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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Almost time to say goodbye to 2021

Sorry we have been radio silent since last month. The whole team has been busy this past holiday season. We hope you all have had a good year this year. If you have not, we do sincerely wish you all a Happy New Year in 2022! 

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Take Care! God Bless You All, and God Bless The United States of America!

Monday, November 8, 2021

The Nuts and Bolts of INDY Republican’s Philosophy

Russell Kirk, Conservative Philosopher 

For sometime now we have all been wanting to elaborate more on our weltanschauung or philosophy of life that we mostly share as the authors of this blog. Specifically as it relates to the world of politics and everyday living. As you have all probably gathered at this point we consider ourselves conservative republicans, we are mostly religious and we are opposed to both Trumpism, and the whole woke idiot wing of the Democratic Party. We are staunch advocates, some might even say radical in our advocacy of open and good government. And in holding elected and unelected officials accountable to we the people 

It is not enough however merely to say what we oppose or even what we are for. An outlining of our general principles, and our views of the world is also needed. Previously we have given a brief primer of the general religious views that we at this blog follow. Important as it to us that we share our views towards the ultimate destiny of man, with all of you. We would be doing a disservice by ignoring the everyday world in which we all live. So with that we are all going to dive in right into INDY REPUBLICAN’s view of politics and existence.

The late, great President Ronald Reagan.

Why we are true conservatives, and why Trumpism is not conservative

Since the election of Donald Trump as President in 2016. With a few honorable exceptions such as Charlie Sykes, George Will, Mike Murphy, Bill Kristol, John Ziegler, Paul Ogden, Josh Claybourn, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, Michael Steele, SE Cupp, Mona Charen, and assorted others. Most of the so called spokesmen and politicians flying the conservative banner have sold out our principles and values to blindly follow the pied piper of communism & fascism Donald Trump.

A restatement of what most conservatives believe or said they believed until circa 2016 is in order. In the lifetime of everyone five years of age and older  at the time of the publication of this post, conservatives were said to oppose trade protectionism, support, defend and protect the constitution, and be zealous advocates of free speech. Sadly only a small minority of public figures professing to be conservatives have consistently stuck to these principles. 

The quotations we are about to share come from various politicians, academics, and activists who are generally considered conservative. From these quotes you will see how the leading conservative politicians and thinkers defined the general outlook of conservatives. True, like all of us they sometimes missed the mark and fell short of their rhetoric, that does not however invalidate the points that they make. After a careful review of what they have to say, it will be evident to all just how few politicians of both parties actually follow these ideals. We will compare and contrast how these rock ribbed conservative principles are the antithesis of the governing philosophy such as it is of most of our fellow lawmakers. We are spending so much time holding our fellow republicans feet to the fire, because in the words of political strategist Mike Murphy: “They have come into our church and have desecrated it.” An exorcism is in order and consider us the exorcist!

Senator Barry Goldwater 

Conservatives on the rule of law and the value of freedom:

“the conservative argues that freedom—moral, political, and economic—is the mark of high civilization; and servitude, under whatever name, is the mark of a barbarous or decadent order.”

“A good society is one which cherishes the highest degree of freedom consistent with order and justice.”

the conservative recognizes that freedom is possible only when order and justice prevail. Order means that there shall be honorable leadership, willingly recognized; and that law rules, not the whims of men. “Justice exists only between men whose mutual relations are governed by law…” (Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, Vol. 9, p. 382a).

“the conservative respects the political institutions and customs and traditions which he has inherited, particularly the Constitution of the United States and other great documents of our nation.”

Barry Goldwater “Great Ideas Today” 1962, publication of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

(Donald Trump and his enablers have constantly sought to undermine the rule of law. Whether it be unconstitutionally redirecting funds for a border wall against the explicit acts of congress, or Trump’s claim that he had total authority over the states decisions on when they could reopen because he was President, and his other too numerous to mention assaults on separation of powers, checks and balances, etc. For a conservative critique of Trump’s executive overreach check out this op-Ed by Charlie Sykes: https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/trump-s-total-authority-boast-should-ve-enraged-republicans-instead-ncna1184806 There is no way by any stretch of the imagination that one can argue that Trump showed respect for the Constitution of the United States. Barry Goldwater is rolling over in his grave about this!)

Conservatives on what the aim of politics should be:

““Politics is the art of the possible,” the conservative says: he thinks of political policies as intended to preserve order, justice, and freedom. The ideologue, on the contrary, thinks of politics as a revolutionary instrument for transforming society and even transforming human nature. In his march toward Utopia, the ideologue is merciless.”

— The Politics of Prudence by Russell Kirk


(Kirk here points out how conservatives believe in protecting freedom and uplifting human nature. Whereas the extreme ideologues & utopian fanatics seek to use politics as a way to relentlessly pursue their own mad schemes. Here’s what then candidates Richard Nixon in 1968 and Ronald Reagan had to say about there views of working to repair the problems in American politics:

Richard Nixon 1968 GOP Convention:

“Without God's help and your help, we will surely fail; but with God's help and your help, we shall surely succeed.”

