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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Mike Pence’s Town Hall

Mike Pence

Mike Pence announced today that he is running for President. Apparently he is still delusional enough to think he is of Presidential timber. This evening he took part in a Town Hall on CNN hosted by Dana Bash. 

He started by saying that he is running due to what he sees as the weaknesses of current President Joe Biden. He defended his actions on January 6th, 2021. He was asked if a vote for Trump is a vote against the Constitution, Pence refused to answer the question directly. Pence appeared to state that he would not pardon any January 6th defendants. Pence criticized the FBI for issuing the search warrant on Mar-a-Lago last year, Pence clearly has not either reviewed the circumstances of the warrant being issued or he is lying to try and score points with Trump supporters.

Pence was twisting himself in knots trying to argue that he supports the rule of law but doesn’t think that Trump should be indicted because of the divisions it would cause in the country. So far Pence is trying to be a Diet Coke version of Trump, similar taste but less filling. Much of the rest of the broadcast consisted of Pence giving standard talking points, and trying to avoid angering Trump voters to much. He kept trying to claim credit for what he thought the Trump administration, while at the same time arguing that Trump shouldn’t be president again. 

In fairness to Pence though he did express strong support for Ukraine against Vladimir Putin. Although Pence overdid it by saying he he met Putin and told him things he didn’t want to hear. We are having a hard time believing that Pence stood up to Putin when for four years he just supported and enabled Donald Trump. For all the times where to our amazement that we didn’t find ourselves thinking that Pence is a total moron, what good Pence said should have been said years ago, when it would have made more of a dent into Donald Trump. As Christ said: “It is by their fruits that you shall know them.” Our observation has shown to us that the fruits of Mike Pence’s time as Vice President to Donald Trump have been not only bad, they have been poisonous fruits. It is for that reason among others that we can no more support a President Pence, just as we cannot support a Trump or DeSantis presidency. We as Christians do believe in redemption and we do not believe Pence is beyond the grace of God, but like all of us, Pence must “reap what he has sown.” Pence’s redemption will have to be found outside of elected office. His time in office has beefed weighed on the scales and found wanting. 

So to Mike Pence we can only say: We truly wish you and your family long and happy lives. We want you to all do well, however your time as an elected official has passed and a new season in your life must begin.

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