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Monday, September 11, 2017

Mitt Romney may run for the US Senate. Would someone tell Mitt to go the Hell away!

Mitt Romney 

The rumor mill is abuzz with reports that former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney will run for Utah Senator Orrin Hatch's seat in Utah if Senator Hatch does not seek reelection next year.

Jack Crowe of The Daily Caller has the story:

Romney has yet to publicly commit to a Senate run, but he has reportedly decided to run in the event that Hatch steps down after his seventh term, two sources close to Romney told Utah Policy.

Hatch, 83, remains undecided about his future political career, but has said that he will run for his eighth term contingent on the continued good health of himself and his wife. Hatch likely won’t make a final decision on whether to run in 2018 until December, effectively preventing a field of challengers from assembling, according to Utah Policy.

While Hatch hasn’t made a final determination on the 2018 race, he indicated in March he would be willing to step aside if an “outstanding person” such as Romney were to run.

All of IR is praying to God that Governor Romney decides not to run for the Senate next year. After seeing him in the national spotlight for the better part of a decade. We are all more than ready to see him ride off into the sunset!

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  1. When I saw this surprising and pathetic news a few days ago I could do little more than shake my head. Mitt Romney the loser, the guy with no backbone, the guy who gifted America a second term of the Constitution-hating racist Barak Obama now believes he (Romney) should take over liberal Democrat-lite GOP Oh Hatch's seat in the US Senate.. one of the most crony, self-interested featherbedding, protect-their-own-asses-at-any-cost groups of people on the planet.

    Switching Mitt Romney for Orrin Hatch is like substituting Joseph Stalin for Vladimir Lenin. In either case you get the same outcome with no benefit to liberty or to the people.


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