Ronald Reagan 1980 GOP Convention:

I ask you not simply to ‘Trust me,’” Reagan said, “but to trust your values—our values—and to hold me responsible for living up to them.”

Contrast this with Donald Trump’s remarks at the 2016 GOP Convention:

 Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.”

Notice in contrast to Nixon’s reference to needing the American people and God’s help to succeed. Or Reagan saying for people not simply to trust him and our values as Americans and to hold him responsible for living up to them. Trump is asking people to put all there hopes on him, as he “alone can fix it”. Trump clearly has no conception of his limitations as a man or the limitations of the office of the presidency.

We true conservatives took issue with President’s Clinton and Obama’s constantly asking We the People to put excessive hopes in their ability to fix the nation. But as bad as they were on executive power, even they gave it a rest for a minute or two. With Trump it’s nothing but a never ending ego trip! If something coming from Clinton or Obama was not acceptable then having Trump do it doesn’t make it any better!

Conservatives on dogma and diversity of thought:

“Being neither  a religion nor an ideology, the body of opinion termed conservatism possesses no Holy Writ and no Das Kapital to provide dogmata.”

— The Politics of Prudence by Russell Kirk


“For there exists no Model Conservative, and conservatism is the negation of ideology: it is a state of mind, a type of character, a way of looking at the civil social order. The attitude we call conservatism is sustained by a body of sentiments, rather than by a system of ideological dogmata. It is almost true that a conservative may be defined as a person who thinks himself such. The conservative movement or body of opinion can accommodate a considerable diversity of views on a good many subjects, there being no Test Act or Thirty-Nine Articles of the conservative creed.”

— The Politics of Prudence by Russell Kirk


“In essence, the conservative person is simply one who finds the permanent things more pleasing than Chaos and Old Night. (Yet conservatives know, with Burke, that healthy “change is the means of our preservation.”) A people's historic continuity of experience, says the conservative, offers a guide to policy far better than the abstract designs of coffee-house philosophers. But of course there is more to the conservative persuasion than this general attitude.”

— The Politics of Prudence by Russell Kirk


“In fine, the diversity of ways in which conservative views may find expression is itself proof that conservatism is no fixed ideology. What particular principles conservatives emphasize during any given time will vary with the circumstances and necessities of that era.” 

— The Politics of Prudence by Russell Kirk


(Contrast this to Donald Trump equating membership in the same political party as him as being synonymous with obedience to him. A few years ago Trump tweeted out that: “Never Trump republicans are human scum”! Some replied: “Thanks for at least calling us human, Mister President!” Trump clearly falls into Russell Kirk’s definition of an ideologue, and fully supports an anti conservative litmus test and absolute agreement with the buffoonish orange man baby.)

Conservatives on Prudence and thoughtfulness:

“Any public measure ought to be judged by its probable long-run consequences, not merely by temporary advantage or popularity. Liberals and radicals, the conservative says, are imprudent: for they dash at their objectives without giving much heed to the risk of new abuses worse than the evils they hope to sweep away. As John Randolph of Roanoke put it, Providence moves slowly, but the devil always hurries. Human society being complex, remedies cannot be simple if they are to be efficacious. The conservative declares that he acts only after sufficient reflection, having weighed the consequences. Sudden and slashing reforms are as perilous as sudden and slashing surgery.”

— The Politics of Prudence by Russell Kirk


Conservatives on the folly of utopian thinking:

“Human nature suffers irremediably from certain grave faults, the conservatives know. Man being imperfect, no perfect social order ever can be created.”

— The Politics of Prudence by Russell Kirk


“The ideologues who promise the perfection of man and society have converted a great part of the twentieth-century world into a terrestrial hell.”

— The Politics of Prudence by Russell Kirk


Conservatives on the dangers of centralized power centers:

“Conservatives uphold voluntary community, quite as they oppose involuntary collectivism. Although Americans have been attached strongly to privacy and private rights, they also have been a people conspicuous for a successful spirit of community. In a genuine community, the decisions most directly affecting the lives of citizens are made locally and voluntarily. Some of these functions are carried out by local political bodies, others by private associations: so long as they are kept local, and are marked by the general agreement of those affected, they constitute healthy community. But when these functions pass by default or usurpation to centralized authority, then community is in serious danger. Whatever is beneficent and prudent in modern democracy is made possible through cooperative volition. If, then, in the name of an abstract Democracy, the functions of community are transferred to distant political direction—why, real government by the consent of the governed gives way to a standardizing process hostile to freedom and human dignity.”

— The Politics of Prudence by Russell Kirk


“The conservative perceives the need for prudent restraints upon power and upon human passions. Politically speaking, power is the ability to do as one likes, regardless of the wills of one's fellows. A state in which an individual or a small group are able to dominate the wills of their fellows without check is a despotism, whether it is called monarchical or aristocratic or democratic. When every person claims to be a power unto himself, then society falls into anarchy. Anarchy never lasts long, being intolerable for everyone, and contrary to the ineluctable fact that some persons are more strong and more clever than their neighbors. To anarchy there succeeds tyranny or oligarchy, in which power is monopolized by a very few. The conservative endeavors to so limit and balance political power that anarchy or tyranny may not arise. In every age, nevertheless, men and women are tempted to overthrow the limitations upon power, for the sake of some fancied temporary advantage. It is characteristic of the radical that he thinks of power as a force for good—so long as the power falls into his hands.”

