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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Breitbart News Washes it’s hands of Neo-Nazi Paul Nehlen with Update

Steve Bannon has apparently found a candidate too repulsive for even him and his Breitbart minions to support. This afternoon word came out that Bannon and Breitbart have dumped the racist clown Paul Nehlen. Earlier this month we reported on how Nehlen told conservative New York Post writer Jon Podhoretz to eat a bullet. We of course suggested to Nehlen that he jump off a tall bridge for being such a moron. Back to today’s story on the now finished bromance between Nehlen and Bannon.

Brett Samuels of The Hill reports:

Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon and his conservative outlet, Breitbart News, have cut ties with a far-right activist challenging Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) in 2018 after the candidate posted several controversial tweets

“Nehlen is dead to us,” Arthur Schwartz, a Bannon adviser, told CNN on Wednesday regarding Wisconsin congressional candidate Paul Nehlen (R).

“We don’t support him,” Breitbart editor Joel Pollak tweeted late Tuesday. “He’s disqualified himself.”

Samuels mentions one of the tasteless tweets in question that probably got Nehlen booted from Breitbart:

Nehlen on Saturday tweeted an illustration showing three Christian crosses with signs reading "No it's not," "It's okay to be white" and "No it's not." The cross in the middle of the image was meant to represent Jesus Christ.

What is a mystery to us is why it took so long for Bannon and Company to figure out that Nehlen is a complete psycho. It’s not like he has been shy about his insanity. INDY REPUBLICAN is glad to hear that Bannon and Breitbart have dumped Nehlen. We however remain skeptical this will be the last embarrassing candidate that Bannon backs and then has to throw under the bus.

IR is not the only conservative to have reservations about Nehlen and Bannon. Here is a twitter exchange by a friend of the blog pointing out how problematic Nehlen, Roy Moore and Bannon are:

UPDATE: Ben Shapiro over at DailyWire.com has an excellent take here on the whole Bannon/Nehlen fiasco. Shapiro used to work at Breitbart News under Steve Bannon so his insights into Bannon and Breitbart are worth a read.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Alas Poor Jim Atterholt We Hardly Knew Ye

Jim Atterholt 

John Russell over at IBJ.COM reports that after less than a year back at the Indiana Utilities Regulatory Commission (IURC). That political hack and Paul Ogden’s old bete noire Jim Atterholt has decided to run like hell resign as Chairman of the IURC. 

Russell writes:

James Atterholt, chairman of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, will leave Jan. 12, Governor Eric Holcomb’s office said Monday.

The powerful agency regulates $14 billion worth of electric, natural gas, telecommunications, steam, water and sewer utilities. It approves utility projects and determines how much utilities can charge customers.

In a statement, Atterholt said his wife, Brenda, was offered a job transfer to Fort Myers Beach, Florida. “We are looking forward to life at a slower pace.”

Holcomb’s announcement called Atterholt’s departure a “retirement,” but it seemed somewhat unexpected. Holcomb had appointed Atterholt in February, and in a statement at the time made the appointment sound long term.

“Jim Atterholt’s history of service and depth of knowledge on utility issues make him the best choice to lead the IURC, particularly over the next four years,” Holcomb said in February.

Gov. Mitch Daniels originally appointed Atterholt as chairman of the commission, and he served from 2010 to 2014. He had a break to serve as chief of staff to Gov. Mike Pence from 2014 through 2016.
Before serving at the IURC, Atterholt served as commissioner for the Indiana Department of Insurance. He previously served two terms as a member of the Indiana General Assembly, from 1998 to 2002.

With Atterholt’s retirement, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission Nominating Committee must convene to evaluate candidates and then submit the nominations of three individuals to the governor to fill the vacated position.

It is very observant of John Russell to point out the unusual nature of Atterholt’s departure considering how much fanfare Governor Eric Holcomb had made earlier this year to Atterholt’s appointment to the IURC. IR had blogged about Atterholt and the IURC earlier this year here and here.

Although we applaud Russell for mentioning Atterholt’s previous tenure at the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI), IURC and as Chief of Staff to former Governor Mike Pence. We must chastise Russell just as we did earlier this year for failing to mention Atterholt’s past scandals at the IDOI and IURC. Even though Russell reported on one of Atterholt’s IURC scandals years ago.

