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Monday, September 30, 2019

Carmel Businessman to Primary Governor Holcomb

Brian Roth Republican Challenger to Eric Holcomb 

The IR posse has been deluged with work and article requests this past month. We came across an article written on September 10th, 2017 by Lindsey Erdody for the Indianapolis Business Journal  in which Ms. Erdody wrote about Brian Roth. Erdody writes that Brian Roth is:

a Carmel resident and president of a consulting and leadership development firm called Employment 2 Deployment LLC, has filed paperwork to create a committee to run for governor.

According to Roth’s LinkedIn profile, he graduated from Taylor University in 1988 with a degree in physics and served in the U.S. Navy for 24 years.

Lindsey Erdody says that there has not been a contested Republican gubernatorial primary in Indiana since 2004.

As our readers are aware neither INDY REPUBLICAN, Paul Ogden or the late Gary Welsh care at all for Eric Holcomb and would glad see the worthless fool thrown out of office on his ass. We say that a contested GOP primary for governor is long overdue. We wish Mister Roth well. And if we get more information on Roth we will blog about it. 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Erick Erickson Keeps Running Towards Gomorrah

Erickson's tirade occurred in July. But we felt it important enough to blog about. In order to draw more attention to the moral, spiritual and intellectual bankruptcy of today's fake conservatives and Christians like Erick Erickson. Just when we thought Erick Erickson couldn’t stoop any lower in his never ending quest to be the propaganda minister of The Fellowship of The Pharisees. He continues to exceed our increasingly low expectations of him. Back in July Mad Little Erick went on two more of his LSD induced twitter tirades that he has become increasingly known for. First he decided to out of nowhere deride South Bend Mayor and Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg’s understanding of Christianity:

This prompted the following response from a reader of Erickson’s and a disastrous response from Erickson:

We also found an interesting reply to Erickson calling him out for criticizing Mayor Pete’s lifestyle choices by contrasting them with Donald Trump’s:

Not to be outdone Erickson then proceeded to try to claim that Trump is more moral than Pete Buttigieg because Trump honestly refuses to repent of his sexual sins. And Buttigieg won’t repent of being gay:

This pitiful attempt at excusing the many moral failings shows Erickson has become a moral relativist. Erickson is childishly arguing that because Trump won’t lecture people about his unrepentant that means he gets a free pass on everything. It is possible that by the time this piece hit's the blog. That Erickson will have deleted many of these insane tweets. Erickson does not have the manliness of spirit to own up to his blunders and foibles. We just couldn't let Erick's drivel go unanswered. For a comprehensive takedown of Erickson's betrayal of conservatism. Read the following article by the very gifted and talented David Leach of "The Strident Conservative" fame. Also for a theological critique of our fellow Christians who have committed the apostacy of worshiping Trump and throwing away Jesus Christ, read Ben Howe's book "The Immoral Majority".

UPDATE: As we had previously speculated Erickson has since deleted his earlier tweets. For God’s sake Erick grow a pair!