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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Charlie Sykes And George Will Explain Why Conservatives Must Oppose Trumpism

A little while ago George Will and Charlie Sykes we’re interviewed by Chuck Todd on MSNBC. Messrs Sykes and Will both gave their reasons as to why conservatives MUST oppose Trumpism and the GOP AKA Gutless On Principle Party as David Leach has called them. We find the case as laid out by both men to be compelling. We also are impressed with George Will’s comparing much of the modern GOP as being on a similar level as the Communist Party USA of the 1930’s. We have discussed previously on this blog the Sovietization and growth of Communism in the Republican Party.

About the only difference between us and Will and Sykes is that we all here are republicans, and we will stay republicans until the last Trumpist saboteur is either drummed of the GOP, repents and embraces the limited government conservatism of Goldwater, Reagan and Buckley, or gives up. So to our detractors in the GOP. We are just getting started. We were here before many sellouts were gyrations in their dad’s pants, and we will be here in the GOP long after many of them have gone onto that “MAGA Palace in the Sky” as GOP Strategist and Hollywood Producer/Screenwriter Mike Murphy would say.

Below for your viewing pleasure George Will and Charlie Sykes going after Donald Trump:

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