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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Jim Atterholt going back to IURC

Hello all! Earlier this year we blogged about how political hack and Daniels-Pence retread Jim Atterholt was begging and pleading with Governor Eric "Bagman" Holcomb to be given his old job back at the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission doing whatever the utility industry wants. Apparently his pleadings not surprisingly worked and good old Eric had decided to give Jimmy Atterholt his job back. The Indianapolis Business Journal reported on February 9th, 2017 about this. From the IBJ:

Gov. Eric Holcomb on Thursday (February 9th) announced Jim Atterholt, former chairman of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, will once again serve in that role.

Atterholt will replace former IURC Chairwoman Carol Stephan, who stepped down Jan. 1 after 2-1/2 years.

Atterholt, a former lawmaker, most recently served as chief of staff to former Gov. Mike Pence. He was IURC chairman from 2009 to 2014. Atterholt is also a former commissioner of the Indiana Department of Insurance.
“Jim Atterholt’s history of service and depth of knowledge on utility issues make him the best choice to lead the IURC, particularly over the next four years,” Holcomb said. “IURC’s work will be central to my focus as governor to provide great customer service for Hoosiers in every corner of the state.”

If Holcomb is truly saying that Atterholt is the best person to run the IURC and to provide great customer service to Hoosiers. Than Holcomb needs to seriously rethink his idea of what "great customer service" is! As we, Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden have pointed out before Jim Atterholt should have his ever widening butt kicked to the curb! His past history at the Indiana Department of Insurance and his previous tenure at IURC show him to be completely ill suited to run a lemonade stand! Let alone the IURC! The article does point out that there is bipartisan support for Atterholt to go back to ruining running the IURC:

A nominating committee of four Republicans and three Democrats interviewed and made recommendations to the governor for selection on Feb 3. Holcomb said the decision was “unanimous."
The IURC is a powerful agency that regulates $14 billion worth of electric, natural gas, telecommunications, steam, water and sewer utilities. It approves utility projects and determines how much utilities can charge customers.

This of course is not news to us or to those who have been paying attention at all to politics in good old Honest-To-Goodness Indiana! For decades now the IURC whether it by run by Republicans or Democrats is simply interested in screwing over the rate payers and carrying out the will of the Bipartisan Cabal that runs much of Indiana state politics!

Holcomb has shown that his time as Governor is the time of the second rater!


  1. Holcomb proves again he is low wattage intellect, a poor State-level steward for Hoosiers, and an ultimate insider who would apparently rather see a crony given a job and a paycheck for which little talent and aptitude has ever been evidenced.

    I am quite usually an "R" voter but I could not even hold my nose to ward of the stink of casting a ballot for the self-aggrandizing Eric Holcomb and I doubt I ever will.

  2. This is intended not so much as a reply to the article regarding crony insider zero-evidence-of-success-for-Hoosier-taxpayers Atterholt's appointment to the IURC by low energy, low wattage insider RINO crony Holcomb but as a suggestion to IndyRepublican...

    May I suggest you more prominently display your URL (unboughtandunbossedrepublican.blogspot.com) for quicker reader browser bar searches? May I also suggest that the title portion/header, or the side bar, prominently offer a direct email address for political queries or for everyday Hoosiers to send in tips regarding political news/gossip?

    Until the Marion County/State GOP is gutted of nefarious attorney handlers like TJ, DB & SB, BG, Bosma, Merritt, Jenny Ping, Cardwell, Holcomb, et al., not one damn thing is going to change. Not one damn RINO thing.

    As for my suggestions, I apologize if you already offer these options but I simply could not locate them. Continue the good work!

  3. Any idea how to more prominently display the blogs URL? Also for political queries or news tips/gossip please post a comment and we will keep it private. If you have any other suggestions let us know. IR Staff

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