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Monday, September 25, 2017

$35,000 buys you and your significant other a private dinner with Vice President Mike Pence!

Vice President Pence praying to be smarter 

Last week it was reported that Vice President Mike Pence will be hosting a fundraiser on Thursday September 28th at a still unrevealed location in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on September 20th, 2017 the known details of the upcoming fundraiser:

The fundraiser is to benefit the Trump Victory fund, a joint fundraising committee for President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee.

The Journal Sentinel reports that it is not cheap to attend this fundraiser: 

It costs $2,700 per person to attend and $10,000 to get a photo with Pence. A private dinner with Pence costs $35,000 per couple and it’s $70,000 to be a part of the host committee.

Public events are typically scheduled around such fundraisers but nothing has been announced yet.

IR has been checking around but we all have been unable to uncover anymore information about Thursday's fundraiser than what has been reported in the above referenced article from last week. We cannot figure out why do many details of this event have been kept so vague. It maybe nothing more than blunders on the part of the VP's staff. But something tells us there is something more to this than a simple fundraiser. 

This sounds almost as silly as the preposterous fundraiser that Governor Eric Holcomb held that we blogged about in June.

If anyone out there has any information or ideas about this fundraiser please share them with us.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Anti-Semitic Congressman Keith Ellison compares illegal immigrants to Jews persecuted under Nazi Germany

Representative and Deputy DNC Chairman Keith Ellison 

The Hill reported that earlier this week in Minneapolis Congressman Keith Ellison gave a speech wherein he compared illegal immigrants to being equivalent to Jews hiding from the Nazi's during World War II. Needless to say Ellison's remarks have drawn severe criticism. Most notably from Jewish conservative writer, speaker, lawyer and talk show host Ben Shapiro. Mr. Shapiro is currently the host of  "The Ben Shapiro Show" on iTunes. He like most of the IR writers is a Never Trump Republican and his show is the highest rated conservative podcast in the country.

Carlos Garcia writing for theblaze.com gives Shapiro's 
annihilating response to Ellison's sickening statements:

“Well I mean, there are about one bajillion things with everything he just said,” Shapiro said on Fox News Wednesday.

“First of all,” he added, “Keith Ellison is the last person who should be making Holocaust references considering that he spent the last 30 years of his life opposing Jews. I mean he was very close with Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan in the 1990s  He gave a leadoff speech for a guy named Kalid Muhammed who was so radical that he was thrown out of the Nation of Islam for anti-Semitism.”

“Keith Ellison is not the guy to be making this particular reference to begin. If Keith Ellison had been around in 1941, I have my doubts about what he would have done with Jews trying to hide from Nazis,” he laughed.

“But beyond that,” Shapiro continued, “the reference with regard to ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], that ICE is somehow a Nazi force in enforcing the immigration laws is just absurd and the idea that people who are here illegally who have been living in the country in largely freedom, many of their kids are going to public schools, they are taking advantage of public benefits, they have jobs here — the idea that this is the same thing as making legal citizens of your country illegal and then throwing them into concentration camps or gassing them is just beyond the pale.

“It’s insane language from Ellison but nothing shocking considering who Ellison is,” he concluded.

Whatever problems the Indy Republican gang has with our Grand Old Party and they are legion. The presence of an Anti-Semitic bigot like Keith Ellison as the number two man at the DNC ensures that we will find many flaws to point out in our Democratic counterparts.

Here is a video of Ben Shapiro's ass whooping of Keith Ellison:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hilarious Mash Up of Irish Blowhards Lawrence O'Donnell and Bill O'Reilly

Courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon here is a profanity-laced but funny as hell video of two media blowhards Lawrence O'Donnell and Bill O'Reilly losing their minds! Please enjoy the video! Hat tip to the Washington Free Beacon!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ethics Complaint filed against Congressman Todd Rokita

Todd Rokita wondering if his political career is dead

As if Fake Republican Congressman Todd Rokita didn't have enough problems. IR just received information that the liberal American Democracy Legal Fund has filed an ethics complaint against Rokita. The complaint in question deals with allegations leveled against the congressman for allegedly "pressuring" members of his staff to perform political work for him on government time. The complaint dated September 14th, 2017 points out that pressuring or intimidating a congressional staffer into performing political work on government time is a crime. Which is punishable by a fine and/or up to three years in prison. You can click here to read the full complaint.

Accusations of misusing office staffers and resources are nothing new for Todd Rokita. As we and Gary Welsh have pointed out here, and here. Former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White filed a complaint with Indiana's Inspector General's Office years ago. Stating that he had found evidence that Rokita had made use of the Secretary of State's office resources and employees illegally to help his 2010 congressional campaign. To the best of our knowledge the IG's office has never even acknowledged that such complaints have been filed! Perhaps now would be a good time for the local and national media to actually look into this story they have been sitting on for over half a decade! But finally Todd Rokita is getting some long overdue media scrutiny! INDY REPUBLICAN is not under any illusions that we ourselves have anything to do with good old Todd being on the hot seat. But we have to believe that at least some of the reason some more light is being shined on Rokita is because of Gary Welsh, Charlie White and the IR Legionaries consistent pounding away at Todd Rokita's House of Sand! 

