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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Bacon Reigns Supreme! Anti-Insurrectionist GOP Congressman Don Bacon smashes Trumpist Challenger

Congressman Don Bacon R-NE AKA Bodacious Dude

Good evening friends. We are happy to report that tonight this the second round of primaries of 2022, that former President Donald Trump’s powers are starting to weaken. Republican Congressman Don Bacon of Nebraska was targeted by Trump for defeat, has massacred his Trumpist challenger Steve Kuehl.

With 52.7% of the primary vote in Bacon is leading Kuehl 81-18. This margin of victory is so YUGE that even Vladimir Putin is envious! Granted it is but one race, and we are a long way away from slaughtered the orange man baby’s political machine, but to so thoroughly bitch slap a Trumpist is music to our ears! Also although we cannot tell yet, but it appears that Trump’s favorite Nebraskan and fellow pervert Charles Herbster is on track to lose Bigly in his Gubernatorial primary. We have finally found the secret sauce for Never Trump, we will name all of our candidates after popular foods! We could have Senator Hamburger and Governor Pizza!

Here’s a little information from the Republican Accountability Project giving the lowdown about Bacon:

For further information on Bacon click here.

With 42% of the primary vote in Charles Herbster is coming 3rd in a four way primary. And this is after Trump campaigned for him in Nebraska! Herbster is accused of sexual misconduct by several women. We try not to judge a book by it’s cover, but if this picture of Herbster doesn’t say “major psycho”, we don’t know what does:

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Our Apologies to our Readers: Trump Message Urging Midterm Boycott might be a Fake

UPDATE: We have received word that the midterm boycott message attributed to former President Donald Trump might be a fake. We apologize to all of our readers for this oversight. In fairness though this message does sound a lot like Trump, but we should have avoided making this mistake. When we make mistakes at this blog, we are big enough to admit it, and it looks like we might have messed this one up. Again our sincerest apologies.

With the 2022 Midterm Elections a little over 6 months away, former President Donald Trump continues his endless opining on whom he thinks should be elected this year. Trump of course just like an STD that won’t go away. Trump must keep being an nonstop wrecking ball of idiocy.

In a message that is posted above, Trump is encouraging all his supporters to boycott the midterms if his candidates lose their primaries. Okay let’s try and follow the logic where for a moment:

Trump apparently is going to be mad if his preferred candidates lose in the primaries, so he would rather throw a temper tantrum and see the Democrats win just to spite people for beating his chosen ones. Makes no sense from a political standpoint, which of course underscores the point we have been making for the past six years that Trump only cares about Trump, and has no ideological beliefs or core values other than whatever he thinks will benefit him for the moment.

The midterms are looking dicey for the Democrats, but with Trump’s assistance they might just stave off disaster.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Easter with a message of hope from Pastor Eric Stetson

Happy Easter to all of you out in cyberspace! Today we celebrate the resurrection of the savior of mankind, Jesus Christ!

For this Easter we thought we would share an Easter message from our friend and fellow blogger/activist/minister Eric Stetson on the reality of the Resurrection. Click here to read Reverend Stetson’s uplifting message about the resurrection and why we as believers, as rationalists can believe in the resurrection of Christ.

We believe as did the great 19th century minister John Wesley Hanson that rationalism can be belief in God, an afterlife and the Bible on rational grounds. Eric Stetson’s article argues this point exceptionally well. 

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Morning Musings: What Has Happened to the GOP?

The Republican Accountability Project just put up a YouTube video today asking the question, “What the heck happened to the Republican Party?” This ad really hits home for us and highlights how the GOP has gone from Reagan’s macho men to the weak, impotency of “girlie men” like Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and Ted Cruz. We have always fought for the constitution, rule of law, and limited government. We have and will continue to only support politicians who support the values we hold dear. 

In the course of our agitating for a more sane constructive political system, we have been attacked by both the Trumpian alt-right and the woke insane left. Both extremes have considered us to be traitors or to be insincere in our actions, all for having committed the sin of refusing to agree with either side on everything. Or because we backed politicians who turned on us. To these points we respond by saying, we are human and make mistakes. And yes some politicians have betrayed the hopes and faith we put in them, our relationship with the traitor Rand Paul of Kentucky is perhaps the most extreme. The betrayal of us by some whom we sought to help was their choice, we also have opposed those who let us down. We are all human and will make mistakes, it is how we respond to them that is the true measure of us as human beings.

Also we are responsible for our own actions, we cannot control what others do, and we despise anyone who tries to control others. We can control what we do and how we behave. Also by demanding absolute conformity as the alt-right and woke left do, they go against the American tradition of freedom and individual freedom, also they refuse to allow others to grow and repent of their sins. In their world their is no forgiveness, no second chances, and no redemption.

