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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Feds Give Green Light to Holcomb’s Workforce Group

Governor Eric Holcomb 

In March IR reported on Governor Eric Holcomb’s plan to organize a new workforce cabinet for the state of Indiana. In our post we mentioned how there were concerns that Indiana might lose out on $40 million plus in federal funding with the Governors new cabinet. Well the IBJ reported today that the federal government has granted the state a waiver to have our new workforce cabinet. The IBJ reports

A waiver granted last week will allow the state to continue receiving millions of dollars in federal funding for the job-training programs despite the changes Holcomb implemented.

Holcomb and Republican lawmakers overhauled the cabinet's membership this year. But the changes conflicted with federal guidelines, so Holcomb's office requested a waiver in March.

The 21-member Workforce Cabinet is a smaller group with more authority than the state's previous Workforce Innovation Council. Holcomb said it will better react to changes in the economy and meet the needs of employees and employers.

The waiver is approved for two years, starting July 1.

IR will keep an eye on this new cabinet that “High Tax” Holcomb has created and see what comes of it. 

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