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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Indy Republicans Guide to Taking Back The GOP


Greetings Friends and fellow Rabble Rousers. The time has come to discuss just how we will take back the Indiana Republican Party. And to make the state party the home of real  republicans. Throughout out this state and around the country we continue to hear from countless disgruntled republicans. Men, women and young people who are frustrated and angry at being betrayed time after time by the party of Reagan and Lincoln. Some stay republicans but are only active at election time. Others leave the GOP and become Democrats, Independents, or Libertarians. The few the wisest, bravest, and the best of us work within and outside the party for change and reform.

It is not an easy path that we the disciples of constitutionalism walk. For those of us who pitch our tent in the GOP. We have it the hardest. Only the most stubborn, anti-social and independent of republicans cling to and fight for our principles within the GOP against the establishment who wants to destroy all philosophical differences and replace us with unfeeling demon robots from hell. Men and women who exist only to be a harlot to service the filthy wants and whims of their masters.

The biggest problems with the Hoosier GOP include the reduced role of elected precinct committee men and women in favor of appointed pc's. The refusal to advocate for good government such as the recent move to charge citizens search fees for public records, the increasing politicalization of state government by elimination in 2011 of the Merit System of Employment. The abandonment of free market capitalist principles with the establishment of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to serve as a way to curry political favors with donors and lobbyists. By abandoning the principles of enforcing state ethics laws by the appointment of the Governor of the states Inspector General and making them a servant of the governor.

Since we have briefly put forth the problems of the Hoosier GOP. It is time for us to outline how we shall chip away and ultimately destroy the establishment. And what policies, laws, and reforms we will pursue and move the GOP center of gravity back towards the individual citizens of Indiana and the United States.

This will be a long, difficult task. It may take decades perhaps centuries to achieve our goals. Ultimately however we will win. So if you don't wish to take part back away now. But if you feel the calling to reform the Hoosier state. If the thought of holding your heads high and facing reality fearlessly and with a smile is what you want. If you would rather die than passively accept the sin, evil, and vice that plagues us in Indiana. Then proceed with us.

Now are you ready to rumble?

Since you have decided to join our holy quest. It's time to layout strategy.


We face battles on many fronts. Our approach must therefore be against several targets but the methods we will be using will be similar against each.

Target #1
The Media

If we are to reform the Republican Party we must convince enough of the general and voting population of the rightness of our cause. We must also make the public aware of the corruption in our political system and explain why it must be stopped. The media is the main source of information for most people. Whether they be working class or executives. At this time unfortunately our voices within the Indiana press with some exceptions are very few.
In our state much of the media establishment of the major newspapers and television stations is run out of Indianapolis. These outlets are run by a relatively small number of people. Most of whom have an interest in not rocking the status quo. Their reasons can vary from being money grubbing power seekers to just believing they know better how to run our lives than we do. However there are still members of the Indianapolis and National press who still do a decent job at being journalists. We will list the "good journalists" shortly. In order to make the Indiana press start doing there jobs we the people must keep up non stop pressure on the press to do their jobs. As far as Establishment hack reporters like Tim Swarens and Matt Tully of the Indianapolis Star. Most likely Matt, Tim and their fellow travelers in the press will never stop pandering to the Powers that Be. In order to further our goals of having a world class media in Indiana we must work to change the media culture in this state. Here are Indy Republicans steps to reforming the media:

1. Whenever and by whomever good journalism is practiced by compliment the journalist. Contact them by Facebook, Email, Twitter, and tell them and others about there good work. Everyone needs some positive reinforcement. At the very least it will bring attention to genuine talent and greatness. 

2. If you know of something not being reported by the newspapers, radio or tv stations that should be reported make the media and others aware of these stories.

3. If the media refuses to carry the stories. Than contact Paul Ogden, Jon Easter, or fill out the contact form on the web version of the INDY REPUBLICAN blog site. And we will all do our best to get the information out there.

4. We must create and innovative in order to change the Indiana media. We encourage you all to not only share and publicize Ogden on Politics, Indy Republican and Jon Easter's Indy Democrat blogs. But to create and start your own blogs. Creating groups on social media to respond to cases of media bias and omission is a must. Such groups could fact check news stories and call out the Indianapolis press corp when it falls down on the job. Some ideas for group names are: the Ogden Brigade, Easter's Men, the Welsh Saints (in honor of the late Gary Welsh), and IR's Crusaders all have some good rings to them. 

