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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ethics Complaint filed against Congressman Todd Rokita

Todd Rokita wondering if his political career is dead

As if Fake Republican Congressman Todd Rokita didn't have enough problems. IR just received information that the liberal American Democracy Legal Fund has filed an ethics complaint against Rokita. The complaint in question deals with allegations leveled against the congressman for allegedly "pressuring" members of his staff to perform political work for him on government time. The complaint dated September 14th, 2017 points out that pressuring or intimidating a congressional staffer into performing political work on government time is a crime. Which is punishable by a fine and/or up to three years in prison. You can click here to read the full complaint.

Accusations of misusing office staffers and resources are nothing new for Todd Rokita. As we and Gary Welsh have pointed out here, and here. Former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White filed a complaint with Indiana's Inspector General's Office years ago. Stating that he had found evidence that Rokita had made use of the Secretary of State's office resources and employees illegally to help his 2010 congressional campaign. To the best of our knowledge the IG's office has never even acknowledged that such complaints have been filed! Perhaps now would be a good time for the local and national media to actually look into this story they have been sitting on for over half a decade! But finally Todd Rokita is getting some long overdue media scrutiny! INDY REPUBLICAN is not under any illusions that we ourselves have anything to do with good old Todd being on the hot seat. But we have to believe that at least some of the reason some more light is being shined on Rokita is because of Gary Welsh, Charlie White and the IR Legionaries consistent pounding away at Todd Rokita's House of Sand! 

Well we look forward to see what else will be coming OUT concerning Todd Rokita. Gary Welsh maybe gone physically from this world. But his work and crusade have barely begun!

So to all of you would be parasites who wish to destroy and plunder these United States. Here is a little message from Gary Welsh from the great beyond for you:

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