Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Does Mike Pence's face show dark secrets eating away at him?

Young Mike Pence 

Hello everyone! We were just checking our archives and noticed we haven't written about Vice President Mike Pence since July. So we felt it was time to go knock old Mikey down a few pegs. As frequent readers of this blog are aware we have pointed out how the supernaturally dark circles under Governor Eric Holcomb's eyes denote the darkness in his cold, black heart.

Well a reader of this blog found something on Twitter about Mike Pence's change in appearance over the years. Speculation is the change in his facial features might be due to some dark secrets he is carrying around in his nonexistent brain. Here is the tweet and some responses. We will post them and you can all decide what if anything the pictures show:

What dark secrets are slowly sucking Pence's eyes back into his skull?

They're trying to fill that void in his head which, in a normal person, would be home to a fully functioning brain.

I noticed that today, too. Maybe he just sucks from the inside out?

Hypocrisy will do that to a person.

Link to above tweet: https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/907749483773026304


  1. I am a Republican who is damned embarrassed to admit I ever cast a vote for Mike Pence. He and wife Karen have financially benefited extremely handsomely for their many years at the taxpayer's teat.

    More importantly, Pence proved himself to be a shallow, vacuous, small-mind, finger-to-the-wind, kind of politician who learned to excel at attracting millions from corporations not in Indiana. So, guess who this Council on Foreign Relations liberal protected and served while in his several government offices? Correct. It was NOT "the people".

    1. Anon,
      Maybe Karen will start selling some of her paintings to pay Mike's legal bills!


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