— The Politics of Prudence by Russell Kirk


(The above quotations were long, but necessary to show just how far removed from historical American conservative thought Trumpism truly is. For Donald Trump only seems to overpromise and underdeliver. Who can forget the great border wall we were supposed to get paid by Mexico. Surprise! We only mostly rebuilt some fencing and we, not Mexico has paid for it! There is also the matter of Trump’s never released tax returns, even though he has kept promising to release them for half a decade now! As for respecting local and state control, how can we forget his boasting that he had authority over states health policy, or how at the beginning of his presidency he bragged he would send the feds into Chicago to handle local law enforcement issues!

We would try to exhaustively list all of Trump’s opposition to the Constitution, rule of law and federalism. But we need to keep this post to under 250,000 words!)

Having shown the ways that Trumpism is the antithesis of conservatism. Here is a short list of our general principles and approach to politics and the everyday world:


A. We believe that mankind being imperfect, that no perfect society or government can ever be created.

Since believing as we do through reason, observation and experience that man will always make mistakes and stumble and fall. This necessitates that government’s power and authority should be constrained to the extent it is practicable with the pursuit of justice. That is why the Constitution says it is to “form a more perfect union.”

B. We believe in and support the norms of: keeping our word, avoiding reckless actions, and respecting the rule of law.

Support and practice of keeping our word, striving to act in a prudent manner, and respecting the rule of law are at the core of what we value most. You could even say that adherence to justice, and rule of law is our metier. We strive to be good at this because if we wish to avoid creating a terrestrial hell, we must be honest and even handed, with ourselves and others. As we keep our word to others we are also being honest with ourselves. The refusal to be delude oneself is one of the highest forms of virtue.

C. Prudence is a virtue, not an approach or ideal performed despite virtue.


adjective:  careful and sensible; marked by sound judgment

A common misconception that we often encounter among even the best of people. Is the ideal that one cannot be prudent or practical and also be moral. The accumulated wisdom of the ages shows us that this view is false. Prudent and practical people are that way because they are moral, not despite their morals. One of the key cornerstones of morality is honesty with oneself, and a striving to avoid deluding oneself. Yes, we all make mistakes. It is no sin to be honestly mistaken or to be misinformed. It is however fundamentally a disservice to ourselves and to others to willfully ignore reality. 

Being prudent i.e., being careful and sensible and exercising sound judgement can only be achieved by honesty with oneself or others.

There is a great deal more that needs to be said regarding the state of the world today, and where we will be heading to in the future. The wise man however does not attempt to answer all questions in one column. We will leave you with this post to ponder, and debate over. If this column helps to spark some debate, if it helps to shake us out of our apathy if only to a small degree, than it’s work has been done.

We have one last thing to say to our readers who disagree with us about Trumpism: We have no quarrel with anyone over who they support, our fight is not with you, it is with Trump and Trumpism. We ask that you keep that in mind. We also would ask as a favor to us, ask yourselves this question whenever you say that you support a position of Donald Trump’s: Do you honestly believe it? Or are you just going along with the crowd?

Let us know what you all think and we will catch you all later.

Peace be with you all, amen!

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Will Donald Trump use Roger Stone to take out Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Last month our good friend and fellow blogger Paul Ogden, wrote a column on his blog speculating that former President Donald Trump would work to derail the re-election bid of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis next year. Paul’s reason for coming to this conclusion is that in a poll conducted by GOP pollster Carter Wrenn on behalf of former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s Super PAC, DeSantis and Trump had become statistically tied in a match up for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination. 

We have been pondering this one over and have come to agree with Paul that Trump will most likely try to derail DeSantis’s re-election next year. As the brilliant GOP political strategist Mike Murphy has said (we are paraphrasing a statement of Murphy’s made on an episode of Bill Kristol’s Conversations w/Bill Kristol) “The problem a prominent republican has is if they start to look like they are upstaging Trump. Is very similar to what would happen if Pravda started to praise one of Stalin’s Marshall’s too much is that the Marshall is dead two days later. Trump won’t abide anyone appearing to outshine him.”

Paul’s post seems to indicate that he believes Trump would probably finish off DeSantis by claiming non stop that the election will be rigged in Florida. Thus driving out republican turnout in Florida, just as Trump did in last year’s U.S. Senate runoff elections which enabled the Democrats to win two Senate seats. 

However we have long thought the above strategy that Paul suggests although logical, is not the approach Trump will take. Because that approach is not a personal enough attack against DeSantis. Subtly is not a strong suit of Trump’s. Therefore Trump will want to use an approach that is much more of a direct attack on DeSantis. We just came across a news story in the October 31, 2021 issue of Business Insider by Cheryl Teh. 