We wanted to close with this statement: Every action we take, every word we have written down, has all been to the best of our ability to further protect, defend and uphold the Constitution and to defend the republic for which it stands. We are willing to stand alone if need be, as for striving to defend America we have angered many and are considered misguided by some at best, or at worst an unbalanced crank. We speak with conviction and after much prayer and reflection. We will say as for the part we play and continue to play in defending these United States, and in our task of agitating for reform we did no wrong.

Please keep in mind as difficult and uncertain as these times are, we have it infinitely better than those who came before us. Our ancestors had to fear death, mostly we have had to fear people saying nasty things about us online. While that is unpleasant it certainly is far better than fighting on D-Day or in Vietnam. If God wills in his wisdom that we must forfeit our lives for the furtherance of the pursuit of justice, then let it be done. 

May the Lord bless you and keep you all, AMEN!

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Happy 91st Birthday Captain Kirk

William Shatner, 91 years old and still our Captain

In a dose of some much needed good news, William Shatner best know for his role as the inimitable Captain James T. Kirk, turned 91 years old today! Comicbook.com has the story:

Shatner has enjoyed a 70-year career in entertainment, including his iconic role in Star Trekoriginating the character of Captain James T Kirk of the USS Enterprise. He's also had an eventful year, becoming the oldest person ever in space by joining a Blur Origin flight, seeing movement on TekWar reboot, and welcoming new Kirk actor Paul Wesley. Shatner has a dedicated fanbase and friends in the industry who are celebrating his birthday on social media today.

We here at IR join in wishing Mister Shatner a happy 91st birthday, and to Mister Shatner may you still have the same youthful enthusiasm and zest for life, if you ever do reach old age! 

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Checkout the Our Great Nation Blog

We wanted to make you all aware of an outstanding blog, Our Great Nation. The blog is written by an old friend and ally of the Indy Republican Crew. It is with great pleasure we introduce our good friend, the greatest minister/activist ever produced by the Old Dominion State, our friend Reverend Eric Stetson. Eric is a former Democratic Party County Chairman in Virginia. He now refers to himself as an independent, politically. He is also a longtime activist and Christian minister. He previously was a member of the Baha’i faith, and was part of the Assemblies of God denomination. 

Reverend Eric Stetson, Author, Entrepreneur, Minister, Activist 

Reverend Stetson has authored several books including Christian Universalism: God’s Good News for All People, A Lost History of the Baha’i Faith, and of the forthcoming Our Great Nation. He is an outspoken critic of both the Trumpian Alt-Right, and is as equally critical of the woke left. 

Over the years we have all known Eric, he has been a source of great wisdom and insight. We would like to think that we have a part to play in his being a critic of the woke left. But in the spirit of intellectual honesty, we must confess he most probably developed his antipathy to wokeism due to his own brain power.

So please checkout his blog Our Great Nation.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

A Reader’s Request for help with Unemployment Insurance

Good  evening everyone. We have never done this before but a reader posted a comment to a previous blog post, requesting help dealing with their unemployment insurance payment issue. It sounds to us as if the person really needs some help with this issue. We will repost the text of their comment below. If anyone out there has any helpful suggestions or advice on how best to help this person, please either post a comment to this post, or reach out to us by using the contact form on the web version of this blog, or email us at 6vwts@notsharingmy.info

Here’s the reader’s request for help:

So, I am wondering why or how there is not a ClassAction Suit against the State of Indiana for this problem? I recently received (2.10.22), an Appeals form dated 2.2.10 (I live central Indy), and, it is forcing me to reply by 2.21.22 a.m., which means, I get about 3 Business days in which to pull together, ALL of the unbelievable errors, misdirectives, problems, hangups, so on, that occurred when I was receiving PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) Funds. Because some of the PUA Questions are worded very strangely (in fact, the confused wording by PUA, it seems intentional), I took the extra efforts in each Voucher-Filing, to Copied then Emailed the Voucher pages of PUA, over to both PUA Dept & the Special Claims Dept. Even then, I always & only got back a very impersonal & non-related reply (form response). In the following week, I'd get these calls from DWD PUA, or others, acting as if they were "testing" me... I was always just trying to make sense of their manner of questioning... Then, they'd admit, "Yes, some of these PUA questions online, they're very confusing...you're not the only Claimant who does not understand them." So on. This appeals now, it's trying to FORCE the impossible from on my end. Even if, ALL of the rest of my life activities are stopped, I still could not product the necessary documents, getting them also over to an attorney, within the ridiculous time span of 3 days. The Appeals also says, "...we aren't allowing for change-of-dates on the appeal (extensions), unless it is an emergency. They have had 4-5 months to respond, and they put this appeals out late, and give me 3 days to do something about it. I'm requesting the change of date... It is very much a bullying-type behavior. Oh, and to add to all of this, a comical note: often when I spoke with DWD employees, all this past year, it was clear they were being told that, they could be allowed to respond to Claimants' questions. Such as, I, Claimant offer up a very simple question to Customer rep, and they say, "Just a minute, I have to see if I am allowed to answer your question..." "Allowed?!" What? You could say, "Is the color of snow white?" They would say, "Just a minute...to see I can answer that question for you..." Very troubling, to constantly be met with employees who are on some kind of bazaar lockdown. In fact, they are, a few of them told me. This is not the 1940s, is it? We do speak English, don't we? If anyone is interested in helping one another, even if only as witnesses to so much of how wrong it all keeps going... please respond on this site.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Happy Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Friends! It’s once again that time of the year when we all gather around the tv, drink beer and eat chips, and watch a bunch of big old sweaty mens compete against each other for our entertainment. Tonight the Los Angeles Ram’s face off against the Cincinnati Bengals to see who will win Super Bowl LVI.

