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Friday, August 11, 2017

Eric Holcomb Day tomorrow at the Indiana State Fair. Can the GOP sink any lower?

An alert reader sent Indy Republican an email from the Indiana GOP. The email mentions that it is Eric Holcomb Day at the Indiana Republican Party booth at the Indiana State Fair tomorrow. Here is a flyer for Eric Holcomb Day:

We have seen plenty of egotism in politics over the years. But a sitting governor having his own day is just insane! Obviously being in office has done nothing to remove Holcomb's demonically dark eye circles. If anything his singing into law over 40 tax hikes has made him appear even more evil.

1 comment :

  1. Quelle surprise, mon ami.

    This fraud, this guy who positioned himself in establishment Hoosier Republican circles to handsomely benefit wherever his best interests would be served now has his own day. The Bagman Holcomb is just one reason I am now a recovering Indiana Republican.


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