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Friday, January 31, 2020

Vocem Libertatis’s Ed Adams Leaves the GOP

Ed Adams: Blogger and Patriot

It is with great sorrow that we report our fellow agitator Ed Adams. The proprietor of the Vocem Libertatis blog has decided to leave the Republican Party and become an independent. Although we at INDY REPUBLICAN will not leave the GOP and will fight to preserve the legacy or Reagan and Goldwater till all the RINO’s leave the GOP or quit. Despite our differences with Ed, such as disagreeing on Eric Holcomb, we have nothing but sympathy and admiration for Ed Adams. And we understand and share his frustrations with politics in general and the Republican Party in particular. 

We will let Mister Adams tell you in his own words why he has left the GOP. Here is a statement he made on Facebook today and on his blog:

I can't do it anymore. Today, I submitted my resignation as a Republican party precinct committeeman and join the ranks of Independents:

January 30, 2020

Cindy Kirchofer
Marion County Republican Central Committee

Madam Chairman,

It is great sorrow that I must tender my resignation as the elected Republican Precinct Committeeman of precinct 18-02.  I will not be in attendance at the Convention on February 1st, nor will I seek re-election for the position and wish for my resignation to be effective immediately. 

I have been a Republican all of my life. At age 5, I had my own electoral map enthusiastically watching the election of Richard Nixon. In 1980, though I could not vote, I campaigned for Ronald Reagan for President and Dan Quayle for Senate. Ronald Reagan was proudly my first Presidential vote in 1984.  Since that time I have proudly assisted Republicans candidates and campaigns in a variety of capacities.  I remain committed to the historic conservative principles that have been at the very core of what Republicans have stood for since the founding of the party – limited government, fiscal responsibility, local control, individual freedom, free markets and strong defense. Sadly, this no longer represents the Republican party.

In 2016, I severed ties with the Republican National Committee after the disgraceful conduct at the Republican National Convention and permitting the party to be highjacked by a populist nationalist who does not represent Republican values. I remained in the party with the hope that surely sanity would prevail at some point, even after Trump’s election.

Since that time, I have watched the Indiana GOP refuse to take action against an Attorney General credibly accused of sexual assault and to become a propaganda shill for Donald Trump – despite having an amazing Governor in Eric Holcomb that they should be better supporting.  They also essentially wrote off Indianapolis in the last election and crowed of other wins while ignoring the utter massacre in Marion County, which was caused in large part by revulsion of Donald Trump, whom they embrace with the devotion of a cult.

After watching the impeachment process transpire, it has become patently obvious that nothing remains of the party I knew and faithfully served. It has become the party of Donald Trump with cultish enthusiasm. I can no longer lend my name and reputation to be identified with it.

This is not a reflection on you or your leadership. I have the utmost respect for you and my Township Chairman, Councilman Mike Hart. I have made no secret of my views, but I have never been treated by either of you with anything but the utmost respect and I am most grateful for that.  This is also not a reflection on Marion County Republicans who I believe are committed to core Republican principles.
I am not becoming a Democrat and will always be available to genuine conservatives to assist them in any way in which I am able to help and they are willing to accept my help. However, I cannot be associated in any way with the party of Donald Trump and those who have repeatedly enabled his illegal, unconstitutional and immoral conduct. My prayer is that someday the party is restored to sanity and this stain be removed. If that occurs, I will happily return.

With warm regard,

Ed Adams
GOP Precinct Committeeman
Marion County
Precinct 18-02

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Blue Indy is No More

Good evening boys and girls. Hope you all had the happiest holidays imaginable, and we all wish you a Happy 2020. A little before Christmas the Indianapolis Business Journal ran a piece by Susan Orr detailing how the death trap electric car service Blue Indy is leaving Indianapolis.

In her December 20th, 2019 article Miss Orr has this to say

Blue Indy, the electric-car-sharing service that launched in September 2015, is pulling the plug on its Indianapolis fleet.

“We regret to announce that Blue Indy will end its collaboration with the City of Indianapolis, effective May 21st, 2020,” the company said in a letter sent to customers Friday morning. “This difficult decision to end the service has been made because we did not reach the level of activity required to be economically viable.”

As of August, Blue Indy had 3,000 active members—a fifth of the total it had projected that it needed for profitability. It had 92 stations and 200 cars—80 fewer cars circulating than two years ago.

When the Paris-based company backed by French logistics company Bollore and billionaire Vincent Bollore launched in Indianapolis, it predicted that it would be operating profitably by 2020, with at least 15,000 members, 200 stations and 500 cars.

This isn’t the only place Bollore has struggled with car-sharing.

Autolib, which Bollore launched in Paris in 2011, closed seven years later after city officials refused to contribute money to offset a revenue shortfall.

Indianapolis spent $6 million to help launch Blue Indy and wasn’t expected to recoup the investment until the service turned profitable.

The controversial deal came at the end of former Republican Mayor Greg Ballard’s administration, and spurred a lawsuitfrom the Marion County auditor, a Democrat, that was eventually dismissed.

In return for the $6 million, Blue Indy promised to share profits with the city—once its own investment was recouped and Indianapolis Power & Light recovered 125% of the more than $3 million in ratepayer hikes that made the charging stations possible. IPL initially filed a $12.3 million cost-recovery request to pay for installations but the request was denied by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

Blue Indy, which has said it invested more than $40 million of its own money to launch the service, did not disclose its annual revenue or what performance it would need to achieve to turn a profit.

The company said it would remain in operation locally until May 21 but gradually reduce the number of cars it has operating over that time. It said it would stop charging monthly membership fees on March 21 and terminate the memberships.

The company did not say what would happen to the charging stations, which can be found all over Indianapolis and are heavily clustered in and around downtown.

All we can say is it’s about damn time Blue Indy left the Circle City. This boondoggle was never going to turn a profit. But former Mayor Ballard and company just couldn’t resist flushing more taxpayer money down the drain. Never mind the fact that Blue Indy’s cars and charging stations weren’t very safe. Paul Ogden of Ogden on Politics and the late great Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana fame have both written Bigly about Blue Indy. Click here and here to read the massive amount of material these two geniuses have written about Blue Indy. As disgusted as we are by the sheer waste of taxpayer money on this disaster. We are relieved to see it coming to an end. Gary Welsh is smiling down from heaven over this. Fear not my friends, the stone is being rolled off the tomb door, the resurrection of Indiana and the spirit of Gary Welsh is at hand! Sing songs of rejoicing and praise! As to the powers that be we have but one message to give to you: Be afraid, be VERY afraid! 

A little message to the power that be from Vincent Price: