the Indiana Republican Party. Karen and I are humbled by your prayers and well wishes; my selection as nominee for Vice President is a reflection of the hard work and success of the Hoosier State, and specifically twelve years of strong Republican leadership at the state level. You all have played a vital role in supporting that movement, and are owed a debt of gratitude.

I am honored to serve as your Governor, and taking on this challenge results in making a difficult decision not to run for re-election. Together we have achieved a great deal in improving the lives of Hoosiers, and I am confident that we will be leaving this office with our state as prosperous as any time in our state’s history.

To continue our momentum, it is imperative that we build upon twelve years of progress, innovation and success by selecting a proven leader and dedicated public servant. Fortunately, you are blessed to have several fine choices to continue our proud legacy.

As members of the Indiana Republican State Committee, you are tasked with a historic duty, one in which I know you are approaching with a discerning heart. Your decision will have a major impact in charting a path for the future of our state and ensuring we continue our momentum as a national leader in job growth, economic development, and sound fiscal management. This decision is yours alone, and I will respect that decision and support the nominee you deem fit to serve.

Over the past week, Hoosiers have had an opportunity to weigh in and offer their recommendations on who they feel is best fit to lead our party on the ballot and in the statehouse. While the choice you face is difficult, it displays the depth of talent the Indiana Republican Party has produced over the past decade, with sterling public servants at the federal and state levels. I have served with these fine Hoosiers and they are the embodiment of servant leadership.

However, as I prayerfully considered the group offering themselves to succeed me, I concluded that I made my choice several months ago. When selecting my Lt. Governor in March, the primary factor was who would be able to best serve the State of Indiana in the event I could no longer perform my duties as Governor. As I concluded before, there is no better individual to lead our State than Eric Holcomb.

When I asked Eric to take on this vitally important constitutional role, once again he answered the call. I’ve known Eric Holcomb for more than twenty years, and I believe he is one of the best prepared individuals in recent memory to take on the job of Governor. His range of service to our State and our Nation makes him uniquely qualified to fill this role.

A lifelong Hoosier, Eric followed his studies at Hanover College by putting on the uniform of the United States Navy. He served a variety of roles for Governor Mitch Daniels as a senior member instrumental in his election in 2004, and running a re-election effort that resulted in a historic landslide victory. As Deputy Chief of Staff, Eric was a key member of a group that transformed state government and set our State on a new course that cut taxes, balanced budgets, and ushered in groundbreaking education reform. Later, he earned the respect and acclaim of this group as Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party, and was a trusted advisor that helped ensure my election in 2012. Senator Dan Coats tapped Eric to lend his considerable talent as Chief of Staff and served with distinction. And, now he serves as my closest confident, partner and friend.

Eric instantly hit the ground running as Lt. Governor, traveling the State and providing value in areas of agriculture, community and rural affairs, and economic development, among many others. He showed a great range of policy expertise and Hoosiers were able to witness firsthand that Eric is ready to govern on Day one.

As Karen and I embark on a mission to restore strong Republican leadership to our nation, I do so with optimism about the boundless future of Indiana, and I wholeheartedly endorse Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb to serve as the Republican nominee for Governor of Indiana in the upcoming election. I would be grateful if you would consider doing the same. Eric will put together a robust campaign utilizing decades of valuable experience in all 92 counties, and I look forward to supporting his efforts in continuing the progress that we all have worked so hard to achieve.

As I serve out the remainder of my term as Governor, please know how grateful Karen and I will always be for your support and prayers throughout our career. While I am deeply humbled to have the opportunity to run as the Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States, our hearts will always be back home again in Indiana.

Thank you for your service to our party and state.


Michael R. Pence

Governor of Indiana

Congresswoman Susan Brooks another candidate to replace Pence on the ballot for Governor had this to say about Pence's Endorsement of Eric Holcomb: “I appreciate that the Governor is in a tough position knowing how close he and Eric Holcomb have become. I have known the governor for over 30 years and I know him to be very loyal. But this endorsement doesn’t change my focus. It is clear the 22 State Committee members take their responsibility for making this historic decision very seriously, and I appreciate Governor Pence’s acknowledgement that the decision lies alone with them and that he will support the nominee they choose. I am confident I am the strongest candidate to beat John Gregg in the Fall, and I will continue my efforts to demonstrate that to the committee.”

 Bill Oesterle@billo317 Feb 9
Expediency is not a sound strategy.

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  1. Rokita to keep people from voting and Brooks voting to shutdown the government - great choices unless you're an American.


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