Cheryl Teh’s article reports that former Nixon dirty tricks man and Trump staffer might run against DeSantis next year for Governor. Teh writes:

Roger Stone

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone is threatening to run to unseat Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis if the latter does not conduct a vote audit in the state. 

"I heard governor Ron DeSantis say that Florida had the most honest election in our history in 2020, yet I know for a certainty there are one million phantom voters on the Florida voter rolls. These 'voters' simply do not exist," wrote Stone in his Telegram channel to some 20,000 subscribers on October 31.

"If Gov. Ron DeSantis does not order a full audit of the Florida 2020 vote, I may be forced to seek the Libertarian Party nomination for governor in 2022. And Ron can kiss his arrogant Yalie ass goodbye #DefendFlorida," Stone added.

If Stone really is serious about running as a Libertarian for Florida Governor next year. The only conclusion we would reach is that instead of trying to defeat DeSantis by depressing GOP voter turnout. Instead they would hope to draw just enough dissatisfied Trump voters to Stone’s ticket. Which in turn would probably throw the election to DeSantis’s Democratic challenger, but would eliminate him from contention as a candidate for the 2024 GOP Presidential race. 

Stone would not have sent out such a threat to run against DeSantis unless he had been given the green light from Trump to do so. We are still not convinced that Trump will run again in 2024. Even if for arguments sake he has already decided not to run, he won’t make a definite statement on that until he absolutely has to. Do say anything earlier would limit Trump’s ability to fleece more money from his donors.

We will have to wait and see if Stone does run as a Libertarian for Florida Governor next year. One thing that just crossed our minds is that  if DeSantis isn’t re-elected and the Democrats take the Governor’s mansion. Is that might come back to bite the GOP in the ass. The Democrats have not held the Governor’s office in Florida since 1994. The Democrats winning the Governor’s office would be a big blow to Florida Republicans and could also have negative consequences for them down ballot in 2022 and 2024. Also whatever Democrat would get elected would undoubtedly start doing all they could to undermine the Republican Party in Florida. Now we are not fans of DeSantis, Stone or any of the potential Democrats running especially former Governor Charlie Crist. But if DeSantis and Stone are going to act this insane, then we are willing to deal with a Democrat as Florida Governor for a term. 

Now DeSantis will do all he can to try to appease Trump. But it will all be in vain. Trump is loyal only to Trump. He believes everyone else is as devoid of morals and loyalty as he is. Our advice to DeSantis would be to either not run for re-election and avoid a possible loss, or actually grow some balls and start fighting Trump. Ron won’t do either, so we are just going to grab some popcorn and match the ensuing Florida bloodbath.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Captain Kirk to Boldy Go Into Space Tomorrow

Tomorrow one of Indy Republican’s most favorite actors, William Tiberius Shatner is going to go into outer space. He will also be appearing at Indiana Comic Con this weekend. In honor of this great man, we have decided to honor him by showing his talents as a singer. Back in 1978 William Shatner did this amazing rendition of that great Elton John classic “Rocketman”.

Let’s all wish Mister Shatner well tomorrow during his voyage into space.

This is for you Bill! May you boldly go where no other Star Trek actor has gone before! Also May you still have that same youthful vigor when you finally reach, if you ever do old age.

Monday, October 11, 2021

A Few Thoughts on America, Religion and the Future

In contrast to the broad scope of the title of this column. This post will be brief and to the point. We understand and in many ways share the concerns and fears of our fellow Americans in this the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty-one. However we also are possessed of the spirit of eternal optimism that has been a part of our American character since the first settlers arrived centuries ago on our shores.

There has been talk recently of many people all over the ideological spectrum about the possible splitting apart of these United States. To this we say: Nonsense! The republic has withstood a civil war and countless threats since the days of the founders. And we will survive today. Another fact that is ignored is that for any breaking apart of the country to occur, enough of us would have to quit watching tv, and go fight. We might be wrong but we see little evidence that will occur. 

Politicians come and go, but the United States remains. We must learn to turn away from politics as a religion and return it to the realm of upholding the constitution and the republic for which it stands. If we repent or rethink our ideas and where we wish to go, we will recapture the best and most true parts of both our spiritual and political traditions. At times we will site various scriptural passages in support of general principles and to show both religious and secular backing for the truths we hold dear and proclaim.

We as Americans have far more control and options than we often give ourselves credit for. We understand why people are frustrated with politics, we are also. Bottom line is that most politicians are selling all of us short. When we all go to our jobs, when we are with our family and friends. We deep down want to achieve greatness, we wish to provide for ourselves and those we love. We want to work productively. We don’t care where our neighbors are from, what the color of their skin is, or even if they disagree with us in radical ways. What we do care about is that others treat us with respect, don’t try to run our lives for us and they let us live in peace. The political establishment of both parties wants to keep us down, they want us to be dependent on them for our food, shelter and fortunes. The sheer size of the federal deficit is the unanswerable argument against allowing politicians to have control over our lives! As it is written: “Let none be ye called masters” Matthew 23:10

If we want to improve ourselves and others we can and we will! We can worry about litter all day, or we can adopt a highway and help keep it clean. We can complain about poverty and hunger, or we can donate food and other goods to charity or even cut out the middleman and give to others ourselves. The sky is nowhere near the limit! 