Well we look forward to see what else will be coming OUT concerning Todd Rokita. Gary Welsh maybe gone physically from this world. But his work and crusade have barely begun!

So to all of you would be parasites who wish to destroy and plunder these United States. Here is a little message from Gary Welsh from the great beyond for you:

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Is the firing of former Indiana Homeland Security CFO a political cover up?

Indy Republican has been hearing from its readers about corruption and mismanagement at the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS). We have even heard rumors that IDHS is even going so far as to damage former IDHS employees to keep prying eyes away from them.

If that is what the powers that be wanted, then they are about to develop ulcers. The prying eyes are not going away.

IR's curiosity was piqued. So naturally we all decided to take a look at IDHS. And after looking into these matters. We must confess that what we found surprised even us hardened, jaded, and battle-scarred activists. But also we have a greater respect for the journalistic prowess of Sandra Chapman of WTHR-TV, and Brian Slodysko of the Associated Press, and Tony Cook of the Indianapolis Star. 

Brian Slodysko at AP in an article published today on INDYSTAR.COM "Ethics panel forever bans state government employee" had this to say:

An ethics panel found Thursday that a former state administrator violated Indiana’s nepotism law by hiring three relatives to work at her agency.

The Indiana State Ethics Commission unanimously approved banning former Department of Homeland Security administrator Leann Walton from ever working in state government.

IndyStar was the first to report Walton was fired as the agency’s chief financial officer in August 2016.

Emails produced through an investigation by Inspector General’s office show Walton hired her aunt, sister and stepdaughter to positions in the agency. Walton’s aunt and sister were in her direct line of supervision. Her stepdaughter worked in another division.

Indiana’s ethics law states that an “individual employed in an agency may not hire a relative” or have a relative in their “direct line of supervision.”

Tony Cook's August 26th, 2016 article "Indiana's homeland security CFO fired after family members hired" provides some more background information from Mrs. Walton and her attorney Steven Fulk pertaining to Mrs. Walton's termination at IDHS.

Tony Cook reported:

The state is disclosing few details about the Aug. 9 termination of Leann Walton, 47, of Danville, who had been the agency's CFO since 2012.

A Homeland Security department spokesman referred IndyStar to the state personnel department, which provided a one-sentence explanation of the firing.

"Leann Walton was dismissed from the Department of Homeland Security on 8/9/16 for poor (judgment) and lack of candor related to her involvement in the agency engaging the services of her relatives," the description said.

Neither the Homeland Security nor personnel departments would provide further details.

Walton's sister, Lisa Hunt, worked at the agency from April 29 to Aug. 5. Her aunt, Patricia Burdine, also worked at the agency from April 8 to July 22. Both were hired through a temporary agency.

State law prohibits nepotism, or the hiring of relatives. It also says employees may not be placed in a relative's direct line of supervision.

Walton and her attorney, Steven Fulk, told IndyStar that she did not play a role in the decision to hire Hunt and Burdine and did not directly supervise them. The state personnel department was aware of the relationships among the three women and signed off on the hirings, they said.

Hunt and Fulk suggested there were other motives behind the firing.

During that same period of time, Walton had been questioning "why she was the lowest paid CFO in the state, and why it appeared she was being paid less on basis of her gender," Fulk said.

When Walton was passed over for a raise in May despite three years of exceeding or meeting expectations on her annual performance reviews, she wrote a letter to the state personnel department explaining why she felt she deserved a raise, Fulk said.

A short time later, Department of Homeland Security Executive Director David Kane expressed concerns about the employment of her relatives, even though the personnel department had cleared the hirings, Walton said.

"He told me he didn’t think I understood the nepotism rule," she said.

She ended up getting approved for a raise, but was then fired, she said. Her termination letter cites "poor (judgment) and lack of candor," but does not mention her relatives, she said.

WTHR's Sandra Chapman's "13 Investigates" has this to add:

"I was terminated unfairly. I didn't hire anyone," the embattled Walton told 13 Investigates.

But Indiana's Ethics Commission disagrees and upheld charges of nepotism against her.

"Our office received numerous complaints that she was hiring relatives," said Lori Torres, the Inspector General for Indiana.

In its unanimous 5-to-zero vote Thursday, the Ethics Commission determined that Leeann Walton hid the fact that she helped her relatives get jobs.

Walton admitted she handed over resumes for her family members and reported payment information for the positions but insists she was told by a DHS personnel director there wasn't a problem.

"As long as there was no direct line of supervision, they weren't a direct report to you and you didn't participate in their interview process, which I did not, it wasn't going to be an issue. So I didn't feel like I had done anything wrong," she explained.

But investigators with the Indiana Inspector General's office say the state's nepotism rule has been updated.

"Indiana Code 4-26-16(c) simply states that an individual employed by an agency may not hire a relative. Mrs. Walton had the authority to affect the employment and all those under her office," said Stephanie Mullaney of the Inspector General’s office.

