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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Live Blogging President Trump’s Address on Border Issues w/Update

9:05 PM Trump says that their is a crisis on the southern border of the United States of illegal immigrants. Says that the Trump Administration has proposed to congress funding for extra immigration judges, processing of immigrants, and $5.7 Billion for a physical barrier at the border.

9:08 PM Trump states the border wall would pay for itself due to preventing the flow of illegal drugs and illegal immigrants entering the country. Trump claims that the wall will be a steel rather than a concrete wall as a concession to democrats. Trump has said nothing about how higher steel tariffs will effect the cost of building a steel wall. 

9:12 PM So far Trump has just been recycling the same old rhetoric of trying to pressure congress into building a border wall. Hasn’t worked so far. 

9:13 PM To our great surprise Trump only spoke for less than 10 minutes. But as IR expected the speech amounted to less than nothing. Democrats will not feel particularly interested in helping Trump, and wavering Republicans will not be reassured by Trumps ranting and raving.

UPDATE: As sour as it sits on IR’s tongue Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer D-NY & House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-CA both came off a little better in their response to Trump than Trump came off in his speech. Schumer clearly was attempting to rile President Trump by saying “the country cannot be run by twitter tantrums”. Wouldn’t be surprised if soon the Twitterer-In-Chief loses his cool and goes insane and lashes out again on Twitter. 

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