As we noted back in January:

Interestingly the article (John Russell’s January 2017 article on Atterholt) declines to mention Atterholt's sordid and unethical history at running both the Indiana Department of Insurance and also his time at IURC. Especially considering that John Russell reported on Atterholt's issue at the IURC back in a 2011 article he wrote for the Indianapolis Star! At the time both Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden both reported on Atterholt's unusually close relationship with Duke Energy. Which was the problem his predecessor David Lott Hardy had and was the reason why Hardy was forced out and Atterholt put in Hardy's place! Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden's pieces on Atterholt and the IURC can be found hereand here. As for his conduct as head of the Department of Insurance Atterholt was told repeatedly by then Title Insurance Division Head Paul Ogden about various legal problems being created by a department head at the IDOI who had been put into their position by former Governor Joe Kernan. Atterholt responded by firing Ogden from his position. Longtime readers of Advance Indiana and Ogden on Politics.com will be aware of the story. But for those of you who may not have heard of it we will post links to both Mr. Ogden's accounts of his situation as reported on his blog and also a link to the asinine decision made by the Court of Appeals granting summary judgement to the Department of Insurance. If you like twisted and nonsensical judicial decisions then you will enjoy reading the Court's dismissing of Ogden's lawsuit. 

We are all scratching our heads here as to why Mr. Russell made absolutely no mention of Atterholt's past problems at IURC since he reported on them five and a half years ago! Tell us John why did you fail to mention these facts in your IBJ article last week? It is relevant information and any competent third rate hack would have put it in there article! Why didn't you? If you ever care to explain yourself we are all ears! If any of you feel so inclined you can call John Russell at his office (317) 472-5383 or ask him on twitter if you feel so inclined at www.twitter.com/JohnRussell99.

We are glad that Atterholt is leaving the state. But we are upset that the press is once again letting a lowlife creep like Jim Atterholt off the hook for his sins. If Indianapolis had a halfway competent prosecutor Atterholt would possibly be facing criminal charges for his transgressions at the Department of Insurance and his shenanigans at the IURC. If anyone wants to call up John Russell at 317-472-5383 or contact him at www.twitter.com/JohnRussell99. 

As for Jim Atterholt. Jimmy if you are reading this Go to Hell!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Mike Crider Drops Bid for Luke Messers Congress Seat

Mike Crider 

State Senator Mike Crider has announced that he will end his campaign to fill Luke Messer’s U.S. House seat. Mister Crider had this to say about his decision to exit the race:


After extensive discussions with my campaign team and my family, I have decided to withdraw as a candidate for the United States Congress in Indiana’s sixth district. Unfortunately, congressional campaigns are very expensive endeavors and due to that we have determined that we do not and likely will not have the ability to spread our message as widely as will be required to achieve victory in May. While disappointed the campaign has come to an end, I am at peace with this decision and know that we all worked hard to put together a winning strategy.

The only negative to this whole adventure is that I find myself a bit jaded as I realize that this scenario is likely playing out in races all across the country. People who would be quality candidates simply cannot participate because they cannot afford to self finance campaigns and the political establishment locks down the remaining financial support. I hope that whomever is successful in this contest is serious about having the responsibilities of the position and not just having the position. There is much work to be done.

As for me, I remain committed to serving as State Senator in District 28 and trying to make a difference wherever and whenever I can. The trust that the people I represent have placed in me remains the honor of my lifetime. Sherri and I will always be grateful for the kindness and encouragement many of you continually extend. May God continue to bless the great state of Indiana and these United States.”

We had previously blogged on Crider’s initial entry into the race back in August here

If the following comment left on that post is any indication as to the kind of man Senator Crider is then his leaving the race is not a bad thing:

“campaign Chairwoman is former State Senator Beverly Gard, also of Greenfield, whom he replaced in the Senate after her retirement in 2012.” That told me all I need to know about Mr. Crider and that he should be kicked to the curb and thoroughly rejected by the voters and every and any time he runs for office.

