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Thursday, May 26, 2016

RINO Mike Pence & Indiana Republicans & Democrats Screw the Taxpayers AGAIN!

If you wonder why the staff at INDY REPUBLICAN has come to the conclusion that the statehouse media in this state is a complete joke. And that the elites of both political parties in Indiana are only out to mess over the citizens of Indiana. You need look no further than this article in today's Indianapolis Business Journal:

"Local governments will see fewer audits due to a recent change in Indiana state law.

The State Board of Accounts used to audit cities and counties every year, and audit school corporations every two years. Now those audits will be conducted every four years unless there are red flags."

Todd Caldwell the director of Audit Services for the State Board of Accounts is quoted as saying: "The statute on frequency of audits changed last year from annual or biannual to a risk-based approach."  The article goes on to point out that there are almost 200 Field Examiners that work in all of Indiana's 92 Counties. Caldwell told the Muncie Star Press that "because of budget limitations and the sheer number of entities that require auditing mean's there is too much work and not enough people to do it."

We at INDY REPUBLICAN have found the law that Todd Caldwell is referring to is House Bill 1104 which was passed last year by the Indiana General Assembly. The digest of the bill "Permits the state board of accounts to determine the frequency with which the state board of accounts conducts financial examinations based on risk based criteria approved by the audit and financial reporting subcommittee of the legislative council" Also included in the digest of the bill it "Specifies that certain examinations by the state board of accounts may (rather than must, under current law) be made without notice."

In effect the state legislature and the Governor have stated that instead of counties and schools being audited for waste, fraud, and abuse every year or every two years. That they will only be audited if the audit and financial reporting subcommittee's approved risk based criteria are met. As far as all of us at INDY REPUBLICAN concerned this might as well be a giant sign that it is open season for local city, county and school bureaucrats to commit as much corruption as they want! Since they know they will not be audited very often! Although Caldwell does say that the state does consider various risk factors. Since the bill: "Eliminates the requirement that the state examiner must annually furnish forms and instructions to reporting officers." How in the world will the Field Examiners know what to look for?

The State Board of Accounts has in the past shown itself to be very helpful in finding issues with financial irregularities at the city, county and school level. For those seeking a more in depth look at SBOA's work we refer you to  the late great Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana fame who painstakingly chronicled some of the SBOA's outstanding work on behalf of Indiana taxpayers here, here, and here.

It is true that the Republican Party has a supermajority in both the Indiana State House and State Senate. But keep in mind that the overwhelming number of House and Senate Democrats voted for this bill and it was signed into law by Governor Mike Pence on May 5th, 2015 and is now Public Law 181. The bill passed by 88 to 6 in the House and by 47 to 1 in the State Senate. Here is the breakdown by party of members of both Houses:

Indiana State House:

71 Republicans
29 Democrats

Indiana State Senate:

40 Republican
10 Democrats

So assuming that all the nay votes were cast by democrats that means that around 80 percent of the Democrats in the House and 90 percent of Democrats in the Senate voted for this bill. Interestingly an alert staff member pointed out that one of the co-authors of this bill is Rep. Gail Riecken who represents Evansville is the Assistant Democratic Floor Leader in the State House! The staffer also informed us that back during the 2009 Special Legislative Session that Riecken authored a bill that would require a performance audit of Family and Social Services Administration's (FSSA) welfare privatization debacle. Gary Welsh reported very well on the FSSA disaster here. So the fact that Riecken having authored a bill to audit the failed welfare privatization at FSSA. Then in 2015 co-authors a bill that cripples the very agency designed to help root our local government corruption should give the voters of her district cause to seriously question just how committed she is to making sure that taxpayer money is not wasted! This certainly does not inspire any confidence in Democrats claiming that they will restore accountability to Indiana Government!

