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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Live Blogging the 2018 Mid Terms

7:52 PM Looks like our prediction that Congressman Barbara Comstock will lose in Virginia has come true.  So far State Senator Mike Delph has a narrow lead over his Democratic Challenger J D Ford. Mike Braun is currently leading Joe Donnelly for the U.S. Senate 57 to 38. Still early and with the problems in Johnson County and extended voting hours in Monroe County some results may not be in for sometime. Democrats are leading in the Governors races in Ohio and Florida. Senator Bill Nelson is currently leading Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott. Will blog as we get more information.

8:12 PM The Republicans have just moved into narrow lead for Governor and Senate races. With very preliminary results in from Texas Beto O’Rourke has a lead over Senator Ted Cruz. Texas Republican Congressman Will Hurd is behind his Democratic Challenger. Here in Indiana Mike Braun is still ahead of Joe Donnelly 55-40. State Senator Mike Delph is ahead 54-46. Overall indications would lend credence to the Democrats taking control of the U.S. House and the Republicans holding on in the Senate.

8:24 PM Democrat JD Ford has taken the lead over incumbent Republican State Senator 55-45. Delph might lose this one. Buckle Up! This is going to be a rough night!

8:40 PM With 46% of the vote in Texas reporting Democrat Beto O’Rourke is leading Incumbent Republican Rafael Cruz 52-47. Still a considerable amount of votes outstanding in Texas. But if we were Cruz we would be very concerned. Even if Cruz holds on it appears O’Rourke is driving up Democratic turnout in the Lone Star State.

9:19 PM Mike Braun has defeated Joe Donnelly and will be Indiana’s newest Senator. Mike Delph still trailing his Democratic Challenger looking bad for Delph. Democrats have taken the Governors Offices in Michigan and Ohio. And very tight races for Governor in Ohio and Florida. Florida Senate race still a nail biter. With 66% of the vote in O’Rourke still leading Cruz 50-48. Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has won his reelection bid. 

9:58 PM Looks like Senator Bob Menedez-D has held on in New Jersey. With 75% of the vote in Texas Ted Cruz is narrowly leading O’Rourke 50-49. In Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker-R is going back and forth with his Democratic Opponent Tony Evers. Although some have not called Florida we are going to call Florida’s Governors and US Senate race for the Republicans. With 18% of the vote reported in Minnesota Keith Ellison is leading Doug Wardlow 57-38. Still need more of the vote in but IR will stick with our gut feeling and say that unfortunately Keith Ellison will win this race.

10:21 PM In Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has fallen behind Tony Evers. Democrats may pickup that seat. In Utah Congressman Mia Love-R is losing to her bid for re-election. Her race has not really been on the radar due to her being a popular Republican Congresswoman in Utah. The fact she is losing in one of the reddest states is a bad sign for we Republicans.

11:41 PM Mike Delph has lost his State Senate seat to JD Ford. Wisconsin Governors race still to close to call. But Evers is holding onto a lead against Walker. 

We are going to sign off for now and have a more in depth look at the midterm results soon. Good night and thank you all for your attention.

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