Anyone with half a brain recalls just what an establishment Hoosier GOP tool Ms. Gard has been throughout her political career. Gard is a long-term, long-time Republican political hack who apparently never found any distaste against political schemes that enriched the corrupt estabishment Republican attorneys who run the Hoosier “R” Party and the corrupt career Republican office holders who knew how to butter the bread of the connected and when to do it.

Establishment Hoosier “R’s” are truly The Stupid Party whose only apparent goals are to enrich themselves and their crony pals at the expense of everyday Indiana citizens. Beverly Gard’s boy Crider for political office? Nah, no way, no thanks.

With Crider’s exit there are three other candidates running in the GOP Primary to succeed Luke Messer. They are Greg Pence brother to Vice President Mike Pence of whose possible run for office we have discussed previously. Stephen McKenzie a veteran and Jonathan Lamb a businessman from Muncie. In the interest of full disclosure IR would like to point out our sympathies in this race lie with Mr. McKenzie. But to the other candidates we shall of course act with complete fairness. 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

What Dark Secrets are Tomi Lahern, Ann Coulter and Kellyanne Conway Hiding?

An avid reader of INDY REPUBLICAN sent us the following item off of twitter:

Monday, December 11, 2017

Steve Bannon sends Indy Republican to Hell

IR had hoped never to not ever again blog about Steve Bannon or Roy Moore. But they are such easy targets it’s hard not to fire away at them. According to a report by The Hill’s Olivia Beavers written last night. Breitbart  News CEO and Bomb thrower Steve Bannon believes there is a special place in Hell for republicans who don’t support Roy Moore.

Olivia Beavers writes:

Stephen Bannon on Monday called out GOP leaders who have failed to support Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, telling a crowd at a rally for the special election candiate that there is "special place in hell for Republicans who should know better."

Bannon is campaigning for Moore in a heated race that has captured the national spotlight after a handful of women came forward last month and accused the candidate of making unwanted sexual advances when they were underaged teenagers and he was in his 30's.

Breitbart's executive chairman's remarks appeared to make a dig at Trump's eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, who said there is a "special place in hell for people who pray on children" after the allegations surfaced.

It’s interesting that Bannon feels so comfortable acting all high and mighty and claiming to be just one of the folks. He never seems to mention his own past as a Goldman Sachs executive, or his time as a Hollywood producer. He certainly seems content not to mention his past dealings with Harvey Weinstein. And his and Harv’s 2005 deal to distribute “TransAmerica”. Readers of this blog will remember back in October when we reported on that little deal of Bannon’s

Steve Bannon, Harvey Weinstein and “TransAmerica”

Bannon is certainly living up to being a self-described Lenninst. Like Lenin he seeks to replace religious faith in God with faith in people who share his own warped view of the world.

As far as being sent to a special place in Hell. INDY REPUBLICAN says: “Sounds great Steve! We don’t want to be sent to simply boring generic Hell!” 

The savior Jesus Christ sums up our views of Steve Bannon and Roy Moore quite well here:

Matthew 7:15King James Version (KJV)

15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
Steve and Roy in case you missed the point yes we are calling you both false prophets. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Reason TV’s 13 Non-Pedophile Reasons Not To Vote for Roy Moore

Indy Republican would like to encourage all our readers to not vote for either Roy Moore or Doug Jones. Instead support Colonel Lee Busby for U.S. Senate! Lee Busby has served his country with honor and will vote to uphold the ENTIRE Constitution of the United States of America. Not just the portions he supports. Roy Moore and Doug Jones will serve only the Washington Establishment. Lee Busby will serve the people of Alabama. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Paul Nehlen gets his panties in a bunch and tells a critic to commit suicide

Paul Nehlen curious to know what he defines as being nice to people

Last fall Paul Nehlen challenged sitting U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan R-WI in the republican congressional primary and lost by almost 70 points. A large part of the reason why Nehlen lost to a panty waist like Ryan. Might be because of his propensity to pull childish stunts like challenging his opponent to an arm-wrestling match.

Nehlen apparently cannot take criticism so he decided to engage in this useless tirade with journalist and real republican John Podhoretz on Twitter:

Here are Podhoretz's replies to Nehlen:

Even by the rather low opinion IR holds of politicians Paul Nehlen has managed to reach an all time low. I anybody out there would like to send a message to Mr. Nehlen he can be reached via Twitter at https://twitter.com/pnehlen.