5. Keep in touch with and support the "good" journalists. The following are journalists who are if not in complete sympathy with our aims. At the very least they aren't overly hostile to us. Kara Kenney and Rafael Sanchez at WRTV-6 are decent journalists. Nikki Kelly of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Tony Cook, Fatima Hussein of the Indianapolis Star are good and original thinkers. Dan Carden of the Northwest Indiana Times is worth reading and check his twitter feed for good information. Hayleigh Colombo of the Indianapolis Business Journal. Rob Kendall at WYRZ-FM was a good friend of Gary Welsh and is worth listening to. At the national news level Tom Lobianco and Jake Tapper at CNN are solid guys. Liberal but good journalists they are. Eric Shawn of Fox News is a good guy. Lastly Bernard Goldberg of BernardGoldberg.com is a no nonsense man. All of these men and women are worth following and much can be learned from them.

Target #2
Local Government Officials and State Legislators

All politics is local. Getting the voters on our side will only pay dividends if we are able to have allies at both the local governmental level and in the state legislature. To that end we must elect good men and women to office. Staying engaged at the local level is absolutely essential. It is at this level we can get our feet in the door. Challenge elected officials to enforce the laws, to enact true, just and objective laws. And to repeal laws that destroy the God given and natural rights of man. When your officials do good tell them why you appreciate their service. When they fall short tell them. If they don't shape up. Then run against them. Keep after every mediocrity that is a lawmaker until either they are defeated or quit. Our elected officials are supposed to work for us. REMIND them of this. Make it so that they are so terrified to betray their oath of office that the mere thought of it makes them ill. We will win our struggle over a long period of time. It will little by little that we chip away at Indiana's Bi-Partisan Cabal. We will be as a million mosquitoes taking down an elephant. But take it down we will. 

Target #3
Taking Back the Indiana Republican Party 

This is the hardest nut we must crack. Which is all the more reason we need to pound away at the INGOP until there are no party hacks left standing. To retake the Hoosier Grand Old Party we must break up the good old boy network that is the leadership elite of our party. There are a good number of activists in Marion County who are working to take back the party from Bob Grand and Joe Loftus. Paul Ogden has worked tirelessly to fight the establishment in Marion County. His efforts are valuable and must continue. But retaking the party will have to be done by starting outside Marion County. For now our efforts must be focused on building up pro liberty County GOP organizations throughout the state. From their we will advance resolutely and gather more and more territory. Until we are in a position to challenge what remains of the so called Republican Party of Marion County. Contrary to the delusional press releases of the Marion County Party and it's propaganda ministers. The party has been losing ground and bleeding support for the last twenty years. Unless drastic course corrections are made within 5 to 10 years the Marion County GOP will be reduced to a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marion County Democratic Party. It is best to simply let the party in the Circle City implode and to get as far away as we can. To build up our strength throughout the state's other 91 County parties. We must keep the local parties focused on good government reform. We must oppose all republicans who are anti freedom. At the same time we must identify and elect pro-freedom candidates. We can't fight everywhere so we must focus all our energies into where we can win. 


Above we have put out in general terms our ideas for reclaiming the Hoosier state. Later we plan to publish policy proposals. For now this should work as a starting framework to achieve our goals. Any suggestions or ideas are of course always welcome.


  1. Don't kid yourself, it is still the Party of Lincoln.


  2. Having been personally involved in local/state GOP until realizing it was the corrupt attorneys, every damn one of them, prostituting their oaths to uphold law and using that law against the people and instead to enrich and empower themselves (can you say "engineer your wife into Congress"?)- I learned up close and persona and in realtime what a pipe dream you have. Regardless it be Brian Bosma, that loon in the Statehouse or Eric Holcomb that boob and insider crony in the gov's chair... the entire system is rotted from within.

    You will never change a sysmter so perverted and it is BOTH Republican and Democrat parties that are this way. It is why America is no longer what she once was but is a ghost image both major parties lie about to the masses.

    1. Let's knock Brian Bosma and Bagman Holcomb down a few pegs. God knows Bosma is not the paragon of virtue he claims he is!

    2. Annon

      Feel free to use the contact form on the web version of this blog to give us any and all information you can about Bosma, Holcomb, etc..


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