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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Will Donald Trump use Roger Stone to take out Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Last month our good friend and fellow blogger Paul Ogden, wrote a column on his blog speculating that former President Donald Trump would work to derail the re-election bid of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis next year. Paul’s reason for coming to this conclusion is that in a poll conducted by GOP pollster Carter Wrenn on behalf of former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s Super PAC, DeSantis and Trump had become statistically tied in a match up for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination. 

We have been pondering this one over and have come to agree with Paul that Trump will most likely try to derail DeSantis’s re-election next year. As the brilliant GOP political strategist Mike Murphy has said (we are paraphrasing a statement of Murphy’s made on an episode of Bill Kristol’s Conversations w/Bill Kristol) “The problem a prominent republican has is if they start to look like they are upstaging Trump. Is very similar to what would happen if Pravda started to praise one of Stalin’s Marshall’s too much is that the Marshall is dead two days later. Trump won’t abide anyone appearing to outshine him.”

Paul’s post seems to indicate that he believes Trump would probably finish off DeSantis by claiming non stop that the election will be rigged in Florida. Thus driving out republican turnout in Florida, just as Trump did in last year’s U.S. Senate runoff elections which enabled the Democrats to win two Senate seats. 

However we have long thought the above strategy that Paul suggests although logical, is not the approach Trump will take. Because that approach is not a personal enough attack against DeSantis. Subtly is not a strong suit of Trump’s. Therefore Trump will want to use an approach that is much more of a direct attack on DeSantis. We just came across a news story in the October 31, 2021 issue of Business Insider by Cheryl Teh. 

Cheryl Teh’s article reports that former Nixon dirty tricks man and Trump staffer might run against DeSantis next year for Governor. Teh writes:

Roger Stone

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone is threatening to run to unseat Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis if the latter does not conduct a vote audit in the state. 

"I heard governor Ron DeSantis say that Florida had the most honest election in our history in 2020, yet I know for a certainty there are one million phantom voters on the Florida voter rolls. These 'voters' simply do not exist," wrote Stone in his Telegram channel to some 20,000 subscribers on October 31.

"If Gov. Ron DeSantis does not order a full audit of the Florida 2020 vote, I may be forced to seek the Libertarian Party nomination for governor in 2022. And Ron can kiss his arrogant Yalie ass goodbye #DefendFlorida," Stone added.

If Stone really is serious about running as a Libertarian for Florida Governor next year. The only conclusion we would reach is that instead of trying to defeat DeSantis by depressing GOP voter turnout. Instead they would hope to draw just enough dissatisfied Trump voters to Stone’s ticket. Which in turn would probably throw the election to DeSantis’s Democratic challenger, but would eliminate him from contention as a candidate for the 2024 GOP Presidential race. 

Stone would not have sent out such a threat to run against DeSantis unless he had been given the green light from Trump to do so. We are still not convinced that Trump will run again in 2024. Even if for arguments sake he has already decided not to run, he won’t make a definite statement on that until he absolutely has to. Do say anything earlier would limit Trump’s ability to fleece more money from his donors.

We will have to wait and see if Stone does run as a Libertarian for Florida Governor next year. One thing that just crossed our minds is that  if DeSantis isn’t re-elected and the Democrats take the Governor’s mansion. Is that might come back to bite the GOP in the ass. The Democrats have not held the Governor’s office in Florida since 1994. The Democrats winning the Governor’s office would be a big blow to Florida Republicans and could also have negative consequences for them down ballot in 2022 and 2024. Also whatever Democrat would get elected would undoubtedly start doing all they could to undermine the Republican Party in Florida. Now we are not fans of DeSantis, Stone or any of the potential Democrats running especially former Governor Charlie Crist. But if DeSantis and Stone are going to act this insane, then we are willing to deal with a Democrat as Florida Governor for a term. 