INDY REPUBLICAN would like to send this song to Paul Nehlen and see if he wants to take it's advice:

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Missing Audio from Carmel Mayor Brainard's April Crash

Some of our readers up in Carmel told us about some more interesting facts involving Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard's April 2017 car crash. Our friends directed us to a follow up story done by WRTV's Paris Lewbel. Mr. Lewbel reported that only 1 of the 3 officers who responded to the April crash had their audio recording during at the scene.

Lewbel reporting on November 19th, 2017 said:

After Carmel Mayor James Brainard crashed his city vehicle in April, Call 6 Investigates uncovered that some of the dash camera video recordings from the scene are missing their audio.
Two Carmel Police officers arrived at scene minutes after Mayor Brainard crashed his city Ford Fusion along Third Avenue SW on April 20. Their two dash camera systems were recording, but for a period of almost 10 minutes, you can't hear any of the conversations between the two officers or their conversation with the mayor.
Instead, those two officer's dash camera systems only record audio from inside the car. In the first car on the scene, you can faintly hear the radio. In the second police car to arrive, just the sound of wipers.

It’s because the first two officers never turned on their wireless microphones, Call 6 Investigates’ learned after spending hours reviewing the police dash camera video from the scene of the crash. The only audio recorded on those systems was from an in-car microphone connected to the system.

It wasn’t until Carmel Police Lt. Adam Miller arrived almost 10 minutes after police initially responded, that you can actually hear conversations.
You can hear the other officers interacting with each other over Lt. Miller's microphone, but what could be key parts of the conversation between officers is impossible to hear.
Excerpts from a conversation Lt. Adam Miller and another office at the scene:
Lt. Miller: "He's walking back to City Hall to talk to Barb, so he can go get his pee test."         
Officer 2: "OK good. (unintelligible)"      
Lt. Miller: "I know, he's going to have to go get tested."
Officer: (unintelligible)   
Lt. Miller: "That's between me and you though."

We reached out to Carmel Police for an on-camera interview, they declined, but Chief James Barlow sent us an email. He says, "We currently do not require all officers to activate their in-car video system while at a traffic accident."  

Barlow cites the police department's policy, "The in-car audio/video system may be deactivated during non-enforcement activities such as when protecting accident scenes."  
"While investigating the accident you are referring to, the reporting officer had his audio/video recording,” Barlow said. “The two other officers did not have their audio system on and are not required to by policy."

Call 6 Investigates confronted Mayor Brainard about the incident. When asked if Brainard believed he was "above city policy" since there is no record of a drug or alcohol test following the crash. He responded, "I'm not talking about this today" before walking away. 

Carmel's employee handbook states the mayor and other elected officials aren't required to follow rules in the city handbook. 
Call 6 Investigates also emailed each member of the city council to learn if they were aware of the exemption. RTV6 is still awaiting a response from each member.

Indy Republican has not heard any word on when or if the Carmel Police Department, Mayor Brainard, or any members of the Carmel City Council have spoken further about whether the Mayor and other elected officials are exempt from the rules that are binding on Carmel City employees. We have heard rumors that Brainard may decide not to run for another term. We will let you know more when we hear something. It would not surprise us if Mayor Brainard decides to retire. He certainly is acting like a man with something to hide. Here is a video of him dodging Paris Lebel's questions about his April car accident:

Monday, December 4, 2017

Whore RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney-McDaniel reverses course to back Pedophile Roy Moore

RNC Chairwoman/Traitor Ronna Romney McDaniel 

It’s official my friends! Hell has frozen over! For the second time in about 8 hours INDY REPUBLICAN finds themselves on the same page as Mitt Romney! But we must stay true to ourselves and "Seek the truth; come whence it may, cost what it will." Sarah Rumpf over at Redstate reports that Ronna McDaniel has flushed all of her integrity down the toilet and told the RNC to start backing Roy Moore once again:

Turns out principles have an expiration date when there’s an election to win. Just weeks after the Republican National Committee (RNC) pulled out of a joint fundraising agreement with Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, they’ve changed their mind and will be involved after all.

