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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Indiana Democrats stupidly reelect John Zody State Chairman

Yesterday Hoosier Democrats met and voted to keep John Zody as their state chairman. We have to ask. Do Hoosier Democrats ever want to win anything? Why do you guys vote to keep this guy after you got massacred last year? Yes we know you picked up one state house seat. But John Gregg lost his bid for Governor against fake Republican Eric Holcomb, Glenda Ritz lost her bid for reelection, and to top it off you guys picked Evan Bayh to run for his old senate seat! So what else would possess democrats to give John Zody another chance to be state party chair? Do you guys want to become more irrelevant? For our state and country to survive and thrive we need two viable political parties. Of course Hoosier Democrats would rather continue their domination of Marion and Lake Counties than actually win and have any real influence. Both parties in Indiana would rather play not to lose rather than play to win. We have news for you guys. Real Republicans throughout Indiana want to actually win. We aren't satisfied with keeping every mediocrity that runs on our team in office. So to our Democratic friends do yourselves and all Hoosiers a favor and actually go after the corruption in both parties. 


  1. Indy Republican expects far too much from the Hoosier Democrat Party. Under President Obama, Democrats have lost over 900 state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats. Democrats are now down to 48 senators, a minority. Democrats are down to 192 members of Congress.

    The problem with the Democrat Party is the Democrat Party- its platform, its ideology, its raison d’etre. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Ted Kennedy in his day, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and George Soros have turned the Democrat Party into the party of the small tent. No political party more says it is the party of the everyday American while more championing the interests of one percenters like billionaire Soros. No party more turns blind eyes to obvious treasonous actions by its career politicians (Hillary Clinton) and no party more proudly chooses as one of its honored leaders a man who abuses women’s rights, is a sexual predator, and who is a convicted perjurer (Bill Clinton).

    Why anyone in their right mind would chose to be a member of this party let alone cast votes for persons who place their names under the banner of a Party that no longer represents Americans or their Constitution? The severe problems the Hoosier Democrat Party face is far more profound than its State Chairman.

    1. More and more we are expecting less and less from each other. That should change. It needs to change. The State and National Republican Party too must change.

  2. Yes, we should expect and demand more from those who believe they have what it takes to manage the reins of government.

    Things cold be worse. Check out today's story at 'Indy Democrat' blog.

    1. Thanks for mentioning Jon's story about Chuck Brewer. Hopefully Brewer is better at this than he was running for mayor! Brewer was a worthless candidate!


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