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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Our Apologies to our Readers: Trump Message Urging Midterm Boycott might be a Fake

UPDATE: We have received word that the midterm boycott message attributed to former President Donald Trump might be a fake. We apologize to all of our readers for this oversight. In fairness though this message does sound a lot like Trump, but we should have avoided making this mistake. When we make mistakes at this blog, we are big enough to admit it, and it looks like we might have messed this one up. Again our sincerest apologies.

With the 2022 Midterm Elections a little over 6 months away, former President Donald Trump continues his endless opining on whom he thinks should be elected this year. Trump of course just like an STD that won’t go away. Trump must keep being an nonstop wrecking ball of idiocy.

In a message that is posted above, Trump is encouraging all his supporters to boycott the midterms if his candidates lose their primaries. Okay let’s try and follow the logic where for a moment:

Trump apparently is going to be mad if his preferred candidates lose in the primaries, so he would rather throw a temper tantrum and see the Democrats win just to spite people for beating his chosen ones. Makes no sense from a political standpoint, which of course underscores the point we have been making for the past six years that Trump only cares about Trump, and has no ideological beliefs or core values other than whatever he thinks will benefit him for the moment.

The midterms are looking dicey for the Democrats, but with Trump’s assistance they might just stave off disaster.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Easter with a message of hope from Pastor Eric Stetson

Happy Easter to all of you out in cyberspace! Today we celebrate the resurrection of the savior of mankind, Jesus Christ!

For this Easter we thought we would share an Easter message from our friend and fellow blogger/activist/minister Eric Stetson on the reality of the Resurrection. Click here to read Reverend Stetson’s uplifting message about the resurrection and why we as believers, as rationalists can believe in the resurrection of Christ.

We believe as did the great 19th century minister John Wesley Hanson that rationalism can be belief in God, an afterlife and the Bible on rational grounds. Eric Stetson’s article argues this point exceptionally well.