Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mike Pence and Indiana Secretary of State Connie "Freeloader" Lawson to be part of Voter Fraud Commission

Earlier today that lovable gadfly Paul Ogden wrote an article called Vice President Pence Damages His Reputation in Conveying False Narrative About Comey Firing. IR continues to be impressed by Paul's writing. And we all here welcome his contribution to the cause of freedom. Around the same time today as Paul Ogden's piece appeared. News broke that President Trump had signed an executive order to investigate claims of voter fraud said to have occurred during last years presidential race. David Jackson & Deborah Barfield Barry of USA Today wrote in Mike Pence, Connie Lawson to study 'voter fraud' as part of Trump commission:

The commission will be chaired by Vice President Mike Pence, who will be joined by up to 15 other members, including Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has advocated for some of the most restrictive election laws in the country, will serve as the commission's vice chair.

"The president's committed to the thorough review of registration and voting issues in federal elections,'' said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. "And that's exactly what this commission is tasked with doing.''

The order calls for the commission to study the "vulnerabilities in voting systems and practices used for federal elections that could lead to improper voter registrations and improper voting, including fraudulent voter registrations and fraudulent voting.''

The advisory commission  set up to "promote fair and honest federal elections'' will hold public meetings and meet with federal state and local officials as well as election experts, according to the order. The commission is expected to present a report to the president next year.

If the intention of the commission really is "to promote fair and honest federal elections". Than Mike Pence and current Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson should be removed from this group immediately. It has been given little attention so far by the Indiana or National Media so far. But a cursory look at both Mike Pence and Connie Lawson's electoral careers shows that there are serious questions about their voting and residencies. We are not saying there is anything illegal. But given the legal and public beating inflicted on Lawson's predecessor former State Secretary of State Charlie White for allegedly voting in the wrong precinct one time in his entire life. Justice demands that Pence and Lawson's conduct as office holders and candidates be examined in the same manner.

Mr. Charlie White has written online and spoken on his podcast series at length about both Pence and Lawson's issues.

Writing on his Facebook page Mr. White has this to say:

October 3, 2015

The State of Indiana is a backward 'state of men' and not of law.  The "law" shifts, alters and is "suspended" depending upon "who you are"...It is akin to driving down the street and the state changes the posted speed limit to give you a ticket, after which they abruptly change it back for the benefit of others.  Its like trying to kick a field goal in football and they move the uprights as the ball is in the air so the ball doesn't go through. Be on notice that the word "shall" for statutes that provide you rights & privileges really means "may" and "may" really means "shall".  Legally defined words in the code are ignored and words not defined in the code have shifting meanings depending on the day.  Im really getting sick of "Tricky" Dick Lugar holding a court order saying he can continue to vote from an abandoned farm house with no water or sewer while he "lives" in Virginia after the AG Greg Zoeller said he could vote from a strangers house for 36 years (because Greg Zoeller did it too!!) Or Gov. Mike Pence living off the SAME ROAD (Olio road) in Fishers as me, enrolling his daughter in HSE schools as he votes from Columbus?!  Of course, pampered Gov. Pence didn't feel compelled to disclose on his campaign reports that Indiana Builders Council board member Bill O'Gorman provided the $400K Fishers house for "the convenience of (Pence's) family". Of course, the media doesn't like talking about them, Mitch Daniels, Evan Bayh or the judges who live in one county/state and vote in another over their "intent" because they know damn well someone with a 5th grade education can see that something doesn't line up. If you mention anything about this, see how quickly people suddenly lose the ability to speak and want to change the subject or simply lie about the facts of these kingpins. If you value your liberty and you are dumb enough like me to ask public officials in your own grand old party to stop taking lavish free vacations in exchange for road and bridge projects, run out of Indiana as fast as you can.  Everyone, not just me, deserves fair notice on what the law is...and we all deserve equal protection under the law where folks are similarly situated.  Indiana, unfortunately, changes law "retroactively" (ex post facto) to make legal behavior 'illegal'..even if its temporarily illegal to get one person.  If mandatory statutes and 100 years of published case law are no longer valid, it would've been nice to know.

I think you see that its a free for all.  Secretary "Freeloader" Lawson and her husband had homesteads in Hendricks Co., Marion County and in Arizona all at the same time!! If that were us we would be crucified...but she is one of the elites.  Mitch Daniels claimed a homestead in Hamilton County in his special mansion he told the world he wouldn't build it bc it was in a county where he legally couldn't reside as governor. Pence claimed a homestead in columbus while living down the road from me in fishers in 2012 as he enrolled his child in HSE schools. 

If what Mr. White says is accurate especially in regards to Connie Lawson having had multiple simultaneous homestead exemptions in Indiana and another in Arizona. Then she has some serious explaining to do! As far as we are aware you can only claim one homestead exemption period! So why did Mrs. Lawson have different homesteads in Indiana and Arizona? There might be an answer for them. But unless Connie Lawson is willing to explain whether or not this is true she should either step down from the advisory commission or be tossed from it! 

As for why Mike Pence is not the man you want in charge of cleaning up voter fraud. As IR pointed out not that long ago Mike and Karen Pence listed on their 2011 tax return that they lived in Arlington, Virginia. Which is very problematic considering that Pence ran for and was elected governor of Indiana in 2012. The reason this is an issue is because according to the Article 5, Section 7 of the Constitution of the State of Indiana:

Section 7. No person shall be eligible to the office of Governor or Lieutenant Governor, who shall not have been five years a citizen of the United States, and also a resident of the State of Indiana during the five years next preceding his election; nor shall any person be eligible to either of the said offices, who shall not have attained the age of thirty years.

Here is a shot of Mike and Karen Pence's 2011 tax return:


Now if as Mike Pence's tax return from 2011 states that he was living in Virginia that year. Than how could he have possibly resided in Indiana for the five years preceding the 2012 Gubernatorial election to legally qualify to run for Governor? If his  Form 1040 that is signed under penalty of perjury is to be believed than he could not and did not meet the eligibility requirements to run for and be elected Governor in 2012. So either his 2011 tax return address was in some way wrong, or his voter registration and homestead in Columbus, Indiana was in error. One of these maybe true but one of them has to logically be wrong! 

In light of the already cantankerous political atmosphere of today's world. Mike Pence and Connie Lawson should have had there backgrounds checked out further. We can already see the Democrats going after Pence and Lawson right now in order to gain more of an edge in next years midterm elections. We agree with Paul Ogden that Pence has destroyed his credibility. We would argue however that Pence trashed his credibility decades ago and he should be sent into political retirement.


  1. If more voters were honestly educated about professional career politician Mike Pence, he would have long ago been been a one term wonder. The guy is a GOP fraud, a small minded, low energy, low wattage puppet for cronyism and connected self interest types. Good piece, IR!

    Additionally, KUDOS to Mr. White's ACCURATE assessment "The State of Indiana is a backward 'state of men' and not of law. The "law" shifts, alters and is "suspended" depending upon "who you are"..."

    I was there when Mr. White moved in the circles at the Wednesday evening CC meetings and I saw how the entrenched attorneys like DB and his sidekick hack SdW hated Mr. White. Attorneys are the curse of liberty and freedom from what I observed on BOTH Democrat AND Republican sides. And NO ONE could twist and pervert "the law" like attorney DB. No one.

  2. Writing personally as Eric Morris and not as our peace organization, please read "Democracy: The God that Failed". It will explain much of the corruption like this described above, and militarism to boot. Also, please join us July 4th for what I call Secession Day Parade but organization would call Independence Day.


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