We won’t lie and say this will be easy. There will be difficulties and as Thomas Paine said “these are the times that try mens souls”. As it is written: “Blessed is he who perseveres under trial” James 1:12 

To all our brothers and sisters in America and around the world. We wish you all long life and happiness. In future posts we will elaborate further on how we best believe we can proceed to but ourselves and our nation back in order. There are policy and ideological issues that are relevant to the great task remaining. However we believe many of the political and spiritual problems facing us are a matter more of temperament than ideology.

We thank you all for your continuing support, we are forever indebted to many wonderful Hoosier patriots: Christine Scales, Paul Ogden, Charlie White and the late, great Gary Welsh. We love you Gary! Your spirit lives still!

Praise be to God! Amen! Hallelujah! Good Golly Miss Molly! 

And with that we leave you with this inspirational tune. The unforgettable theme to “Chariots of Fire” by the inimitable band Vangellis:

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Episode 59 of Leah Remini and Mike Rinder’s Scientology Fair Game Podcast

Good evening all! We were surfing around cyberspace and found the latest episode of the Scientology Fair Game Podcast hosted by two of this blogs favorite heroes Leah Remini and Mike Rinder. 

As we at this blog have vowed to purge the political sphere of the cultists who have taken over our beloved Republican Party, Mike and Leah are working to end the satanic reign of the Church of Scientology.

Here’s the video of this weeks podcast. We all salute you Mike and Leah!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

A Quick Word

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. First we would like to apologize to you all for the lack of columns since July. We all have had personal and family matters to attend to. Second, we would like to thank all of you out there for your support. And we look forward to many more years of blogging to come. As Thomas Paine would say: “These are the times that try mens souls.” But as our forefathers survived their challenges, we will survive ours! It is easy to get discouraged, but we have every reason to hope. For we carry the true spirit of the United States of America in us all. 

America cannot be killed because it is more than land, it is an eternal ideal. And ideas unlike people cannot be killed. The way we defeat the darkness is to not emulate it. Every act of positive goodness and holiness matters. Many of us here have been harmed and mistreated by people who are supposed to represent the ideals of Hoosierdom and Americanism. 

We all carry our own scars, we all have our difficulties. But thanks to the good and noble actions of our ancestors, those we love and ourselves. We all can find ways to heal ourselves, our state, and our nation. As it is written: “Let not your heart be troubled.” John 14:1-3, also it is written “Do not worry about tomorrow, for everyday has enough worry unto itself.” Matthew 6:34

We all understand to well the lonely walk of staying on the straight and narrow. We also are painfully aware that many will misunderstand our goals and ideals. As fallible men and women such misunderstandings are not unusual. 

To those who disagree with us: There is no malice or ill will towards you from any of us. Although we are optimistic about the future, we write with the full knowledge that our activism might cost us our lives. We don’t wish to have our lives ended. But if and when our time in this world ends, we will have no regrets. 

Let us close with a quote from President Lincoln, a man who gave his life for all of us:  "With malice toward none with charity for all with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right let us strive on to finish the work we are in to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan ~ to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations."

Praise be to GOD! Amen! God Bless America!

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Hoosier Supermom Jennifer Glynn’s Facebook Page helps Hoosiers resolve their Unemployment Issues

Jasmine Minor’s report on Hoosier Heroine Jennifer Glynn 

As you all probably know by now, the Hoosier state is dropping the ball Bigly when it comes to paying Hoosiers their unemployment benefits. On Tuesday we wrote about the complete silence of the Department of Workforce Development in addressing these issues. However there is some hope in all of the darkness that is surrounding the cesspool that is our state’s unemployment system. In addition to WISH-TV’s Richard Essex and WTHR’s Bob Segall, Jasmine Minor is joining the fight for government transparency and accountability!

Here’s Jasmine Minor reporting:

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Jennifer Glynn, a mom of two, started an unemployment help group on Facebook to assist people in securing unemployment benefits.

Her only experience was going through the unemployment filing process before, but her free advice has been priceless for nearly 7,000 Hoosiers struggling to get the benefits they deserve. 

“These people shouldn’t be losing their homes, they shouldn’t be losing everything that they own,” Glynn said. “I’ve had people tell me that they were on the brink of depression until I helped them, that they were on the verge of giving up until I gave them hope.”

Glynn says while the group feels like a full-time job, often answering calls and messages at 3 a.m., she believes it’s necessary work because people are growing desperate. 

“Who else is going to help them?” Glynn asked. “I’m trying to help everybody that I can. And there have been times that I have not been able to help somebody. And that’s disappointing.”

She says the most common issue she sees is when people receive a letter for making an error on their filing or their appeal form. That error that can be costly. 

“I specifically know one woman, she had to wait over a year just for one error,” Glynn said. “That’s the longest that I’ve seen.”