An RNC official confirmed the news to The Daily Beast late Monday. From the report by Sam Stein:

The decision by the committee to put money and staff behind the Moore campaign comes hours after President Donald Trump formally endorsed the Senate candidate, who has been accused by multiple women of having sexually preyed on them when they were teenagers. A party committee normally follows the directives of its leader. But the RNC’s decision signals a remarkable reversal for the committee. The RNC has been hyper-critical of Democrats for any ties they have to men facing sexual harassment allegations, having pressed lawmakers to return campaign contributions from, among others, Harvey Weinstein.

The reversal by the RNC has another interesting wrinkle to it, in that RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney-McDaniel had previously called the allegations against Moore “deeply troubling” and had called on him to “step aside if there is any truth to them at all.” Now, the committee she chairs is back supporting Moore, on the same day her uncle, former Massachusetts Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was continuing to unequivocally denounce Moore.

As we reported in our last post her Uncle Mitt Romney unlike the RNC actually has the courage and integrity to not back a pervert to be in the Senate. But after the RNC was grabbed by its  PUSSY some of McDaniels and the RNC’s donors threatened to stop leaving money on the nightstand unless the RNC went back to whoring itself out to Roy Moore like the harlot it is.  This is why IR and most of our fellow republicans no longer donate to the RNC or any political party committee. For donating to the RNC we have discovered is almost as bad as hiring a prostitute. The only difference is the prostitute does not pretend to be a saint. 

IR once again implores all people of goodwill to back Colonel Lee Busby for Senate in Alabama. Go to http://electleebusby.com/ and tell the RNC and DNC they can take their candidates and shove them up their asses! 

Mitt Romney is Right about Roy Moore

For as flawed and ideologically inconsistent as former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney is. He is absolutely right about how electing Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate would be the dumbest and most amoral move Republicans could make. Back in September we blogged about how we felt that Governor Romney should just fade into the sunset  IR stands by that post. However our principles and values demand that we give credit where credit is due. Brett Samuels of The Hill has the story:

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney said Monday a victory for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore would be “a stain on the GOP and on the nation,” hours after President Trump endorsed Moore.

"Roy Moore in the US Senate would be a stain on the GOP and on the nation. Leigh Corfman and other victims are courageous heroes. No vote, no majority is worth losing our honor, our integrity," Romney tweeted.

Romney, who is also a former governor of Massachusetts, had previously criticizedMoore, calling him unfit for office. 
Romney's latest comments, however, came hours after President Trump endorsed Moore, despite multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against the candidate.
Fake Christian/Conservative Roy Moore 

Governor Romney is right. Nothing is worth electing Roy Moore to the Senate. Fortunately Alabama voters have a wonderful candidate they can write in. Colonel Lee Busby is a man who Alabama and the nation would be blessed to have serving in the Senate. Unlike Roy Moore who is nothing but hot air and no action. Colonel Busby served for 31 years as a Marine Infantry Officer. He has fought to defend our freedoms overseas, he has raised four children, and has run his own business. Roy Moore talks, but Lee Busby actually delivers on his commitments. 

Colonel Lee Busby for U.S. Senate 

Go to http://electleebusby.com/ and help elect a real American and Alabama’s true native son Lee Busby to the Senate. Give them Hell Colonel!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The False Christian that is Mike Pence

False Prophet Mike Pence

It is a nonstop source of both frustration and sorrow that too many of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Fall for the lie that Vice President Mike Pence is a fellow Christian. To the best of IR's knowledge he only adopts the pose of being Christian as he does being a conservative to further his own ends! As Charlie White is fond of pointing out: "Pence is a medical miracle he is the only man to be born with literally no spine!" But slowly but surely other genuine believers, republicans, conservatives, what have you have begun to discern just how much of Mike Pence's image is a fraud.
Today over at Redstate Susan Wright has made the case against Mike Pence better than we could hope to do. So we are quoting from her article "VP Pence Weaves a Tale of Trump the Believer":

Lying is a sin.

In the wake of news that Trump is rolling on another campaign promise (moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem), comes news of a Vice President Mike Pence interview, aimed at [American] Christians.

