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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Open Letter to London Mayor Sadiq Khan

To: The Honorable Mayor of the City of London, Capital of Great Britain. Mr. Sadiq Khan

From: Indy Republican News and Opinion Desk

Dearest Mayor Khan,

From across the Atlantic let us express our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt condolences on the wanton slaughtering and injury inflicted on your fellow London residents. We believe and pray that England will recover from what is now the third in a series of terror attacks this year that has struck London. At this time your emotions like that of your fellow British brothers and sisters are running high. You are no doubt receiving more advice and suggestions than any man alone can process. We are not even sure that you or any of your staff will read this open letter.

But as you have been duly elected to the highest office in London. And since a free and prosperous England is in the interest of both our countries. The most profound patriotism and loyalty compels us all here to offer our most candid advice to aid you in this crisis. 
As you are a patriotic Englishman you understand the love of country of which we speak. Your record as a solicitor defending as Thomas Paine calls it "The Rights of Man" is admirable. There are however some areas of your tenure as mayor that we are not satisfied with. We bring these to your attention not as a personal attack. But because we believe that in order for you to help yourself and those that you have sworn to serve. That there are aspects to your governance that you must reevaluate and improve upon. 

It was reported in the Daily Mail on September 21, 2016 that while you were on a tour of New York and Chicago that  you said terror attacks are "part and parcel of living in a big city" This sounds very much like you believe that terrorism is simply just another unpleasant fact of life that we should be forced to accept as unavoidable like disease is. Terrorism is a choice made by sick and depraved individuals. To simply say that it is "part and parcel of big city life". Is demeaning to people who reside in big cities and most Londoners after the three recent terror attacks would be right to take offense at this. 

Now let us be clear we don't believe that you meant to offend anyone with your comments. But Mr. Mayor these terror attacks have been carried out by Islamic Extremists. These terror attacks will not be effectively curtailed until the British national and local governments acknowledge this and honestly face the facts surrounding the driving ideology of terrorists in your city. 

You have it in your power to stand as a powerful alternative to these men and women who twist and warp your religion to justify their own sickness and depravity. You are the first Muslim to be elected as London's Mayor. You have built a life that all people can be proud of. You have broken down barriers, you have stood up to members of your own Labour Party and endured ridicule for it. You have worked with members of the Conservative Party your parties chief rivals when you have felt it was right. You obviously have courage.

We implore you to take a public stand and say that these terrorists do not speak for Islam and that they can not hide behind their warped and sick views to justify their crimes. Call out the evil actions of these evil doers. Say that you are determined that terrorism is not "part and parcel" of your city. You know deep down in your soul that you can and must defeat these terrorist who seek to destroy your city. 

Assalamu Alaikom to you Mayor Khan 


  1. I do not believe Americans- especially US liberals and liberal Democrat politicians- understand how England and most of Europe is now transformed into a sea of moving Middle East Muslims transplanting themselves in numbers affording increasing political clout which will result in the eventual take over of more local governments. Next to come will be the ballot box take over of national governments by the murderous and hate-filled Islamics.

    The troubling aspect is our utter incomprehension of the "why" of the extremist Muslim ideology. Muslim's three main sects opposing the other are a total danger to western societies. Generally, Muslims will never "assimilate" into any culture they inject themselves. They are like a computer virus, malware if you will, whose code urges that any deception is necessary and honorable to defeat non-Muslims.

    To exhort the Muslim Mayor of Londonistan to reject the jihad his very religion demands is risible. When victims of the latest Muslim hatred in England try to walk safely out of the "war zone" thinking hands up and crossed over their heads to show they mean no harm is a more a show of cowardice and prisonhood. Call me callous but the hate and intolerant murderous acts of the Islam "religion" of hatred and murder are going to get much much worse before the world realizes you cannot bargain with those whose culture and fanatic "religion" call for any measures needed to install a world wide caliphate. US liberals love to prattle on about separation of church and state when it comes to Christians but they cow and keep silent about the goal of Islam... a world of people run, operated, and wholly owned by its own "religious" leaders.

  2. You might want to read a little Prof. Robert Pape:



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