However, she says it’s been nearly impossible to get someone from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development to answer a phone call or email, making it difficult to figure out what the exact error was. 

Glynn says if a claim has an issue, it can’t be fixed until a claims representative or an investigator. 

“The Indiana Department of Workforce Development currently has 16 issues listed on their COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions worksheet,” Glynn said. “The list that I have, I currently have a list of 47 that could cause issues and keep somebody from getting paid. Big difference, right?”

Glynn says, after doing extensive research, she was able to create templates others can fill out to make sure the right information is getting to claim representatives so that errors are not made. She then helps to make sure those forms are sent to the right place.

We here at Indy Republican salute Jennifer Glynn! It is men and women like her that will help us all to achieve more of our goals of good government! Gary Welsh is smiling down from heaven on this awesome lady!

If anyone needs help with their unemployment claim please click here to go to Jennifer Glynn’s Facebook Group. She needs all the help she can get! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Deafening Silence of the Department of Workforce Development w/Update

As we, the late great Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden have written about previously. The Hoosier state’s unemployment insurance program as managed by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) continues to hurt everyday Hoosiers, be a dumping ground for every two bit political hack where they use taxpayer money and funnel it to them and their cronies. Click herehere and here for more information on the corrupt possibly illegal conduct performed by members of the DWD leadership. And they refuse to be open and transparent notwithstanding that this agency is supposed to safeguard the state’s unemployment insurance funds. 

Back in 2012 Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden both reported on Whistleblower’s at DWD who revealed that mismanagement at the agency was to blame for the bankrupting of Indiana’s Unemployment Insurance Fund. From the end of 2008 to 2015 the state was forced to borrow money from the federal government to cover the shortfall caused by the incompetence and corruption by the agency heads at DWD. WISH-TV’s Deanna Dewberry did a wonderful report on DWD back in 2012 which can be read by clicking here. Unfortunately the agency has not noticeably improved at all over the years. The agency has especially been dropping the ball when it comes to preventing and go after unemployment insurance fraud.

On December 30th, 2020 Indystar posted Nick Penzenstadler’s USA Today article “How scammers siphoned $36B in fraudulent unemployment payments from US”. The article reveals how since are least May of 2020, online scammers have been responsible for at least $36 Billion of fraudulent unemployment claims. Pezenstadler interviewed one of the people who has engaged in this massive cyber fraud and explains how it had been done. We wrote about unemployed Hoosiers having to fight the very state agency that is supposed to help them deal with unemployment fraud back in March

Now a sensible administration after all of this negative publicity, we would think would want to at least attempt to appear to clean up there act. If only to try and stem the continuing bad public relations. But as WISH-TV’s Richard Essex reported last Wednesday July 7th, 2021 DWD is just doubling down on avoiding public scrutiny. In a wonderful story entitled “How the Department of Workforce Development stonewalls Hoosiers”, Essex had this to say about his attempts to speak with DWD:

For months, News 8 has asked the Indiana Department of Workforce Development for a sit-down interview with its leader, Commissioner Fred Payne; News 8’s request have been repeatedly denied. 

So on Wednesday, News 8 went to the state government’s office building to make a request in person.

The Department of Workforce Development main office appears to be right next to the public entrance of the Government Center South building.

“Hi, I’m Richard Essex of WISH-TV. We are trying to make an appointment to see the commissioner, Fred Payne,” News 8’s Richard Essex said. “Is this the office?”

Upon News 8’s arrival at the office, a security guard hired by the state said she wasn’t sure where Payne’s office was located.

“Well, you can go down there to the other office and get a hold of him,” she said. 

The security guard escorted News 8 to another office that she called the intake office. Once inside that office, News 8 made the same request; a woman lady behind the desk at the intake office said she was new to the job and wasn’t sure who we needed to speak with. 

After waiting an hour, News 8 was told someone was coming to talk.

Next thing that happened, the office door was closed and locked.

News 8 waited in a hallway after being promised someone would come to talk. No one ever appeared, so News 8 went back the first office.

As it turns out, News 8 were not the only ones in the building trying to get answers.

Kathi Dean told News 8 the Department of Workforce Development claims she was overpaid. Dean had grown tired of waiting for callbacks and unanswered emails, so she came to downtown Indianapolis for answers.

“What about people that worked for years and put time into this and have to work and wait and wait on this money?” Dean asked. “So if you want to stop our PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance), just go right ahead on and give us our money from unemployment back pay all at one time so we can go ahead on and live.”

A security guard told Dean to make an appointment.

News 8 continued to wait for someone from Workforce Development to come out and talk, or at least make an appointment.

Several people were in the office; none of them came to the door.

Here’s the video from WISH-TV’s website featuring the comically inept conduct displayed by DWD:

We are most pleased that Mister Essex is not alone in his quest to get answers out of DWD. Bob Segall over at WTHR has also done his own championship work on the problems plaguing DWD.

We cannot recommend enough that you all check out Mister’s Segall’s and Essex’s great work, it’s YUGE!