Walton's attorney argues the charges are a stretch from the intent of the law.

"There's not a single state witness that said Lee Ann Walton hired anybody. There's no basis in fact for finding she somehow violated the nepotism rules. No base in law," said Steve Fulk.

Fulk said the women were all hired by the temporary agency.

The State points to text messages Walton wrote after the secret was out.

One of Walton's staff members wrote: "...asked me if I knew if Pat was related to you. Apparently he and the director have heard the rumors. I gave Pat a heads-up and wanted to let you know too," wrote the staff member.

To which Walton replied "I'm not sure what the hell. If she has told people then she should be let go. I can't have her there."

Walton, her aunt and sister were all terminated from DHS. Walton's step-daughter took a job at another state agency. Still, Walton believes she's being targeted.

"This has been extremely difficult," said Walton, choking back tears.

"She misrepresented her role to the commission," Torres told 13 Investigates. "People are watching. It was the people at Homeland Security that made these reports to us," she added.

Walton, who worked for several state agencies over 21 years and never had disciplinary action until her firing, says she appealed the charges of nepotism because relatives of other employees are working together within state agencies.

Torres says employees may be working at the same agency, but not knowingly under the supervision of another relative. Torres says in some rare cases there could be special exceptions that are approved by the commission.

The timing of Leann Walton's termination being so close to her having complained about being passed over for a pay raise doesn't pass the smell test. Especially since her termination letter made no reference to her having allegedly hiring relatives. The State of Indiana especially since the election of former "Godfather" Governor Mitch Daniels is well known for trumping up bogus ethics violations to get rid of state employees that won't bow down and engage in the cult worship of the Governor at the time. This practice continued on under "Pampered" Pence and now Governor Eric "Bagman" Holcomb. In our experience any case in which the Indiana State Ethics Commission brings charges against a current or former state employee. It is best to operate under the assumption that the state is railroading said state employee until proven otherwise. Steven Fulk the attorney representing Leann Walton released a statement to WTHR that raises even more questions about the state's case against Walton:

"We appreciate the work of chairman James Clevenger and the members of the Indiana State Ethics Commission in their attempt to interpret and follow the rule of law. We support of the Commission's function in seeking to uphold the ethical functioning of state government.
"More importantly, I stand resolutely with my client Leann Walton and with the evidence adduced at her ethics hearing to pursue, likewise by the rule of law, the correction of the Commission's error in its order today.
"Given that the State's own witnesses admitted that Leann Walton hired and/or supervised no relatives, we are hopeful that the commission will see its error without in the necessity of judicial review. 
"IDHS employees and hearing witnesses Kim Snyder and Beth Hampshire testified that they recommended Pat Burdine and Lisa Hunt (respectively) as independent contractors, and Ashley Walton was hired by Dave Smith and Robert Johnson within the State Fire Marshal's office. There was no evidence to the contrary.
"Additionally, because these individuals were not even State employees, but KHI contractors, as the state had been under a hiring freeze since 2016, we hope the commission will see the further error in its ruling.
"As the process of correcting such errors grinds on, we remain focused on the continuing revelations of systemic mismanagement within IDHS, including inappropriate use of federal funds, fraudulent utilization of Leann Walton's electronic credentials for FEMA funding access
and cash draws, the continuing climate of retribution surrounding reporting civil rights violations within the department (such as that suffered by Leann Walton), and the intentional omission of such equal employment opportunity violations in securing federal funds through the grants application/request process--from which revelations today's erroneous ruling is but a temporary distraction." 
Steven Fulk, Attorney at Law
If Mr. Falk's statement is true that Leann Walton's electronic credentials were fraudulently used to access FEMA federal funds. Then the Holcomb administration in the words of the great Desi Arnez has "some splaining to do"! Will Falk's allegations of mismanagement of FEMA funds at IDHS come to light at a later date? We will have to wait and see. So our fellow "armchair sleuths" please feel free to examine this story about FEMA funds from WTHR's website:

Until next time from all of us here at INDY REPUBLICAN. May God Bless You and the United States of America!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Does Mike Pence's face show dark secrets eating away at him?

Young Mike Pence 

Hello everyone! We were just checking our archives and noticed we haven't written about Vice President Mike Pence since July. So we felt it was time to go knock old Mikey down a few pegs. As frequent readers of this blog are aware we have pointed out how the supernaturally dark circles under Governor Eric Holcomb's eyes denote the darkness in his cold, black heart.

Well a reader of this blog found something on Twitter about Mike Pence's change in appearance over the years. Speculation is the change in his facial features might be due to some dark secrets he is carrying around in his nonexistent brain. Here is the tweet and some responses. We will post them and you can all decide what if anything the pictures show:

What dark secrets are slowly sucking Pence's eyes back into his skull?

They're trying to fill that void in his head which, in a normal person, would be home to a fully functioning brain.

I noticed that today, too. Maybe he just sucks from the inside out?

Hypocrisy will do that to a person.

Link to above tweet: https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/907749483773026304