So sit back and relax, enjoy the game and for the halftime show checkout this classic Super Bowl skit from “In Living Color” with Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier in their “Men on Football” sketch. 


Thursday, February 3, 2022

IR Predicts Georgia Governor Brian Kemp will win Georgia GOP Gubernatorial Primary

Good Morning Boys and Girls! Since like many of you in the Hoosier state we are bracing for snowpocalpyse 2022. We thought we would share some thoughts with you about the Georgia Governor’s race going on this year.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp 

Running for renomination and re-election is the incumbent republican governor Brian Kemp. Mister Kemp was elected as Governor in 2018, against probable 2022 Democratic nominee for Governor Stacy Abrams. Prior to being elected Governor, Mister Kemp served as both Georgia Secretary of State, as a Georgia state senator, and worked in the agribusiness, real estate and financial sectors. 

Of note to many, us here at the blog as well. Is that Governor Kemp has fallen out of favor with former President, con artist and nut job Donald Trump, simply because Governor Kemp refused to enable Trump’s delusions of having won Georgia in 2020. President Trump even went so far as to call on Governor Kemp to resign for refusing to steal Georgia for him. Mister Kemp like his fellow Georgia Republican Brad Raffensberger, was un moved by his please to just find him another 11,000 votes.

Former Senator David Perdue 

In the tradition of narcissist’s Trump has sought out and found his own toady to challenge Governor Kemp in the GOP primary. The honor of being shish kabobed to fuel Trump’s ego is former US Senator David Perdue. Senator Perdue is most famous for having lost the Senate runoff last year for re-election against Democrat Jon Ossoff. 

We have not even looked at any polling in Georgia but we are willing to go out on a limb and say that Brian Kemp will easily defeat David Perdue in the primary on May 24th. 

We are basing this off of only one thing, and one thing alone. A few days ago Perdue held a conference as part of his primary campaign and the low energy exhibited their alone from the attendees convinces us that Perdue is toast.

We will embed a video of the conference, and also a more thorough deep dive into Perdue’s flagging Governor’s race below. 

We will just have to wait and see if our prediction of a Kemp victory holds up or not.

Footage of David Perdue’s conference. Note the lack of enthusiasm in the crowd and the one man who looks asleep:

Let’s Talk Election’s take on Perdue’s campaign:

Monday, January 31, 2022

Goodbye, Doctor Johnny Fever

Howard Hessman, AKA Doctor Johnny Fever 1940-2022

Good Morning, fellow babies! This is your lovable gadfly blogger Indy Republican coming at you with some sad news today.  We received word yesterday that Howard Hessman, the actor best known for playing Johnny Fever on “WKRP In Cincinnati”, passed away at age 81 after a battle with cancer.

All of us here grew up watching “WKRP In Cincinnati”, and we were always very entertained by Mister Hessman’s humor and talent. In some ways we have tried to borrow a little bit from his portrayal of Johnny Fever, hence us sometimes opening with the line fellow babies. We will all miss Howard’s humor. We felt there is no better way to pay tribute to this good man than to show a video of his first performance as Johnny Fever.

So sit back, and let Howard Hessman soothe your soul:

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Chris Cillizza Makes the Case Against a Hillary Clinton 2024 Run

Word around cyberspace is that former First Lady, Senator and Democratic 2016 Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton might be running for president again in 2024.

CNN political commentator Chris Cillizza has outlined the case against another White House run by Hillary Clinton in 2024.

We will post his video below. We just wanted to say we are in agreement with Cillizza that we doubt that Hillary will run in 2024. Our reasoning and his are very much the same on this matter. The biggest reason we can think of is that it just doesn’t seem likely that the Democrats would nominate her again seeing as she lost to Trump in 2016. Even if as we believe Trump doesn’t run again. Why would the Democrats want Hillary to run again? We all might be mistaken here at the blog. But we are having a difficult time believing that if Biden doesn’t run in 2024, that the Democrats will pick a 76 year old Hillary to run. Our feeling is that if neither Trump or Biden are running that both parties would want to pick younger candidates to run. Especially since Trump and then four years later Biden both set new records as the oldest elected president’s in American history. The voters might decide that fresher and younger versus older is what the want in a president.