Looking into all of this craziness at DWD reminds us all of a story that Paul Ogden mentioned on his blog back in 2011. Itwas a report about a possibly non existent state agency, Kara Kenney as always did an incredible job reporting on it at the time.

Many questions remain, and much digging needs to be done. One of the biggest concerns is how do Hoosiers navigate the labyrinth, that stands in the way of them receiving their benefits? To be honest we are not sure quite yet how. Perhaps a few little birdies might clue us in. Gary Welsh is gone physically from this world but his work had barely begun. Hang tight fellow ruffians! Things are going to get interesting!

P.S. Note to all of you, according to what we hear through the grapevine the Leadership Team at DWD, including the Commissioner have offices on the third floor of DWD in the government center south. Word of caution, should you get to the third floor our sources tell us that the atmosphere is a bit thinner than elsewhere in the building. Just FYI.

UPDATE: An alert reader just sent us this awesome tweet from Rob Kendall giving his take on the whole situation:

UPDATE: If anyone is having trouble with an unemployment issue please click here to go to  WISH-TV’s website and fill out the form on the page. 

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Repost: Conservatives should Oppose the Death Penalty

Good Morning Friends! We at the blog are working on some more stories for the coming weeks and months. So we thought that while we have to unfortunately keep you waiting, that we would repost some of our earlier work. This post is from back in March 2018. We were inspired to write it because of a wonderful article by Sarah Quinlan over at Redstate. This was of course before Redstate purged itself of  its talent and decided to become shills for the Orange Man Baby Trump. We stand by every word of this post and hope you all will enjoy this little gem from our vaults. Have a blessed day brothers and sisters!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Conservatives should Oppose the Death Penalty 

Recently we all were pursuing online and came across an intriguing article called “Republicans Should Seek to End the Death Penalty Not Expand It” by Sarah Quinlan over at Redstate. The article is well worth reading in it’s own right. IR being conservative Republicans and believing christians one area in which we are at variance with many of our fellow conservatives is in our opposition to capital punishment. We oppose this on many grounds rooted in our Christian faith as well as being a natural outgrowth of our desire to limit the power of the state to the functions it MUST absolutely have in order to defend the lives, liberty and property of its citizenry. 

Those of us who are opposed to abortion must if we are to be intellectually and morally consistent must at the very minimum be as equally concerned about the death penalty. It is an irreconcilable quandary to us to favor limiting government power but to also allow the state which we at best view as a restrained monster the power of life and death over its citizens. We are not opposed to killing in self defense or defense of others. Or in defense of the United States in time of war. Those are very different circumstances than executing a person convicted of a crime. As Christians and conservatives we are all to familiar with the reality of sin or of fallen human nature. We are all to painfully aware that sin and vice have one of there greatest breeding grounds in government. For that reason alone we should abolish the death penalty if only to possibly avoid being victims of it ourselves. After all anyone may potentially be wrongfully convicted of a capital offense. This maybe just us speaking here but we don’t feel like being sent to death row.

For more information visit Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty by clicking this link: https://conservativesconcerned.org/

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Goodbye to Frank Bonner AKA Herb Tralek

Frank Bonner AKA Herb Tarlek 1942-2021

One of our favorite all time tv series is WKRP In Cincinnati. To this day we still often watch episodes of this great classic of American television. One of our favorite characters has always been Herb Tarlek the shady sales manager at WKRP. We were sorry to find out that Frank Bonner the actor that played Herb Tarlek passed away a few days ago. Our old friend the late great blogger Gary Welsh often told us how much he loved WKRP when he was growing up and we think his affinity for white belts was something he might have picked up from Herb Tarlek. 

Variety reported on his death and had this to say about Frank Bonner’s passing:

Frank Bonner, the veteran actor who became famous for portraying Herb Tarlek on the TV sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati,” died Wednesday. He was 79.

Bonner’s family confirmed to TMZ that the actor died as a result of complications from Lewy body dementia.

Desiree Boers-Kort, Bonner’s daughter, posted in a “WKRP In Cincinnati” Facebook group, saying that the actor “loved his fans and was still signing autograph requests up until the last few weeks of his illness. Thank you to all who followed his career. He will be forever missed.

Bonner appeared in 88 of the 90 episodes of “WKRP in Cincinnati,” which aired for four seasons from 1978-82. He also directed six episodes of the sitcom, which followed the misadventures of the staff of a struggling rock radio station in Cincinnati. Bonner’s character was a tasteless sales manager at the station who often failed to secure deals with major advertising agencies. From his signature white belt and shoes to his polyester suits, “plaid boy” would often come into work and be laughed at for his loud outfits. His catchphrase, “Hokay, fine,” was a response used when acknowledging decisions that he didn’t particularly like.

Indy Republican sends our deepest sympathies to Mister Bonner’s family and friends. We can think of no more fitting a tribute to this man than to play the theme song to his most successful show. Here it is the WKRP theme song:

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

It’s Not Unusual, Tom Jones turns 81

Good Morning Fellow Babies!