Governor Mike Pence also deserves a large amount of the blame for not being a MAN and vetoing this bill when it got to his desk! After seeing how Governor Pence has kept most of the staff from the previous Governor at the state. It isn't a surprise that he would pick Mitch Daniels old crony former State GOP Chairman Eric Holcomb to be his Lt. Governor after Democrat Republican Susan Ellsperman left his administration to become the new head of IVY TECH State College. Holcomb's pick as Lt. Governor should scare the living daylights out of all Indiana Citizens especially Republicans if for no other reason than former Indiana Democratic Party Communications Director Political Hack Jennifer Wagner seems to think it is a great move by Mike Pence to pick Eric Holcomb! That's funny awhile back Wagner spent a huge amount of time and effort on her now defunct Taking Down Words blog tearing up every Republican she could find! Especially striking is that she had not a word of criticism of former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels in her recent article about "Little Man" Holcomb. As she ripped Daniels up constantly on her now defunct blog! (Deservedly so most of the INDY REPUBLICAN staff believes.)

Real Indiana Republicans Gary Welsh, Paul Ogden and Charlie White have chronicled Eric Holcomb's myriad of shortcomings as both a man and as a running mate for Governor Pence. Read here, here, here, and here for the information that the Indiana press will not share with you. So for that reason INDY REPUBLICAN'S staff will because we wish to share the truth and to restore the True Grand Old Party! We will not water down the principles of Republicanism to fit the agenda of any man or any number of men. Regardless of what Party Label they claim as their own!

We urge all Indiana citizens to call your lawmakers and urge them to repeal this horrific law! If anyone has any suggestion, comments, or news tips for the staff please post a comment and someone will get back to you.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Marion County GOP trades one Democrat Stooge for Another to be their new Chairman

Yesterday the Indianapolis Star wrote an article about how a new Indianapolis Ethics ordinance has moved Marion County Democrat Republican Chairwoman Jennifer Ping to step aside from her position and make way for a new Democrat Republican Indianapolis City County Council Minority Leader Mike McQuillen to assume control of what remains of the crumbling Marion County Republican Party. Lest anyone think that the probable appointment of McQuillen to become the new Marion County GOP Chair will do anything to reverse the GOP's deservedly sagging fortunes we will refer you to the following blog post that show how the Marion County GOP is now a directly controlled subsidiary of the Marion County Democrats and also why Mike McQuillen is the worst possible choice to revive the County Party. If the leadership of the Marion County GOP had any sense they would appoint Paul Ogden or Christine Scales Party Chair yesterday! But they won't because the Party would rather lose with candidates that they can control then win anything with any candidates of merit.

Here are Gary Welsh's Post about Jennifer Ping and Mike McQuillen:

Jennifer Ping:

Governor Mike "Pampered" Pence and State House Speaker Brian "The Weasel" Bosma's selling out the GOP:


Fake Republican Ping Slated to be New Marion County GOP Chair:


Marion County GOP Bosses Issue the Death Knell to County Republicans:


Mike McQuillen:

Mike McQuillen Rebukes Real Republican Christine Scales while lavishing praise to RINO Jose Evans:



UPDATE: Fellow Blogger Paul Ogden of Ogden on Politics has an in depth look at this story here:

Saturday, May 14, 2016

WISH-TV'S News Directors Exit Continues the Decline of the Indianapolis Media

In an article on the Indianapolis Business Journals website yesterday. It's revealed that Elbert Tucker is leaving after less than a year into his time as the News Director for WISH-TV in Indianapolis. The article goes onto to say that Tucker is leaving to return to Tennessee to be closer to his family. It seems like the local news media in Indiana is only interested in having old line hack reporters like Jim "Shill" Shella on their payroll. And the Langley-Controlled Indianapolis Star has certainly declined considerably since they were sold to the Gannet Corporation in 1999. Instead of the Hard Nosed Reporting of Dick Cady we are now treated to Matt Tully and the garbage that his Circle Jerk Club would tell him as Gary Welsh used to say. Indy Republican is certain that the late great Gary Welsh is laughing from his grave at the continued decline of what remains of the mainstream media in Indiana. Click here for the link about Tuckers departure.