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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Erick Erickson Goes Off The Deep End w/Update

Erick Erickson Trump Propagandist/Anti-Christian Spokesman

We were originally going to blog about the long overdue arrest of financier and sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein that occurred a few days ago. And hope to blog about that more soon. Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana wrote extensively on Epstein and Epstein counsel, now Donald Trump apologist Alan Dershowitz. In a not-so-shocking turn Erick Erickson, once a man who billed himself as the conscience of conservatives and the guardian of opposing the RINO-Lib Dem Donald Trump. Has continued his turn to evil. By deciding to make light of the sexual abuse of Jeffrey Epstein.

Erickson had this to say:

We have addressed Erickson’s descent into madness and sycophancy last month. But this ill timed and pitiful attempt at making a joke about Epstein’s victims is a new low. Before the objections to our portrayal of Erick’s poorly chosen words. Whether or not what he said is true or not is irrelevant. Also Erick President Trump like his former BFF former President Bill Clinton has strong ties to Epstein. So we thought that it might interest you to know the candidate you are supporting for President next year is so close with a pedophile. We wonder if Erickson will cowardly delete his tweet from today. Just as he has since deleted his tweet stating that he was backing now independent Congress Justin Amash of Michigan and Donald Trump in their re-election bids in 2020. Erickson’s attempt to play both sides against the middle by attempting to placate Trump and his former Never Trump allies will succeed only in making Erickson more and more of a joke. So Erick hope you enjoy being part of the Fellowship of the Pharisees. Because that’s who you have sided with. Let’s all pray that Erickson’s apostasy and fall from grace ends eventually. We do so hate to see someone destroy themselves for less than nothing.

UPDATE: This apparently is not the first time that Erickson has made light of allegations of sexual assault. Back in 2017 Erickson wrote an article entitled “Why I Don’t Blame Roy Moore’s Voters for Sticking With Him”. Of course after seeing this it makes Erick’s tweet makes more sense. After all Epstein did oversample 12-18 year olds, just like Roy Moore.

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