Sir Tom Jones

IR and the gang hope you are all doing well today, and remember if you overslept for work, don’t go in! Because you are already late! 

A few days ago one of our favorite singers Sir Tom Jones turned 81 years old. Tom is well known for his television show from the 1960’s and for appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show. He will always be known for some of his greatest hits “She’s a Lady”, “Green, Green Grass of Home”, the theme to the classics James Bond film “Thunderball” and the unforgettable “It’s Not Unusual”. He has also appeared in films including the criminally underrated 1996 comedy “Mars Attacks”. We thought we would share with all of you some sampling’s of Tom’s to help brighten your day!

Take it away Sir Tom!

It’s Not Unusual:

Tom Jones cover of Kung Fu Fighting:

Tom in Mars Attacks:

Green Green Grass of Home:

She’s a Lady:

Theme to James Bond “Thunderball”:

Monday, May 31, 2021

Happy Memorial Day!

Indy Republican would like to wish you all a safe and happy Memorial Day! Throughout the day please take a moment to express your gratitude to our veterans that are still with us. And pay our respects to those who gave all for our freedoms. Also we would like to express our everlasting thanks to our friend and mentor the late, great Gary Welsh. Though Gary never served in the military he was a genuine patriot and hero. He like others that have gone before us are gone physically, their memories and spirits live eternal!

In that spirit let us celebrate and honor America’s Best! Listen to the great classic “Ballad of the Green Berets”:

Praise be to God! Amen!

Friday, May 21, 2021

The Great Humor of Ronald Reagan

We the Indy Republican Posse do sincerely miss, and look to the late great President Ronald Reagan for both inspiration, as well as a contrast to the freak show antics that was the Presidency of Donald Trump. A great friend of the blog came across this footage from the late 1970’s of then Governor Reagan of California speaking at Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roast of George Burns. 

Watching this we not only laughed, but saw how a real statesman acts. And why Donald Trump could never be Reagan. What some forget is that Trump actually attacked Reagan in the 1980’s. Check out this this 2015 article that reports on Trump’s spat with Reagan in 1987.

Here’s some much needed comedy from the undisputed king of political wit, Ronald Reagan:

Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Differences Between Real Republicans and Trump Imposters

In the near future we plan on outlining in greater detail why we, as Anti-Trump Conservatives are the true followers of Conservatism and Republicanism. Unlike the tangerine con man Trump. 

For now the picture below though short of a thousand words, illustrates briefly the extent to which the modern Trumplican Party has left we Republicans politically homeless:

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Ricky Gervais Puts Hollywood Elites in their Place

We just found this kickass monologue by the very talented and funny British comedian Ricky Gervais. This is from his presentation at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. If more talent like his gets put on stage at awards shows we will start watching them again!

Here’s some classic Gervais:

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

In a Victory for Hoosiers Marion County Judge Rules Attorney General Curtis Hill Violated Public Records Law

Former Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill 

There is some good news and IR thought we would share it with all of you. Johnny Magdaleno writing for the Indianapolis Star on April 1, 2021, reported that former Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill had broken state public records law when he refused to disclose the personal email addresses of public officials.

Magdaleno writes:

IndyStar investigative journalist Ryan Martin requested records on employee turnover from the attorney general's office in July 2018. One of the records that fit the request was a PowerPoint presentation on the office's budget that was sent to the personal email addresses of Hill and then-Chief Deputy Aaron Negangard.

Before sending the record to Martin, Hill's office redacted the personal email addresses it contained. His office acknowledged to Martin that the addresses weren't exempt from public records law, saying that "we would provide the information to you if you request it." 

So Martin requested the addresses. When the office still didn't provide them, he filed a complaint with the state's Public Access Counselor, a custodian of public records disputes.

The counselor issued an advisory opinion siding with Martin. "While not prohibited, the use of private email for public business invites oft-unforeseen problems down the road when those emails are requested," counselor Luke Britt wrote in the opinion.

After Britt weighed in, Martin reported that IndyStar sent five emails requesting the information over a 22-day period. The office responded with a new reason as to why it wasn't providing the records, claiming that they were part of Hill's and Negangard's personnel files.

In January 2021, Judge James Joven ruled in favor of IndyStar. In his decision, he wrote that Hill's attorneys failed to show why personal email addresses should be exempt from public record laws. Such laws protect personnel files related to work but don't protect information that doesn't have to do with the management of employees, Joven wrote.

Joven also ordered the attorney general's office to pay IndyStar $49,150 in attorneys fees, and Hill was fined $100 in civil penalties. Britt told IndyStar the civil penalty may mark the first time that an Indiana law sanctioning public employees for not complying with records requests has been applied in court.

We here at Indy Republican would like to applaud Johnny Magdaleno, Ryan Martin and the Indianapolis Star for filing this lawsuit and forcing the issue into the open. If this gets to be a trend their might be hope for the Indianapolis Star yet.

We strongly encourage our readers to contact the Indianapolis Star and tell them to do much more work advocating for good government. Somewhere in this universe Gary Welsh is smiling down at this.