This was another one of those stomach-churning propaganda interviews, meant to check the mortar holding Trump’s evangelical base in place.
“Let me be clear: President Trump is a believer and so am I,” Pence told Christian Broadcast Networking correspondent David Brody in an interview excerpt published Sunday.

“And we understand the role of faith in the life of this nation and the American people I think can be encouraged to know that in President Donald Trump, they have a leader who embraces and respects and appreciates the role of faith and the importance of religion in the lives of our families, in communities in our nation and he always will,” he continued.

Titus 1:16 AMP – “They profess to know God [to recognize and be acquainted with Him], but by their actions they deny and disown Him. They are detestable and disobedient and worthless for good work of any kind.”

I believe Mike Pence has lived the life of an actual believer, but like so many who try to blend faith and politics, he has had to compromise, and compromise is the death of faith.
You don’t call someone a brother who actively and often works to disgrace the reputation of the Body of Christ.
I don’t mean somebody who stumbles. I mean somebody who has built his reputation on being hateful, adulterous, and abusive, and who routinely flaunts arrogance, attacking anyone who doesn’t cater to his whims, showing absolutely no grace or self-control.
I’m talking about someone who works in profanity and disrespect for others. This is not the fruit of a believer, and Mike Pence should know this.
He should know it, but it appears he’s willing to finesse his words and work around the details of reality, in order to continue on with the fantasy of Trump as a godly man.
The VP further spoke of Trump’s thankfulness towards the [American] Christians who, when faced with the choice of standing firm in their faith, remembering God’s Word on corrupt leadership, or putting their faith on hold, declaring we weren’t electing a pastor, and putting the world first, did the worldly thing and crowned Trump their new king.
“I think he’s always very humbled and grateful by the support of believers,” he said, adding that Trump “has a heart of gratitude for evangelical Christians in this country.”

Yes. I’m sure he does.
Pence also pointed out that if somebody wants to pray around Trump, he doesn’t immediately burst into flames, so that’s a plus.

“I’ve been with this president in the Oval Office with religious leaders when people have asked to pause for a moment of prayer, and the president readily embraces that,” he said.
1 Timothy 6:3-5 AMP – If anyone teaches a different doctrine and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the doctrine and teaching which is in agreement with godliness (personal integrity, upright behavior), he is conceited and woefully ignorant [understanding nothing]. He has a morbid interest in controversial questions and disputes about words, which produces envy, quarrels, verbal abuse, evil suspicions, and perpetual friction between men who are corrupted in mind and deprived of the truth, who think that godliness is a source of profit [a lucrative, money-making business—withdraw from them].”
Trump boasted during the presidential election that “the evangelicals love me.”
Absolutely, because the [American] church now sees pulling our faith down to be equal with politics is better than demanding politics be raised up to a standard that meets our faith.
I have to wonder if Mike Pence actually has a conscience that can feel shame for his part in all of this?

The answer Ms. Wright is "no" Mike Pence has no conscience, nor does he ever feel shame. As much as we like Susan Wright and this piece she has written is good. Unlike Wright IR does not believe that Old Mikey has ever at anytime in his life really lived as a believer. We have chronicled here and here and many other posts to numerous to mention, Mike Pence's shortcomings as a man.

Here is what some others have said about Mike Pence as well:


Evidence of Mike Pence's questionable ethics:

So Mr. Vice President what say you? Are you ready to answer the call of all true Christians? Or will you refuse to give a defense? We are waiting.

1 Peter 3:14-16Amplified Bible (AMP)

14 But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness [though it is not certain that you will], you are still blessed [happy, to be admired and favored by God]. Do not be afraid of their intimidating threats, nor be troubled or disturbed [by their opposition]. 15 But in your hearts set Christ apart [as holy—acknowledging Him, giving Him first place in your lives] as Lord. Always be ready to give a [logical] defense to anyone who asks you to account for the hope and confident assurance [elicited by faith] that is within you, yet [do it] with gentleness and respect. 16 And see to it that your conscience is entirely clear, so that every time you are slandered or falsely accused, those who attack or disparage your good behavior in Christ will be shamed [by their own words].