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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Steve Bannon peddled Harvey Weinstein Pro-Transgender Propaganda in 2005

Steve Bannon (left) helps Harvey Weinstein (right) distribute "Transamerica"

Former White House Chief Strategist and Breitbart News Chief Steve Bannon declared war on Anti-Trump Republicans at yesterdays Value Voters Summit. One thing that Indy Republican is sure of is that Bannon did not tell the Value Voters Summit about how he profited back in 2005 by distributing Harvey Weinstein's film "Transamerica". Nikki Schwab of the British Daily Mail reported the story last Thursday October 12th, 2017.

Ms. Schwab writes:

As part of Steve Bannon's distribution deal with accused sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein, the former White House chief strategist's video company profited from a title that was groundbreaking for the transgender community.  
Twelve years before it was considered a 'win' for Bannon when his boss, President Trump, banned transgender people from serving in the military, Bannon inked a deal with the Weinstein Company to distribute the film, Transamerica, starring Felicity Huffman.

The 2005 film – heralded by IndieWire as 'the finest U.S. film honoring what it means to transition as an adult' – was part of a video and DVD distribution deal between the Weinstein Co., led by Harvey and his brother Bob, and Genius Products, which was chaired by Bannon.

The deal was first reported by the Associated Press.  
'Genius Products anticipates that the new venture will release to DVD a slate of approximately 20 theatrical films and a significant number of direct-to-video and library titles per year from [the Weinstein Co.],' a press release touting the 2005 deal said.
It goes on to mention Transamerica as one of the titles. 
A 2006 review of the Transamerica DVD confirms that Genius Products ended up being the film's video distributor.

In the press release, Bannon is personally quoted. 
'The management team has worked successfully over the past year to transform the company into a significant player in the home entertainment business,' he said, of the Genius Products team. 'Our relationship with The Weinstein Company – many months in the making – validates both our strategy and our team,' Bannon added. 
Bannon spoke more personally about the Weinstein brothers in investor calls, unearthed by the Associated Press.
'Bob and Harvey are two of the most prolific studio heads in the history of Hollywood,' Bannon said.   
In 2005, Harvey and Bob Weinstein sold their Miramax studio to Disney and launched the Weinstein Company. 
It diversified quickly, with the brothers becoming 70 percent owners in Genius that same year.   
Labeled their 'worst purchase' by Forbes, Genius went bankrupt in 2011.   
Bannon, however, walked away with sizable profits from the venture, the AP found. 
Bannon Strategic Advisers, the former White House chief strategist's company, made $500,000 from a consulting agreement with Genius Products in 2006. 
Bannon was also awarded bonuses for more than $200,000, SEC filings showed, according to the AP. 
In 2005, the ex-White House aide was also awarded stock options valued at more than $1 million at the time. 
Bannon's deal with Weinstein alone opens him up to charges of hypocrisy, as his website Breitbart News has had a field day over the producer's lurid downfall, as sexual assault and harassment accusations pile up.

INDY REPUBLICAN also would like to point out that in addition to the hypocrisy involved in having done business with Harvey Weinstein. Bannon has opened up another can of worms by having profited and unashamedly so off of a film that would appear to go against much of what Bannon would say is President Trump's agenda.

Josh Delk of The Hill.com quoted Bannon as having said yesterday that:

Stephen Bannon on Saturday declared a "season of war" against Republican lawmakers, promising to help elect replacements for any Senate Republican who opposes President Trump.

Bannon told Fox News's Sean Hannity earlier this week that he was declaring "war" on the GOP establishment, saying he would support candidates looking to unseat Republicans who oppose Trump's agenda.

So Steve Bannon is faced with a problem. If he is as he claims looking to go after Republicans who do not support President Trump's agenda. It would be reasonable to infer that Bannon personally supports President Trump and his legislative/ideological goals. Then either a.) President Trump opposes the ideas as promoted in "Transamerica" in which case Bannon is guilty himself of having worked to undermine the "Trump Agenda" for cold hard cash, or b.) Bannon is saying by his actions that "Transamerica" does not go against Trump's ideology. And in that case Bannon has not done anything to undercut Trump by doing business with Weinstein on a film that is transgender friendly. The former scenario if true damages Bannon's credibility as an advocate for President Trump. While the later cast both Trump and Bannon in a bad light regarding their seemingly apparent opposition to the transgender movement. Specifically regarding a ban on transgender servicemen in the military supported by both President Trump and Steve Bannon.  

One of the above assumptions maybe true. But logically one of them must be false. One possible way Bannon could try to resolve his quagmire is to publicly repent of his involvement with Weinstein, and then to either donate all the money he has made from his past dealings with Weinstein to charity. Or spend it on candidates and causes that he supports. IR is going on the record as saying we do not believe that Bannon has to give away the money he made with Weinstein, or that he even should. Our problem is that Bannon needs to acknowledge his past with Weinstein. If he refuses then he can and will be justly accused of being hypocritical. IR cannot predict the future but we are not going to hold our breath that Bannon is going to deal with this issue anytime soon. He most likely will not give back what money he has made with Weinstein.

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