Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Martha McSally Crushes Alt-Right Kooks Kelli Ward & Joe Arpaio

Representative Martha McSally R-AZ

The news of Congresswoman and Air Force Colonel Martha McSally’s decisive win in tonight’s GOP Senate Primary in Arizona is a much needed shot in the arm to us at IR. Try as they might the histrionics of Kelli Ward and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio were no match for the calm, cool, and classy demeanor of Colonel McSally. Kelli Ward in a classic display of narcissism that rivals that of her master the orange Buffon Trump. Had stated that shortly after Senator McCain’s family announced last Friday that he was discontinuing cancer treatment said she thought that was being done only to hurt her campaign. To make matters worse Kelli Ward whom IR also calls “bitch” said just the day after Senator McCain’s passing that “political correctness is like cancer”. We long ago thought that Ward had no chance in hell of winning the Primary. But her denigrating a dead man who also kicked her ass two years ago in his bid for renomination was a bridge to far for most Arizona Republicans to cross. 

Martha McSally 

Also Ward’s close ties to former Harvey Weinstein’s one time business partner Steve Bannon and INDY REPUBLICAN’S old bete noire Neo-Nazi Paul Nehlen whom Ward endorsed for congress in 2016  Alone disqualified Ward from serving in any office.
Here’s an old tweet by Ward endorsing Nehlen in 2016:

We have written about Bannon’s sleazy dealings with Weinstein here  We also crossed swords with Paul Nehlen awhile back in which we suggested that Nehlen take a flying leap off of a cliff. Unfortunately Nehlen has yet to take our suggestion. Nehlen grew so toxic that even Steve Bannon and Breitbart News cut him lose which we also covered

Here is our message we sent to Paul Nehlen on Twitter right before Twitter banned his fool ass:

As for Sheriff Joe Arpaio fellow blogger and friend of the IR Posse Paul Ogden has detailed Arpaio’s shortcomings here. Also Arpaio’s rather bizarre interview in which he suggested that he would be open to engaging in oral sex with Donald Trump just added to Arpaio’s perceived creepiness, but also led some to speculate on whether that had anything to do with Arpaio’s having been pardoned by President Trump late last year. Arpaio’s unusual pardon reminds us of former Governor Mitch Daniels questionable pardon of Indianapolis Union thug Boss Steven Quick several years ago reported by Gary Welsh

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Well at least now the GOP has a fighting chance to hold the Senate seat in Arizona. If Ward or Arpaio had won the race would be over. Here are some sampling’s of reactions to McSally’s win tonight:

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