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Friday, July 10, 2020

Donors to Mike Pence’s Legal Defense Fund Revealed. Also, Where Does Mike Pence Live?

Finally after three years of nail biting suspense, we finally know the identities of some of the people who helped pay Vice President Pence’s legal fees. Veteran readers of this blog might recall we wrote about Pence’s legal defense fund back in 2017. Thanks to USA Today writer Maureen Groppe we now have some answers. Needless to say there are some interesting characters to say the least backing old Mickey.

Maureen Groppe wrote on June 30, 2020 in an article going into more detail about Pence’s legal donors:

Vice President Mike Pence received nearly $500,000 from a dozen contributors to pay his legal bills from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, according to his annual financial disclosure report that was released Tuesday (June 29, 2020).

The biggest backers were Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon and the California couple Michael Hayde and Laura Khouri who develop and manage apartment complexes. They each gave $100,000.

Other contributors include Pence's political adviser Marty Obst; national GOP fundraiser Ronald Weiser of Michigan; Florida real estate investor Leo Wells; Indiana businessmen Lawrence “Sonny” Beck, Paul Thrift and Tony Moravec; and Georgia businessman Brian McPheely, head of the country’s fifth largest corrugated packaging company.

The legal defense fund was created in December 2018 by Jim Atterholt, who served as Pence's chief of staff when he was Indiana's governor.

Pence hired an attorney, former U.S. Attorney Richard Cullen, after Mueller was appointed in 2017. But he was not billed until the end of Mueller's investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

Expenses were paid last June and the fund was terminated in August, according to the disclosure report.

Atterholt previously told USA TODAY that he volunteered to start the fund because he doesn't believe legal bills should be the cost of public service.

Some of the names of Pence’s backers certainly have our interest peaked. A point of interest about Richard Cullen, Pence’s attorney. Is that Cullen is an old friend, coworker and godfather to one of former FBI Director James Comey’s daughters. And McGuire Woods the law firm Cullen works for is also where former Indiana Governor and Senator Evan Bayh works. For whatever reason Pence wanted a heavy hitter to represent him.

Back to some of the donors. We find it interesting that former State Representative, Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) Commissioner, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission Director, and Chief of Staff to Governor Pence Jim Atterholt created Pence’s legal defense fund. Atterholt is quoted as saying he created the fund for Pence “because he doesn't believe legal bills should be the cost of public service.” That’s a side splitter Jim! You sure as hell were not concerned with legal bills when you forced out Paul Ogden at the Department of Insurance back in 2006. 

Readers of INDY REPUBLICAN, Ogden on Politics, and the late Gary Welsh’s Advance Indiana blog, know that Atterholt is not the most ethical guy in politics. Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden have documented here and here Atterholt’s dubious conduct as head of the Department of Insurance, the head of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, and as Governor Pence’s Chief of Staff. There is an especially good post Paul Ogden did on Atterholt detailing Atterholt’s too cozy relationships with lobbyists and his willingness to commit perjury. When Pence named Atterholt to be his Chief of Staff that was an indication to all of us as to how useless he is as a public servant. 

Although Pence has never been charged with any criminal conduct to our knowledge, he does act as if he is hiding something. We cannot think of any other reason he would hire such a high powered lawyer to represent him. Also even though Pence has been Vice President since 2017, he still has cast ballots using the address of the Governor’s Mansion, where even he admitted he moved out of in 2017  He even tweeted his moving pictures: 

A recent article by Elizabeth Dye for “Above the Law” had this to say about the Pence’s use of the Governor’s mansion for voting:

“Does Governor Holcomb forward the Second Lady her Taste of Home and Good Housekeepingmagazines? Will Vice President and Mother Pence be bedding down in the governor’s mansion if voters see fit to evict them from Number One Observatory Circle in November? Will the Pences ever again pay their own electric bill, as they dutifully strive to cut the safety net out from under poor Americans?

So many questions! But apparently using their old taxpayer-funded digs, to which the Pences have no intention of returning, as their Indiana residence is perfectly legal.“

This raises some interesting questions especially since former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White was convicted of voter fraud, all because he allegedly voted in the wrong precinct one time in his whole life. Pence and his wife apparently are allowed to vote using an address they no longer live at. Even if one buys the claim that Pence is allowed to vote from the Governor’s mansion due to his serving as Vice President, how does that extend to his wife Karen, who is not in elected office? Somebody should ask Governor Eric Holcomb if he knowingly allows the Pence’s to vote from his residence? And if so why, and also why should the Pence’s get away with blatantly flouting election law when Charlie White was shafted by Holcomb and Mitch Daniels? Do you have something to say Eric? Mike? Karen? Trump would be well advised to drop kick Pence’s ass off the ticket, otherwise the Democrats WILL go after Pence with a vengeance and help to sink Donald even further. 

Let’s all just pray that for the devils bargain that Pence has made, that he is dropped from the ticket and must pay for his sins!