Now DeSantis will do all he can to try to appease Trump. But it will all be in vain. Trump is loyal only to Trump. He believes everyone else is as devoid of morals and loyalty as he is. Our advice to DeSantis would be to either not run for re-election and avoid a possible loss, or actually grow some balls and start fighting Trump. Ron won’t do either, so we are just going to grab some popcorn and match the ensuing Florida bloodbath.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Captain Kirk to Boldy Go Into Space Tomorrow

Tomorrow one of Indy Republican’s most favorite actors, William Tiberius Shatner is going to go into outer space. He will also be appearing at Indiana Comic Con this weekend. In honor of this great man, we have decided to honor him by showing his talents as a singer. Back in 1978 William Shatner did this amazing rendition of that great Elton John classic “Rocketman”.

Let’s all wish Mister Shatner well tomorrow during his voyage into space.

This is for you Bill! May you boldly go where no other Star Trek actor has gone before! Also May you still have that same youthful vigor when you finally reach, if you ever do old age.

Monday, October 11, 2021

A Few Thoughts on America, Religion and the Future

In contrast to the broad scope of the title of this column. This post will be brief and to the point. We understand and in many ways share the concerns and fears of our fellow Americans in this the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty-one. However we also are possessed of the spirit of eternal optimism that has been a part of our American character since the first settlers arrived centuries ago on our shores.

There has been talk recently of many people all over the ideological spectrum about the possible splitting apart of these United States. To this we say: Nonsense! The republic has withstood a civil war and countless threats since the days of the founders. And we will survive today. Another fact that is ignored is that for any breaking apart of the country to occur, enough of us would have to quit watching tv, and go fight. We might be wrong but we see little evidence that will occur. 

Politicians come and go, but the United States remains. We must learn to turn away from politics as a religion and return it to the realm of upholding the constitution and the republic for which it stands. If we repent or rethink our ideas and where we wish to go, we will recapture the best and most true parts of both our spiritual and political traditions. At times we will site various scriptural passages in support of general principles and to show both religious and secular backing for the truths we hold dear and proclaim.

We as Americans have far more control and options than we often give ourselves credit for. We understand why people are frustrated with politics, we are also. Bottom line is that most politicians are selling all of us short. When we all go to our jobs, when we are with our family and friends. We deep down want to achieve greatness, we wish to provide for ourselves and those we love. We want to work productively. We don’t care where our neighbors are from, what the color of their skin is, or even if they disagree with us in radical ways. What we do care about is that others treat us with respect, don’t try to run our lives for us and they let us live in peace. The political establishment of both parties wants to keep us down, they want us to be dependent on them for our food, shelter and fortunes. The sheer size of the federal deficit is the unanswerable argument against allowing politicians to have control over our lives! As it is written: “Let none be ye called masters” Matthew 23:10

If we want to improve ourselves and others we can and we will! We can worry about litter all day, or we can adopt a highway and help keep it clean. We can complain about poverty and hunger, or we can donate food and other goods to charity or even cut out the middleman and give to others ourselves. The sky is nowhere near the limit! 

We won’t lie and say this will be easy. There will be difficulties and as Thomas Paine said “these are the times that try mens souls”. As it is written: “Blessed is he who perseveres under trial” James 1:12 

To all our brothers and sisters in America and around the world. We wish you all long life and happiness. In future posts we will elaborate further on how we best believe we can proceed to but ourselves and our nation back in order. There are policy and ideological issues that are relevant to the great task remaining. However we believe many of the political and spiritual problems facing us are a matter more of temperament than ideology.

We thank you all for your continuing support, we are forever indebted to many wonderful Hoosier patriots: Christine Scales, Paul Ogden, Charlie White and the late, great Gary Welsh. We love you Gary! Your spirit lives still!

Praise be to God! Amen! Hallelujah! Good Golly Miss Molly! 

And with that we leave you with this inspirational tune. The unforgettable theme to “Chariots of Fire” by the inimitable band Vangellis:

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Episode 59 of Leah Remini and Mike Rinder’s Scientology Fair Game Podcast

Good evening all! We were surfing around cyberspace and found the latest episode of the Scientology Fair Game Podcast hosted by two of this blogs favorite heroes Leah Remini and Mike Rinder. 

As we at this blog have vowed to purge the political sphere of the cultists who have taken over our beloved Republican Party, Mike and Leah are working to end the satanic reign of the Church of Scientology.

Here’s the video of this weeks podcast. We all salute you Mike and Leah!